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Luke Wilson: Shirtless in Saint Tropez

Luke Wilson: Shirtless in Saint Tropez

Luke Wilson and his older brother Andrew go shirtless as they cool off in the water in Saint Tropez, France on Tuesday (July 21).

Their brother Owen Wilson was also spotted in the South of France with actor pal Stephen Dorff.

On July 18, Owen was seen vacationing in Portovenere, Italy with Luke and Andrew and their actor pal Woody Harrelson.

Is it just me or is Andrew missing a tooth or two??

15+ pictures inside of Luke Wilson shirtless in Saint Tropez…

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luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 01
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 02
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 03
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 04
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 05
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 06
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 07
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 08
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 09
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 10
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 11
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 12
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 13
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 14
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 15
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 16
luke wilson shirtless saint tropez 17

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  • that’s hideous

    not hot

  • mertz

    dude looks like he plays hockey or something. good that the boys are all on vacation and the hudo is also at muskoka with arod, ryder, and fam. am so sad for owen. why is he always the rebound dude. he’s too good for her.

  • bella

    oh no . . .that is not hot.

  • tabs

    Luke is really sexy. Maybe Andrew should get those teeth fixed but that’s all.

  • Anon

    Clearly, the Butterscotch Stallion prefers the company of men. Owen with Luke and Woody and Andrew. Oh my. I thought that Owen was working on a movie in Washington, D.C. with Reese Whatsis.

  • H.

    Team Luke.

  • pop86

    Luke should buy his brother a new tooth.

  • C.

    I hear Andrew’s a real deadbeat…he’s having another kid with an ex-girlfriend of his and he’s not a good guy

  • blah

    andrew is the hot wilson.

  • idk

    the links to the pics arent working for me?

  • sandra

    I can’t see the pics,please fix it,thx~

  • B.

    I can’t seem to open the pictures! And they’re such lovely fellas … :D

  • Shelby

    not working for me either :(

  • tabs

    Bauergriffin and zimbio also have the full set of photos too.

  • lina1991

    OMGGG! I love Luke!!!!!!!!!!! :D <33333

  • ozrainbow

    That doesn’t look like Andrew Wilson it looks like the guy from Torque!!!

  • QueenOftrashin

    Ick. That is one disgusting picture.

  • ch762

    His brother is hot…….looks tough…very sexy. I like his beard too. licking my lips.

  • Klaus Schulz

    Yes, you are correct… We met them on the Tender back to our Boat from Club 55, Beach Restaurant. Our Boat was “BOSS” and their Boat was “Helios”, My Daughter Melissa recognized Stephen Dorff, and challenged him to a round of Tubing behind her Boat. He passed, but later invited her on board Helios, and they had some fun hanging with Wilson & Dorff, and their Family Crew…, all in all , a nice experience for them. Very pleasant people,

  • A

    How do you know Andrew is having a baby and that he is a deadbeat?

  • suppress your appetite

    haha nice picsss :DD

  • Liah Silva

    Andrew is a total deadbeat. He’s had 2 babies with 2 different women in the last 6 months. This is true.

  • LL

    @Liah Silva:

    Liah is right, one son in August, a boy, and another just recently, also a boy. Two different mothers. He’s a total player, total deadbeat. He already has an older son Joey – poor kid with such a loser father. I don’t even think the most recent mother knows about the baby in August. Little does Andrew know it’s a small town and word travels fast!

  • cr

    I hope that this is not true… He seems to be decent, but I guess every person can have their faults. His fiance is lovely and one of the nicest people ever. Their baby Jack is adorable! It makes me sick to think he’s duping everyone…IF that is the case….

  • Liah Silva

    She is not his fiancé. Andrew is still not divorced. The so called nice fiancé was dating Andrew when he was still with his wife. She was not duped because she always knew Andrew is married and a deadbeat. She is with him for what she can get and knows about the other son who should be about a year old.

  • cr

    Yikes… Well…There are always three sides to every story I guess. I only met them in passing through mutual friends, but he introduced her as his fiance…She hardly seemed like the type that was out to get what she could, but in Los Angeles I guess anything is possible.You know- with some people you can immediatly say that they are asses- but I just did not get that feeling with either of them. I do know that he has not been with his wife for years….. I wasn’t so much talking about the fiance being duped but moreso the group of friends… I hope for all involved that the kids end up being the priority and the moms can at least build a bond for the siblings. Often all the adults are the ones acting crazy…Yikes.

  • LL

    @Liah Silva:

    she knows? and she is still with him? what is wrong with this girl?? at least the other woman wants nothing to do with him, she actually is a really great person…if anyone was duped it was her but good for her for separating from it…what a sick individual he is.

  • LL


    Andrew and this “fiance” (who yes, is not his fiance), unfortunately, are crazy…this guy does a great job at pretending he is wonderful, and sadly, she is not bothered by his awful behavior…cheated on her for a year with this other women and numerous other women over time, always pretending that he is single. He and his wife have not been together for years but are still legally married…she is also a really good person. Andrew isn’t a reliable dad, which is the saddest part of it all. Fortunately, his other two sons have really great mothers.

  • LA_GAL

    @LL, you must know Andrew quite well! You are right. I think it is really sad to bring innocent children into the world when you don’t have any plans to be responsible for them or to raise them in an intact family. That’s what Andrew is doing. He is not a reliable father to any of his 3 children. He is a big loser. I don’t think he’s even accepting the last 2 who were born just months apart. I know his (almost) ex-wife. She is a lawyer and works darn hard to take care of their son who is a great kid and is almost a teenager. Can’t give out too much info.

  • LL

    I have known him very well over the years but now I steer clear of him as best I can. As a father myself, I find him to be such a sad individual. And his girlfriend, or whatever you want to call her, is a mess. No respect for herself, sticking with him when she knew he was cheating on her, got someone else pregnant, and then goes and gets herself pregnant. What kind of woman does that? I have spent time with her on occasions and she is just not very bright, sad. She has loosely dated him for over five years and I say loosely because he keeps her in the dark, doesn’t come home, and cheats freely. I have also spent time with the other two women and they are both bright and talented. Typical for a deadbeat like Andrew to choose the woman who let’s him walk all over her. He sort of accepts the last 2 but I know mom number 2 walked away from him because of his very dangerous lifestyle choices, and when she found out he had a girlfriend! and mom number 1 I believe has since done the same. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t really want to be a father. I guess in the end him and mom number 3 are a perfect match, both nuts.

  • LA_GAL

    LL: How pathetic! Sad for these kids. I wonder if Andrew is on drugs and what type?

  • Sonny R.

    Whoa… Actually- I know the girl Mikki that everyone seems to be trashing… This is crazy. She is a great mom. Andrew has a lot of history with her and although everyone knows his dysfunction- they also know he loves her.She is not to blame. I can say this knowing both if them. So if I am the only one to stand up for both of them, who actually knows the whole story,then I guess that will be the way it is. Thankfully she has a great support system. And Andrew actually is not an all around bad guy like some will make him out to be. Not saying the other women involved are in the wrong at all either. Lots of people have lots of demons, but until you are there in the specific situation you shouldn’t judge. I know there was alot of history with his son Joey’s mom also and she is an educated woman as well. Nothing was an open book and people honestly shouldn’t speak on anything but the facts.

  • HI

    @Sonny R.: My husband and I also know the whole story very well, and all of the women involved as well as Andrew. Clearly Andrew is the one to blame in all of this if you want to put it that way. I just question the self-respect and integrity of a woman who wants to have a baby with a man that is already having a baby with someone else, and she is ok knowing he is not a good father to any of his three sons. Mikki’s only mistake is sitting back while Andrew has long relationships with other women and neglects his children. She is the only person to blame for letting Andrew walk all over her. He “loves” her because she does not hold him to any standards. I’m sure she’s not a bad person, just foolish and hopefully as Andrew let’s her and her child down she will start to smarten up, and any guy who can string two women along at the same time (at least) and neglect ANY child of his is an all around bad guy, end of story.

  • SantaMNeighb

    I live in the neighborhood where Andrew used to live in and I often saw him at the coffee shop or with Joey after school. I’m wondering if he took off to Hawaii to get away from all of this since he is no longer in the neighborhood. How very sad for all the kids involved. He always appeared to be good dad when I’d see him with his son but you can never tell from the outside looking in.

  • ysying

    @LL: @LL: this alleged son he had in august is not his. he hooked up with that girl a few times. she was never his girlfriend. she knew that he lived with his girlfriend and she didn’t care. she got pregnant and said it was his baby, but a paternity test proved it wasn’t. hopefully that word gets around this small town. people should know this so called ex-girlfriend is a liar.

  • ysying

    @LL: i wonder if “mom number 2″ is such a great person that she will start telling people that he is not the father as fast as she told everyone that he was before knowing for sure. she never walked away from him. she was trying to get anything that she could. she’s vile. doesn’t even know who fathered her son, but had no problem smearing andrew’s name. she owes him a major apology.