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Rachel Bilson Shares Fashion Wish List

Rachel Bilson Shares Fashion Wish List

Rachel Bilson looks stylish in a black Helmut Lang jumpsuit as she carries out a large shopping bag full of clothes from a Los Angeles office building on Tuesday morning (July 21). The goodies were from the reputable fashion PR agency, Bismarck Phillips (BPCM), via her stylist Nicole Chavez.

The 27-year-old actress recently shared a few items from her fashion wish list with InStyle: strapless silk “Georgette” dress in oxford from Derek Lam, leather trousers from Jenni Kayne, and wool and silk tube scarf from Burberry.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s wet hair morning…

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rachel bilson fashion wish list 05
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Photos: Fame Pictures, GSI Media
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  • mariuppie

    Ever since this girl became known, I have only seen her shopping, mostly with sunglasses and with the same neutral facial expression! Is she soing something actually??

  • wutthefug

    Well, she’s known for her clothes and good sense of style. I used to like her style but am not impressed by what she’s been wearing lately. She’s gotten weird and boring, dressing like she’s in her 50′s.

  • dior

    Why is this has been always at JJ?

    Right, i get it! JJ is the home of most ‘has beens’ lol

  • Halli

    Isn’t she supposed to be an actress? All i see and hear from her is how much she loves to shop.

    Boring girl.

  • x

    what exactly does she do ?

  • liz

    She spends more time with other guys than with her boyfriend. I’m curious, she sleeps with them when she feels alone? LOL

  • alli

    jumpsuit by helmut lang

  • Janet

    I do not like her clothes lately.

  • funkey

    What the hell is in her hair or did she forget to wash it. Has anyone seen her instyle artical she is giving advice to the rich and famous telling the people to buy these $300 shoes or handbags and the dress she mentioned she liked was something close to $2,000 what person who isn’t living on Rodeo Drive can afford that. OH I forgot she is supposed to be giving advice to the regular person. I think she’s forgot to breath air or something. I saw this sort of style she has on from What not to Wear Stacy and Clinton said that diving V neck line is more for the larger breasted woman and not for some short woman. Guess instyle must pay her in clothes and not money…lol

  • sarah

    why she leaves home every day? oh, of course, for the paparazzi photographed her.

  • nat

    @Janet: I agree with you @funkey: I think her hair is wet

  • tonie

    Looks like she just got out of the shower. Maybe she is headed to another photo shoot that will end on the pages of nothing. Since she is not a big star, the photographer probably told her to bring her own clothes. Rachel should always wear sunglasses because she looks better with them on than off. I don’t think she looks bad her. She has looked worse recently.

  • omg

    Please stop posting this girl.
    She has not done anything significant, so I hardly consider her a celeb, or post worthy.
    that is just my opinion.

  • lakers fan in boston

    as a rachel fan, i have 2 admit, im getting a little tired of seeing her
    the thing that’s worse is she’s just shopping all the time, never actually working on anything like a movie
    there may not be some opportunities right now for her imo, but the least she could be doing is looking or something, which judging from most of posts about her, she isnt even trying that
    and i h8 2 say it too…especially since i dont agree with some rachel haters but i dont think her marriage with hayden is gonna work, they dont really seem 2 have much in common, he looks like the guy that likes 2 kick back and i shy while she loves 2 shop and be out there
    i do hope im wrong tho

    in these pics i dont like her hair styled like that and thats an ugly ass jumpsuit, not working it rachel…
    and she looks smaller than usual….sigh, plz rachel try 2 at least look good

  • S

    Maybe she will be going into some fashion career instead of doing movies? She has these meetings, that means, she is working. I thought she got the goodies from BPCM, so she might not bought them.

  • Sally

    Beautiful as usual.

  • pap tipper

    What more freebies for the non-working low-rent papparazzi-tipping wanna be actrine just because she’s married to Hayden Christensen and sells her private life to the highest bidder a la Lacoste? She looks so white and ugly too why the hell is she on here every damn day?

  • so what

    Is this the robbery victim getting more freebies from designers while wearing a Helmut Lang when she supposedly had $300K worth of clothes, handbags and shoes stolen, so now this is a mercy donation to the poor little actress who has no clothes now? Getting driven to the donation center in a limo with her own uniformed chauffer? Tough life. I feel so bad for her since she looks like total sh*7 in these pictures but can sucker corporations into giving her free stuff when people are losing their jobs and their homes. What the hell has this untalented foul-mouthed moron ever done to deserve this kind of coverage?

  • funkey

    If this isn’t freebies then she must be bringing the remains of her closet to the fashion designers in hopes to make some big fashion outfit out of her rement clothing…lol

  • Janice

    Where does she get all the money for her shopping extravaganza?? I don’t understand where these people get so much money when they aren’t doing any work? Oh to be one of them….

  • Janice

    Where does she get all the money for her shopping extravaganza?? I don’t understand where these people get so much money when they aren’t doing any work? Oh to be one of them….

  • Gasol_fan16

    What can I say? Ugly a$$ jumpsuit and it does nothing for her figure. She is dressed like a 50 year old housewife. I don’t care if the jumpsuit is a Helmut Lang! I think it is rather obvious Rachel is a media press wh*re. I know she washed her hair and it is still wet. Still looks like a greasy mop of hair to me and brown sandals with a black jumpsuit? To lazy to bother to wear black or even white sandals on? Plus, a black jumpsuit in the middle of summertime? Stupid is as stupid does! She must have the ego as big as the size of Texas. I would not want to be papped looking like that. Rachel has reached an all time low. She is starting to look so skanky now. Oh wait. She is a total skank!

  • Tom

    Who the F does this girl think she is???

  • funkey

    Is she in morning dressed in all black guess it’s for the death of her career.

  • Miss_Mouse

    The jump suite is okay but its dirty. I would prefer the leg bottoms a little more open and not to tapperd. Free clothes, lucky her! ;)

  • Gasol_fan16

    Yep! I think princess sk****’s career is pretty much dead. I think pretty much are seeing now and even the one’s that liked her can see what a total sk**k Ho papparazzi tipper she is.

  • sarah

    Wait a few days and we will see her doing ads for another line of clothing. Wait.

  • funkey

    This outfit should be orange the diving neckline it reminds me of a jail outfit. The way it fits her as if she is being hauled to jail or something especially with the wet look hair.

  • butthead bilson

    C’mon, Jared….enough of your obsession with this nobody!!!! Ratchel Bilson has done nothing significant to get posted on your website at least twice a day….there are other important working celebs who deserve the attention…not this butthead!!!! Post more pics of Natalie Portman, Alexis Bledel, Chris Pine, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, just anybody but Butthead Bilson….please!!!!

  • kosher

    Whoa it looks that this site had just received its “regular stipend” for the whole 2 months or much longer than it is. It’s truly annoying that she’s now infamously known as a no-talent-rich-tart-just-with-the-right-connections.
    Let’s be honest here, no offense to the way that she will always look generic cause unfortunately girlfriend can’t help it, but seriously if she were just a middle class suburban chick who tried to make it in Hollywood she wouldn’t have a chance cause she doesn’t even have the minimal talent to back her up.
    And I don’t think anyone should feel bad about her getting made fun of, she asks for it by putting herself out there anytime & everytime she would wants to as its high time now that she needs to learn that she can’t always get what she wants, especially when she don’t really freaking deserve it.
    Why doesn’t the girlfriend try college (though she didn’t even look like that finished highschool) or something? She could be the next Sarah Palin… you know join the “”Brigade Of Dumb Women Politicians”” LOL

  • funkey

    Hey Kosher don’t give the airhead ideas…lol she thought she could do design and we had to endure that DNKY copycat line she did, now she is trying to be what the next Coco Chanel in the Instyle Magazine giving advice to the poor under privilaged kids on Rodeo Drive, Please. I guess she did ok witih Tv work if OC was even that good really. After seeing what she did to Jumper I can’t truly think her acting in OC was that over the top only to those who were big fans. Right now all girlfriend here has is a lame ass Dopehole of a B/F and some richy rich relatives that is what is keeping her going. And has anyone told her the wet look is not in anymore. I remember when men used to go for the wet look. Funny is her hair is dry but, looks like she gelled the shit out of it.

  • Rachel bilson is an amazing

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion and as i scanned the comments all of them are negative so i am just going to say that i LOVE rachel and i don’t think she is an attention whore.
    she is simply herself and i love that about her.

  • Bad hair day

    Is her hair wet, or just greasy. That pulled back look makes her look old and pale. She looks 5 years older here. The black jump suit makes her butt look big, weird but true, and the zip down the back is just ugly. Being such a fashionista Rachel should know that V necks are best worn by women with more to advertise, guess she forgot. Girl’s looks are getting worse as she get’s older and, WOW, she has a stylist, I would never have guessed. She looks like a dog.

  • Rachel Bilson is boring

    Simply herself, and what would that be then? Let’s see now……..shallow, talentless, dumb, work shy, attention seeking, boring…….oh, yeah, you’re right. She is being herself!


    i’ve never been a rachel fan and i don’t like her style but maybe she is looking for a job and no one will hire her it’s not as easy as it looks and it’s not her fault every time she walks outside photographers attack her she’s probably not trying to get attention but like i said i’m not really a fan i’ve always liked sophia bush more so i’m not really upset every is mean to her but it’s just a little unfair does anyone agree?

  • pw


    Jamie, yes it is unfair and very over the top. I like seeing the pictures of Rachel here.

  • sharon

    Oh good god….Jared whatever they are paying you to put her sorry media a$$ on your site ,I would pay you double and I have it too just too get some piece of mind !!!!

  • Palomino

    Jared! don’t listen to the haters! To borrow a phrase from a great television character, Summer Roberts, she is “sooooo cuuuuuute.” She has an awesome sense of style PLUS she now writes for Instyle, ergo she is worth a mention! And the reason she has a blank expression is because she is being photographed by paparazzi! Quick straw poll: who is doing the best out of Rachel, Lindsay, Lauren and the late Mischa Barton?Although, it must be said her boyfriend – excuse me, fiance – looks like a complete douche.

  • sharon

    @Palomino: Well if Hayden is a douche then that tells you what kinda person Ratchel likes and like I said another tweenie and she always has a blank look on her face or the shallow look at me face .

  • jaeger

    Youre not making any bit of sense tweeny… just go to sleep now as it past your bedtime already – “Pronto” LOL!

  • Smilehexe

    One could think that this jobless girl would have enough time to take care of her hair and dry and do it properly – before she leaves the house. But no… of course not, as with wet hair she might get even more (bad) press. LOL

    I like this Helmut Lang-jumpsuit much better than her usual little girlie-short skirts she wears – but it would still look far better on a woman who actually has something “up there” to fill in the dress. She’s totally flat which does not give her the female touch a woman of her age should actually have IMO. So she should either use some stuff material in a bra to pull a suit like this off – or decide to wear something else instead. And this is called a fashion icon?! Hrmpf. Even I who knows nothing much about fashion can see that, as it’s simply obvious. I really wonder what idiot that must be with this magazine to hire her? Probably just another “good contact” on her father’s list I guess…

  • twifanatic Amanda

    I’m a film major at the university of oklahoma and paying for school has left me high and dry for money to spend on nice clothes. I love to dress nice and I consider myself fashionable but lately I’ve been more focused on my studies and trying to get into the film production industry. If my wardrobe can be improved at all it would greatly help my chances of internships with sucessfull companies and that would be great for me. Thanks for your consideration.

  • jeezzum

    @#35 : maybe she is looking for a job and no one will hire her…
    Bingo! No more sweet for nothing excuses, she simply just don’t belong to the “in-crowd” or at least having the “it-factor” to get employment that deals w/ serious business in HW. Poor girl. She tries so damn hard to be interesting yet no one takes her seriously. She needs to fall into a black deep hole/well and make the world a better place.

  • funkey

    The hair issue when you shower and leave it wet as many assume she did the heat of the LA sun would have dried her hair in like 10 to 15 minutes from the time she left the house to the time she got to the LA office, The she enters a building for undisclosed amount of time the hair would have dried. Unless she did another commercial this time for shampoo from Jergens I doubt it. Looks to me as if she stuck crap in it or forgot to truly wash it this has to much of a grease factor here.

    Those that adore her are OC fans mostly those that think that what she has on is a fashion style, sorry but, I haven’t seen this outfit, or anything truly she is wearing on anyone, famous or not, wearing anything she remarks about in her Instyle artical. Oh I loved the fact she claims in Instyle she adores Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman’s looks yea like she can ever measure up to either one of them NOT!!!!!

  • Wish

    Wish she would do something about her zits! In every *ucking shot she has zits on her phiz. Doesn’t she use a deep pore cleanser? It’s so unattractive.

  • ?

    Her suit is dirty, there’s a dirty mark on it & her hair looks more greasy than wet. I don’t like these photoes, she looks like shite, like she could nae be bovvered to wash or put clean clothes on. She’s turning into a right fat slag.

  • anonymous


  • @35 & 36

    Rachel or her PR person or agent CALLS THE PAPPARAZZI and tells them where she will be and when. You don’t think they partkoutside her house 24/7/365 just to get pictures of her doing nothing, do you? She isn’t Angelina Jolie or Posh Beckham or someone like that. She hasn’t worked a TV or film job in well over a year and nothing on the horizon because she is not talented at all just has good family connections. When barely anything is getting greenlighted you can bet untalented actresses pushing 30 and looking like hell won’t be the first on the call-back list.

    I think its interesting that no one that likes her says she’s intelligent or a great actress or even a kind and thoughtful person. All they say is that she’s CUTE and has great style and THAT’S IT. IT’s hard to tell how great her style is when she goes around looking like crap all the time esp in pics like this. Girl is a total ZERO.

  • liz

    Why not have pictures of Hayden alone in Uxbridge? Oh, sure, because Rachel is not there to call the paparazzi.

  • tonie

    @48 Her fans are teens that’s why they call her cute and stylish. Anyone older sees that she is ordinary looking, a fashion copycat, and totally without talent. She is trying to be Summer Roberts still. If you can believe the off the cuff remark(Feb 2009) about looking 15 you will realize that is how she sees herself. Her interests in shopping, lunching, and generally do nothing back this up.