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Victoria Beckham is Polka Dot Posh

Victoria Beckham is Polka Dot Posh

Victoria Beckham leaves Los Angeles and arrives at London’s Heathrow airport on Tuesday (July 21).

The 35-year-old former Spice Girl recently watched her husband, David Beckham, play his first home game of the season for the LA Galaxy on Sunday.

However, David wasn’t received well as he was heckled by fans during the game due to his missing the first half of the MLS season to play for AC Milan.

To add more fuel to the fire, David continued to insist that he’ll return to Milan. “I hope to return to play for Milan,” said David. “They have remained in my heart and honestly I am confident I will greet them again in November.”

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  • Raquel

    STUNNING, the whole look is PERFECTION!

    And that slouchy Loewe bag is TDF!!!

  • Jen

    I love her bag!

    and honestly I think Becks should go back to AC Milan, he is just wasting his time over here, its not like people appreciate soccer that much in this country… besides they are always bit/ching at him because he was loaned to another team assuming it was a decision he took completely on his own.. I also think he probably misses the level of how they play the game in AC Milan compared to LA Galaxy

  • ASHI j J


  • :)

    Can’t this “thing” stay put for more than a few days at a time with her children? Why did she have them? Probably just to bestow horrible monikers on them… she is NO hands-on-mother that’s for d*** sure… only bring the little kiddies out when there is a photo op to be had..
    She is such a waste of a human being and the world’s worst mother to boot~!
    Wish her and the whole beckham bunch would just fall off the face of the earth, never to be seen/heard from again
    VILE family…

  • Vasa

    Bug eyes… what’s so stylish about that?
    She’s hideous

  • Lalique

    Like her, dislike her, love her, despise her – whatever. What is undeniable is that this woman has STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To #4: You have NO IDEA what kind of mother she is. All you are seeing is an iota, a tiny fraction, a speck of what her life is. You don’t have enough information to judge.

  • rob redstone

    This woman is a walking fashion show.. @RobRedstone

  • Re:#6

    I can judge all I want… any parent that spends more than 1/2 their time AWAY from their children (without needing to, due to work, illness, etc.) is not worthy of being a parent. These two spend more than 1/2 their time AWAY from their boys’- DB recently spent 6+ months AWAY and this vile woman does not even spend 1-full week with her kids… she deserves to be called out for that, since they are in a position of NOT working, but yet shamelessy promote themselves and put their own selfish celebrity pursuits ahead of their childrens’ needs… Actions speak louder than Words and her Actions as a mum are anything but positive!

  • susie

    David is a sneak..getting all our $$ & then missing out the games.

  • cam

    What kind of life for the beckham boys’- having everything they want materialistically and financially speaking but having to be raised by nannies/g.parents’, etc… because mummy and daddy are “too busy” being “celebrities” and posing in their knickers!
    The beckhams’ are horrid… Only “with” their boys’ when it suits their schedules, etc… once you have kids- it should be about them, but in D&V’s case it has always been and will always be about them… don’t be surprised if they make their boys’ sign contractual disclosures when they are of age to “prevent” them for speaking about their freaky childhood… I would not be surprised in the least

  • Brittny

    I love this look. HOT! [follow me ;)]

  • wos

    The clothes may be nice, some of the time, but this woman is too materialistic for words, she represents what too many misguided people strive for… wealth and showing off. I see beyond the designer label facade and it’s not pretty at all.

  • Eyecatching

    Visually arresting, but the style of the trousers does not match the beautiful top. It’s a style that favours very few women and not even, in this instance, Vicky. The bag, unfortunately, spoils the line by forcing her to keep her arm oddly cocked. A stance that comes across as awkward. She would have done better to hand the bag to someone else to carry.

  • totally agree

    #12: I totally agree with you 110%- nicely put.

  • Saudia

    love her! Victoria always works it

  • honey

    I don’t think it makes any difference he is here or not anymore. It is better for the team if they get rid of him as soon as possible. It is sad the other players have to deal with his presence like this..

  • imo

    @Lalique: Nah .. It is more like she obsessed with cloths.She is obsessed with being perfect yet she is not.



    I think we’ve come a long way in Soccer. Yes, we’re not as advanced as Europe or Africa when it comes to Soccer, but I would apprecaite it very much if you wouldn’t diss our guys. I think Beck came for the monies that Galaxy paid him and to turn around and say he’d like to go back to Milan is a real smack in the face.

    As far as Posh is concerned, I’m not taking away from the fact that she has style, but those two bones sticking out of her neck are just creepy.

    Don’t know what kind of mother she is, so not commenting there. I just wish they’d go home and leave us alone.



    ITA!! We’ve come a long way in Soccer and this USA team proved it when they beat Spain and Italy.

    To me the only man on this entire planet who embodies Soccer is ‘Pele’!!! NOW THAT IS A SOCCER PLAYER!!! I had the opportunity to see him play many times and I can tell you the man could not be touched. Beck is NOTHING compared to Pele! Never will be.

  • meg

    I don`t know why, but no matter what she wears, she always looks the same to me. Makes no impression on me whatsoever.

  • natasha

    love her! Victoria always works it

  • jenny

    style?… clothes?… so what, what does it means? you have money? lots of people have money, it does not make you a better human being than any one else, she’s not with her children, i would say my life is way better than hers, i do charity, share time with the children, etc,.i have nice clothes too,.we need to stop making these people out to be anything other than human being. no better, no worst.

  • sdf

    she looks FABULOUS.

  • lakers fan in boston

    not really liking the polka dots much, the pants would have been good if worked with the right type of shirt imo tho
    i think it’s mostly because how much i dislike her
    her rat face is just 2 much 2 handle
    and i agree, altho im usually the one that says why bag on some1 for being rich
    she’s just 2 materialistic imo, one of the few times id say it tho because there r ppl who spend more who i dont mind but i just dont think they’re as obsessed as victoria is with her bags and style

  • ?

    When will she realize she looks no better than a blowfish sucking on a lemon with an orange faux tan.

  • Sophie

    # 22: Jenny. Thank you for your post- I happen to agree with you.
    V. Beckham is an untalented fashion wanabee who made oodles of $$$ by getting picked to sing (which is something she can barely do) with a manufactured girlie band who took the world by storm for 18+ months back in 1997/1998 due to Simon Fuller and the superb marketing he spins. She tried a solo career- it failed, she tried authoring books- it failed, she tried desinging denim- it failed, she tries now to be Ms. Fashionista high and mighty above everyone else because she snagged Beckham and along with the Beckham name comes major endorsement deals, $$$, fame, etc. This is why she turns the other way and “refuses” to believe rumours of infidelity on his part and why when said rumours surface within 3 months time she is preggers again with another bambino, she knows that together they are a “Brand” and that “Brand” makes alot of $$$ and marketability due to the name NOT the talent or work that’s put into the product(s). She also knows that without beckham by her side, no one and I mean no one would care one iota about her and her lame pursuits… Given point- how many of the other Spice Girls’ are in the news/tabloids,etc. constantly? None, that’s how many. And Beckham? He hasn’t been a “true” professional footballer for some time now- after he met and hooked up with her. his footballing came second to their all out blitz of “celebrity”, which made them yearn for more, more, more at any expense- their own their childrens’, their families, their friends’ (if they even have any?) etc… So all in all- is $$$/fame really worth losing your perspective of living and losing your goals/values/priorities along the way? I’d say “NO”. I wouldn’t trade one minute of my stressed out life with my children for one millisecond of hers’… I don’t admire them, I don’t respect them and I certainly wouldn’t want to be them~

  • jaxon

    Wow! She really did get her boobage reduced. It looks much better.

  • sillyputty

    Ugh…..who cares about this snotty conceited shallow woman who looks like some kind of bug,

    swat her!

  • Brian

    THANKS! =)

  • josephine

    @meg: @imo: @wos:

    I don’t know why, can’t put my finger on it, but she exudes this desperate air of trying-soooooo-hard to be cool/chic/polished/uptodatewithtrends blah blah boring blah. Her clothes are therefore ALWAYS in your face – they wear her, they overpower her, she doesn’t wear them. She is non persona. On the other hand, other ladies, like Chloe Sevigny and Sienna Miller, sometimes wear things we would just want to barf in but which look heavenly on them because they have that special spark which completes the look.. You still hate their clothes but you are forced to admit they look mighty great. That’s the X factor whats-her-name doesn’t have

  • Moon

    Really love her outfit here! She really is a stylish woman!
    She’s a great mom. Her boys are all happy when they’re together with her. And she’s ALWAYS with her boys when she’s not working. How many times have you seen her alone in one day or one week to say that she’s not a good mother??! Have you been with the Beckhams’ family for 24/7? NO, right? And when the paps caught her not smiling, that’s like JUST SECONDS of her not smiling, while the other time OUTSIDE the pics she’s always smiling and laughing.
    AND who cares how much she’s shopped for her clothes? She’s entitled to do so..she’s got the money! And it’s HER money, mind you! Her own business alone gave her profits of 100 MILLION POUNDS in 2008! And before you’re saying she hasn’t done anything for charity, she OPENED her OWN charity – helping unfortunate children all over UK and those around the world which reached to their knowledge. You just don’t hear much about it coz the Beckhams not publicize it like other celebrities. They are doing it genuinely to help those children, not for publicity! Just ask the children that she helped, what she’s done in improving their lives!
    Lastly, who cares what her nose looks’s not like you lot are looking better than her, some of you might be uglier than her. What is important is the heart..and the Beckhams has done a lot of good in their still short lives!

  • Abbey

    She looks sick, like she is in so much pain. Pweety sad all in the name of fashion.

  • Irish Girl

    Gorgeous outfit. This woman is over the top glamorous.

  • suppress your appetite

    She looks amazing!