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Bar Refaeli Goes On A Rampage

Bar Refaeli Goes On A Rampage

Bar Refaeli replaces Brazilian beauty Gisele Bündchen as the new face for the young contemporary brand Rampage.

Bar, 23, shared, “The Rampage line is comfortable and the cuts are very feminine. It always fits perfectly to the curves of a woman’s body”I have curves and I feel really good in it!”

Check out some footage below of Bar shooting her Rampage ad campaign!

Bar Refaeli Goes On A Rampage

15+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli going on a rampage…

Just Jared on Facebook
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 01
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 02
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 03
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 04
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 05
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 06
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 07
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 08
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 09
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 10
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 11
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 12
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 13
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 14
bar refaeli rampage ad campaign 15

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  • tina

    disgusting ugly and stupid prostitute

  • jami

    she is gorgeous

  • eddy

    blind jami how can u say that disgusting bitch and prostitute ewww ım about to vomit

  • Adri

    I like her. Think she looks good.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    clothes-hangers should not be famous.

  • mayra

    raplaces Gisele Bundchen? I did not know Gisele has ever worked for ranpage, if is true looks like Bar is pickinp up what’s Gisele trown in the trash starting with Leo de Caprio.

  • bobbi

    Sorry but no one replaces Gisele for anything. She is one of a kind.

  • Peter

    She is just cute but very far from been a top model, she has no sexy apeal.

  • rob redstone

    This girl can spill her margarita on me ANY DAY and I will gladly run to the bathroom to clean up!

    TheRobRedstoneShow. com

  • Paty

    Is that all she can get it? I’m sorry but she is not a model, she look a lot more like a expensive whore.

  • jess




  • Paty

    OMG she does not know how to pose, her photos are horrible, the photo #6 with the silver coat is embarrasing.
    how can she get any job posing like this?

  • Gisele`s replacement didn`t quite work out… I still don`t see this girl as particularly talented and she lacks the wow factor entirely. Pretty shell but nothing else.

  • Derrick

    Wow nice photo’s!

  • just me

    Bar has nothing to do with fashion. Bikinis and underwear but not actual clothes. She might have the body but the face. She is uninspiring and bland…

  • anon

    She’s prettier than Gisele but she doesn’t have the X-Factor that gisele has. Having said that, I don’t think Gisele was the one who threw away Leo, it was the other way around. I say Gisele downgraded big time when she married the Deadbeat Dad. The only thing he gave her was another child that she uses to parade around to the media to show what a wonderful mother she’ll eventually be.

  • french

    She is horrible. In some months nobody will speak about her because she is not Leo’s fake girlfriend anymore and she will have less and less works ( it will not change for her because she never had many ads or covers)

  • anon

    Sorry, that should read “the only thing he gave her was a child that she…”

  • clara

    She’s gorgeous.. I wish I had her body!!!!! Love her.

  • french


    Ask her to tell you the name of his surgeon and you will have her body.

  • french


    * her surgeon

  • just sayin

    Gisele is not all that shes deadlt skinny and her face? what the hell is so great abot it?i think shes disgusting

    Bar i think is gorgeous

  • barrafaeli

    The only thing he gave her was another child that she uses to parade around to the media to show what a wonderful mother she’ll eventually be.

  • yawn

    Is it me or does she looking like she’s getting fatter? She looks about 40 years old and fat,…she doesnt know how to pose and is very boring

    She is so lame always doing what Gisele did. I’m sure she will be after Tom now. She is one psychotic b*tch!

  • Zoe

    She’s a lot better looking than Giselle will ever be!!!

  • yawn

    @Zoe: but always will be more skankier than Gisele could ever be!!!

  • just me

    These pictures prove one thing: it is hard to replace Gisele. VS is not the same without her and Rampage. Bar might have prettier face than Gisele but she doesn`t have the talent and the wow factor. Bar could replace Gisele in Leo`s bed for a while but when it comes to work she doesn`t have a fighting chance against Gisele.

  • just me

    * VS is not the same without her and it`s the same with Rampage.

  • Mo

    1000x prettier than Gisele. Gisele looks like a tranny.

  • @29 Still Gisele is the highest paid model in the world with actual talent not Barf…

  • Mo

    R30 – That doesn’t mean she doesn’t look like a man. She photographs well when he has 100 pounds of make up on and perfect lighting. I have seen her walking down the streets of NYC and she is NOT pretty at all.

    Oh, do tell what kind of talent Gisele has? All she does is stand there and pose. Modeling doesn’t require talent.

  • No matter what you say, whether Barf`s face is prettier than Gisele`s or not, Gisele is on the top of the modeling world. Who cares whether you find her attractive or not? She does have the x factor and knows how to model. As for Barf? Sour face, ok body but she cannot give anything exciting or interesting to her pictures. Her poses are always the same. Weak attempt to replace Gisele.

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty, but her facial expressions are more suited for Playboy or Maxim.
    How can you even compare her to Gisele? Gisele is a very professional and unique model who’s at the top of the modeling world right now. Have you seen a video of Gisele doing a photoshoot? Its one shot after another…compared to that Bar seems like an amateur. They only replaced Gisele because she’s pregnant.

  • french

    They took Barf only because there is an economic crisis and i think she is not very expensive.

  • lakers fan in boston

    gisele probably only left cuz they wouldnt pay her what she wanted
    bar does look nice, and i do think she’s better looking than gisele but just as an overall model, bat is miles behind

  • Pandora

    I can’t help but to laugh when people express such angst about Bar. She’s awesome looking and had a great body. Of course she can’t replace Gisele! Bar looks like a woman, not a tranny.

  • crazy b

    @french: Dude you are funny – but correct!!
    These clothes are cheapo – I am surprised Gisele ever modeled for them. Gisele is beautiful, unique looking, and a very talented model.
    Bar is not as pretty as Gisele and an amateur model. There are pictures of Bar on the Rampage website with her mouth totally open and it looks like she is selling blo*w jobs and NOT clothes, etc.

  • meh

    Typical. always getting gisele’s unwanted leftovers

  • jsy

    I assume Gisele left since she is expecting her first child. As for Bar I never liked her or got her appeal. These pictures look amateur and kind of trashy.

  • Elli

    Bar is boring. Her face is all soft and shapeless…so not into her.

  • sharyllee

    not so pretty

  • Modlel my a-s-s

    I never thought Gisele was that pretty, but I definitely think she’s more beautiful than this girl. She looks like a hag in these pictures.

  • me thinks

    that Bar and Leo are no longer together because of the way Leo has been acting lately! You know…… like a man looking for a date!

  • esther

    Am I the only one that noticed the large binder clip fastening her blouse (in the back) in picture #10? lol
    I can’t believe the editor of the photos didn’t notice that. haha Looks funny. I remember an epsidode of America’s Next Top Model where the contestants were to cleverly use binder clips, etc to make the designer’s clothes fit properly before a photo shoot. Who would have thought I’d actually see this little trick used in a professional ad campaign. The public is not suppose to see it!!!! hahaha

  • bullfrog trying to catch a fly
  • @44

    That is funny! I didn`t have the stomach to take a closer look at those pictures so I missed it. Good eyes! That is embarrassing for Rampage and for Bar. LOL!
    This girl is not a good model, just because she has the body it doesn`t mean she is good at it. Her face kills the whole thing!

  • blah

    I don’t think she has the body or the face, she’s got pudgy arms and her upper body is too thick to be a good model.

  • blah

    @bullfrog trying to catch a fly:

    dam she does look like a bullfrog

  • K.G.

    I like Leo and i don’t like Bar but all the physco Leo fans like french STFU and stop being mean to her. People can like bar if they want.

  • jennifer

    I will said like I always said Bar is really gorgeous and this don’t have nothing with Leo think, they are really over, so why you continue hating her so much, I thought you hate her because she was with leo but now they are not together anymore… and some of you continue the same, “she’s prostitute, she’s horrible”. I really don’t understand, you know I’am Leo fan, and I have sure they are better appart from each other, and this doesn’t mean I have to hate her, I continue thinking she’s beautiful, Bar have a beautiful face and an amazing and healthy body different from that anorexic models, and in my opinion was a great replacement for Rampange, she’s so much more beautiful and feminine than Gisele! that’s what I think…