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Jon Gosselin & Michael Lohan Hit Hamptons!

Jon Gosselin & Michael Lohan Hit Hamptons!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin is in the Hamptons with Michael Lohan, the father of Lindsay Lohan.

Guest of a Guest has quoted Twitter user @rjhilbertiv as saying, “Just saw skeeze-fest ’09 John (sic) Gosselin and Michael Lohan walking through Southampton with blonde bimbos in tow.”

Us Weekly reports Jon is, in fact, in the Hamptons with Lohan but spotted with Star magazine editor Kate Major, not Jon‘s girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

Jon, Kate 2.0, Lohan, and Real Housewives star Jill Zarin and the mayor of Southampton are scheduled to all have dinner together tonight. What could they all be brewing???

Jon and Kate 2.0 were first spotted having dinner together over the weekend.

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  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao if this is true
    i could just imagine them talking about what great fathers they r when they’re just douches

    who forgot 2 invite joe jackson to the annual best fathers convention?

  • Eileen

    DEFINITION OF KATE(DON’T EVEN WANT TO SAY THE LAST NAME CAUSE IT’S A DISGRACE; A LOSER, IMMATURE, SELFISH, NON-CARING, DISGRACEFUL, UNEDUCATED, FAT, LAZY, UNMOTIVATED, FALSIES,, NO GOOD, SELF-ABSORBED, DISGRACEFUL, DUMB, STUPID, IDIOT of a human being on this planet. Your mother taught you well on how to raise your kids and how to be a woman, having 2 babies by age 17, you sorry of a human being. NEVER WILL I WATCH THE SHOW IF THIS DIRTBAG IS EVER ON AGAIN!

  • annab

    I thought Kate was bad..but Jon has her beat. Maybe he is doing this to get back at her. Looks like he trying to relive his youth. All this makes me sick.

  • Rhonda

    Now, all we need is Kate and Dina and the “Parents of the Year” convention can begin!

  • josh

    That picture is disgusting. What a pair of douche bags.

  • Michelle

    HAHAHAHAHA the idea of those three (eclectic?? to say the least) hanging out in the hamptons made me laugh out loud.

  • sarah

    Thanks Jon, you & many other males who owe child support give the feminists something to cheer about.

  • hate Khate

    - he’s a free man, and whoever he’s around it’s better than Khate

  • Zoe

    This is hilarious! The only celebs Jon’s found to hang out with him is Lohan’s ex-con, wife beating, wife cheating, estranded father. They must have a lot in common.

  • omg

    LOL . . .wow finally Jon’s white trash life is coming into full bloom.

  • lisa

    They are both so gross.

  • http://deleted TwinkieDefense

    Don’t need to see Lohan nipple.

  • yuck!!

    Is this where Lindsay picks up her sense of style from?? .. interesting look.

  • jillywilly_bean

    @lakers fan in boston LMFAO

    Couldn’t of said it better myself

  • punch line

    “Designer Christian Audigier would just need to join them to complete The Three Muskateers!”

    Jared, I didnt know you had it in you! LoL that was excellent!


    LOL JJ, that last line was hilarious! Christian Audigier is soooo classy and would fit right in with all this trash.

  • jdub

    oh hell NO!!! jon is already a douchebag. if its true that he was hanging out with Lohan i will have lost ALLLL respect for that man. i thought maybe this was some sort of midlife crisis (even tho he’s only 32 or whatever) but goodness, this is getting a little out of hand!!


    LOL JJ, that last line was hilarious!! Christian Audigier would fit right in with this white trash.

  • bonzo

    Michael Lohan is such an embarrassment to humankind. What the heck is with him? Does he think he’s 25 or something? That shirt is ridiculous. Note to middle-aged men everywhere: don’t wear wife-beaters or see-thru shirts, you look idiotic.

  • Uncle Leo

    lindsay’s daddy needs a bra.

  • adnil

    as these puke’s are considered “celebrities” why??

  • Carly

    Musketeers or muskateers. They look like they should be dating each other.

  • dub

    jon reminds me of a weasel. do kids even wear their baseball hats backwards anymore? does he drive an escalade? it all must mean something.

  • Teresa

    Jon disgusts me now. Actually both him and Kate do. I used to love the show and the kids but now everytime I see the two of them I just wanna turn away. What tragedy this family has become. It doesn’t matter what CAUSED them to break up, the fact is that they chose not to be together (no matter how much they say they love their kids) and live their separate lives.

    Its obvious they are continuing the show for monetary reasons (which is understandable because raising 8 kids is a lot of money but there are other ways to make a living other than putting your children under the microscope)

    Sorry TLC, but you lost a fan. I signed up to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8, not Jon Plus 8 or Kate Plus 8.

  • gossip gurl

    This is truly hilarious but sad at the same time. These men are so pathetic. It’s the kids I feel sorry for truly I do. It would be much better if the mother’s were any better BUT unfortunatley that is not the case. Kate and Dina are just a hot mess. I read this blog today that has video of Dina at a club in NYC with Allie. They claim to have seen her drinking too.. What a shame.. It was still funny though and a must read!

  • Kate

    Now do you see what i had to deal with.

  • 4th musky

    Jon Gosselin is Now Public Enemy Number One
    - according to team Kate

    Jon Gosselin and his latest girl, tabloid reporter Kate Major, have hit the Hamptons.

    The duo are going out to dinner with Michael Lohan, Real Housewives star Jill Zarin and the mayor of Southampton tonight.

  • Lollipop

    These two men are posterchilds for WHO NOT TO MATE WITH or you’ll be sorry, very sorry. Ugh!

  • got a grudge?

    Someone just prints things to get hits on their site. It doesn’t seem they play fair when it comes to these parents. Both parents do not treat their children right and exploit them as does this site by posting pictures of them.
    Kate continues to cover up her Steve Neild time and play the victim. Granted, Jon is his own worst enemy but Kate cannot change that she is a narcissist and fame whore.

  • suzie

    WHAT? Is there a DEADBEAT DAD fest going on or what?

  • Lollipop

    If it smells like a BEAST, looks like a BEAST, and acts like a BEAST, more than likely it is a BEAST!!! Run for your lives girls! The BEASTS have gathered!!

  • sharyllee

    Lohan dad looks so ugly!! with that shirt.

  • Halli

    Jon’s a sorry excuse for a man. Does he have no shame? The only reason he has any means to live in NYC, buy cars, going to the Hamptons, etc is because and only because of his children. Who he’s left. We will soon see Jon hanging out with the kids, but its all for show. Sad.

  • mertz

    omg. no freaking way. not camel balls mcnastylohans…ugh. douchebags suck a$$

  • sdf

    JON IS A FREAKING PIG. every time i look at stories like this and watch an old jon&kate episode.. i just can’t believe it.

  • pfff

    hahhahahaha see-through shirt….hairy nipples!!

  • lukebandit

    the jon and kate plus 8 show needs to be renamed: Keeping Up with the Gosselins. see jon and kate 2.0, see jon and hailey, see kate 1.0 with steve the bodyguard/boyfriend, see the kids shuffled from the McMansion, jon’s NY snazzy apt., kate 1.0′s condo up the road from the McMansion, hailey’s NY snazzy apt., see michael lohan, jon gosselin, kate 2.0 and RH jill and the mayor of the Hamptons eating dinner together! JON, GET A JOB AND SUPPORT YOUR KIDS THE NORMAL, FATHERLY WAY! GOLDDIGGING MONSTER!

  • http://aol susan

    OMG…if they did not have money and fame, they both would have to pay for sex – big time. They are both so gross…yuck.

  • crazy b

    They are planning a reality show “Dousch ebags in the City” with the all-star team of
    * Jon Gosselin
    * Michael Lohan
    * Kevin Federline
    with special appearances by Jill Zarin as the decorator / pim p

  • shocked mother

    Unbelievable! It is hard to say what is worse, All of the participants who are having dinner are already in meadia firestorms and yet they see nothing wrong with meeting up!

    Someone get these people a publicist who can guide them on the do’s and dont’s once your in the public eye.

  • Moo

    I love to see a man showing his breasts through his shirt – NOT!

  • mertz

    crazy b @ 07/22/2009 at 9:48 pm They are planning a reality show “Dousch ebags in the City” with the all-star team of
    * Jon Gosselin
    * Michael Lohan
    * Kevin Federline
    with special appearances by Jill Zarin as the decorator / pim p
    would you watch this show? i think it has potential to be disasterly amazing…way better than any of those shows on e!, vh1, and mtv combined.

    Lollipop @ 07/22/2009 at 7:48 pm If it smells like a BEAST, looks like a BEAST, and acts like a BEAST, more than likely it is a BEAST!!! Run for your lives girls! The BEASTS have gathered!!

    suzie @ 07/22/2009 at 7:39 pm WHAT? Is there a DEADBEAT DAD fest going on or what?
    they probably think that they are amazing people. tsk tsk tsk.

    aww looks like i missed jared’s ed hardy punchline. looks like there’s been an edit. lol. hey crazy b, you’re missing christian audigier in your show. lol. did anyone see @jessimtv’s aftershow plea for people to stop wearing ed hardy. lol. i back that stand point. it was kinda sad to see how much people dislike this dude. man. NO MORE DOUCHES!!!

  • TVsnark

    Was Joe Jackson busy?

  • Beverly

    @mertz: Another Chelsea fan!


    i’m use to nonsense….so none of this surprises me.

  • Cassandra

    Jill Zarin will go anywhere, with anyone.

    She is the world’s No. 1 YENTA.

    As I’ve said before, I’m afraid to open my front door…..

  • Emeile

    what the hey?

  • Emeile

    What the hey? Gosh what next!

  • Karen

    What’s with that self taken photo of Michael Lohan? Why the hell is he taking a photo of himself with his shirt all drenched, pecs visible? Weirdo

  • vmars111

    Jon, Michael, Stars Magazine Editor, and Jill???

    Is this the new Legion of Doom??