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Katie Holmes Explores The Australian Bush

Katie Holmes Explores The Australian Bush

Katie Holmes takes her daughter Suri and co-star Bailee Madison for a walk as they explore the Australian bush while filming a movie in Melbourne, Australia.

The 30-year-old actress has been filming Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark in Australia.

Suri Cruise has been hanging out with her mom during the breaks and was spotted chewing on her blanket and carrying around a Clifford the Big Red Dog stuffed animal.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes exploring the Australian bush…

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katie holmes explores the australian bush 01
katie holmes explores the australian bush 02
katie holmes explores the australian bush 03
katie holmes explores the australian bush 04
katie holmes explores the australian bush 05
katie holmes explores the australian bush 06
katie holmes explores the australian bush 07
katie holmes explores the australian bush 08
katie holmes explores the australian bush 09
katie holmes explores the australian bush 10

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  • Janet


  • nil

    how boring..

  • kathy

    omg! Suri is so cuute.. But im afraid shes gonna be like paris hilton, yikes!

  • emma

    what happened to Katie and Suri

  • Jo

    Suri looks different in these pictures.

  • tawi-tawi

    wow suri is dressed like an ordinary kid
    although i always liked seeing suri dressed nice, it is so refreshing to see her wearing normal children clothes…makes her look human

  • Earth to Katie

    -she’s not too spaced out

  • two suri’s


  • elsa

    oh it’s katie hol…zzzzzzzzzz



    ITA. She looks like a regular little girl. Guess Katie had to explain she couldn’t go through the woods, etc., in party dress. It’s cold now Australia so they’re all bundled up.

  • pokeman

    OMG! something is wrong with Suri. she is not wearing a dress. Finally, Katie dresses Suri like a normal kid. Hope Katie does it more often.

  • Lurker

    See how plain Suri looks when she is not in designer duds, She would not stand out in a crowd. Suri is not as cute as people seem to believe she is, Suri is always well dressed therefore ,she appears to be cute.

  • Jo

    Suri does not look so cute anymore, and it has nothing to do with her clothes.

  • common sense

    Mom is more bundled up than her daughter seems to be, why is that? Suri is going through a growth spurt. She still is a beautiful child.

  • phil mckrackin

    Let’s see a show of hands…who wants to see a dingo snatch the little diapered scientolobrat?

  • Laura

    pleaase leave australia

  • Jackman2369

    TROUBLE IN PARADISE – note Ms. Holmes does NOT have her wedding ring on…..and usually Tommy boy travels with her.
    He must be too busy drooling over David Beckham in L.A. She needs to ditch this loser once and for all!

  • josh

    Katie sieht super aus! UUUPPPPSSSS jetzt habe ich doch glatt auf Deutsch geschrieben. Kleiner Scherz!

  • me

    In her leggings and sneakers, Suri looks like she could be a friend of Violet Afflecks. Usually they look like they would have nothing in common. I know its only clothes, but I think you behave differently when you are dressed down like a kid. You can act like a kid.

  • its robo bride

    Wow Katie must have circulation problems. It isn’t that cold that she should need two winter coats.

    And oh no–a picture of the nanny that supposedly doesn’t exist. Oh no. Will she be fired?

  • Kate erin Miller

    OMG! It boggles me how close minded Americans are sometimes!
    Just because Katie & Suri are walking through trees & leaves “they’re in the Australian bush!”.
    Katie & Surie are actually in the CITY!!! They are at “Collingwood’s Children’s Farm” 3 mins from the city! This farm is very famous, and a fantastic place to take children for a fun day, AND we dont have to travel out of Melbourne, fancy that :)
    Kate, from Melbourne!

  • http://BUZZNET heather voilet grieve

    some of this stuff stinks( heathers bff ashleigh]+evil @~{@~ chloe

  • pop

    suri looks like a blah when she’s wearing ordinary clothes. i guess those fancy dresses makes her look adorable. it’s so strange how she isn’t getting any cuter anymore on every photo as she is growing up but atleast she is starting to look like a normal toddler for once. and as for katie, she is so not pretty when she isn’t all dolled up.

  • Brian

    Suri is soooo cute!

  • Duh!

    That HAS to be Chris Kleins kid! Looks just like him! And look how happy and healthy Katie looked not so long ago. Just a sad situation all around.

  • g

    beautiful ladies

  • xanadu

    I heart this family and God bless them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cc

    Bailey looks like a big sis of beautiful Suri.

    These pics are all adorable.

  • cute!

    Katie has been looking much better lately, since she started to work on that film. Tom is not around so…

  • anonymous

    Simonette Alanes is love obsessed with Katie Holmes. She spends her whole time posting flatteries to Katie on celebrity blogs.
    She will next post 50 loathsome flatteries under 50 different nicks.

  • ian


  • amway

    Suri and Katie = lovely
    good to see H’s hair is growing out.

  • jj thanks

    Im loving these photos of Suri and Katie. Cant stop looking at it.

  • Vanessa

    The “not wearing her wedding ring” is interesting. Hope that she ditched her creepy husband. Somehow in the last weeks Katie starts to look more like the old (happy) Katie. And I really like it. Hope that her and Suri are well!

  • oh please

    The trolls are changing their usernames to keep posting. How original and desperate.

  • anonymous

    Simonette Alanes, a filipino immigrant lesbian, is comments 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 35… more to come… as “Katie is so Jackie O.” or “Katie is the new Audrey Hepburn” or “Katie is all around talent” or “Katie is the All American Girl” or “God bless the Cruises and America” or “Hollywood royalty” and hundreds of idiotic flatteries…
    Simonette, by the way, you’re not even american… :)

  • Reed Richards

    Why, #11? Someone gives you money when she does?

    It’s your opinion that she looks plain, #12.

    What are you talking about, #20?

  • sam

    Is that Isabella, Tom’s older daughter in the first picture? It’s not Katie, at least it sure doesn’t look like her. Different coat/clothes/hair so think it might be Isabella????.

  • lisajane

    Katie looks stunning here! I can’t wait to see her dance routine.

    I don’t think the fact that she isn’t wearing the ring is anything to get excited about. She could has just taken it off and left it at home because she to due to shoot some scenes today. Or perhaps she really is preggers and it doesn’t fit at the moment.

  • Annie

    who is this person who keeps re-posting every few minutes? Your boring, knock it off.

  • happynowweee

    Bella and Conor do not travel with Katie. Katie only travels with Suri. Plus Bella and Conor were at the Beckim game being pimped out to the paps by their father.

  • it’ robo-bride

    To SAM

    It is most likely their nanny. According to the person who wrote You’ll Never Nanny in this Town Again–Cruise demands that the nannies never be seen. So this is a big no no.

  • Sal

    I agree, Chris Kleins kid. So do others…..if you don’t want to click on the link, google it. She looks exactly like him, and tiny gay man shoots blanks. Go for it Richard D*ck Head. Defend your boyfriend/boss/Sci-Fi alien. The slanted, wide spread eyes, forehead, smile… pug pig nose comes from Homely. Just read it folks.

  • coco

    love them

  • ssa

    So friggin adorable! Katie carries herself so classy amidst all the fame.

  • Sal

    Oh, by the way, check out the eyebrows on Chris and Suri. Dead give away.

  • Mona-Lisa
  • Sally

    Suri is a cutie! Totaly! So sweet.

  • WOW!

    OMG! How awesome! That little kid looks just like CK!! Does he know that?

  • WOW!

    #36, I get it now. How obvious.