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Sarah Michelle Gellar's Dog Visits The Vet

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Dog Visits The Vet

Pregnant actress Sarah Michelle Gellar takes her dog Tyson to the veterinarian’s office again on Wednesday afternoon (July 22) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 32-year-old former Buffy actress was seen taking Tyson to the vet exactly one week ago. Looks like Tyson needs weekly attention!

Currently, a Buffy movie is allegedly in pre-production with neither series creator Joss Whedon or the series’ lead SMG involved.

10+ pictures inside of Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s dog visiting the vet…

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sarah michelle gellar dog vet 01
sarah michelle gellar dog vet 02
sarah michelle gellar dog vet 03
sarah michelle gellar dog vet 04
sarah michelle gellar dog vet 05
sarah michelle gellar dog vet 06
sarah michelle gellar dog vet 07
sarah michelle gellar dog vet 08
sarah michelle gellar dog vet 09
sarah michelle gellar dog vet 10

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  • Jules

    That dog is amazing!!!!!

  • Jo

    Thanks for Sarah ! She looks great !
    Hope Tyson is okay !

  • LisaJane

    Oh no! I hope the dog’s ok :(

    She looks amazing as usual, I loved Buffy!

  • Katie

    wow that’s one HUGE dog!! cute though

  • deb

    is that dog an akita? i personally would NOT trust that breed around a new born, or any very small creature. hopefully, she’s taking her pet to discipline classes. very powerful and potentially volatile dog she has there

  • mertz

    i love that top colour. can’t believe they’ve had that dog for a long time. lol.

  • deb

    they’re beautiful dogs, dont get me wrong, but they have their quirks

  • Halli

    She looks great.
    I love Buffy… kind of pissed that she isn’t being considered for the film. I heard they’re considering Megan Fox???
    I will never watch this movie.

  • Mary Jo

    @deb: I happen to be a breeder of Akita’s and they are wonderful dogs. I also have three small children under the age of five. My Akita’s sleep on my five year olds bed every night. My dogs are very loving. I would not call them a volatile dog at all.

  • dolly

    What a pretty outfit, very becoming to Sarah. It is nice to see people that take good care of their pets and not treat them as accessories. xoxo to this family.

  • Saudia

    love SMG .. she’s so pretty

  • Emit

    It’s not surprising that Tyson needs frequent vet attention, he must be very old. He was already fully grown back in 2000 (there are pictures of her with him filming season 4 on Buffy), so he has to be at least ten years old.

    And yes, he’s an Akita.

  • silentsophi

    Buffy with out Joss Whedon is a bad idea! SMG looks great!

  • mysteryinnolita

    it isn’t a dog ,it’s monster

  • Dirty Boy Ragz

    she is pregnant??? I did not know that.

  • Halli

    That dog is gorgeous. I want one

  • blah

    shes a nobody and so is her husband

  • bella

    Love the dog. So nice to see a celeb with a real dog and not a purse dog . . .LOL. . .try and fit this one in your purse.
    Sarah looks so cute pregnant.

  • Sophia

    That dog is amazing.

  • deb

    mary jo, i knew i would find a breeder would take offense. none was meant, as a life long dog lover, respecter of all breeds, i’ve had sone personal experience with an akita that was most unpleasant and involved a child. i believe it most definitely involves the dogs upbringing, but as with all wild creatures….you’re playing with fire. i’ve been bitten by a cocker spaniel, a jack russell, a doberman i took in that i felt sorry for that i only later found out was abused, twenty one stitches up my leg because someone lied and told me the dog had no issues. the sad thing is i could find noone would take that dog, no matter how many animal rescue places i called. animals are complicated creatures and they remember everything

  • deb

    moderation?? what is this the peoples court? it’s only because of your coverage of eric bana i even visit this site

  • luver

    Buffy is back

  • christine

    JARED, you have quite an influence on the polpulation. I’ve been posting here since 2005. Why don’t you post that video AS WELL AS PHOTOS of those elephants who were ABUSED by RINGLING BROTHERS. It’s just a suggestion. But I saw the news video of this and it was just too much… it was NOT the most horrid… BUT it killed me… KILLED me… killed everyone….

  • Lisa

    Aww, she is always so natural , fresh and pretty, plus the dog is amazing!
    kudos for her and his husband.

  • Emit

    deb, like you mentioned yourself in your post, the dogs you have dealt with that bit had trauma/issues from experiences in their life. As long as a dog is raised well, treated firmly but kindly, and socialized well, there’s no reason an Akita (or any other breed) can’t do well with children. Sarah has had Tyson for ten years, raised him from a puppy, and obviously knows him better than you and I. Let her make the decisions regarding her child and her dog.

  • cara

    to deb: I have two large dogs (one is 130 lbs., the other is about a 100) and both are rescues. In fact, the larger one was abused by his former owner yet both are very affectionate and have never shown signs of agression to people, including strangers. In fact, in my experience, large dogs tend to be much more gentle and caring than small ones, and even let their owners’ toddlers and kids jump on them and tug on their fur. Small dogs such as terriers and celebrity “pocket dogs” are actually much more likely to exibit signs of agression and bite for no reason other than a person standing “too close.” Throw a fur-pulling baby into the mix and you’re asking for trouble. Frankly, I would be more worried if SMG had a high strung chihuahua or a toy poodle.

  • chrissi

    to deb: i have a 4 1/2 year old rottie and a 3 1/2 year old little girl. both get on famously. i agree its how you raise them and dont see them as a danger if you bring them up well. and i agree with cara i’d be more worried if sarah had a small dog as i have been bitten by jack russels and most little dogs are horrible and snappy compared to the larger breeds.

  • Crystal

    What a gorgeous dog!

  • emit

    @cara and christi.

    Let’s not go overboard with our generalizations. I love big dogs and think they are fantastic, but at the moment have a toy poodle who was raised to be calm and accepting, which he usually is. I am of the opinion that pretty much all dogs can be taught how to behave the right way in particular situations, and that it’s almost always the responsibility of the owner to teach their dogs the manners to get by in this world.

    Blaming a dog for its behavior just because of its breed – whether that’s saying an Akita is dangerous with children, or toy poodles are more like to exhibit aggression, are just generalizations. Look to the owner first. Stereotypes never did anyone any good.

  • sazzy

    there is a family by me with an akita aroudn the same size of sarah’s and its the NICEST dog in the world, and its been there wen we were kids and we accidently got balls in the yard and it just nudge it to gate for us and lick us!

  • http://sarahmichellegellarbabybumpalert andrea galli

    i agree with halli!.sarah michelle gellar is the only buffy!!!!!!!!!.i also will never watch this movie,no way!!!!!.no megan fox,bad,bad actress.the only two actress that became a legends,icons,are melissa joan hart and sarah michelle gellar,”sabrina the teenage witch” and “buffy the vampire slayer” the best characters ever!!! and now two moms!.sarah and melissa for ever!.ps:that dog is gorgeous!.

  • Gabrielle


    Akitas are famous in Japan as aristocratic babysitters. Legaends imply that the rich prefer them over people in terms of trust with children.

    All large dogs need proper socialization—not ridiculous fears and silly assumptions. ‘betcha Tyson will protect that baby to the death if need be.

  • Kat

    You know, people said the same thing to me, and gave me “the look,” when I was pregnant, as they eyed up my pit bull/rottweiler mix. She was wonderful with my daughter as a baby. Imagine people’s shock and surprise when I brought my toddler child and my aging “monster mix” to the playground – my daughter teetered just a little too far from us for Sheba’s taste, so she meandered on after her, picked her up by the back of her clothes, and brought her closer. My child was shrieking with laughter; a ride! What fun! A woman began screaming at me that she would call child protective services for “allowing that creature” to “bite” my daughter. There’s my 2 year old, giggling and tugging on this 85lb dog’s fur and ears, who is glaring at this crazy woman, and only raising her lip to show teeth on the one side. She looks back at the baby, gives her a kiss, and firmly plants herself between nutjob and us. A dog is only as good as its upbringing, and Sheba was a gentle giant, who treated my daughter with love and respect.

  • Max


    I have raised and owned Akitas for 15 years. Your comments clearly display your ignorance regarding this breed. Maybe you should not allow your personal experiences with ONE particular dog to shape your overall opinion of a breed. Akitas are the one of the most INTELLIGENT AND LOVING breeds you can possibly find. I currently have 3 that are the biggest babies you could ever meet. They are ALWAYS allowed my family members children, regardless of their age. As with ANY Breed, they would never be left unsupervised. If you did your research, which obviously you have not, prior to posting such a negative comment, you would find that Akita’s were actually used as BABYSITTERS for Japanese royalty. Before you post any further ignorant and downright STUPID comments on this site or any other, do yourself a favor. Do you RESEARCH regarding a BREAD. You really made yourself appear STUPID and such a fool. I’m embarassed for you. I have no further time for your Ignorance. You are dismissed.

  • suppress your appetite

    @Sophia: uhu :)