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Sienna Miller Snaps When Asked About Balthazar Getty

Sienna Miller Snaps When Asked About Balthazar Getty

G.I. Joe costars Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols (inset) were being interviewed by a Aussie station Fox FM when the radio host asked Rachel what it was like to work with Sienna‘s on-and-off-again lover Balthazar Getty in the spy series Alias.

Rachel politely answered, “I’m lucky enough to have a job where I get to see lots of gorgeous men. I would definitely say he’s not ugly.”

The radio host then slyly transitioned and asked Sienna if she’s met Balthazar. Si explodes, saying, “Oh piss off. You’ve called us scrags, b—-es, knocked-up. We are not here to talk about him (Balthazar). But, yes, I know him and everything’s good, thank you. What a scoop! Congratulations! You’re really, really clever!”

Listen to a snippet of the radio interview at UK’s The Sun.

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  • dundies

    hahahah she told them to piss off! love it

  • Janet

    I totally understand why Sienna acted in that way. Everyone would do the same in her position.

  • karenina

    awkard much?

  • jtredway

    She’s has no class. When you’re audacious enough to have an affair in the public eye, you might as well prepare yourself to deal with the questions. If she doesn’t want people questioning or judging, perhaps she shouldn’t do things worth judgment.

  • Helen

    aah I loved Alias
    Belthazar Getty.Michael Vartan.Bradley Cooper.nuff said

    Good for her
    I love Sienna!

  • Lizzie

    Did she really think that would not be asked of her? Seriously you are promoting a movie. Learn the answer and stick to it without going off on anyone. Also if you want to avoid questions that where judgement occurs, do not get involved with a married man with children.

  • just sayin


    ever heard the saying you ´you cant control your heart´
    yea what she did was bad but she cant help what she feels for him we cant judge them if we dont know how they feel for eachother

  • bintk

    Some women just don’t give a DAMM!

  • Realitycheck

    Wow, so late, jj, it’s been every where else first.

  • marie

    emotions and actions are a choice. She chose to be with a married man, she chose to pursue that and see where it goes. She chose to be with him publicly. She chose to continue to be with him. And she chose to put herself in a situation where she would develop feelings instead of walking away. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. You reap what you sow.

  • Raquel

    I woudln’t call that snaped, im totally with her on this one, what a douchebag question!

  • mark

    sienna should do herself in, the world would be a better pace

  • idiot woman

    Sienna’s true colors are shining through, you really don’t have to say anything bad about her, just give her some ‘leash’ in an interview and she can screw herself! LOL

  • memeMOI

    Marie -. you have obvïously never been in love nor do you seem to have any idea what it is. Emotions are NOT a choice – only the actions that result from those emotions are a choice, and sometimes not even then. If falling in love with someone was a matter of choice – there wouldn’t be nearly so many people with broken hearts in the world. Sienna probably did not choose to fall in love with a married man anymore than i suppose he intended to love anyone but his wife. As it happened, they both acted on those impulses and yeah that was real low. I didnt know who he was until that whole affair-hoopla broke out and i wasn’t impressed with Sienna about that and even less so because i remember i used to really like her at the beginning of her career. However, i do feel sympathy for her about this – i mean c’mon what the hell has it got to do with the film and anyway – if the interviewer simply had to ask her about Getty, he could have just asked her outright what the deal was – there was no idea to be a smartarse and to be honest, her reaction was much more tame than it potentially could have been. How come Kate Winslet never got any shit for cheating on her husband with Sam Mendes when they met on the set of Engima – she actually had a child with the man she cheated on and i dont remember anyone calling her a slut?? And Kate Beckinsale with Len Wiseman on Underworld? She hooked up with him when they were actually making a movie with her boyfriend at the time, and the father of her child. So, although i am no particular fan of Sienna – i”m confused as to why is she always getting all the bitchy comments and not the others??

  • enough

    i am so sick of the sienna bashing!!! it’s honestly a step back for women that the media spins her and other celebs as a skanky, low moral slut. as if they know what her relationships are like! if a man dated a woman separated from her husband, this it would hardly be as big of a deal.

    if you have ever seen an interview with sienna she’s completely sweet and forthcoming and wholly admits she has faults. she’s also a good actress.

    and that guy was a total condescending rude asshole-i mean what kind answer did he expect to get?!

  • pipsux

    the dj’s a biyatch. trying to be all passive aggressive and sneaky. what scum. the dj deserved that. go sienna!

  • jaxon

    No, you can’t control your heart, but you can control your v.agina. She knew the guy was married and had kids, so I have no sympathy for her. But agree, this has nothing to do with the interview.

  • ITA

    Yeah, she’s sweet in her interviews but she’s acting. She knows how to sway an audience. The woman is a classic example of narcissism — she can’t see beyond anyone’s desires but her own.

  • North

    I don’t remember hearing about Winslet or Beckinsale cheating, so if they did, they didn’t do it in a way that publicly humiliated their spouse. Still wrong but in Miller’s case frolicking on the beach with your boobies in the mouth of your married lover and father four children was just trashy.

  • Hollyb

    @memeMOI: At this point I think the “love” is one-sided. Sienna has waxed lyrical about her feelings for Getty (her love for him and her desire to marry him and have his babies) but we have heard nothing – NADA – from him about his feelings for her. I am not saying that he feels nothing for her but actions speak louder than words. Not only has he not filed for divorce from his wife, he still seems to be doing stuff with his wife, like going to the cinema with her, without the kids. I am not convinced they are properly separated, much less divorcing. Whatever is going on with Getty, it is not a full-blown romance, except in Sienna’s mind. That is why she keeps giving him ultimatums about wanting to be romanced properly, wanting to settle down and do things properly, etc whenever the reconcile. It never goes the way she wants it to. It would not surprise me in the slightest if Getty dumps Sienna and tries to reconcile with his wife in the not too distant future.

    As for what Sienna did on the radio show, she showed herself up. The man didn’t ask about her affair with Getty. He asked if she knew Getty. All she had to say was “yes, I know him” and leave it at that or “I am not going to talk about that” and refuse to talk about it. Instead, she let all her seething resentment over the press boil over at the wrong time and she directed all her venom at the wrong person. She is a stupid and immature woman in all areas of her life, plain and simple.

  • Adrina

    @enough: She wasn’t dating a man separated from his wife. His wife was blindsided by the affair. That’s why it became a big deal. They are both wrong and the DJ is an idiot.

  • Anakin

    Rachel is way better looking than Sienna

  • ri23

    Sienna, you act like a whore, you get treated like a whore.

  • diags

    Ugh, she’s a dirty skank and her career is going downhill

  • jaye

    The radio host is the one without class. She wasn’t asked a straight out question about the affair, the radio host was being a snide b*itch.
    People are such hypocrites. They berate some people unmercifully for having affairs, but others like Natasha Richardson they forget that she was married to someone else when she hooked up with Liam Neeson. Love happens when it happens; most people aren’t in the business of denying themselves. S*hit happens, relationships end and people make mistakes. I hope people aren’t talking about Sienna’s affair with this guy in another 5 years.

    The fact is there have been plenty actresses AND actors who have had affairs, but people treat the women harsher than the men. In a lot of cases the men receive little public criticism even if they are married with children.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol that’s funny
    i just wish there were a type so i could hear her say piss off in her british accent =]
    personally i dont give an eff anymore if she’s a homewrecker
    so have a lot of other ppl in hollywood and like normal ppl, we get over it since it’s in the past

  • Saudia

    ugh journalists. Some are so invasive .

  • c

    The only problem with the” relatinships end” mentality is that BG IS STILL A VERY MARRIED MAN and HAS NOT FILED FOR A DIVORCE.

    What sets SM affair with BG apart from other HW affairs is that it has been so blatant and “in your face”. Yes other women have had affairs, but note that they had enough common sense to not be seen allowing the married man to suck/grab on their breasts in public and then being so vindictive as to wear that same dress on the married man’s kid’s birthday. Let’s not forget that these other actresses had enough common sense to lay low and shut up when the public wasn’t impressed by their behavior; but not SM, she thinks that she is entitled to do whatever she wants by any means necessary. So she plays the victim EVERY WEEK to give the impression that she is suffering more than the married man’s wife and kids and then spreads lies about the married man’s wife to justify her actions.

    This affair also stands out because SM is a hypocrite. She is doing the exact same thing that she jumped all over JL nanny for doing to her, so why should things be different for her now that she is the “other woman”?In the Vogue interview she whined that JL affair was hurtful because it was so public and then she does the brightest thing of all, leaks photos of herself vacationing with the married man and sticking her tonue in the married man’s ear. So public affairs are only hurtful when it is SM that is being cheated on?

    What SM and BG are doing is not even based on love. If he loved SM, he would be divorced by now. He is only with SM because she makes it easy for him to have access to the true love of his life, ALCOHOL. She isn’t going to tell him to go to rehab and like a bar she is never going to run out of alcohol. If SM loved the married man she wouldn’t enable his drug habit or make his struggle with alcohol so public.

  • c

    She put herself in this position when she decided to prance around with the married man on Father’s Day, stick her tongue in his ear, and publicly engage in pda/sexual acts with him throughout 2008, what did she expect was going to happen?That people were supposed to forget that she is having an affair with a married man just because she said that there was “no one to marry”? She uses the press to flaunt her affair, so she can’t get mad and then throw a fit when she doesn’t get her way. If she doesn’t want to be asked about the married man, then she should stop prancing around with him as if she is entitled to do so.

    SM just made herself look bad, both of the women were asked about BG and only one of them turned it into yet another “people are picking on me for no apparant reason” session. Had she just said, “no comment”, she would have come off looking like the better person. She has to be the victim in any and all circumstances.

    People can control their feelings(it’s called FREE WILL), how do we know this? Not every woman who has been the object of some married man’s affection ends up sleeping with the married man, shamelessly flaunting it, or taunting his wife/kids because the married man doesn’t love/respct his her(the other woman) to file for a divorce. SM didn’t sleep with the married man because she couldn’t control her feelings; she slept with him because she only feels good about herself when she is hurting another woman and is insecure, selfish, immature, and lacks compassion, morals, and respect for others.

  • john mealey

    Many actors and actresses have had affairs but no one has flaunted them as much as Sienna. She used the press to hurt Getty’s wife and children. She is calculated and takes what she wants without thought. She is also obviously rude and crude. I can’t think of any other actress running around naked with a sailor hat on with a married man, father to a newborn. She is heartless, tough and cheap!!

  • A

    if you cannot put your nether regions on a leash, get ready for the fallout.

  • sheryl

    To all the people who are whining about the “Sienna bashing,” when she quits bashing other people for their mistakes against her (4 years after the fact), then perhaps she’ll find forgiveness for hers. No, it isn’t ONLY THE WOMAN that takes the heat. Sienna helped grind Jude into the ground, even after he apologized to her, but she hasn’t forgiven and forgotten, so what makes you think she deserves forgiveness while she’s still messing around with a married man? No, I won’t quit speaking my opinion until she proves she can shut her mouth. The only reason she got pissy with this particular interviewer is because she doesn’t come off so well when it comes to Gettygate…yet she was more than willing to remind everyone what Jude did in her Vogue interview; if the guy had asked her about Jude, she would have talked for an hour. So again, spare me the self-righteous indignation…when she shuts up, so will I.

  • sharyllee

    You, Sienna get out. You are so cheap!!

  • Anonymous

    She can dance the two step with Rosetta and her kids (as well as balthazar’s family and contrived sit-down interviews). But she cannot deflect a direct unrehearsed question with dignity and grace because that reaction comes with breeding and she does not have it. Knew she is stupid (all of her interviews lately focused on her breasts being singed or that she flashed the papz while prmoting her movie) but Balthazar is dumber. And it is true, the other star Rachel is more attractive but low key.


    I earned the Getty Oil Company shareholders Four Billion Bucks …
    On the Reserve acquisition; the way they treat me … it really sucks!
    As the Getty inheritors bask in glee;
    All I asked for was that they look after me.
    Four billion dollars they earned on Reserve …
    My fee I surely deserve.
    It turns out J.P. Getty may have been a Nazi;
    His family even goes back to Germany ….
    With Hitler, GÖring & Goebbels he did stand;
    While trying to undermine the American land!
    For paintings & artifacts he did receive;
    With his oil he was able to deceive?
    Hoover & the FBI & Roosevelt they knew …
    That J.P. Getty & espionage he drew!
    Many a young lad and Jew did die
    As planes dropped bombs from the sky.
    For years while Getty sat in Berlin
    He may have committed many a sin.
    The ashes and smoke from the chimneys it rose
    While old man Getty sat cozy … he chose.
    With artwork held tightly under his arm
    Still dripping in blood … as the real owner met harm.
    Into the ovens & on meat-hooks, bullets between the eyes …
    Listen very carefully you can still hear their cries!
    While the Gettys sit in England; at their estate at Wormsley;
    And Gordon sings in San Francisco …
    With his 727 in tow;
    The Getty museum sits atop Malibu;
    While the corpses of World War 2 scream … “J.P. Getty … We know you!”

  • Anonymous

    Grace under pressure Sienna. Rosetta has it, maybe even Balthazar but not you. Must had her fill of Vodka that day hence she became unglued during that interview heard all over Australia and the world. GI Joe had better shut her out and use the beautiful Rachel and Tatum and the rest of the cast to pomote the movie. Sienna is not marketable at all. Death knell to the movie because of her.

  • Shyen

    Sienna’s a b|tch. I’m not going to go watch GI Joe… She should’ve said, “yes, but I’m here to promote the movie. but thanks for asking.”
    Then move on. If the DJ keep asking then she can say, “If you want to interview me and him then it will have to be another session…”
    And move on. She didn’t have to be a b|tch about it. If she didn’t like it, she shouldn’t have been seeing this dude while he was still married. She’s a salut and a ca-unt!

  • Dingo

    Wow, Sienna’s PR is seriously on this board trying to do damage control lol. She’s been banging a married guy out in front of everyone and the interviewer was classless for not respect her royal highness’ boundaries? Please! Who does this btch think she is?

    Give it up! Sienna is a moraless, evil, talentless, homewrecking ho who’s only attributes, her face and her arse, are going away.

    Buh bye Sienna. Glad to see you go, you scraggy tramp!

  • jj

    She is a movie PR nightmare. It will only get worse for this idiot. Seems BG is in hiding since the “moving in together” planted by Slutty’s people hit the wire. Maybe he is getting his apt in NY ready for her when she hits town for the play. Let’s hope it loses lots of money.

  • SF

    How the tide has changed! From villified she is now quite almost forgiven. Of course emotions such as love can’t be chosen nor controlled but what you do with such emotions is controllable. Whilst the man is and must be given equal blame, what she did can’t be justified by love alone. Tell that to the man’s children, tell that to his wife who didn’t know and had to endure all those half naked pictures cavorting in the sun whilst she nursed her broken heart and her betrayal. For a man to do that to a woman may be expected but for a woman who once faced the same predicament to do it to another is unforgivable. A slut is a slut is a slut. All these nonsense about free spirit… it is as I said pure nonsense. Why justify her actions? Why empathise? I am sure though the interview and what she said was made in jest. I haven’t heard it and have no wish to hear it. However like one of the poster said in here, she did what she did and therefore she should face the consequence. As for the other example cited such as Kate Beckinsdale, well she married that man didn’t she? And they’re still married right?

    Will Sienna Miller marry this man? I doubt that. She gives me an impression as a woman who likes challenges and she often goes for not necessarily challenging men but men with challenging circumstances, not that she realised it if course. Which was why she was baffled by the backlash as she must have thought surely love is love and love is noble? What so wrong about a woman or even a man pursuing love in the face of adversity?

    That is where the concept of honour and integrity comes in. You don’t always end up with the one you love. It is a question of whether you abandon all honour to procure that love. Love can be honourable or it can be dishonourable. It can make or break a person. It can mend or hurt and it can encourage as well as discourage. Of course Sienna Miller was at the wrong spectrum of the rainbow so to speak and so to empathise with her is quite understandably doable but look at her actions more carefully; it was done in total disregard to decency. Not about her half naked photos, not about her very publicised love affair, something she probably hopes for because let’s face it, she is famous for being with a famous person then she is famous for being famous and after a while I suppose none of us can remember why she is famous in the first place. I am talking about her sense or rather her insensitive approach towards declaring to the world her new love. I find her naive in a sense and very childlike in her eagerness to share with the world her joy at being in love since she obviously likes publicity. But in being just that she hurts not only the man’s family, she hurts herself and her career or what’s left of it and she hurts all women and she hurts her fans, fans who believe in her integrity as a human being and fans who stood by her but ultimately may feel she didn’t deserve their support for her complete disregard for human decency. The point I am trying to make is at the end of the day she can reason her actions, you can hate her, villify her, abandon her, agree with her, stand by her, whatever that may be, it doesn’t take away the very core of the matter; love at the end of the day however much you can’t choose who to love, you can always choose how to love. She chose to do it spectacularly publicly and so she should face the gossips, judgment and consequence of her actions by those equal to her which is everyone basically.

    Anyway I never thought she had any talent to begin with. She is an awful actress, she basks too much in eager publicity, and yes I am one of those who dislikes her “free spirited” ways. She just gives women a bad name. Those who disagree may say love is not a choice, love is this, love is that. Point is no one put a gun to her head to disgrace herself and humiliate another man’s unknowing wife so publicly. At the end of the day sense should overrule your heart if not people get hurt and I am glad to know the public chose the right person to villify, other than the man of course.

  • Jason

    @just sayin:

    So lying, betrayal and adultery are okay as long as the 2 “lovers” care about each other? The only determining factor in whether it is wrong is THEIR feelings?


  • eloisa

    Totally agree Sheryl (#32). Sienna ALWAYS talks about he private life and continuos complaining about what Jude did to her……4 YEARS AGO!!!! So, she has to be ready for that kind of comments. Not everybody are going to be paid for Her PR team.
    Obviously, she isn’t clever either. Probably a good answer had been: Yes, I know him but I’m here to talk about the movie or I don’t want to talk about him, next question. You can’t loose your class like that.

  • jazz

    She’s always been classless. How hard is it for her to say “No comment” and “Next question?”

    The way she cursed and bitched in public shows you how bad her upbringing is. Which she can thank her w-r-e of a mother.

  • jazz

    And who is that lovely actress in the picture? If she is in GI Joe they should give her the spotlight. She is easily prettier than Sienna and does not look used up like Sienna does.

  • c

    Well she couldn’t have been too offended by the question because she made sure that she got in that part about “everything being good”. She is having a very public affair with a married man, but “everything’s good”. The man still hasn’t filed for a divorce and other than appearing with her when he is on an alcoholic binge, he has made no commitments to her, but according to her “everything’s good”. She can’t make the married man leave his wife, so she tries to force the wife to file for a divorce by rubbing the affair in her face, but “everything’s good”. She tried to morph herself into his wife(wanting dark hair and talking about how she gardens) to make the man commit to her; but “everything’s good”.

  • yermother

    What a crybaby. Grow up fer chissake you’re 27 years old. If she were my daughter I’d drown her

  • A

    SF #40
    it’s been a great pleasure to read your comment. thank you.
    as for those comments “let’s forgive her coz they’re in love”. you better take a close look at the pictures of them. yeah, on one of those pictures he’s sucking on her breasts, on another he’s feeling her nether regions, and on another one she’s licking his ear in a public restaurant. but does it look like love, like that famous “true love”?? for those who have experienced that “true love” the answer is simple and obvious – their relationship is just f***ing, no more no less. the “true love” is not fun, it’s not like a kindergarten, it’s not really joyful, sometimes it is but most of the time it’s an emotional anvil that pressing on you nonstop.
    then again, if you already knew how do you feel in those moments and already saw their pictures, you wouldn’t be saying that bulls**t about probable ‘true love’ relationships here.
    so, the more interesting question here would be WHY he is in this relationship, and WHY she is in this relationship?
    the true answers are still not obvious neither to spectators nor to the participants of this relationship. and the road to the origins of it will be pretty sad and unpleasant.
    one old but true joke about SM:

    An hour after meeting a bloke – “I think I’m in love.”

    A day later – “He’s my soulmate. This one’s for keeps.”

    A week later – “Setting up a love nest.”

    A month later – “Let’s get married.”

    Six months later – “Hmm I’m bored, who’s your friend?”

    Six months, one hour later – “I’m in love again…”

  • less than impressed

    She seems like a stupid b****!

  • Crystal

    She should expect to get asked questions like that. If she doesn’t like it, find a single man! There’s plenty of them out there.

  • xxx

    If they are in true love, BG should file for divorce.
    He meets her only for sex.
    He is a Douchebag,adulterer and setting a bad example to his children