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Jon Gosselin + Michael Lohan = BFFs

Jon Gosselin + Michael Lohan = BFFs

Tabloid favorite Jon Gosselin smiles for paparazzi as he exits the Red Bar Brassiere with Michael Lohan and his rumored girlfriend, Star magazine reporter Kate Major, in New York’s Southampton late Wednesday night (July 22).

Major, who confessed her love for Jon yesterday, left the restaurant through a side door to avoid being pictured with the reality TV dad. Dining with the trio was Real Housewives star Jill Zarin, who shared, “He didn’t seem smitten. They weren’t all over each other. But they’re definitely dating. It came up in conversation. She had her hands on him. But she’s young. This is a girl who is going to want to have babies. Does he really want to go out with another young girl and have kids?”

Accompanying Jill was her husband Bobby Zarin, as well as Southampton Mayor Mark Epley and his wife, Marianne.

As for Lindsay Lohan‘s dad, he told People, “Jon is a friend, he’s a great guy, he needed a place to get away to, and my doors were open to him and Kate Major. Jon and Kate [Major] are good friends of mine. She’s with him [at Lohan's house]. Kate‘s like a daughter to me. When she needed a place my doors were open.”

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  • samantha


  • Dee

    Two douche bags hanging out together! Wow! That’s pretty funny.

  • emma

    go be with your kids you twat at least Kate is with the kids.

  • Ruth

    What a pathetic piece of *****

  • ANON

    These two are so desperate for attention, if they weren’t so pathetic it’d be laughable.

  • Jonizadbag

    seriously, these people probably all got together just to be photographed together. FAME WHORES! Jon is a douche for saying that he didn’t want to be part of Jon and Kate Plus 8 because of all the attention, but now that he is off on his own, he is being a huge whore for the spotlight. I used to think that Kate drove him off, and that he was better off without her, but now…I can totally see why she was a nag to him, she had 8 kids already, and he is obvs a big immature a-hole himself, she needed a MAN, not another kid to deal with. ugh. make it stop!

  • niki

    he should do something for HIS REAL KIDS.
    he is a bad father, and i really sorry lindsay and ali

  • happynowweee

    I hope the Kate haters will wake up and see what a complete loser Jon is. He is hanging out with the lowest low lives in Hollywood. He said he hated their show because he wanted privacy and look at him now getting his photo taken everyday. He was bitter when he actually had to take care of his kids. Now he’s spending the kids money to finance his new life style that will not include them.

  • ANON

    @happynowweee: You couldn’t have said that better.

  • *******


  • poor me kate

    Kate’s gotta be squeezing that coffee cup with both hands a little tighter. Suffer Bayatch.
    You unleashed a dating monster Kate, which shows just how much you bottled this guy up.

  • ivermom

    He needs to stay home and act like a father of 8 children. What is his problem???? What a Looser!

  • rrr

    poor eight kids! no one would want such an irresponsible dad like that.

  • Jan


  • clh0214

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that Kate kicked John out of the house, after making him sleep above the garage. She took his kids away from him. You don’t think that she controls when he will see them, if not it would be the first thing she didn’t control. She is playing the role of the martyr to the hilt. After years of being verbally abused, John sought out the friendship of Deanna Hummel. There is no proof that they had an affair, just her brother who is not the most reliable source. Deanna denies it and so does John. The whole thing got totally out of control with the press and Kate didn’t choose to believe John, she booted him instead. Now his is being persecuted for letting loose and having some fun. During their 10 year marriage, how often did he get a break. Kate was in the spa every chance she got. It wasn’t until Utah that John got a few hours to himself and even then took care of the kids outside of the house while Kate faked being sick and sat in the spa again. My sympathy is with John and the kids. John got away, those poor children have to live with the daily wrath of their unstable mother. Have we forgotten the gum incident, the “ruined Leah at Disney because she had ice cream on her shirt, her labeling the boys as “disgusting”, her meltdowns over finger painting, on and on and on. What didn’t we see????

  • Jan

    What a great case the paps and Jon are building for Kate’s divorce attorney. I hope she gets the house and the children. He clearly only wants MONEY and FAME. Jon has ruined the “G rated” books sales and clothes line KATE worked so hard creating. Her cookbook has been delayed in it’s release and Health Tex has put a hold her her designer line for children’s clothes. Kate is clearly being punished for working hard and for Jon’s mistakes. Jon cleaned a few butts over the years while KATE organized and created a financial empire to support the entire family. Jon does not deserve the income he is receiving from TLC. And for that doctor’s daughter to put Kate down in an interview like at 22 she knows what a real relationship should be. Her mug shot and arrests tell how dumb she is about living life.

  • Jan

    @clh0214: IF Jon was a man, he would have stood up to Kate but he was the 9TH CHILD. There were no more clothes with them at Disney and it was 105 degrees. That is not abuse. Jon had NANNIES at the house the entire time Kate was on the road working her ass off. Jon was out MANY nights and days playing with friends in their 20′s. He just got caught after MANY outings at 2am with Deanna. A hotel employee in PA ALSO said he called her “babe” and he saw them kissing in the hallway and in the car. Deanna and Jon HAD a relationship.

  • Cathey


  • Virginia

    Hanging out with the Lohan monster dad? Not a good move, Jon, and I’ve always jumped to your defense because nobody should be treated the way Khate treated you. I wonder what would’ve happened if you’d stood up to her years and years ago…why didn’t you? My opinion, she chose you because of your Asian genes and because she spotted you as a weak guy she could manipulate from the get-go.

    And Jon, remember what Khate’s old boyfriend said, after he broke it off with her she continued to show up everywhere he went. She refused to accept that he’d had it with her.

    She is evil. Don’t play into her game. You are, through your associations, handing her the keys to the G kids’ fortune. Neither of you could make a dollar before the kids were born. How can either of you justify spending their money the way you are?

  • truth be told

    I am amazed at the idiots that are bashing Kate. Who cares if she was controlling….anyone and I mean ANYONE can see that Jon needed that. This twit whined about he hated the spotlight. Yet look at him!! I haven’t seen him out of the spotlight yet!

  • omg

    LOL . . .you just made my morning.
    What a beautiful relationship. Hopefully he is not picking up tips on how to handle not ruining your children and turning them into paranoid basketcases.
    These two are tied for father of the year awards . . .they are true a**holes.

  • abbie

    Wow, just wow. Jon needs to grow up.

  • trenchmouth


  • Frances

    What happened to the other girlfriends? I can’t keep up!

  • louisa

    This is a bizarre situation. What happened to Hailey?

  • conchita

    @clh0214: and you know all this crap how you dont your just looking for reasons to blame kate. kate is definately the harder working of the parents and therefore she needs more resting time she is hated among the fans because shes the stricter parent of the 2 but kate should not be punished for picking up jons slack and getting stressed out about it

  • conchita

    @clh0214: and you know all this crap how you dont your just looking for reasons to blame kate. kate is definately the harder working of the parents and therefore she needs more resting time she is hated among the fans because shes the stricter parent of the 2 but kate should not be punished for picking up jons slack and getting stressed out about it

  • Lisa

    What a coincidence don’t you think? The worst dad’s in the world hanging out together? Well Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan, next time you both have “dinner” together, talk about good parenting … and maybe your kids will turn out normal

  • Jon is FULL OF BS

    Does this look like a guy who misses his kids? Does this look like a guy trying to see them? Does this look like a guy who cares about his family & what they think of him? HELL NO

  • Pathetic loser

    Jon is the biggest fraud out there. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth or what his “so-called” loves say about him. This guy has had everyone fooled with the “poor Jon” routine for a long time and finally his true colors are coming out. And they ain’t good!!!

  • susie


    WOW, some people are way too invested in this pathetic family.

    Let’s not forget that the kids are old enough to read this crap online now – maybe we should all stop adding to their miserable lives and stop talking about them online?

  • Katey

    Of course Michael would hang out with Jon. He knows it means publicity for him. They are both unemployed, deadbeat dads so they can go hang out at the bars & cruise chicks together.

  • Vivien

    Wow, either Jon Gosselin really wants attention by hanging out with the other “Father of the Year” or he’s really dumb. Does he really have no idea how idiotic he’s been looking lately. He needs to stop lying to himself and everyone else by saying that he misses his kids. Instead of talking about them, why doesn’t he actually spend time with them? Loser!

  • Team Kate

    Kate is the true parent here. At least she stepped up to the plate and IS taking care of her kids now. Where is Jon? 2 Hours away hanging out with trash & bar hoppping. At least the kids DO have a parent at home.

  • Jon DOESN’T WANT His Kids

    My theory is Jon truly doesn’t want his kids. He wants to wash his hands of his wife, kids, house and go his own way, which is bar and whore hopping into the single life.

    He’s only SAYING “he misses his kids” for show only so people will still stay on his side blaming Kate, I’m sure for keeping him away. He doesn’t give a damm. REALLY It will be his loss and I’m sure his kids will be talking about him someday on some talk show and it won’t be kindly.

  • Virginia

    Maybe Lohan and Jon should’ve picked up Joe Jackson and made it a kid exploitation extravaganza!

  • Zoe

    @Virginia: LOL ….perfect companions!

  • Crystal

    Star magazine and Lohan – you stay classy Jon!

  • Zoe

    @Jon DOESN’T WANT His Kids: Me too. I think what he says is all “for show.”

  • Zoe

    Michael usually starts talking to the press about Lindsey when he wants publicity now he had Jon who is also a famewhore.

  • mertz

    i cannot tell you how flumoxed i am about this guy. HOW THE HELL DOES ONE HANG OUT WITH DOUCHEBAG CAMEL BALLS LOHAN….and WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE HANGING OUT OR ASSOCIATED WITH ONE OF THE WORST FATHER’S/PEOPLE IN THE WORLD…like i don’t get it. just like i didn’t get any of the gf’s…so this is the third one? and she works fo ok! mag or some stupid mag right. like this is no joke or something cause i just think this is not possible/in the realm of reality…but then again he is the inheritor to the douche kingdom which was previously owned by christian audigier so gosh. i mean this isn’t true…it’s not real…i don’t care if there are pictures. who the fcuk is this man. he can’t be for real. by the way if you don’t watch real housewives, get into it. I HEART LOUD MOUTH B*TCHY JILL WHO TAKES EVERYTHING SO PERSONALLY. lol.

  • Courtney
  • mertz

    oh and before i forget WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DATE THESE DUDES. gosh. twilight zone here i come cause this sh*t is too much. i cannot believe these douches. i mean i was just getting around to liking bong hitting hailey…whatever happened to her. i thought she’s in love???? and where’s deanna???? hollywood couldn’t write sh*t like this.

  • Doris

    @Jon DOESN’T WANT His Kids: Those kids are Jon’s gravy train, that’s why any time anyone will listen he says he misses his kids, the TLC team have created monsters.

  • scislandgirl

    What do Jon & Lohans father have in common?! DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS.

  • bp


    I’ve never seen anyone more selfish than this guy. Cleary you can see just what Kate’s been dealing with and I don’t blame her for kicking him to the curb. Who would want all this regular Jon “drama” in their lives?

  • vivian

    TLC= Trash TV

  • tyler

    @mertz: Jody needs to come and get these poor kids..

  • tyler

    @Virginia: LOl and Alex Baldwin and Hasselhoff

  • Barbara