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Jude Law: Hands On Kind Of Guy

Jude Law: Hands On Kind Of Guy

Jude Law signs some autographs as he leaves the Wyndham Theatre after performing in Hamlet in London, England.

The 36-year-old British actor reportedly lashed out against a female paparazzo outside the Automat restaurant in Mayfair, according to The London Paper. The 28-year-old photographer, Harsha Gopal, claimed that the attack was unprovoked. She said, “He hit me full on the face, it was a real stinger, it was very sore.”

“I was the first one to take his picture when he turned up. After I’d taken a few I was starting to move away when I felt his hand come across my face, and then there was a push,” Harsha said.”It was really loud – there was a massive thud and my face is still stinging today.”

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  • Bunnie

    I don’t blame him.
    These super stars are treated like crap by the paps.

  • sheryl

    Jude denies purposefully hitting the pap. He says he was raising his hand to shield his eyes from the flash bulbs (his expression indicates he’s being blinded with flash) , and evidently didn’t see her because of it. In a series of photos I saw of the incident, it looks like he did turn back and apologize, like someone who accidentally bumped into someone would do. A big deal will be made of it, though. It’s unfortunate.

  • rien

    I tend to believe it was an accident, based on the pics. And like when it happened to “common people” if apology had already spoken, straight away, IMO, there’s nothing to talk about it. Accident happened. Don’t make a drama out of it.

  • vinny_blue

    I have seen the photos. it was just accident.
    He just raised his hand.
    the paps were being overdramatic as usual.

  • marissa

    still hitting people in the face dont give you merit. I dnt care if he is a star or not. They need to know that come with the territory.

  • fresh

    she probably deserved it.

  • dolorescraeg

    these paps are the lowest of the low. jude is so patient with the hundreds of people who wait outside the stage door each night. he signs autographs. he poses for pictures. then when he wants to eat and go to a resturant they are all over him and in his face. there should be restraining orders to keep these scum at least ten, twenty feet away from the actors. she blinded him with the flashbulb. he raised his hand to protect himself and inadvertently bumped into her. she asked for it. jude is a sweet gentleman. this is not his style. it’s just a shame that he has to contend with this all the time. what about a little privacy. we couldn’t live this way. we’d snap.

  • memeMOI

    uh marissa – actually that comes with the territory of being a paparrazi. I was once walking down the road in London when Robbie Williams was coming the other way and you would not believe the kind of things the paparrazzi say to famous people just to get a reaction. But thats never mentioned – somehow its always the paparrazi that get the sympathy. Yes ok, celebrities are in the public eye and they have it very easy in general and should learn to accept all the few disadvantages that come with it, but sometimes it is actually outrageous what they have to go through and they are still humans and they can have bad days too – its just they’re never forgiven for it. I totally believe this was just an accident – what would you do if you came outside of a building and met with blinding camera flashes? Raise your hand to your face of course – and if the woman was so close to him that she got hit by his hand going up to shield his face – if she was that unbelievably close to him with a camera in his face, then sorry but she kind of deserved it.

  • Pole


    I don’t see any photos of him hitting her in the face? I think he’s story is believable. He hit her, then because he was blinded by her flash and because she was right in his face. Then he apologized. I think this was an accident but it could have been avoided had the paps not been right in his face. That comes with the territory too – and they know it.

  • jazz

    Agree. I looked at all the pictures and there was no picture of him hitting her in the face like she alleges. Her back was to him and it looked like he raised his arm and accidentally hit her on the head.

    And please, paps are scum. And they have always targeted Jude screaming obscenities at him just to get a reaction. I read one time an interview with a pap and he told how the paps hate Jude and would bait him while he is on the red carpet or just going around on his business and they laughed about it. Scums!

  • christina

    if he did hit her, wouldn’t the OTHER paps around them have snapped tons of photos and plastered it all over the internet? this doesn’t even need speculation and analysis. same goes for other similar pap-celeb clashes.

  • kim

    OH come on,

    Jude Law deal with hundreds of people every night and he has not hit not one of them. Now according to the paps he just come out and start to give them a beat down.

    Give me a break.
    Love you Jude ,stay strong

  • marissa

    here is the pic of jude law “accidentally” hitting her

    that dont look accidental to me but whatever.

  • kim

    Team Jude

  • Meira

    God, people should leave him alone. He’s back with a great performance and the first thing the media come up with is this crap.

    The woman needs to shut up or change her job. You can’t sack the money for following people and taking their pictures and then whine when the tumult gets a bit rough. She probably just saw her opportunity to cash in. People are so DULL.

  • sheryl

    Marissa, come on, he didn’t hit her. It completely looks like he raised his hand trying to shield his eyes from the blinding flashbulbs and didn’t see her, and when he realized he had done it, he looked back, which was probably when he apologized, just like if you bump into someone accidentally. This does not look at all like a confrontation.
    It’s easy and fun to assume the worst about celebrities, though, instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  • marissa


    yep it sure is :)

  • Irish Girl

    @marissa: Your picture only shows that it was a mistake. For an evening shot, the area around Jude is lite up like high noon. The guy was blinded, and it looks like an accident.
    Team Jude.

  • yeah but, no but, yeah but…

    totally team Jude. B*tch, get the f*cking flash out of his face.
    Should have hit her hard.
    Celebrities should all team up and hire some paparazzi who then hunt down the worst and rudest paparazzi and take pictures of them in all kinds of emarrassing situations, like scratching a*ses or molesting the neighbor and then start their own magazine with these pictures.
    I’d buy them just to see these fu** faces getting blasted!

  • sharyllee

    Team Jude

  • mimi prism

    Jude hooooney, you have to protect yourself from less than honorable individuals such as some papz, so try to wear some shades in the future. It may help with all that flashing crazyness, or so say some famous and infamous celebs. No matter what, it was admirable from you to apologize to the female papz, she was a woman so, that speaks volumes about your character and good will! Take care Jude! Thanks JJ!

  • jami

    well I wasn’t there so I don’t know EXACTLY what happened. I DO know that Jude, like other celebs, is always being harrassed by these papz. It can’t be easy or fun to deal with that sort of stuff in your face all the time when you are just trying to mind your own business. The man is gracious enough to do autographs and photographs after mostly all of his performances and he is VERY GOOD to his fans. That is a fact. So, I tend to doubt that he purposely hit her, but in the same vein I am sure he was NOT happy to begin with and he is only human.

  • jazz

    On the above picture alone it shows that he seemed so startled by the flashes that greeted him when he went out the door. Can you imagine how the flashes from the paps’ cameras would feel when he got out that door of the restaurant.

    People are saying like if you decided you are an actor, you should be used to having your privacy invaded. I think that is wrong. They are entitled to their privacy when they are not on the red carpet of promoting a picture.

    In this instant he is just going to a dinner in a restaurant having been invited by Chris Nolan. Should he have declined because it was in a restaurant frequented by paps? It could also be a business dinner for all you know. He has already given his time tending to his fans and the paps when he got out of the theater early on.

    Anyway, I really don’t think it was done on purpose. He even looked shocked when he turned and realized he hit somebody. I still think paps are scum and nothing worst than London paps.

    The last altercation Jude had with a pap outside his home turned out to be a setup so the charges were dismissed.

  • Sara

    NO doubt that it was an incident. You can see CLEARLY that Jude was just trying to deviate from the flashs (wich were blinding him) when this came out. Seriously, Jared and Co., get your facts STRAIGHT. There was no intention, just an accident, that ended with all this drama coming up.

  • elle

    Such photos can easily be misleading
    look at his eyes he was blinded by was an accident!!!
    Thanks jared!!!

  • amyisablockhead

    i used to be a fan but omg .. what a monster

  • pete

    Love this guy, a real clothes horse, way too trendy for his age and for a straight guy, (supposedly) but that;s the way it should be, love Jude.

  • ADDY


    Well actually -
    Law, who is appearing in Hamlet, had a previous run-in with paparazzi. He was arrested on suspicion of attacking a photographer outside his Maida Vale house in 2007. But he denied the claims and the case was dropped. (Taken from

    Sweetie, Jude is a very angry man with a misplaced sense of entitlement.

  • Pole


    Did you miss the part where it said HE WAS CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES? The paps was trying to take photos of his children and he tried to prevent it. Why is it ok for paps to invade peoples privacy and harras them – and then people aren’t allowed to react to that? How is that a misplaced sense of entitlement? There are tons and tons of papshots of Jude and he NEVER acts out towards the paps.

  • eloisa

    He had been very patience with photographers every nigth outside the theater, they are out of control. The ligths of the flashes are annoying and you can’t see anything. I think They are using her genre (female) to make him look bad, and that is disgusting. All my life I have been fighting with the fact that female aren’t diferentt to male at work, and people like her make us take a step back.

  • sheryl

    If paps have long lenses, then my question is why do they get right in their face with their flashbulbs? I mean, it’s only a matter of time before a mishap occurs, with celebs being blinded by the flash, them scittering around like cockroaches, with the celeb just trying to get from point A to point B. Why not use the long lense? It’s like when Britney Spears got blamed for running over a paps foot…HELLO, she was trying to pull out and they were gathered around her car. Where is the protection for the celebs? Why do paps always get to cry foul, when their behavior is excused because they are not famous and are “working class,” trying to do their “job”? And exactly who is responsible for monitoring their behavior on the job? I’m serious, there needs to be some laws passed to prevent this type of crap from happening. Of course if there’s a mishap, the celeb is getting the short end of the stick because a lot of people (not everyone, but a lot) are ready to jump on it and make it into a world shattering event. Actually, I’m pretty sick of it to the point of giving up on the pictures, Just Jared, etc. I’m just tired of this type of thing being part of what the celebrities who don’t want it have to deal with, and if I’m a consumer, I’m part of the problem.

    But as far as his expression, I’ve seen video on youtube of Jude coming out of Guy Ritchie’s club and the flashbulbs going off like crazy, and I wondered how the heck the person can even see where they’re going, much less have a halfway decent expression on their face, because when bright light gets in your eyes, you don’t exactly have a pleasant look. I just think it all creates a potentially harmful situation.

  • mandy_brasil


  • mery

    Monster? The paps are monsters.

  • azlyn

    i beleive that he did not hit her on purpose….these paps are too much..they stick their giant cameras into people’s kids have a habit of showing me stuff by sticking them about 2 inches away from my face n my unconscious reaction is to shove it away from my face..its rude n annoying.the paps are rude n annoying n they are not kids….!.

  • jazz

    There are pics on the web showing Jude walking striaght ahead with his eyes all squinted because of the flashes. Then that woman pap darted in front of him excatly the time he raised his arm. It was clearly an accident. There were also pics of him looking back probably realizing he hit something.

    Now this pap is making such a big deal out of the thing. I really, really hate these stupid paps.

  • Sara

    I love you Jude ♥

  • dolorescraeg

    i often think of the paps chasing princess diana…that ended in her death……none of us have any idea of what celebrities are subjected to by these worms. jude is a gentleman. everyone he has ever worked with or met has the highest regard for him. these people are doing a weasel’s job. they are provoking, insulting and tormenting celebrities for money. is that the way it should be. jude comes out of a resturant. instead of a hi jude or how you doing and get your photos they try to get an image that they will be pay them more money . it’s a set up.
    what poor excuses for human beings. i happen, to be, as you know, a huge jude law fan. the man gives of himself every night in hamlet and then spends alot of time with his fans outside the theatre. isn’t he entitled to have dinner like we do without these raucus insult and blinding cameras.
    one day something so horrendous is going to happen a law will be passed to restrain these’s unfortunate that it will take another major tragedy to accomplsh this. i hope jude’s lawyer nails this girl.

  • shamrock


    Well stated DOLORESCRAEG! Princess Diana was a tragic example of the PAPZ at their worst ever. She was such an angelic soul!! This world of the media, must STOP!!! Famous people are human, and shall be granted privacy to a certain extent of rights and by law. We need to have a restriction, prohibition of celebs, or some type of ban on the papz..

    Bless sweet Jude and wishing him much more happiness and success during this Hamlet production, films, and his contributions to awareness of PEACE globally.

  • eloisa

    @dolorescraeg: You are absolutly right.

  • sharyllee

    He did not slap her face, the picture showed he slapped her head by accident. She is a monster!! wanted money from him.. He is very brave and strong to face in front of the paps.. Team Jude..

  • http://JUSTJARED johnf.capuzello


  • sharyllee

    Where is more new pictures of Jude law from Hamlet with fans?? pixs of him almost every day on Jared.. Love Jude!!

  • mimi prism

    Agree with ya Ms. Sharyllee! We were getting new pics several times a week, what happened JJ? I bet you are busy sir, but we want more JUDE! Pretty pleaaase! ; )


  • suppress your appetite

    Jude LOL :D!