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Katie Holmes: Judy Garland Tribute on SYTYCD

Katie Holmes: Judy Garland Tribute on SYTYCD

Katie Holmes performs an homage to the legendary Judy Garland in which she dances to and sings Garland‘s classic “Get Happy” on the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday (July 23).

The 30-year-old actress is one of the founding members of the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which provide scholarships and assistance to talented underserved youth to help them realize their dreams of becoming professional dancers and will also help elevate dance instruction nationwide.

“I think it’s important for children to experience music and dance,” said Katie. “Every child should have the opportunity to discover what it is they like and have access to the very best in that pursuit.”

Katie Holmes: Judy Garland Tribute on SYTYCD

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Photos: Michael Becker/FOX
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  • Amy

    She did a wonderful job. But then again, she’s wonderful. So beautiful and lovely! :)

  • gabby

    She rocks:)

  • Katie

    “I think it’s important for children to experience music and dance,”unfortunately I dance to Scientology’s tune

  • first

    Katie did a bang up job.My only complaint is that she ‘s in Australia and the 100th ep.should have been 2 hours.

  • ruby

    well done Katie and thank you jj

  • Alexandria

    I was really dissapointed in her performance. I thought she was going to do great, but she just lypsynched and walked around the stage the whole time. Sad.

  • bobe

    she looks very pretty.

  • Logan

    I know nothing about dancing nor I care but she looks hot and sexy.

  • i want my 3 minutes back!!!

    she was ridiculously lame doing the lipsynch and dance steps she couldn’t execute properly and she is starting to look like v beckham

  • sytycdfan

    It wasn’t a live performance, which was very disappointing. She also lip-synced in the video. As a broadway performer, I thought maybe some live music would’ve suited the show better. I think she is capable of more.

  • Luke

    Yes I thought she is currently in Australia filming? Is this pre-taped?

    Nice job Katie.

  • Katie is a dancing fool

    Very disappointing dance performance. She barely did any dancing. And what she did was the more controlled movements of a ballet dancers. The guys around her were the ones that danced. This was hardly the Oscar worthy performance the director touted. And seeing how it was cut and pasted together–well that probably tells us she can’t dance and this was like Paris Hilton’s album–took forever to put together due to lack of talent.

  • medic

    She should have danced with Hugh instead of the High School Musical cast and Beyonce at the Oscars. Nothing beats Judy Garland but this was still classy,sexy and entertaining in a modern way.

  • OMG

    She did good . It is a lot similar with her the last years performance but all that hype is for this?

  • lol

    Wtf? You call that a performance? So stiff, no emotions and obvious lipsynching.

    Trying to be Kidman much?

  • aloha

    Thanks Jared

  • Crazy ppl

    All that hype is for this? I mean she did good but..

  • cupcakes

    It was short but she was magnificent. She looks so stunning and she had a blast.

  • ssa

    Katie should do a musical…..

  • andamentothat

    ok she looks good in these pics but the performance isnt good by any means.. robotic to be precise.

  • Paranel

    Wow, she was fab. i always liked her. In person Katie is very thin, friendly, polite and down to earth. I loved it.

  • :)

    Happy 100th to the show. Katie was uber-good. I wanted more though but they did tricked many into watching but that’s Fox network at its best.

  • ThanKs Jared
  • Uncle leo

    No wonder tommy c goes berserk for this woman.

  • dancing?

    That’s the problem, she THINKS she can dance.

  • frances

    Truly enjoyed her and the performers.

  • anon


  • dean

    Thank you Jared. She was amazing and I could not wait to see it again. I wanted it long but nonetheless she sounded great,danced great and looked fantastic. So in good shape and one sexy mama.

  • !

    She nailed it.

  • angie

    I thought she did a really good job! I had never heard her sing before and she has a very pretty voice.

  • sillyputty

    nasty! she actually thinks she can dance? lol

    It was just choppy movements that looked so unnatural and her facial expressions were just as bad.

    Acting or dancing- she is NOT a natural.

    Give it up Katie. You just make yourself look more like a fool each time.

    Tommy boy- give up……..your money or your connections is not gonna make Katie Holmey a star of any kind. Ick!

  • so you think you can dance???

    this is utter crapola!!!! is this just her way of getting a free demo reel for the judy garland movie that anne hathaway is already attached to!?!?! she can’t sing and was just literally kick ball changing and then getting carried around the stage. A total embarassment

  • underwhelmed

    It was not a live performance why she lipsynched? the whole thing is not bad but too short definitely not “oscar worthy” as they put it. Scientlogists hype everything too much that when you see it goes blah..

  • voe

    ROTFLMAO! That was dancing? Not by a long shot in my book.

  • fresh

    That wasn’t very good.

  • erica

    very disappointed. i have been waiting for this performance only to see that she was lip-synching (spell check lol) and just kind of parading around the stage nothing really over the top. but i still love katie.

  • observer

    Nothing is special about this performance. I simply can not make myself like this woman. She is quite alright, but i guess she was not born to be an actress, Tom Cruise’s housewife role suits her better. And she is also starting to have similarities with Victoria Beckham, even her talking style is resembling.

  • no more taxes

    Get happy,trolls :)))

  • plez

    Dance?? It more like she walked from one spot to another then got pick up by other dancers. No big deal

  • pop

    oh god, that was terrible.

  • youcallthatdancing?

    LOL !

    You call that dancing? What a waste of money and time for this whole thing. She just walked around the stage making jerky movements……silly phony faces……got picked up by guys…..moved her hat- even that looked phony. And someone calls this hilarious woman…a talent? LOL..///What were these directors thinking? There were plenty of other normal celebrities that could have danced and sang for real!

    What are they trying to prove for Katie Holmes? It all must be connected to her hubby and his so called connections in his business as well as his cult.

    sick and hilarious at the same time.


    Absolutely correct!
    WHAT DANCING?? I thought I would see some tap dancing or SOMETHING???
    NO DANCING at all! Walking around the stage with the male backup dancers lifting her up and carrying her around is NOT DANCING!
    A HUGE disappointment.
    Lots of FILLER and the male dancers busting their a*s- but she phoned it in!

  • ????

    Eat your hearts out, what can you say, she was great, there is something about her that reminds you of of a real Hollywood star . Sexy + HER LEGS ARE SPECTACTULAR AND SHE ENJOYED HERSELF.

  • pr person

    THAT was dancing?! Uggghh! The singing? Blech!!!

  • avery09

    The Oscars entertained over the years but these days its crap minus the solo entrance of Jackman. Sad that a simple tv program outentertains the Oscars.


  • sheryll

    did i miss it? where was the dancing? I could have done that.

  • Crazy oldie

    who care about the crappy moves, this is the first time in a long time where Katie gave me wood….she has been a robot drone for a long time it was good to see some potential sex appeal still in this hottie mom…

  • Jane

    Am I the only one who was reminded of Britney Spears?? If you’re going on a dance show – #1 – the performance should be live and not taped, #2 – WHY why why lip sync? Bleh! Was so disappointed. However, she did look absolutely gorgeous! What legs!

  • robotlovesmonkey

    well she did a great jub…. BUT.. i was waiting for the dancing….. not even a kick ball change?? Don’t get me wrong a few good stylised walks got Miss Garland through many of her later appearances, but Judy!Judy!Judy! where was the pizazz and energy…and … dancing!

  • A disgrace to Judy Garland!

    Her limp perfomance was a joke and a DISGRACE TO JUDY GARLAND!
    No need for anyone to eat their hearts’ out over that failure!

    How many millions of other REAL actresses and dancers can at least dance up a storm if called to…

    This show was hyped to the hilt~! Unfortunately with nothing to show for it in the end except for Katies’ silky blown-out hair!

    A Big deal…NOT!