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Rachel Bilson Digs Little Dom’s

Rachel Bilson Digs Little Dom’s

Rachel Bilson and a female friend dine at Italian restaurant Little Dom’s on Thursday afternoon (July 23) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress must really love the food there, she just ate there on Friday!

This time, Rachel was also accompanied by her mom, sex therapist Janice. Earlier in the morning, the mother-daughter pair visited a house in the neighborhood.

Another item Rachel recently recommended are the canvas and leather boots in mustard by Chloe by Hannah MacGibbon. “They feel vintage, and the shade works with everything,” she said. For more info, call 212-645-0950.

Anyone have handbag envy? Chanel!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson downing Little Dom’s…

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rachel bilson little doms 01
rachel bilson little doms 02
rachel bilson little doms 03
rachel bilson little doms 04
rachel bilson little doms 05
rachel bilson little doms 06
rachel bilson little doms 07
rachel bilson little doms 08
rachel bilson little doms 09
rachel bilson little doms 10
rachel bilson little doms 11
rachel bilson little doms 12

Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • NIck

    She’s very cute.. always nicely dressed too

  • bella

    Please Jared NO MORE POSTS OF HER!!!
    If you are going to post her, you might as well post a random person on the street, as they would more than likely have more appeal.

  • mika

    her handbag is really cute.

  • ahole jj

    everyday jj?!

    wtf? all u can say is

    sex therapist mom, former oc actress, shopping, eating, designer this,

    this girl contributes nothing to society, nothing to entertainment, nothing toward acheivement……….

    shes a pathetic spoiled little rich girl flaunting her over priced designer crap. falunting her ring from a guy who is too dumb or blind to see she is a worthless POS.

    at least other celebs contribute time, money, their fame to help others.

    she only contributes towards her closet.

    nuf said about this whiney little twit douchebag

  • Naima

    I love her!! She looks stylish as always.What a great girl!

  • Bri

    I like her oufit =)

  • ahole jj

    oh please.

    why is she great? what has she done?

  • karenina

    i love her fashioon.. sex terapist? wow awkward for her when her mom gave her sex lessons when she was younger

  • Nantia

    She looks great.Love the outfit! I buy In Style mag just for her..

  • rob redstone

    I’m always trying to get her on my show but she always tells me she ‘on set here’, ‘out of the country there’, ‘already doing Jay Leno that night’.. Ugh..

    TheRobRedstoneShow. com

  • Jey

    She can pull of every outfit.I dont think she is a spoiled little girl, ahole jj . You dont know her, so you can not judge her just from photos..Just saying..

  • ahole jj

    she’s a lying beitch

  • ahole jj

    style? she copies a lot of looks from olsen twins, jenn anisten, hillary duff….etc.

    i think she would wear a potatoe sac and combat boots and thinks she has good style sense.

  • pepto

    Why would you want her on your show? Have you heard her voice? Like nails on a chalk board. Plus she has the IQ of a stapler and can’t talk about anything but shopping. Wow, that’s one interview I’ll not be tuning in for.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, she’s looking majorly cute
    especially in that cute little dress she has on and her chanel purse makes her look even better =]
    and lately ive been enjoying her legs
    im usually a long and skinny type of legs guy like gisele,she has the best legs btw
    but im digging rachel lately

  • Marieme


    These carbon copy posts on Rachel are boring as all hell! It’s the same effin thing all the time: She’s walking to or from somewhere and you’re commenting on her clothes. If this is all you’re offering then please spare us. And her!

  • ahole jj

    she grew up in the valley, her dad is in film producing, her mom therapist, she comes from a line of people in film and wealth she is clueless to the real world.

    her ditzy superficial materialistic attitude and not giving a crap about anything but fashion, buy buy buy.

  • nosy

    I agree she’s no more interesting than anyone of us. How can she afford such an expensive wardrobe? She either comes from a rich family or Hayden must be paying her real well to be his beard.

  • ahole jj

    oh nd her infamous quote “i always get what i want” if that isnt spoiled brat….

    now since her close friends have rings, she too must have one. she is a follower.

    didnt you hear? engagement rings r all the rage along with babies. great accessories

  • nosy

    Where’s her faux fiance? Their contract is suppose to be good for another year. It’s not like either one of them is working.

  • Lady Bug

    i have nothing against Rachel, but a post of her every single day is a bit much I think…

  • ahole jj

    i know. mischa is more interesting

  • nosy

    Like she really eats. She’s just wants to have her picture taken.Why doesn’t she take some acting lessons instead with all her freetime?

  • Rachel

    She is cute, and she looks really young and fresh!I

  • ahole jj

    i wondered the same. its becuz she is in it for money. sad. i know people who major in acting, work their butts off and since they wernt born into it, wont get the opps she gets. she just snubs off the career, not realizing how fortunate she is.

    pathetic. I cant respect someone like her.

  • liz

    I think she needs to be photographed every day for someone to remember that she exists. What are the pictures of tomorrow? She in the restaurant, market or shopping? Jared, you know the answer. ;D

  • pepto

    @20, Another YEAR? Why?! OMG, I can’t take this for another year.

  • ahole jj

    yeah, rmeember we still gotta get through jumper 2…..yikes, what a fiasco. bet there will be a lame wedding

  • ahole jj

    i love this woman!

    everytime i see her, she is doing something spectacular =)

  • Jen

    this woman is soo boring

  • Gasol_fan16

    This is too much JJ! I mean the threads on Rachel everyday of this irrelevant dingbat is getting ridiculous. Go ahead then. We know your paid well to sponser her. Don’t worry. We will keep ripping her apart! I feel it is my public duty! :D

  • Chax

    I used to say that at least she was single handedly trying to keep the So. Cal economy afloat, but I can’t even say that much now, I don’t think she’s bought anything all week. But she was given a bunch of freebies. And does she donate any of this useless crap for auction for charity? Heck no, not unless there’s a film crew there. Disgusting.

  • jjay

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  • luana


  • ahole jj

    r u smoking crack?! rb is not amazing nor noteworthy.

  • Gasol_fan16

    What’s with wearing all the black lately on the hottest days in California? I say she is in mourning of her dying career! LOL!

  • Funkey

    This is her PR agents doing the reason I say this is take notice that each and every photo is always followed by a comment from what looks to be an Instyle Q&A she is giving her advice on what to wear. In most cases it’s more like what not to wear. Where she bought the outfit or who she is wearing I’m surprised it isn’t followed by the cost of the item and trust me she doesn’t buy off the rack. What she has on is more then likely someones car payment for a month. Who other then a Beverly Hills Co-Ed or some rich High School kid with rich parents can afford what she is telling us to buy. Instyle really needs to rethink this woman’s artical.

  • Anne

    I LOVE her dress – she is one of favorite actresses, definitely someone to look up to style wise. Incredibly gorgeous and unique, I think.

  • Funkey


    The career is dead, been dead, will always be dead seems she got her fan groupies to try to post postive comments so not everything that is true looks negative. Take notice she posts a phone # to make a connection to all the waredrobes that she has been wearing. all she is nothing but a billboard for whatever clothing designer she wants to promote maybe this is her new thing. She can’t copy them b/c I’m pretty sure most designers don’t want to take a risk in it getting copies under some stupid names she can come up with this time. Only they are a major fool to give her shit knowing she will use them in the future when she can’t get work and is desperate again to design.

  • cc27

    i miss seeing her on the o.c. with adam brody :(
    she was amazing in the show <3

  • cc27

    i miss seeing her on the o.c. with adam brody :(
    she was amazing in the show <3

  • liz

    I miss seeing Hayden and Natalie together :(
    they was amazing couple <3

  • Lady Bug

    well, one time I saw her at the Arclight Cinema here in Los angeles and she complemented me on my bag… so that’s why I like her and she seemed really nice to me. So I have nothing against her, but I admit that Jared must have a secret crush on her with all these Rachel posts everday LOL ;)

  • tpl

    There are no fans of Rachel’s posting here, it’s just Rachel and Hayden making all of the posts.

    Listen, MEgan Fox is in two movies and is in the Maxium top ten and most Googled and she only get 13 posts as compared to 40 ?

    That is because Megan is not posting here, and if Rachel and Hayden would not post here you would all see that Rachel would get no posts at all.

    Hayden is all of the posts on this page so far. For some odd reason he’s obsessed with dating a famous woman and if she is not famous then he makes her famous by posting on her JJ page. He posts that Rachel is ugly, then he posts that she’s “lovely”.

    He creates fake controversy in the hopes of getting her some more work and gratifying his ego. It’s sad really.

  • Funkey


    You know this how??

  • OMG

    So sucks.

  • Kat

    Love her!!!

  • @ 44 tpl

    @ tpl/ DQ/ Gina You are back making up your stories, and thinking everyone is Hayden who posts? You are good for a laugh, nothing you say is fact. Does Hayden still have cameras in your house and car watching you? lol You should get some professional help, there is medication for your problem with delusions.

  • tina

    Wow, what ugly legs, can you compare her to Natalie Portman’s gorgeous legs or Sienna Miller;s long legs or Jennifer Aniston’s perfect legs or Angelina Jolee’s sexy long legs, why is she always on JJ? A complete loser.

  • marb

    oh, the haters! incredible, she can’t even go out ¬¬
    and, guys, if you don’t want to see her in here, just don’t click on her posts, so simple.

    btw, she looks gorgeous, as always :)