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Sienna Miller: Wet T-Shirt Contest!

Sienna Miller: Wet T-Shirt Contest!

Sienna Miller seems to have trouble with water while promoting her latest flick, G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra.

On Thursday (July 23), the 27-year-old British actress and costars Rachel Nichols and Dennis Quaid got caught in the rain during a photocall on the roof of the Hotel de Rome in Berlin, Germany.

Yesterday, Sienna arrived by boat at the London photocall — with wet pants.

What water-y situation will Sienna get into next??

25+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller‘s wet t-shirt contest…

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sienna miller wet tshirt contest 01
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 02
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 03
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 04
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 05
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 06
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 07
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 08
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 09
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 10
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 11
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 12
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 13
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 14
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 15
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 16
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 17
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 18
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 19
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 20
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 21
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 22
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 23
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 24
sienna miller wet tshirt contest 25

Photos: Sean Gallup/Getty
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  • Wendy

    This girl is seriously beautiful in such a refreshing youthful way, love the first shot.

  • overit

    blond white chicks are so tired.

  • overit

    jolie and fox all the way.

  • vanessa

    these headings are getting ridiculous!!! she looks fresh and pretty

  • vanessa

    these headings are getting ridiculous!she looks fresh and pretty…

  • karenina

    the 4th pic.. god she looks great!



  • john mealey

    Wonder is she has done Dennis Quaid yet??? Ah a new target for her…

  • Irish Girl

    Love her.
    Like I stated, Sienna was ahead of the curve. She was photoed with acid wash jeans on and people were groaning and saying no way would they be back. Well, according to my two newly arrived magazines, acid wash are in the two North American fashion bibles.

  • mimilala

    She looks really cute; love the hair.

  • Steph

    LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!! Could she be any more fabulous? I mean her look yesterday was TO DIE FOR… check out more :

  • Steph

    LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!! Could she be any more fabulous? I mean her look yesterday was TO DIE FOR… check out more :

  • Brendon

    Ah yes, john, i was wondering the same! She likes married men and he doesn’t mind cheating on his wife……maybe they’ve already done the deed? ;-)

    Seriously, I don’t get why she is famous.

  • just wondering

    She’s very pretty and has a beautiful smile. Why only photocalls?
    Are there no premieres for this film?

  • lakers fan in boston

    sienna redeems herself
    twice she has looked bad in the past 2 premieres
    simple yet really cute outfit
    she looks amazing, dont no why i ever doubted u sienna =p
    that other chick is kinda cute from the side, but up close her face is kinda blah, she looks way tired

  • ella

    give me a break… she’s a nasty manipulative ho. and I’m pretty sure this is the last movie she’ll be promoting for a long time. who will hire her after this?

    she seems to enjoy putting the ugly drama of her personal life front and center, at the expense of the people she works with. every time one of her films is about to open, count on Sienna to do something ugly to take the attention away from her co-workers. that radio interview was just the latest example.

    and enough about her so-called fashion sense. she usually is dressed in the same fug pair of brown boots and either skinny jeans or a frumpy housefrau dress. she’s not Kate Moss and never will be.

  • london

    she looks beautiful as always

  • Anonymous

    Sad to see someone who is so pretty to be so cheap and easy. She also has a short memory: in one interview she said that she tries to protect her parents from watching her adult/sex scenes. Pleeaase! Your own mother was there twice in Italy (2008 when the affair blew up on your faces and now 2009 just a month ago) when you were prancing around naked in the boat and balcony with Balthazar. Your own mother is an enabler (front row seat and applauding your affair with a Getty) and your father is retired to the fact that his daughter is another dumb beauty. Sienna will apparently just say just about anything to gain attention, pretentious actress wannabe.

  • eloisa

    Seriously Jared, How many are you be paying by Sienna’s PR team? The promotion of a Hollywood’s megaproduction with 6 leading actors across Europe and you only reports what makes Sienna with ridiculous/silly titles??

  • c

    SM only problem is sienna miller. She loves to court attention and then whines when people are not impressed by her “Me, me,me look at me” stunts. SM has used the GI Joe promotion as another means to play the victim. If she is acting like this during the promotion for GI Joe, then imagine how bad she is going to act when it comes time for her play. SM seems to burn every bridge she cross.

  • S

    Seems she forgot to change her wardrobe. Her white shirt must be still wet so she resorted to wear this ugly gray thing which she’s been wearing everywhere for like… 3 months already? How unprofessional. No wonder her imdb page is empty.

  • S

    And the girl in white dress is smokin’ HOT! She should be the real barronness.

  • eloisa

    She is Rachel Nichols, a beautifu actress. JJ didn’t even mention her! And she is more beautiful and has more class than SM (nothing to do with her tall, by the way…).

  • lynda

    It is interesting how they keep acting like sienna is the one and only star of GI Joe or as if bombarding the public with photos of her will make this movie into a huge blockbuster. When people see sienna, supporting her is the last thing on their mind. No one wants to associate with anything that has to do with a woman who has so little respect for other women and children. When people see her face they are just reminded of those photos where she is sticking her tongue into Getty’s ear. This is what they want people to think everytime they see sienna’s face? She just can’t wait until the promotion is over so she can get back to taunting Getty’s wife and kids. After what she did on the radio, I hope that she doesn’t “invite” the married man to show up to one of the priemeres with her.

  • Crystal

    Poor victim Sienna, what a piece of trash!

  • DUrrrr

    shes so pretty, love how shes been wearing trousers a lot all a sudden haha

  • nicole

    Sienna: STOP SMOKING! You’re beautiful, but you’re aging VERY FAST!

  • biba

    From fashionista perspective, she looks so FAB!!!!! I want her pantssss….

  • Donna

    She’s evil, she’s ugly, she’s stupid. But hey, other than that she’s just marvelous.

    I can’t wait for her to just fade away. Tramp!!

  • c

    Sienna just keeps burning bridges. She was dropped from Robin Hood, so she trashes the director and RC. Now that playing the victim has not paid off, she is trying to redeem herself byspreading lies about the married man’s wife. Does she serioulsy think that this is going to earn her some points, especially when the married man’s wife has kept a very low profile and is taking care of her 4 kids while her husband and his mistress prances around without a care in the world? Seriously, if she thought 2008 was terrible, just image what will happen to her career and image if she keeps trashing a woman who has done her no harm. RG doesn’t owe SM a thing and it is silly for her to keep spreading lies about this woman simply because she won’t play nice and file for the divorce. Shouldn’t that be BG’s job, since he and his mistress have enough time to vacation and party? The longer it takes BG to file for the divorce, the more harsher SM becomes towards his wife and kids. What next? Is she going bring on more humilation to them by having the relapsed alcoholic defend the war that she is waging against his family?

  • suppress your appetite

    she is sossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful !