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T.R. Knight Covers Entertainment Weekly

T.R. Knight Covers Entertainment Weekly

T.R. Knight takes the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly and explains the gradual “breakdown of communication” between himself and Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes. Here’s what the 36-year-old actor shared:

On why he left the hit medical drama: “My five-year experience proved to me that I could not trust any answer that was given [about my character George]. And with respect, I’m going to leave it at that.”

On Shonda discouraging T.R. from coming out of the closet during the Isaiah Washington controversy: “I think she was concerned about having my statement come out so close to the [initial] event.” (Shonda denies this: “I said, ‘If you want to come out, that’s awesome.’”

On walking away from a $14 million contract: “From an outsider’s perspective, I get the [impression that] ‘He’s just a spoiled actor…he doesn’t know how good he has it.’ There are a lot of people who would like to be in my position. But in the end, I need to be fulfilled in my work.”

Check out T.R.‘s first official statement about leaving Grey’s here. He’ll be performing on Broadway next year.

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  • Wendy

    I just LOVE this guy, wish him all the BEST in his future.

  • jake

    Prove that coming out does nothing for an actors career.

    Actors need to have mystery, they shouldn’t be hitting the paparazzi hotspots in EL LAY with their gay boy toys. Disgusting.

  • Nic

    There is NO reason for him to lie, i believe what he said.God Hollywood is full of hypocrites like Shonda, how dare she try and tell him not to come out, and act so rude whenever he asked her about the characthers future.I twas clear she wanted him off the show, so whatever Shonda i aint watching this show anymore, it bite the dust anyway like few seasons ago!

    ps:But wow, at the amount of money his contract was worth, that is SHOCKING, i thought TV doesn’t pay as well as movies, guess again!

  • rob redstone

    At the end of the day, people are talking a lot about him, in Hollywood, that’s all you can ask for!

    TheRobRedstoneShow. com

  • Wendy

    Jake do you realize how ignorant you are!!!

    Its because of homphobes like you that its how it is in Hollywood, he is living his life, going to restaurants is part of it, you make it sound like he is the second Paris Hilton, and that is his boyfriend, not a boy toy, they been dating for years now, and what is disgusting is comments like yours!

  • Rhonda

    hope he’s fulfilled!

  • t

    good for him doing what makes him happy

  • jake


    Dear Wendy, do you ever see veteran actors like Meryl Streep hitting the hotspots of El Lay to get publicity, no to her its about the craft. We don’t know her husband or that much about her. She is smart. T.R is dumb and bought into what ignorant people like you guys who don’t understand the movie industry and business side of showbusiness tell him, that its ok if your open. No its not.

    We don’t want to know who he is dating, it takes us (audience)away from the magic of films to reality.

    His boyfriend is really young. T.R is in his 30′s and while his boy toy is in his early 20′s.

  • Al

    he was a nobody. grey’s made him a somebody.
    gay or not, screen time or not, he needs to remember that it was the show who made him what he is and to diss it (not that i watch grey).

  • Andrea

    Why can’t TR Knight just go away! I guess I am in the minority here but this guy is a loser and just not a good actor. I am glad he is gone from Grey’s Anatomy he is overrated and annoying.

  • kar

    Good for him!! Love a guy willing to leave for his convictions. I HATE shonda rhimes.

  • ha

    the way him and hagl disrupted their work environment would be grounds enough to fire them. those two bigots almost cost 200 people their jobs cuz of their attitude towards and issues with their boss. i do not believe that a progressive woman such as rhimes would tell a gay man NOT to come out. in our economy (and his profession) you don’t say no to $14mil contracts. TR is the 2009 version of horatio caine and when he’s begging for work in next yr he’ll think twice about how he handled himself in the press. beside…he’s not THAT good of an actor

  • blackfriday78

    show’s success because of Shonda. Izzy and George can both easily be replaced by real talented actors. Unfortunte that they brought the show down with their real life drama. They did an average job and it was the story line/dialogues that brought us to Grey’s. Shonda might not be very good at handling these divas; yet I honestly hate how these ungrateful people keep dissing the show and the creator. Gay or not gay has nothing to do with talent and grace.

  • t.r was gay from the beginning

    Yeah T.R after getting Washington fired from his job when you knew
    that you were gay from the beginning and pretending that you were
    not ..lets just see how many jobs you have in the future…if Broadway
    is the way to go for you go ahead because… You are not that great
    an actor.. It was T.R that went on Ellen and declared that he was gay..
    Not Shondra Wilson.. she does not care..With so many gay woman
    lovers why not have George come out of the closet with a cute guy
    and have him in bed with Brothers and Sisters…Aka ..get
    married too on the show.. really come out of the closet

  • Flo

    He is an ungrateful idiot who could have been on the show and done what ever he wanted during the long hiatus. He could do some real quailty self produced work with the money from the show. He and Heigel are fools for shitting on the show that made then.

  • erin

    All the best for him and hope to see him in some great movies. :)

    I’m always so ridiculously happy to hear about people who have gone and done what they wanted, although everyone else keeps telling that they “ought to be happy”.

  • Noticias de famosos

    It’s fantastic in the photo, is a charm.

  • kar

    @Flo: ORRRR shonda rhimes is an idiot for shitting on HIM. All the actors HATE HER shes the bad guy not TR.

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    ewwww fu -cking gay pirate.

  • marie

    Why couldn’t he have done both? If he is less and less on the show, then he’s getting paid a lot for little work. In the extra spare time he had, he could have found other jobs that fulfilled him that wouldn’t have been able to pay him as much. To me, it just seems like leaving was just a slap in the face to the show’s creator.
    And why does this warrent a cover of EW?

  • blah

    what a loser. I hate ppl that whine. No one cares that hes gay. He knows he will not be able to find another job in hollywood. Personally i never heard of him before the show and im sure he will be nothign after it

  • lizzie

    he left 14 millionssssssssssssss

  • t.r was gay and he knew it

    is yourself.. for going on Ellen and acting like a 3 year old tattletaling
    about how this came out …

  • anon

    I have no respect for him whatsoever. Without Shonda Rhimes no one would know who TR is and that is the thanks she gets? She cast him knowing he was gay and gave him great storylines for years until he and Heigl decided they were worth more money and declared war on the the show. Now he gives an interview throwing her under the bus? Ungrateful and I doubt we’ll be seeing much more of TR’s untalented self.

  • me

    For some reason, I find this guy so adorable :)

  • LolaSvelt

    Christ, he’s annoying.

  • IvyMades

    @anon: Agreed!

    I really hope they don’t kill off George. I’m sure there would be backlash, but it would be so daring if they recast his role with a better, more convincing actor. They could give him a chance to start over, since George was severely disfigured in the finale.

    On a side note, I really don’t like how they handled Callie’s character. I like Callie and George together and was sickened by Gizzie. Now that Rhimes decided to make her a lesbian there’s no going back :(

  • Dawn

    good riddance you big crybaby and stop using Gray’s for publicity…i don’t believe a word he says and can’t believe i you to love this guy…urrr!

  • Mary

    Good luck T.R.!

  • ugh

    He’s creepy.

  • Mia

    Cheers to him. You can’t spend your time doing something your heart isn’t in anymore, especially if you really don’t have to. Sure, GA made him famous, but it’s clearly no longer working and he’s ready to make a change in his life. Wish him the best.

  • fake

    What’s with all the b*tchy comments? If you like him, fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too. But he’s hardly annoying. It’s not like he’s Britney Spears and thrown in front of your face all the time, so what’s with all the b*tching? My guess is these comments are coming from a bunch of anti-gay idiots.

  • lucas

    @jake: the tabs don’t care about folks like Meryl, that’s why you don’t see her. but you can bet that she goes out wherever she wants when she wants. also, you are still a disgusting homophobic pig.

  • lucas

    @Al: he’s actually doing the show a favor, which is probably why the bosses didn’t try to convince him too hard to say. Stars on tv shows are on a contract where they are paid for all episodes produced whether they appear or not. in return they can’t do any other jobs unless the boss approves it. by cutting him, appropriate since the writers seem to be at a loss for what to do with the character, the show just saved $14mil from the budget. they can hire someone else at a lower rate, use guest stars or just do nothing about replacing him and still save a lot

  • Scott

    @ha: you might be right and he’s a terrible actor that won’t get another job. then again, he’s already got one play going in New York and another one set for after that. maybe he will be happy doing plays and stick with it. but he certainly wasn’t showing any acting skills this past season, so why not leave and try something else. not getting hired isn’t much below what he had going on the show

  • Scott

    @t.r was gay from the beginning: when did he ever pretend he wasn’t gay. not parading around like Perez ‘I think I’m better than I really am” Hilton doesn’t mean pretending to be straight. TR just exercised his right to some privacy and said nothing. until Mr Washington’s nasty behavior outed him and then he confirmed it cause what was the point in saying ‘no comment’

  • Lucas

    @marie: no marie, he couldn’t. as I mentioned before, being a star on a show means you do no other work during the shows filming. not unless the boss says okay and short of a commercial that films in one day, they won’t cause they claim they never know when they might need the actor.

  • hey

    Men should not have sex with other men.

  • gary

    Oh G_d..who cares..never watched the show and wouldn’t know who the guy is if I came face to face to him…! Another self-absorbed actor who takes himself way too seriously. Shut up and act!

  • Sarah

    He is ridiculous. His character does not need to be gay. Its called ACTING. For the love of god, because she wanted his character George to remain straight, he was angry.

  • Debbie

    hey @ 07/23/2009 at 9:12 pm Men should not have sex with other men

    I bet he’s getting more than you ever would from a man OR woman.

  • rachelsun

    What an ungrateful liar. I believe Shonda. This guy being gay was no big secret. They fired Isaiah what else did he want. Isaiah was a 1000x better actor than he can ever hope to be. He has every reason to lie. To make Shonda look bad and he gets simpathy and silly women and gays believing his lies. What a complete waste. I hope he ends up nowhere which is where he belongs. I wouldn’t spend 2 cents to se any play, movie or TV show he is in.

  • tom

    On his acting ability, I felt he didn’t measure up to the popularity of the show. His acting was sub-mediocre. Just being honest.

  • Monty

    I thought this was the year 2009. Seems more like 1959 on this webstie. The man deserves a life. All you little homophoes go back into your church now and yell hallelujah. I’m sure Mr. Knight doesn’t care about your poor uneducated little minds. He will be making tons of money on brodadway and other shows when Grey’s Anatomy is dissected and left on the cutting floor.

  • Cleo2u1964

    @t.r was gay from the beginning:

    Kind of hard to have a main male character on the show come out as gay in real life when you’re trying to make them into a “player” for the women on the show!

  • MATAN ;)

    TR is the best! i’d like to see him in movies, and another TV shows.


  • zend

    im happy that he’s left GA. i don’t mind he’s being gay but i dont think he’s a good actor. and his character is not lovable. i don’t like george at all. i think he’s P****.

    moreover, eventhough isaiah say something about him and getting fired from GA, his existance is less memorable than Dr. Burke.
    and i really don’t appreciate him at all. he must remember GA is what makes him has this day, this name and this opportunity. and he shouldn’t just bitching about that.gosh. and remember everybody will remember you as George O’Malley, the character that Shonda create.

    I will only appreciate him when he success to make the world see and remember him not as George O’Maley but as TR Knight. Because as far as I concern, he’s now only ‘george’.



    You are not in the minority!! I am happy that he came out and is happy, but this guy is as lifeless as a kit kat bar!!

    Before the Isaiah Washington incident, I thought he was boring! There is nothing different in his character from his real life. What I like is how Catherine Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeigl acted like she was his friend and used the incident to make herself a star.


    I honestly believe that if Isaiah hadn’t told Patrick Dempsey “you think you can treat me like you treat T.R. like a …..” this guy would be a nobody that no one would care about.

    He thinks that he is RUSSELL CROWE or KEVIN SPACEY? He gave up 14 million dollars contract, why? He’ll end up like David Caruso because there is nothing about him that says ‘MOVIE STAR’…
    Trust me, give it a year, he’ll be doing rounds on Lifetime movies of the week or days of our lives.

    I noticed that Knight and Heigl keep biting the hands that feed them..
    Catherine Heigl has been lucky so far because her movies were from Apatow and this last one had GERARD BUTLER.. But soon these to annoying – average actors would go away, and I couldn’t be happier.

  • mack luvs TR

    You ppl dissing TR is CRAP!! I think you’re all just jealous! TR is a great actor! I’ve not seen ANY actor fake-cry like him, and don’t you even say “that’s because he’s gay”, because I’m gay, and I don’t appreciate that. TR does deserve better than Grey’s. It’s a good show, but Shondra didn’t give him enough screen time. Within the first nine episodes of season five, he was only onscreen for 48 minutes! Who you should be dissing is Shondra, not TR! TR is better than any of you ppl! Once again, I say you’re all just jealous because you can’t measure up to a talented, fearless, and excellent actor like TR! You all need to find something else to do than bash! It really makes me mad! Ugghh!

  • mack luvs TR

    @MATAN ;): Thank you! You’re so awesome for loving TR!