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Twilight Cast Hits Comic-Con Convention

Twilight Cast Hits Comic-Con Convention

The cast of the upcoming film The Twilight Saga: New MoonTaylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson — attend the special press conference at the Comic-Con convention on Thursday morning (July 23) in San Diego Calif.

“Last year, Comic-Con was the big eye-opener for us,” said Taylor (in Cre8tive Recreation Navy Milano Hi). “This is our opportunity to come out and thank our fans for everything they’ve done.”

“This is a severely emotional movie. This movie is not about discovery, about falling in love… this is low. She’s a manic depressive, basically. It’s a more mature part “, said Kristen on her character Bella.

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106 Responses to “Twilight Cast Hits Comic-Con Convention”

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  1. 76
    Jamie Says:

    i think kristen is gorgeous, just not your typical gorgeous, love her punk rocker hair shes got going on! to all those who say shes ugly or looks like crap…ur probably uglier!!!! They’re normal people too, why can they wear jeans?

  2. 77
    Jamie Says:

    i think kristen is gorgeous, just not your typical gorgeous, love her punk rocker hair shes got going on! to all those who say shes ugly or looks like crap…ur probably uglier!!!! They’re normal people too, why can they wear jeans?

  3. 78
    talia Says:

    Kristen’s new hair-do makes her look like a guy…it makes her look broad n manly!!

  4. 79
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    Kristen looks…hum,she looks dirty and on drugs.
    Taylor…oh damn,he looks awkard…
    Rob looks GOOD and refreshed…good for him!

  5. 80
    Donna Says:

    Ashley Green looked beautiful as did Rob. Kristen on the other hand looked and acted horrible. She seems to act like she is above everyone. Robert was charming as usual. But Kristen, just the way she communicates and the way she acts is awful. She acts somewhat stuck-up actually. She should take some lessons from Ashley and Rob on how to be humble and charming. Sad because after the twilight saga is over, I think she will be too. The fans can sense her awful attitude. Last year she smiled and joked a lot and stood by Rob. Did anyone notice how seperated they were. As for working hard and limited time, most actors encounter that, but they don’t look like they just crawled out from under a rock like Kristen did.

  6. 81
    the Says:

    I agree

  7. 82
    mal Says:

    Taylor looks cute. Rob is eh. Kristin looks like sh!t and she looks possessed and once again like she’s bored out of her mind

  8. 83
    KC Says:

    They could have dressed up a little….Shes pulling Rob a little closer than she is Taylor. I dont blame her I would too!! Rob is Awesome!!

  9. 84
    jasmiine Says:

    Whyy did she cutt her haiir ??

  10. 85
    bree Says:

    wow i just read all 84 comments i’m so tired lol i think kristen rob and taylor could all be hott if they tried. i know this is kristens style or whatever but i’ve seen her in pics with a dress and hair done and she’s smileing and she looked beautiful. she can dress however she wants but if she didn’t dress like a bomb there wouldn’t be so many bad comments on here. i’m suprised all most every comment is bad i thought twilight was supposed to have a lot of fans? i thought rob was cute in twilight but when i see him in public appearences he makes weird faces and i just stopped thinking he was cute. but anyway i dress better than kristen when i go to school, she works hard but so does every actor and they pull them selves together no it’s not the oscars but it’s a big public appearence, i mean look how pretty megan fox dressed for the comic con

  11. 86
    denise Says:

    i love kristen and rob and yes they both work theri asses off so people like us can see these moveis that they do i only hope that they got some alone time this weekend because summit is really pushing them a part again and they are trying to make it tlook like kristen and taylor because of new moon so i would be pissed to . her and rob do have chemistry and i really believe they are soulmates for life so back off of them and let them enjoy each other in private

  12. 87
    Andrea Says:

    :D kristen looks okay her haircut is for a role? :D
    thats all lol
    jese stop being soo judgemental! its not like you actually know her so you cant judge her badly :d

  13. 88
    Andrea Says:

    :D kristen looks okay her haircut is for a role? :D
    thats all lol
    jese stop being soo judgemental! its not like you actually know her so you cant judge her badly :d

  14. 89
    I miss you Hollywood Says:

    jesus..I miss THE MOVIE STAR!! only NICOLE KIDMAN, PITT AND ANGIE are the last movie starts we have.

  15. 90
    Romantic Fool Says:

    Kristen considers herself a serious actress. She has no training with her limited 3 hour a day tutored education to do anything but act, flip hamburgers or waitress.

    There are photos of her seeming to be doing drugs. For a girl that has been blessed with breaks, talent and looks…she sure is a twit.

    Nobody asks for her autograph or cares about her BECAUSE it is obvious that she does not care about the fan. She had 10% of the fans give her a hard time or mob her and so now the simpleton hates all the people who bought the tickets that made her famous.

    I hope she enjoys being unemployed for a long time…no producer will want a hostile, inarticulate twit on their movies. Shame.. Poor Rob fell in love with an illusion of a sweet nice girl….

  16. 91
    Romantic Fool Says:

    @I miss you Hollywood:

    That is why I became a Rob fan. He has the talent and looks of the old great Hollywood actors, Gable, Flynn, Peck and O’Toole, the charm of Cary Grant, the vulnerable sexiness of Dean and Elvis and the wit of Jim Carey. Go on youtube to see how funny he is and also listen to his interviews with and at UK Twilight premier. The sexiest guy in the world is celibate and a devout Catholic. To those who have been given much….much is expected…..he has been blessed and gone from unemployed unknown to rich and famous.

  17. 92
    Romantic Fool Says:

    @bree: @Donna: She is not stuck up. She is insecure, shy and uncomfortable because when you hang with low lifes like Sean Penn and other anti-traditional people, you become rough, jaded, rude and crude. This girl dropped curses during interviews. She publicly during an interview eluded to Rob getting a natural reaction below the waist to kissing her. She is a twit who only got where she is by having a script writer mom, tv director dad and a boyfriend who knew the director of Twilight. I was so pro the love story of Rob and Kristen falling in love making Twilight. But when you see her she looks jittery, awkward, strange and like she has had no media training. She has 0 charm. I wanted so much to like her but find it hard to and wonder why Rob could not see that this girl is a tough angry train wreck waiting to happen. ..Sorry, he could do so much better..

  18. 93
    deena Says:

    what are you guys 12 years old, critizing poeple that have work long hours all week to show up to thousands of crazy plp. like yourselves. Rob has charisma something you babies know nothing about, its not about beauty, Kristen has personal style, again something you babies don’t get, and Taylor…….well, his just plain there, don’t want to comment on a 17 year old. Let’s face it, if not for R and K, the franchise would belly-flop down, Taylor could not hold 5 minutes of that movie and you all know this (nothing against him, he just dosn’t have what it takes, but he will as he gets older).

  19. 94
    ayj6m6l Says:


  20. 95
    ayj6m6l Says:


  21. 96
    mariel Says:

    Kristen looks as though it’s all gotten to be too much for her. She looks very harsh and spaced out. Someone should tell her that goth is over.

  22. 97
    Donna Says:

    @Romantic Fool: You said it much better than I could!

  23. 98
    fa Says:

    I loved Kristen Stewart up till about now, instead of getting used to the attention, she is getting more wired up about it, its either she has a form of autism or is on drugs. you should see the interviews at the comic con 09 ( on you tube) She is CONSTANTLY fidgeting and touching her face/hair and cant complete her sentences sometimes. And the way Robert and Taylor look at her, you could tell Taylor feels bad for her, and it looks like Robert finds it hard to keep at straight face while she akwardly answers the questions. Also, I think she is really pretty, but the way she holds herself ruins her image. I understand she was playing a role for the runaways, but she could have “cleaned up” for the interviews. It looks like she doesnt care…………….

  24. 99
    jean Says:

    I always told people that she looked as if she was on drugs at the very beginning. When I seen her play Bella I hated her for that part. she act like she was out of it and had a dry boring personality that put me to sleep and that was what I hated about that movie. I loved everyone else. Sorry, take that back. I think they could if got someone different to play Rose, Nikke isn’t the person for that part. The person that plays Alice she always looks great and I hope they put her and the one that plays jasper and Emmett in the up coming movies more and I can’ t wait to see who will be playing Seth the young wolf that becomes friends with Edward.

  25. 100
    carrie espinosa Says:

    To all the Twilight fans out there, please visit or

    This is a new site, so please help it flourish

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