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Angelina Jolie: Gucci Gucci Goo!

Angelina Jolie: Gucci Gucci Goo!

Angelina Jolie arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles with oldest son Maddox, 7, after a flight from London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday (July 24).

The 34-year-old actress took time out of her busy schedule as a United Nations Goodwill ambassador to meet with soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division and Multi-National Division-Baghdad at Iraq’s Camp Liberty.

“I visited Walter Reed [Army Medical Center] and I was inspired and reminded of all the bravery of all the men and women,” Angie shared. “I’m always just honored to spend time with everyone in the military. I was allowed to come, and I’m privileged to be here.”

FYI: Angie is toting around the Gucci “Guccissima” leather carry-on duffel bag and wearing flip-flops from Tkees by Trove.

15+ pictures inside of Gucci girl Angelina Jolie

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  • Not impressed by JA

    Welcome home Angie !

    Good job !

  • http://yahoo KRissy219

    FIRST!! Go Angie

  • Allison

    Does anyone know who the designer is for her sunglasses and that shoulder bag??????????? ILY HER STYLE

  • love them

    Beautiful and mad is so cute!

  • releka

    Luv Angie!!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Allison: read the article it is clearly stated as a Gucci bag.

  • ju

    she looks amazing as usually LIKE HER STYLE




    The most beautiful mom in the world. Can’t wait to see you at the premiere of IB.

  • Allison

    That shoulder bag is not Gucci her duffle on is. JJ must have gotten confused.

    Does anyone know what designer her sunglasses and bag are??????

    @ManLESSton, I likely:


    She’s amazing;

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Here come the Jenhens. Not a single post for Maniston in two days. They will land and spam because they have nothing else to do.
    Love all you JP fans!

  • a realist

    Love ya, Ange!

  • emma

    Maddox is so handsome hope to see Pax again soon and Knox and Vivienne

  • valance

    “I visited Walter Reed”. What a I thought that little visit was suppose to be kept under wraps, but here’s the homewrecker patting herself on the back. What exactly is it that this witch DO to help refugees? How is swooping in for photos HELPING? I have never heard Trout Lips offers one single suggestion on what needs to be done. I know the loons will say she “raises awareness”, but the evening news does that. Maybe some of you idol worshippers can help me on this one?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Allison: Sorry Allison, didn’t even notice the handbag.

  • emma

    I hope they take the twins through LAX just for a sneak peak at them

  • fresh

    gorgeous but i wish she would gain 10 lbs

  • Lisa

    Oooo i love her bag!!!! yeah uh it’s not Gucci and if it is then it’s not on the Gucci site b/c no bag looks like that on their site…. Does anyone know which designer made the sunglasses she has on????

  • pinay

    Go…go… Angie, you inspire a lot of people. Maybe other super rich people will be encourage to follow your works. Thank you Brad & Angie.

  • go Angie

    Awwww I’m sure Brad and the little ones are glad that Mama is back home. Mad is just so cute. I like that she packs lite. Never over does it. Simple items that she wears more then once. She is not trying to impress just traveling like everyone else.

  • lmao

    She is excited to see Braddy and have some fcking tonight

    Maddox is just the coolest. He is rocking those sunglasses

  • snowy

    she is looking so damn good!!!

  • OMFG


    I LOVE YOU ANGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @valance: I can see you hang over a window…You need to pay attention. Jolie makes reports to the UN after her trips. Her last trip to Afghanistan and her report to the UN were covered by CNN. I guess you need to assert yourself a little and do a little research. Youtube even has videos of the report to the UN. You also need to visit the UN website that clearly states that their ambassadors are to bring attention and awareness to concerns in the world. And to you dips**t, the Walter Reed story is old news. So she commented on it after all the families of the veterans brought to the public awareness on Facebook and blogs.
    BTW who’s home did she wreck?

  • Question!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know who makes those sunglasses Angie has on????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @asshat: Assh*le, the thread you are looking for is Maniston’s. They appreciate stupid *ss comments like yours…

  • trout pout

    Back in the good old U S of A – that is why she is smiling!

  • Ben

    That’s so classy of her to do, It’s nice to see some celebrities having a little class.

  • Vivien

    I wish all the haters would just shut up. Instead of badmouthing her, why don’t you try to do something good yourself? If she really wanted publicity for herself, she could just as easily walk down any paparazzi lined street in LA, instead she chooses to use the cameras that follow her to spotlight conditions in other parts of the world.

    Stop the hating … do something worthwhile with yourself! Maybe then all of the venom will disappear from you!

  • s. Michelle

    Jolie and her favorite boy. It’s horrible for a parent to play favorites and she certainly does. I truly believe that she loves Maddox even more that Pitt. I also believe that when he was younger Maddox wanted a father and that’s when she snatched Pitt. Poor Pitt seems miserable now, but that is what he deserves.

  • Sofia

    She looks beautiful!

  • to michelle

    @s. Michelle: Pitt doesn’t hide the fact that Zahara is his favorite. even in eye witness reports you will see “brad was holding Zahara and Angie was holding shiloh” never hear about brad out with the bio kids.

  • mertz

    nice title jared. lol.

  • yay

    Beautiful mommy Angie is back to sexy papa Brad.

  • touching

    ahhh,.awww….nothing goes together quite like Refugees and Gucci

  • karenina

    why always black clothes?

  • emma

    @s. Michelle:

    Her and Brad are happy and together deal with it.
    Maddox is not her Fave she treats them all like equals. The last time we saw Angie with Maddox was in Januray 2009. She has been seen with Zahara and Shiloh at the art store, Dance class and in Long Island. She was seen with Maddox and Pax at the airport in Washignton and according to reports last week her and Brad took Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne out in Los Angeles. I am glad it was only her and Maddox this trip he deserves some one on one time with all those younger siblings and he is the oldest so he will understand better what Angie is actaually doing so maybe thats why she took him.

    Also this year Brad was seen with the kids in Japan, With Zahara and Shiloh at toy shop in Washigton and shop in Long Island with Maddox and Pax in Las Vegas, Wih they boys again in Long island and at Niagara falls and taking them to see Star Trek, and according to reports last week Brad and Angie took Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne out in Los Angeles.

    Angie loves Brad and all her kids like equals.

  • bdj

    Poor hens. Hopes dashed again. Stop waiting, whining and wishing hens and get on with your own lives. I am sure that your whiny idol, your hairness has. I am glad that AJ had a productive UNHCR trip. AJ is a very inspiring woman and takes her UN duties seriously and is faithful in carrying out her responsibilities in bringing attention to the plight of Refugees. It is also nice that she spent some time with the troops. Maddox is one cool dude and must be proud of his Mom. Oh well hen, your hairness has a new face overhaul and day glo tan. It is all good.

  • awwwwww

    She looks great. I can’t wait to see Brad and Angie at IB premiere in Berlin.

  • emma


    Oh also Angie was with Zahara and Shiloh flying the plane

  • mertz, ethel

    Oh, i just love Angelina and everything she does.

  • Not impressed by JA

    to Michelle
    Maniston has also her favorite dog : She sleeps with Norman in the bed and let Molly on the ground !

  • go Angie


    OH gosh who knew. In order to help other people and care you have to become poor and homeless. I guess Johnny Depp on his island could have spent that money on lots of people. And Jennifer A who has no kids could use her money to help poor kids too.. Boy you better get off this site. you have hundreds of celebs to attack for not giving up all their money. Oprah and Bill Gates too..

    Bye, bye you have some work to do… IDIOT AS$

  • Passing Through

    ROTFLMAO. Maddox is killing it in those shades! Can’t wait until Z starts wearing them, too. Homegirl is gonna put a hurtin’ the ratzi with her “Behind My Cool Shades Beat A Btich Down” stare…

  • the real lou

    # 36 s. Michelle @ 07/24/2009 at 5:35 pm
    # 37 s. Michelle @ 07/24/2009 at 5:35 pm
    # 38 Trouble maker @ 07/24/2009 at 5:35 pm

    Damn,these posters are freaking nuts.Glad to see Angelina and Maddox made back to LA safely.

  • Tabloids LIE

    But i thought Outta Touch said she was going to the “24th Arab Children Conference”? More proof that they are LIARS and everything they write is MADE UP!

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    From people mag

    Four months after reports surfaced that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were allegedly having an affair, a source tells PEOPLE that the country singer is no longer living with her husband, Dean Sheremet.

    “LeAnn and her husband have been separated for quite some time now, but they continue to try and work through their relationship,” a Rimes pal says.

    The couple married in 2002, when she was only 19. Last August (six months before their seventh anniversary), they threw a “Seven-Year Itch” party to, as Rimes put it, “remember how blessed we are.”

    News of their separation comes days after Cibrian’s wife, Brandi Glanville, said she and the actor were splitting.

    “Eddie is a devoted and loving father first and foremost and the speed bump he and Brandi are experiencing needs to be worked out privately for everyone’s benefit,” his manager said in a statement.

    Cibrian, 36, who is joining the cast of C.S.I. Miami this fall, has denied he was having an affair with Rimes, his costar in the Lifetime original movie Northern Lights, which they filmed last fall.

    In March, the Rimes pal confirmed the singer and Sheremet were having problems in their marriage, but maintained Cibrian was “not the cause,” adding, “There have been issues brewing for months prior to meeting Eddie on set.”

  • bdj

    Outta Touch can’t even get the correct Congress number and year right, so don’t expect too much accuracy on anything else. Outta touch is just a whiny romance novel for the desperate hens and their “you go girl”, Baby Jane alias pitiful Jen.

  • asshat

    @mertz, ethel: Is this crap for real?