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Angelina Jolie: Heathrow Hottie

Angelina Jolie: Heathrow Hottie

Angelina Jolie totes around the Gucci “Guccissima” bag while catching a flight with her oldest son Maddox, 7, at London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday (July 24).

Yesterday, the 34-year-old UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador visited a settlement for displaced Iraqis in northwest Baghdad, Iraq. Angie said that there is progress in returning Iraqis to their homes after years of war, but more needs to be done.

“This is a moment where things seem to be improving on the ground, but Iraqis need a lot of support and help to rebuild their lives,” Angie shared.

15+ pictures inside of Heathrow hottie Angelina Jolie

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angelina jolie heathrow airport 01
angelina jolie heathrow airport 02
angelina jolie heathrow airport 03
angelina jolie heathrow airport 04
angelina jolie heathrow airport 05
angelina jolie heathrow airport 06
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angelina jolie heathrow airport 08
angelina jolie heathrow airport 09
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  • brianna


  • love her

    Great job, Angelina

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!


  • marianna

    She was in an airport, whoop de do!

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    I’m happy Angie is back to her family.

  • tianna

    Biggest phoney in Hollywood! Humanitarian she is not. PR who*re yes.

  • cassie

    she looks so beautiful damnn she is without make up but she looks amazing pure and cute

  • Cute

    Maddox looks so cute.

  • header

    She looks horrible here. Her legs are just ugh/ Does Maddox have something wrong with his legs? I’ve noticed this before he seems to struggle walking at times with his legs almost bent in opposite directions

  • ebmo

    Angelina still hands on with humanitarian issues!

  • Alice

    She actually took your kid into a war zone? Boy, I’m sure they are going to label her “Mother of the Year” for this one!

  • lucky

    Gorgeous!!! As always… She’s a natural beauty! Love her and Mad’s so handsome and growing up fast! Love you, Angie!

  • Troll Alert

    Troll with same name ending “ianna” parked on the thread. Troll Alert! LOL

  • ma_mi

    she look so fresh and maddox looks so cute

  • anon

    and the huge globally impacting result of this latest visit will be………..nothing…………

  • header

    Maddox has cute profile but full on face not so much. He was cute fat baby but not a cute kid except from the side.

  • header

    the huge globally impacting result of this latest visit will be………..nothing…………
    Ah, she went to visit the troops and check up on IDP’s for UNHCR since the iraqi’s are in charge now..

  • xanaxgirl

    You would think with her money she would buy her son pants that fit. His pants are so long he has to keep pulling them up. If you look at some of the pictures his pants are on the floor.

  • palanga

    tianna @ 07/24/2009 at 11:36 am Biggest phoney in Hollywood! Humanitarian
    And your the biggest IDIOT in the world!!!

  • Pasty white

    Ugly woman, inside and out.

  • LOL

    @Troll Alert:
    Oh, I got it. Brianna, Marianna, Tianna.

  • amy

    This is our girl. She has a model figure. This how you dress approprate and stylish at the airports. Maddy looks cute.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Mark Miller Says Wanted 2 Shooting in 2 Month

  • header

    our girl? lol Only one person can say that and they aren’t on a message board

  • palanga

    !tianna @ 07/24/2009 at 11:36 am Biggest phoney in Hollywood! Humanitarian
    And your the biggest IDIOT in the world!!!
    And you’re the biggest IDIOT in the world!!!

  • header

    She won’t be doing Wanted2. Director is just using her name since she wzs the star of the last one

  • ugly truth

    I just don’t see what all the fuss is all about.

  • Nassy

    Angie catched a connecting flight to L.A. Hopefully she is already back to her family or will be soon. She looks gorgeous and god she has a great skin. Maddox is a cutie.
    header @ 07/24/2009 at 11:37 am That’s how his father walks , if you haven’t noticed. Boys get their father’s mannerisim.
    Alice @ 07/24/2009 at 11:38 am As always so fast on jumping at her hroat , huh? no he was back in Amman,Jordan with Queen’s son while mommy took a day trip to Iraq.

  • a zimbo

    @ alice
    i hate nonsensical statements like yours women who bear(as in have) children in war zones are bad mothers….my home country is labelled as unsafe yet numerous friends of mine have taken their kids home to visit loved ones..they are bad mothers too …

  • header

    Brad does not walk like that with his legs pointing in opposite directions LMAO. I think there’s something wrong with his legs. He always seems to struggle when walking in vids

  • to ugly pasty

    Pasty white @ 07/24/2009 at 11:42 am Ugly woman, inside

    Oh so you had check yourself in the mirror then. ha ha ha

  • Not impressed by JA

    Her speher of influence is larger than Hollywood, biggest megastar today. The only star whose leaders of this world, president of Pakistan included call directly on her phone. That’s how powerfull she is.

  • lylian

    hmmmm, looks like Maddox got to visit some old friends of his in the UK.
    She looks great. Very comfortable in her clothing, very appropriate wear for a long flight back to her HOME which she shares with Brad Pitt and their 6 children.

  • Irish Girl

    I’m tired of seeing this bag of bones. Done.

  • Nassy

    Whatever loser. You want attention , you won’t get one from me. bye bye have a great friday. LOL

  • Not impressed by JA

    Maddox may have been staying probably in Jordan with Queen Rania or Noor’s children or great children. Jolie usually goes to Irak from Jordan.

  • amy

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l: Do you really has to say that to the kid who didn’t even hit puverty? why you have to be a*s all the time?

  • Nassy

    You would know Fug since your idol is GAY afterall , Not Fugmouse.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Irish Girl @ 07/24/2009 at 11:49 am I’m tired of seeing this bag of bones. Done.
    Well stay with your fat self ! Or go to fat Maniston’s thread who is trying hard to not let her natural fat thighs go under control. Two hours a day of yoga and it still fat and stocky.

  • Jubilee

    Great job Angelina for bringing focus to the plight of the refugees. You’re a great UNHCR ambassador!

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    @lylian: when has maddox or any of those kids been somewhere long enough to make friends? hahahahaha

  • littlebadangel(zaB)

    Shee looks gorgous ..Soo fresh!
    Lovee her ♥ .. Lovee her bag ..

    Stopp comnting shiitts about heer,
    Get a Liifee ..

  • louisa

    Can somebody explain why Angelina can’t do these trips but the haters don’t have a problem with George Clooney, Matt Damon, etc doing/saying the same thing?

  • Ang

    WOW Angie really owns the haters azzes. New thread and the haters are first……… lol If I dislike a person that much, the last thing I do is seek out their sites to comment.

  • califan

    I Loathe the hater trolls hating on someone they don’t even know. More power to the Jolie-Pitts in all their personal, professional and humanitarian endeavors.

  • john

    @tianna -> you are a who*re -> and your JA is a who*re too, scrw*d by all toyboys and dumped …hahaha ..what’s she doing now ?

  • john

    JA without make-up …looks like sh*t…get some grass horse

  • header

    Can somebody explain why Angelina can’t do these trips but the haters don’t have a problem with George Clooney, Matt Damon, etc doing/saying the same thing?
    Because they’re not sleeping with Brad Pitt nor did they give him the children he so desperately wanted. Why do you think? Half the people wouldn’t even be paying attention to her if she wasn’t w/Brad. Jealous is and envy are evil b*tches



  • lol

    she actually looks good here