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Bar Refaeli & Ricardo Mansur Couple Up?

Bar Refaeli & Ricardo Mansur Couple Up?

Bar Refaeli might have a new man in her life — Brazilian polo player and entrepreneur Ricardo Mansur.

Bar, 24, and Ricardo, 34, were spotted partying in Saint Tropez on July 22. The twosome was seen laughing, taking photos and drinking beer together.

Ricardo‘s former love interests reportedly include models Isabeli Fontana – and Leo DiCaprio‘s former flame, Gisele Bündchen.

According to People, Bar and Leo called it quits in June after being together for nearly three years. A source close to Bar said, “She wanted to move faster than he did – she wanted to move in together. So he broke it off.”

Leo and Bar were last photographed together at a bookstore in early June.

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Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty, Mauricio Lima/AFP
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  • Jon Gosselin is a ho

    Bar, go to the bar and drink off the misey of people not knowing who the F you are??????

  • british bit

    This looks like a step up. After how long decaprio dragged on with Cameron I think he’s proven that he’s not adult enough to live with a girl. She should be with a sexy Euro or Latino guy who will love her.

  • he he

    Gisele’s sloppy seconds again!

  • anon

    LOL – Bar steals another of Gisele’s men?!! Hilarious!

  • Leo with Cameron? As far as I know they are friends ever since they were kids so I doubt anything is true about that.
    It seems Bar has particular interest in Gisele`s ex boyfriends and campaigns. Isn`t it weird?

  • Teddy the bear

    Teddy is her man not Ricardo!! However when she is finished with Teddy I’m sure she will go to Ricardo next as he is even RICHER than Teddy who is richer than Leo. Next she will try to date Bill Gates but I’m sure Bill dont want no sk@nk!

  • just me

    … or maybe she will go after Tom Brady? Is it the money trail or Gisele`s footsteps she is following?


    Anon I agree, first it was Kelly Slater, now Ricardo Mansur, next is Tom Brady…LMAO!!

  • Mollie, you forgot to mention Leo!

  • emanuela

    another supermodel for him, he only dates famous woman, now he is going international, he is a rich playboy from Brazil, he has business here in my city.

  • jennifer

    she is just becaming ridiculous! I always defend her, but I think I was really wrong, this girl is just disgusting and this Ricardo is exactly like her, they are perfect for each other!

  • he he

    How long until Tom knocks Bar up?

  • Nas

    she’s so desperate for any kind of attention she can’s pathetic.

  • jennifer

    if Bar thinks she could make him go to the altar, I have news for her, he will never marry anyone, since he just left one of his models gf in the altar waiting for him. Bar deserves him!

  • Teddy the bear

    @anon: Its not stealing if Gisele walks away from all these men and Bar takes up what’s left over like a dog.

  • sk an k

    hahaha can anyone say skaaaaaaaaaaaa nk,0,22

  • dorie

    Looks like she enjoys being Gisele’s clean up woman. Or maybe the sexual pool for supermodels is just very small.




  • christine


  • lucas Haas

    Leo is gay or bi.

  • christine

    Maybe Leo’s waiting for Angelina Jolie….

  • Pandora

    Well, at least this guy’s good looking, unlike Leo. I think she and Gabriel Aubry would look stunning together, were it not for the fact that Gabriel is w/ Halle and he actually plays for the other team, anyway.

  • Oh fcuk

    Bar is stalking Gisele. She is waiting outside her house in a trenchcoat looking through her garbage for social security numbers, Tom’s cell phone bill, paystubs, slivers of DNA – whatever she can get her hands on.
    BAR BRADY (nice ring no?) – coming soon to a theater near you in 2010!!!! Get the location ready because TOM and BAR are getting married in 2010! So exciting!!!

  • mertz

    oh so this is the guy they mentioned on a while ago. lol. i was like who are they talking about. dude is hot looking. maybe he has a bad attitude. who cares. dude is hot. good for her breaking up with the dude cause if you and your man are not hearing each other out then w/e. same with leo. if that’s not what he wants he doesn’t need to go there. lol. we all need to learn from jon gosselin.

  • @18

    Becoming more successful because she dated Leo for a while – no other reason. Leo is way better off without this pathetic girl.

  • excuso helpo mio

    Rico Suave is fugly and looks like he escaped from a zoo.

  • To: Pandora

    Is that true about Gabriel Aubry? Do tell what you know!

  • meh

    Bar certainly loves Gisele’s unwanted leftovers!

  • Ruth

    I suspect that this is just gossip and not based on any fact. Bar has been in Israel for most of the time since she separated from Leo.

    She has been working hard and also there were some sightings with with a young actor (dining etc.). Bar is young and very beautiful and should certainly move on after the breakup with someone she obviously loved very much. She has time to settle down and I doubt if she is running after professional playboys like Rico Suave who can only cause her more heartbreak. She just needs to stand next to a man at a party to start rumours that she has “hooked up” again but this is probably just gossip without truth. It is a pity that she is hated so much because she seems to be a nice young woman – no drugs, drink etc. – and was in a genuine relationship with Leo.

  • Paty

    hahaha she is pathetic

  • pala

    UGLY Rico Suave is a major step down from beautiful Leonardo.

  • mslewis

    Well, Ricardo is certainly a few steps up from Leo!!! He’s beautiful!!

    If Bar is really interested in a long-lasting relationship, might I suggest she stay away from playboy actors and beautiful polo players!! She needs a nice Jewish boy!!

  • Paty

    HAAHAHAHHAHAAH she desparate wants to be as famous is Giseles is, poor Bar.

  • uglio suavo

    Rico is looks like monkey. He eats with his feets. He so ugly!

  • California

    @uglio suavo: Bar tries to copy Gisele because she got Tom Brady who is an ape monkey with a pointed head and flat forehead so now Bar must get a monkey to match Gisele!!!!

  • Irish Girl

    Leo seems like he has no interest in marriage. He’ll have another young(er) model chippie lined up before we can say, “Who’s that girl?” Younger women, unlike older, more experiences women, are less likely to step up and say, “This is what I want. Give it to me or hit the road.” When they do get to that stage, Leo dumps ‘em for a younger model.
    He is what he is. I don’t see him changing any time soon. He and Clooney will be hitting on candy stripers at the old age home together.

  • jennifer

    @35, agree this Rico is so so ugly and urgh… it’s good Leo left Bar, now he can do so much better, and I’am not talking about beauty I’am talking about personality, intelligence, and to find a woman that really cares for him not to his fame or money. I really changed my mind about this girl, she never deserved Leo and he wasted so much time of his life with her, at least now he can put his mind in the right place and wait for someone that really deserve to be with him!

  • prc

    This whole thing is so weird. First Leo, then VS, Then Rampage, now another of Gisele’s ex. Can you say CREEPY! Does she want to be Gisele that badly?

  • Teddy the bear

    @prc: She also liked Kelly Slater who Gisele dated! Very creepy!

  • mertz

    females need to read this

    good article for females, katie holmes fans to read

  • nikomilinko
  • K.G.

    Wow, another one of Gisele’s men?

  • !!!

    Bar’s so frigging sexy!!!!!

  • Weirdo’s

    You lot are very sad and bitter people, i’d hate to be like you!!!

  • Bar is a psycho

    here is a picture of Bar with Gisele’s ex Ricardo…

  • K.T.

    @Weirdo’s: And Bar is the sickest of them all…

  • @45

    I don`t think that`s him. I believe this is Ricardo but honestly I`m not so sure they are dating. Who knows? Even if they are not together it is a little odd to see Bar again in the company of Gisele`s ex. I doubt it is a coincidence.,0,4

  • hufos

    His father is a famous outlaw in Brazil.

  • betina

    he’s a really hot brazilian dude, for sure!

  • lisali

    Ok.. This is is stalking Gisele..c’mon girl..theres more men out there then Giseles sloppy leftovers!!