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Cameron Diaz: No Sound of Music

Cameron Diaz: No Sound of Music

Cameron Diaz totes around the Tila March Zelig Tote Bag in Ecru at LAX airport on Thursday (July 23) in Los Angeles.

Contrary to some rumors, the 36-year-old actress will not be starring in a remake of the Oscar-winning 1965 movie musical The Sound of Music. “I don’t know if I would do it because that is one of those awe-striking moments,” Diaz said of Julie Andrews‘ role. “Julie is amazing and I don’t know if I could follow an act like that. … She is just the epitome of grace and elegance so I’m very flattered that she even said that.” Andrews had announced that her Shrek co-star, Diaz, would be perfect for the part.

Cameron is also reportedly entangled in a love triangle between Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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  • lala

    WHY??? must they make a remake of EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! the sound of music is perfect!!!! I hope it sucks and bombs in the box office

  • sillyputty

    damm ugly dog!

  • lala


    that is not a very nice thing to say, unless you are gorgeous or at least mildly attractive, you should keep your comments to yourself

  • just sayin

    Cameron and Leo make a lot more sense than Leo and Bar.

  • just sayin

    She’s not aging very well.. probably from too much partying. But she’s not ugly. She was so beautiful in The Mask.

  • ladams

    Leo and Jude that’s a triangle I would love to get caught up in!!

  • Irish Girl

    Seems like she has a fun personality, and she has a great figure, but I agree that she isn’t aging well. This is sun damage. I’m so glad I banished the sun at 18.

  • sillylala


  • sillylala


    that’s too bad. Others have a right to post whatever,… it or not.

    if you can’t stand the facts…….put your head in your head where the sun does not shine,

  • celebrityhater

    Cameron Diaz se parece a una sucia ramera que no ha tenido un baño en 8 días. Leo DiCRAPrio y Baldy Jude Law se ha sobre-valorado-beens! ¿Y por qué en el infierno son los va a dejar que esta perra tonta cantar? Es el fin del mundo tal como lo conocemos. Tristeza. Todos pueden comer mierda!

  • mertz

    i hate those same jeans but from guess, lol. i like her scarf…him if i had to pick between leo and lol jude law i would pic the dude who likes wearing the v neck. i don’t think i can handle caprio and his bro love and his love for young model chicks. i can’t handle his being friends with hot guys i would probably want to dat.

    they are redoing sound of music? WHY?????? omg. ugh. no freaking way as much as i like cameron no freaking way…and they better keep lames-fox, holmes, anniston, from this role…LOL maybe renee? nicole kidman? scar jo (yeah i know i can’t believe i put her ther)? what about isla fisher…or the girl in wicked who wants to do acting, chennoweth i think…gosh. who would be the perfect julie andrews? drew? lol. amanda seyfreid?

  • mertz

    OT-miley cyrus in sex and the city 2. sh*t. not watching. lol.

  • Taylor

    There is no damn love triangle!!

  • mertz

    yeah we know that taylor.

  • ashley

    THANK GOD SHE SAID NO. THAT WOULD BE THE MOST HORRIBLE REMAKE EVER. ugh why even bother, she’s julie andrews. wtf.

  • mertz

    lol. i agree ashley. what’s with all these remakes. we understand HW is obviously going through some problems with writers and ingenuity, but come the hell on. it’s a recession, not the end of the world. write scripts for new films instead this whole remake/adaptation sh*t. the film industry has the worst case of recycling art in all the various art forms. fashion is another one. like people can’t think for themselves and be innovative. sheesh.

  • mertz

    cameron diaz fans here’s a good article for you to read. actually everyone should read this.


    lots of people mentioned: aniston, diaz, garner, spelling (hag), etc…females need to read this.

  • nikomilinko
  • So Sweet

    She is looking old

  • K.G.

    Better Leo date her then another model. Anyway Cameron isn’t really aging that well, she has a great body but she yeah, she’s not ugly though. Like #5 said, she was so pretty in her movie The Mask
    And thank God she’s not going to be in The Sound of Music remake.

  • lulu

    what happened to her?
    she used to be pretty

  • hopeso

    Leo is looking for a mother figure? After looking at her face the next thing i look for was her age.. She is 36? this lady is not aging well.

  • Ckayed

    It is odd, a few months ago I saw a photo of her for the first time in many months and it appeared as though she had some cosmetic surgery stuff done. Something isn’t looking right about Cameron — she used to be stunningly beautiful and she doesn’t look like the former Cameron — I know we all get older and so forth, however, she has changed drastically in her looks over the past year. What’s up?

  • NativeNYker
  • Whattagal

    It’s called fat injections in her cheeks folks. They look ridiculous.
    She looks like a clown.

    Spank that Doctor who did this..

  • Irish Girl

    @mertz: Thank you for posting, mertz. The article was quite interesting. I posted too. :)

  • lala


    wow, I didn’t know calling someone a dog was now a fact, I thought it was an opinion. I guess am silly but what are you?

  • fran

    Love you Cameron you was great in There’s something about mary, best Comedy ever!

  • Tina

    Remember this!!! You can’t hurt anyone else with your words, only yourself..

  • Annie

    Lollywood has lost its mind to think that Cameron Diaz or ANYONE for that matter could do a remake of The Sound of Music. Are they that desperate??

  • mike

    She looks like she 50. What did she do?

  • mertz

    Irish Girl @ 07/25/2009 at 12:14 pm @mertz: Thank you for posting, mertz. The article was quite interesting. I posted too. :)
    thanks for responding irish girl. i don’t know if you go on lainey, but she has a screen shot from the actual magazine first page fo the article and there’s a bit more in there…more stats and facts not just lainey b*ching. lol. i want to get the magazine so i can read the article. man. i’m going to get the book though 40 reasons not to have kids, and i want to read it cause if that author was so contraversial in england, then lol she’s not going to have it easy in north america.

  • Pole

    Cameron is also reportedly entangled in a love triangle between Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Oh COME ON!! They are FRIENDS!! How hard can it be to simply report FACTS instead of making up lame fiction :-(

  • christine

    wow her face is very ugly isnt it? cant wait to see megan fox’s face grow old. cameron looks like a fraggle rock. one minute she looks pretty… the next minute she looks awful in the face. AGE is not doing her so well. stay away from the sun for goodness sake.

  • mdrrr

    kinda ugly, god she was so pretty in the mask whgat happened she looks like a dog now, but she’s kinda immature tho

  • jaye

    Hated the movie ( I’m just not into musicals); however a lot of people loved it. No need to ruin it for them by remaking it.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont no why i clicked on those photos
    i just killed my brain cells seeing that face =[
    she still has a great body but a nice face is much more important

  • mertz

    christine @ 07/25/2009 at 4:08 pm cant wait to see megan fox’s face grow old.
    let’s not forget that plastic doesn’t age. lol.

  • wtf

    Omg she looks ugly what the hell

  • stacey

    Looking good

  • wannabe

    Cameron is a playa!!! Fcuk them both!!! Awesome.
    I think Leo is much better looking and more talented. I would dump Jude for Leo, after I sampled some Jude first though. Leo is gonna be better in bed because he is practically a gynocologist with all the vag.inas he has examined. Leonardo has some serious skillz!!!
    Leo’s ti.ttays looked hot in Gangs of NY. I want to suck on them.

  • Irish Girl

    @mertz: I’ll have to see if I can pick up the book too. (and add it to my pile of 15 or so to be read :} )

  • mailey

    she is looking gross and old, as usual.

  • twpumpkin


  • suppress your appetite

    damn! she is gorgeous!

  • Lucas

    allow she to age! well, if she doesn’t care I don’t see why the othes must care!!
    celebrity hater: tu eres un otario!!!