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Gerard Butler & Demi Lovato: Good Morning America!

Gerard Butler & Demi Lovato: Good Morning America!

Gerard Butler meets up with Disney teen sensation Demi Lovato backstage at Good Morning America on Thursday (July 23).

To check out Demi‘s performance from GMA, visit!

Other pictures include Gerry taking pictures and signing autographs for fans outside of Live with Regis and Kelly (his interview will air today, July 24th). Below is an interview from earlier this week — Gerry gets interviewed by a fellow Scot!

Gerard Butler – “The Craig Ferguson Show,” 7/21

15+ pictures inside of Good Morning America mates Gerard Butler and Demi Lovato

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Photos: Ida Mae Astute/ABC, WENN
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  • SouthAfricanGirl

    I’m basically half his age, but Gerard is totally hot!!!

  • deraj tsuj

    cute couple

  • careful

    @SouthAfricanGirl: If you’re half his age he’d probably think you’re hot too.

  • nikomilinko
  • jonharules

    I must have been too much unupdated but are they a couple?

  • NativeNYker

    The alpha male & the teen sensation! There’s a club I wont mention that is creaming in their pants rite now.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • talia

    lovato has a hideous double chin n an unbecoming cleft…she seems to be hardworking though..

  • LolaSvelt

    @talia: What is with you teenagers always insulting young actors? There seems to rivalry with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato created by fans. Very juvenile.

    Anyway, I bet he tapped that.

  • d’oh


    Are you insane? That was a posed publicity pic. Nothing more.

  • Omg

    Can anyone be more handsome than this man? God must be very happy on the day when he created Gerard Butler.

  • janna

    OMG! This man is to die for…Total Sex God! I love him!!!!!!!

  • yoyo

    Now this is a man!! Tall, dark and handsome.

    Look at that smile on Demi’s face.

  • mertz

    lol. i saw him on fergie two nights ago and i still have love for him, heigl or no heigl, aniston or no aniston. meh. gosh. i think i like that he’s not a complete a$$. did everyone see that tmz clip where he gets out of the car and greets the fans and aniston stays in the car. really. he’s a good egg…yes he likes women, so what. hey gerard, you can get with me anytime!!!! lol.

  • Jules

    Love him and Ferguson together, HILARIOUS!!


    Just saw him on Regis and Kelly. OMG I almost had a heart attack when he and Kelly had that salsa dance in that suit. Oh my lordie. I need to lie down. a bucket of ice pls….

  • Gigi

    JJ thanks for posting the clip with Ferguson it was great!

  • Kristi

    What beautiful eyes he has… and lips and neck and thighs and, and, and LOL

  • u&me

    Well, I guess Demi is just the age that Gerry likes his women, oops, I meant GIRLS.

  • bw

    Gerry looks great!!!

  • Sally

    He is really charming anc charmismatic. I’m looking forward to see “The Ugly True” and “The Bounty”. Thank you for the pics, Jared.

  • Sally

    Btw: he looks so hansome in total black!

  • WTF

    There we go again! Can’t he just meet some teenage singing sensation backstage without them dating?

    On Talk-shows, there are usually a couple of guests there and some of them are actually women! Wow! What a shock!

    He met her because she was the musical guest, they talked and posed for a picture and that was it! He doesn’t look that into her and neither does she. They both seem to admire each other though and no that’s not enough for them to go and have sex, get married and have a couple of babies.

    Doesn’t Demi actually have right now a hot boyfriend her age?

  • sophia

    I just saw a clip for Gamer (coming out in early September). I like Gerry when he’s all funny and charming but I look forward, as well, to watching him be a badass. In Gamer he’s definitely badass to the max. Tonight I’ll see The Ugly Truth – how can I resist after watching him dance the salsa with Kelly Ripa this morning?

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, gerrard is the man
    i always find him funny
    demi looks excited =p

  • jaxon

    JESUS! Why didn’t Butler and Ferguson just get down and suck each other off? That was so gross watching them smooze on each other. Yuck I do believe he’s gay now.

  • Serena

    I heard GB is an ebony lover. Don’t know if it’s true though.

  • just my bit

    jaxon, my goodness I bet your mother is so proud of you.

  • http://netzero @#25

    Jaxon, go read a book or something.

  • Nasty

    jaxion, shut up your dirty mouth and mind.
    BTW, just came back from viewing TUT. Love it. GB is so HOTT. The body is so fit and muscular. WOW the dance scene is to die for.

  • britney

    Yup :) He even claimed his first time was with a Jamaican gymnast.And several of his GFs have been women of color.

  • @britney

    The conversation about his first time he was obviously joking and playing along with the question. I don’t believe he was telling the truth there. That’s a stupid question anyway.

  • Erin

    Could someone please give me a link to the interview where he talks about his first time? Would love to read it. Thx. :)

  • nia

    Well, maybe he likes to have sex with black women but something tells me he would never ever marry a black girl.

  • http://netzero @#30

    He was joking, with the girl that asked the question. Please……a gymnast from Jamaica listen to how he says it and you’ll catch on. He was a little stunned at the question and he just thought of something fast to say. Did you notice that he said that “he didn’t remember the gymnast’s name and that he is sure that she didn’t remember his name”. Joke – it’s called coming up with a clever answer for a stupid question.

    If he does like WOC, so what about it.

  • I’ve heard this before

    “Yeah, I just need to find a woman first. You know, that would help.”

    LOL! Well, well, I see Gerry is back to playing his fans again.

  • #35

    I am not sure if he is playing with fans this time. He had that serious look on his face when he said it’s time to have kids but he needs to find a woman first.
    It’s hard to believe but maybe it’s not as easy to find a mate for a hot guy like Gerry as you or I would imagine.

  • Liz

    Jared, you rule!!!!! Thanks for the pictures. He is SOOOOOOOOO handsome and charming!!!! I have loved all of his latest appearances on Conan, Craig, GMA, and especially Rand K. Yes, I agree: that salsa dance was cardiac time….If I had been in the audience, I would have fainted … I just saw TUT twice today…I loved it!!!! I cannot understand the plethora of critics who supposedly loathed it…Of course, they love the “arty” films that are depressing, dark, and venal. Wait until you see: the dance (hot hot is he!!!!), the elevator scene (I’ll never think of ‘em in the same way again), and the final scene..Too short!!!! I loved the movie, and I’m going to be seeing it again and again.

  • emily carter

    I saw TUT today and loved it. It is entertainment not brain surgery. He is a masculine, manly man which is my type…not like these young, skinny, hairless boys who do nothing for me!

  • The Ugly truth

    Liz, you saw it twice today? Ugh. I saw it once and thought it was horrible. I was really disappointed because I have been looking forward to it for weeks. And I hate to be unkind, but I thought Gerry looked awful. His face was really puffy and he had bags under his eyes. He looks so different depending on the day, but I have never thought he looked bad in a movie until this one. His body was great, but the face……not good. Sorry Gerry. I am looking forward to Gamer though.

  • Kim

    Why do people get worked up when people point out that he seems to have a preference for women of color?shish,its no big deal!!

  • eRIN

    Here’s the link to the interview

  • Mmmmmm

    Nice to see Gina Robinette (the lady from the fashion shows, afterparty and the TMZ hotel video) behind Gerry and Alan. Interesting!

  • Angela

    Hiya’ I watched the video’s I loved the interview. lol funny. Gerry your pretty witty.. and sharp. ;) I heard you’ve been at the gym? Well just don’t let the pressure of the world push you too much! I like you the way you are. You don’t have to be a spartan. :) Don’t you all agree? He’s perfect just the way he is.

    I’ll be going to watch “The Ugly Truth” today. I can’t wait to see this. I love P.S I love you. One of my favorite movies. psst.. inny.. Minny.. Miny Moe.. Catch a tiger by it’s toe… ;) lol Gerard are you a tiger? I think so with that tiger look in you. So sexy. Well take care. Love all his movies.

    Angela ;)~~~~

  • rearwindow

    Just my thoughts. There seems to be a couple under the radar women recently. Note the pic of jerry walking out of Live with R&K. -a woman (looking kind of sad) behind him. She is the same woman he was with at the fashion show in pics in Feb. (wearing a coat with a lot of fur on the hood) and on a (TMZ?) video (walking with him into a restaurant after the show with another female friend). There seems to be another under the radar woman, the Waverly girl. He was with in the Hamptons on July 4th in another pic. His body language shows he is letting the cameras focus on him (away from her), Anyway, I heard him say in an interview he likes different women for different reasons- one for her passion and another for her innocence. Maybe he is still searching. I don’t know about anyone else but putting people into a box only leads to disappointment. MAybe that is why he isn’t in any long term relationship. His physical female type to me seems to be brunettes dark asian, black or light europeans. But exotic, thin and mid 20s to late 30s. Other than Priyanka Chopra (with much Bollywood media hype), recent female celebrities do not seem to be his steady interest .

  • rearwindow

    oh yes. thanks #42- her name is Gina Robinette.

  • Gerry enjoys
  • Gerry enjoys
  • ???

    @rearwindow: I never saw a picture of him in the Hamptons; could you link it please.

  • stinkylouise

    @ Gerry enjoys

    *running to phone to cancel my dinner reservations*……………..WTF?

  • @44 & 45

    These women are not under the radar. They both work for him and or for Evil Twins.