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Gwyneth Paltrow Debones Chicken -- Watch Now!

Gwyneth Paltrow Debones Chicken -- Watch Now!

Check out this new video of Gwyneth Paltrow teaching her GOOP newsletter subscribers how to make her version of fast food – a roast chicken, potatoes and a farmer’s market salad.

“I think about cooking all the time,” the 36-year-old actress admits. “It’s what I lie in bed thinking about at night, which is maybe a problem!”

For Gwyn‘s quick roast chicken recipe, visit

Gwyneth Paltrow Debones Chicken
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  • Carrie

    My GOD this woman is dull …

  • scarlett

    Is it that slow of a news day?

  • express

    It looks like there’s some cross-contamination going on there.

  • prisma

    That kitchen is gorgeous but Paltrow is a very boring host.
    The food is probably delicious.

  • amy

    I actually like this one. I usually find her boring and snob.

  • oh boy

    she’s so up her own bum. she can keep her bland chicken and leaves

  • mertz

    lol saw it lainey…and like i said when you posted the news links list does gwyneth eat actual food…i thought she was on a lifelong diet. meh. do people GOOP…is it worth my time. potatoes and chicke. lol. here’s lainey’s post about this.

  • foodie

    Now I understand why Gwyneth doesn’t have her own cooking show and has to tag along with Batali. She’s very, very boring. She needs to work on her presentation skills.

  • Oh Please!



  • Dan

    Eve Plumb got her own show?

  • canuck

    A little too much knife mixing there. Probably the result of editing (I hope), but she should have reminded the audience about contamination. Not very professional if this is something she is serious about.

  • O’Keefe

    So lame, can’t believe I watched that.

  • lololol

    someone please e-mail this to Peta!

  • the_boyfriend

    I watched this last night and thought the same thing about the cross contamination, it has to be the editing?!
    I sort of enjoyed watching this though..

  • Gforce

    Sadly, Gwyneth has not inherited her mother’s beautiful, throaty voice. She’s rather nasal and sounds like she’s talking under her breath.

  • Coffee

    ITA – She needs to improve her delivery technique if she truly wants to host her own show. Right now she’s not much of a host and her monotone voice coupled with her antidotes about being struggling actress are not enough to sustain one episode let alone an entire season, even if it is web-based.

  • goodkitten

    She probably is a good cook but she has zero charisma.

  • sharon

    omg does she seriously have nothing better to do with her time!

  • Rhonda

    trying desperately to remain relevant!

  • ames

    For a superstar, she’s quite homely.

  • texx

    When she’s done deboning the chicken, she needs to pull the stick out of her ass.

  • Lalique


    NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yummy

    I would love for Gwyneth to cook me a meal, but watching her in the kitchen is about as exciting as watching paint dry. She is no Rachel Ray and I don’t even like Ray.

  • fresh

    For an actress she’s surprisingly dull. Improve must not be her strong point. The only time she shows any spark/animation is when she loses her tator. Maybe it’s true about actresses needing a script?

  • kitson

    Jan Brady Does the Food Network!

  • martin

    come on, guys, she’s not that bad. i think she was really trying to come off as normal. i bought it! i like her a lot. just let her do her thing, and whoever wants to watch will watch.

  • Ali

    I may be the lone voice here, but I thought she was excellent in delivery of the recipe – gorgeous outfit and kitchen – relaxed manner, and perfect recipe for a busy mom. She was better than most of the Food Network people, some of whom are just gross (Rachel Ray?). I do love her – she is bright and curious about life, she looks like she’s a good mother and wife, and look what she did with her body. Come on. Envy is at work here I think, with all the negativity on this post.

  • martin

    plus, it WAS a great recipe.. and if she can do it after working 10-12 hrs anyone can..

  • martin

    okay, maybe more like 8 hours, but still.

  • Jules

    I don’t find anything to be envious of here. That was an incredibly dull video. I’m glad she enjoys cooking but Gwyneth weren’t famous, she wouldn’t be getting any attention for this.
    Believe it or not, an actual director shot that. Agree with those who felt Gwyneth is a boring hostess. I hate the Food Network but their people do know what they’re doing. She should study Dean, Ray and Lee. Given that she’s an actress, you’d think she’d know to look into the camera now and then. Most of the time her head was bent down like she was uncomfortable being in front of the camera.

  • pinkydoo

    For someone who supposedly went to a prestigious schol in NYC, she sure dosn’t have very good speaking skills. She said she’s working now, I wonder on what? Hopefully she’s working on her presentation.

  • ~LULU

    I like her, I think I will try to cook that chicken myself . XDD

  • Joi

    chicken looks good.

  • Orchid

    I like cooking too, and roast chicken is a favorite. I usually only use rosemary, but will now try adding sage and thyme too.

    She cut the chicken, using scissors, on a white chopping board, and prepares the greens for the salad on a different chopping board, so no cross-contamination. I would have liked to see her washing her hands after cutting the chicken and before making the salad.

    I like GP, but I think her dresses and skirts are too short.

  • chiquichún

    hello! salmonella! yeah, editing, but still, right after cutting the chicken she jsut goes on touching everything! i dont think it s just editing. i think major cross contamination. scary

  • jaye

    She is par boiling the potatoes because she just wants the outside of the skins to soften up? Didn’t she take the skins OFF already? Maybe her fingerlings have DOUBLE layer of skins lol. She is deadly boring though. Her voice grates on the nerves too. she’s ruining my Iron Man experience.

  • justLikeapill

    omfg. comments here are CRACKING ME UP!

  • Kristin

    @pinkydoo: My friend went to school with Gwyneth and said she received a lot of tutoring. She is not the academic some try to make her out to be; apparently she barely made it out of high school.

    The apartment is lovely but they could have done a better job on the filming (the close-ups are just not tight enough) and Gwyneth seems a little ill at ease. First show jitters, perhaps, but I wish she’d stick to acting.

  • Eva

    After she handled the raw chicken, she touched every possible item on the table with her dirty hands (including the pepper mill, which she then used again while making the salad…)… Salmonella, anyone?

    She does come across very dull. Her ideas about the World and life in general sound like they are coming from a five year old…She is a simpleton, which is not terrible in itself. But, why does she choose to advertise it so much?

    BTW: Was she not a staunch champion of the microbiotic diet not so long ago? She seemed to criticize anyone who disagreed with her… Shall we add “hypocrite” to her credentials?

  • susie

    she’s a Vegan..what is she doing cooking chicken?
    you know she would never taste it.

  • Orchid

    i can’t imagine Gwyneth didn’t wash her hands before making the salad. We just didn’t see it.
    She covered the dish with tin foil before putting it in the oven, but when she took it out of the oven, it wasn’t covered.
    We didn’t see her uncover it either (done some time during cooking, to brown the chicken). Just to shorten the video, I think.

  • DA pecke

    Wait a minute…….. I thought she was a vegetarian!?!?!?

  • Irish Girl

    Despise her. I’d never take her advice on anything.

  • Irish Girl

    @martin: Whatever. She has nannies, maids, etc. What extra work does she do? None. If she was a real parent with a real job and real demands on her time, I would respect her; but as it stands right now, she’s nothing but annoying.

  • Green Eyes

    Boy, ecoli or salmonella here we come. Very unhygenic kitchen practices. She didn’t wash her hands after working with the chicken, and instead she went onto touch (contaminate) the olive oil bottle, salt and pepper, the oven door handle, etc. To top it off, she didn’t wash the cutting board after having the raw chicken on it, and she used the same knife on the salad ingredients as she used on the chicken, without washing it after using it for the chicken, same goes for the scissors.
    Boy oh boy, I hope most people practise better kitchen habits than this!!

  • Green Eyes

    And yes D A Pecke, I thought she was a vegan – why is she even touching the dead flesh of an animal if that is the case??!??!!?

  • mickey

    She looks like a chicken–no offense to chickens.

  • anne

    there was a lot of cross contamination going on, it makes me nervous. but i’m sure it was just for presentation purposes. she’s probably much more hygienic at home. she has kids, so i don’t think she would be that unsanitary.
    i noticed that she was using a different cutting board for the salad. if that is so, the knife was probably washed or its a different one.
    there was a lot of editing going on, so maybe we didn’t see her wash her hands when she was supposed to.

  • Orchid

    45 Green Eyes @ 07/24/2009 at 4:53 pm
    She used scissors and a different cutting board for the chicken.
    The fact that we didn’t see her washing her hands before making the salad does not mean that she didn’t.

  • Glo

    @oh boy:
    HAHAHA completely agree!