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Hayden Christensen Loves A Lacoste Challenge

Hayden Christensen Loves A Lacoste Challenge

Check out these new pics of Hayden Christensen going for a backhand volley on the Lacoste tennis court in Geneva, Switzerland taken a few weeks ago.

The 28-year-old actor was featured in Lacoste’s ad for the brand’s latest fragrance, Lacoste Challenge. Check out the bottle below — it emulates the shape of a tennis racket handle!

Click inside for the breakdown of the scent…


Top Note – THE SERVE

The fragrance opens strongly with fresh and energetic notes of tangerine and lemon, augmented by a burst of aromatic lavender – one of the most classic ingredients in masculine perfumery – which works to sustain the citric zing of the top notes into the heart of the scent.

Middle Accord – THE VOLLEY

The energy of the middle accord is driven by spices including ginger, aptly representing RenĂ© Lacoste’s formidable skills at the net, which he used sparingly to sting opponents when least expected, bringing an exciting kick to his overall game play.


Just as the legend was renowned for his stamina at the base line; so the base notes are powerful, steady and consistent. Precious rosewood brings a modern edge to the scent, teak has an almost antique quality that reinforces the distinguished heritage of the brand, and the blackness of ebony corresponds to the slick modern design of the flacon. Together they create a sustained strength, giving the fragrance its solid foundation.

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Photos: Morgan White
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  • Wendy

    How RANDOM, why choose a Hollywood actor, when you can get a real tennis player, stupid!

  • Hello

    why does he look like he’s enduring chemo?

  • Savvier career

    For being a good looking guy , what happened to his career after the Star War? I doubt I will buy this fragrance.

  • WTH?

    1. These pics are almost two months old.

    2. They were taken in Paris, France.

  • Brian


  • Kelly

    I see your MEH! and raise you a *Shrug*!!

  • ionosphere

    Wow he looks 38 not 28 and the whites look awful on him. I smelled the cologne it smells very feminine, like an old woman trapped in a cedar closet.

    So where’s Rachel? They were pressing out their marriage on Lacoste’s dime in Paris last month at the Open where these pics were taken.

  • liz

    Jared, you could get new photos of Hayden. These photos are from two months ago and was shot in Paris, France, not Geneva.

  • mertz

    lol liz. hahaha. anyways that’s an alright concept for the perfume bottle cap.

    Kelly @ 07/24/2009 at 1:52 pm @Brian
    I see your MEH! and raise you a *Shrug*!!
    lol kelly i see brians meh and your shrug and i raise you a BNORING!!! -_- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. lol.

  • lisab

    omfg he looks AMAMZING! he’s so sexy. i can’t wait to meet him. i wonder if i should buy a bottle. god bless him^^

  • Meira

    I used to think he was hot but he doesnt seem to be overly talented so there goes the hotness…

  • funkey

    Seems that JJ has now stuped to advertising for D listed actors now. The cologne has been out in some places for awhile the smell is Ok but, compared to Versaci or Armani even DG there is nothing special about this. When there is bigger name actors like James Franco, John Rhys Meyers etc selling the bigger name cologne I see this one getting lost in the shuffle. Guessing LaCoste wants more press and HC isn’t willing to do it so this is what JJ and the rest are reduced to doing giving 6 week old pictures showing a man who looks more middle age then in his prime.


    He isn’t married to Bilson as of yet and if it happens well he can kiss his career away. Not that he has much of one anyway.

  • paula

    He looks so good in the tennis whites. He was supposed to go to university on a tennis scholarship before going into acting. Looks like he was having fun in those pictures. Thanks JJ.

  • pw

    Lacoste Challenge doesn’t come out in the US until August.

  • tonie

    Rachel must have taken the day off so we get to see old pictures of Hayden. I’m surprised that she wasn’t mentioned since she is a star here if nowhere else.

  • the_boyfriend

    lol #7, ” like an old woman trapped in a cedar closet ”

    now i can’t wait to get a sniff.

  • karenina

    @Wendy: lol i was thinking the same, btw i like the shape of the bottle

  • tina

    Dumb loser advertising an awful scent, what a combination.
    He deserves RB.

  • justMyviewpoint

    HC is way too skinny. Smoking doesn’t help. This guy eats organic food but keeps smoking like hell.\

    His supposed girlfriend is so blah…..aren’t they any other cool chick in Canada near his farm?

    He should beef up a lill bit, get some meat on his bones, and bring back his sexy curls……….oh yeah quit smoking!
    He is aging badly and looks older than 28…..too bad cos I like this dude!

  • Irish Girl

    Wow… this is too preppy for even my taste.

  • funkey


    Hate to tell you the cologne is already out in stores like Macy’s I don’t know why they said August but, in most bigger names places you can locate it. Take a trip to Nordstroms and Macy’s you’ll see it on the counter.

  • lakers fan in boston

    not a big fan of lacoste fragrance but they’re alright
    i prefer they’re apparel the most, big fan of their polos, shirts, and shorts

  • Curious

    shud have got a real tennis pro, loadsa really fit pros out there. Dunno why Lacoste wud want a d-lister to do the promo for their man scent. Most men prolly wont buy it coz HC dont have the right image and a lotta men think he’s a bit of a poofter. Lacoste have backed a loser with this one, me thunks.

  • jane

    He kinda of has credibility. Rachel Bilson has none. I would sign a petition to get rid of any and all coverage of her! I saw one episode of
    O.C. and wanted to throw up. Her acting was beyond bad. Looks like she’s done nothing productive since then. So tell me… why is she treated like an A-list celebrity? Get her out of here! It’s enough already. I’m sure she already has a complex.

  • pw

    I would sign a petition to turn off the comments in Rachel’s posts. Some people would need a support group to cope with that.

  • @30

    Druggie and drunk are pretty clear from those that are central to the man claim he is. And in many shots of him walking out of the liquor store or gas station one shot he had zig zag rolling pps in his hand. Then we have the times we see RB coming out of liquor store carrying her brown bag in her hands. From the way HC looked all too often the word Stoner does come to mind.

  • pjfarmar5


    stoner is right! has been bum!

  • Hedwig

    Smelled this Challenge fragrance next to Dolce/Gabbana and Hugo Boss and others in its price range it smells very very feminine. Since Hayden is widely believed to be secretly gay and def looks it in those clothes I think Lacoste got the perfect pitchman to sell to terrified middleaged homosexuals. If they wanted to sell to active ambitious young men who enjoy a challenge they should have hired Roger Federer or a tennis star or other athlete. I don’t think Lance Armstrong would want to pitch it waaaaaaaaaaay too femme.

  • beatriz

    hes going to be doing whatever he wants with his career.
    wether you guys like it or not.
    you guys cant do nothing about it.
    simple as that. [:

  • pjfarmar5

    i can understand that some men would walk away from that stuff. don’t want so smell like a girl. or better yet a grandma. that was lacoste wanted to do for the get go. to pull the sw fans in. that is why they got him to do it. that is my opinion. i am sticking to it.

  • voice of reason

    Oh look paigefarmer from Imdb has yet again posted double, just like the other usernames.

    As for the topic-JJ I understand you score hits with all of this, but really at least get facts straight-it was as other mentioned taken around 6 weeks ago and was in fact in Paris.

    To those that say Haydens attire is gay–have you ever watched a Tennis game? Lacoste fitted him out in traditional tennis attire-get over it.

  • no

    He looks scrawny and pale.
    Not hot at all.

  • SW Fan

    @pjfarmar5: Have chewed this with the gang n none’ll buy this, most of us still hacked off that GL chose him for the part. He was not good cast as Anakin n ruined it for a lot of us. If Lacoste is basing sales on SW fans they are making a WRONG assumption. So who then as it is not aimed at women or men.

  • periwinkle

    Super Gay!
    This is all brought to you by or just a “paid-coutesy” of his all-time-media-ho fiancee & JJ’s tabloid pet.
    That’s all there is…

  • @pw

    @pw: agree with that. hard to understand why so much negativity is generated by someone who is not very interesting and doesnt do anything bad or good. like above topic etc. jj is a site that seems dedicated to promoting the lives of small celebrity status individuals rather than a true celebrity inspired site. five minutes of fame

  • @VONR

    Have you totally ever watched a tennis game I used to play tennis some of the professional on tennis are GAY. As for men’s attire most of them just wear shorts and a t-shirt they don’t dress like this, this is done by LACOSTE the look is country club, not pro tennis. They chose a boob who could play tennis, has the rich kid famous look as a celebrity the only real appeal he has going for him is that GL put him in SW. Jumper tanked and I suspect they can’t market him too well off that crap movie. So LACOSTE gave him a shot at this men’s cologne which is truly no different in smell as some of the same brand of men’s cologne in it’s price range. It’s not different or exciting just ok. I’m sure woman who adore Christensen will buy it and those that seem to like LACOSTE brand things.

  • Product pusher

    @@VONR: I do not believe that the Lacoste marketing team would base sales of a product on the hope that a small core of female fans will buy it on the basis that it’s faced by Mr Christensen. Nor would they base sales on a dubious pre-existing Star Wars fan base as Mr Christensen is not in good odor among many (pun intended). The product marketing and the fact that it is faced by Mr Christensen makes it’s target market obscure and it is puzzling to understand exactly the market for this product. I doubt it will be a big seller as the product and the person have such limited appeal.

  • @Product Pusher

    You’re right this scent is nothing special the man is nothing special and the sales will be nothing special. It seems like this scent compared with others in its price range was kind of dog right out of the gate, maybe some VIP’s pet project that’s been in development too long and needed to make back some of its costs before it was scrapped. The smell isn’t great can’t see a man wanting to wear it for itself. A guy might want to wear it for the marketing ploy if you wear this you will seem rich young and upper class. Still the scent is feminine. Dolce/Gabbana is far better and something a woman might want to lean in to a guy who’s wearing it to get a better whiff.

    HC in rl smells like cigarettes and old sweat also is anything but upper class foul mouthed + dresses like a hobo. But who said Marketing is real? Its all a fraud.

    Guys don’t buy this. No matter how much you use it won’t make you rich famous or a man of leisure if you already aren’t one and if you are you sure won’t buy this cologne unless you want to smell like a middleaged woman who’s never been laid.

  • Product pusher

    @Product pusher: In response to the above comment I have been informed by a friend and member of the gay community that Mr Christensen has a surprisingly strong fanbase in that sector and that Lacoste, itself, is a popular product. There, perhaps, is the reason behind Lacoste’s marketing strategy.

  • @ 62

    @ 62 VOR lives in Australia, and the Christensens live in Toronto, Canada. Don’t you think it would be a little hard to carry on with someone that far away, without the spouse being aware, for quite some time? Go back over the old posts and read what Gasolfan and others have posted since last summer 2008, and you will see what I mean, if you are that interested. Personally, I would not bother to take the time. I am not VOR, I don’t care if you believe me, or not. VOR does not need people to defend her, she does that herself. I like to read Gasolfan’s posts when she is coherent, that is why I posted.

  • lourin

    hayden is amazing i love him he’s so cute n so much hot
    i love u hayden hope to c u in any movie soon
    love u

  • possible movie?

    On there is a comment about a twitter from John Leguizamo (or however it is spelled), if it is really his actual twitter, that he has a new movie with Hayden (John can’t spell his name correctly). According to MDB, the movie Vanishing on 7th Street, or Darkness, has both of their names on the cast as rumored. It would be nice if this movie would actually be something he does, the plot sounds interesting.

  • pjfarmar5


    you need to go back to the outback and get trampled by some animals! you are nothing but a bully and a bitch! how @@@ dare you come here to rule all the boards that pertains to your @@ sextoy named hayden!! if i were you i would make like a tree and leave. qouting a line from a show you don’t know about,” kiss this bitch!!!!”

  • Gasol_fan16

    Me trailer trash?! LOL! You wished you had my house and cool car I drive in. Nothing that one in being under lock can afford or still living with the parents! LOL! Disgusting Spider that loves to think she has has Hayden for banging his dad!

  • pjfarmar5


    bravo bravo! that is all iam gonaa say bout that. gee what is spider gonna fix for hayden for dinner. hmmm.. things under the rocks?

  • voice of reason

    @Gasol you must be a very lonely person to type a reply and then answer it with your other username. I used to think it was maybe 5 people that was in “your club” as you like to type, but now and because of what you did on Imdb I see it really is just you and one other.
    There is a line when posting and you have stepped way over it, when a friend of yours(not the one mentioned above) finds the need to say sorry because of you on a open board and finds your behaviour unacceptable you should have a good look at yourself.
    People have tried numerous times to talk to you in all the names you have used and you are the one that posts a rant, swears makes accusations that are unfounded and simply not true.
    In your post above I would have to believe that you find your language and explicit description to be fine when younger people could see this, you are a teacher’s aid I hope you don’t carry on like this in a room full of kids.
    Your attitude is disgusting.

  • funkey


    Your the pot calling the kettle black you insult anyone you can you made it personal vendetta to seek out Gasol and humiliate her so quid pro quo if you feel attacked. I’m sure Gasol has had her full with your rude comments, especially when you have no clue about her life. As for attitude being disgusting try your own.

  • liz

    What this discussion has to do with Hayden? Nothing! So, Gasol and Vor, stop posting useless things.

  • pjfarmar5


    thank you for your comment. vor is a bully pure and simple. gasol fan16 is a good person that does not need this. she stalks her and me too. if you go to imdb and see spider34. that is her. so be for warned.

  • @@Product Pusher

    Yes it doesn’t surprise me that Hayden has a fanbase among the gay community. I’ve read that Darth Vader is supposedly a gay icon. If this cologne is targeted towards gay males then this is definitely a good fit in product and spokesman. It also makes the subsequent marketing by Hayden and Rachel of their dlmestic arrangement on Lacoste’s dime all the more perplexing. If Hayden wishes to market the closet then he’s living in the wrong century.