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Hilary Duff: Always Coca-Cola...

Hilary Duff: Always Coca-Cola...

Hilary Duff clutches onto her iPhone as she downs a bottle of diet Coca-Cola in Los Angeles on Friday (July 24).

Earlier this month, the 21-year-old singer/actress and boyfriend Mike Comrie celebrated a friend’s birthday at Lavo Italian Restaurant inside Las Vegas’s Palazzo Resort and Casino. The group downed eight bottles of Cristal champagne! The next day, the couple hung at a poolside cabana at Tao Beach.

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Credit: James Breeden; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • alex

    Stop coca cola and you won’t be as fat LOL

  • Irish Girl

    @ alex: I was going to make a pop/chubby comment but you beat me to it alex.
    Her clothes are getting notably larger and larger. Stop the shoppin’ and get on the treadmill already!

  • karenina

    i love her.. but she needs to lose weight just a little

  • Tands

    She is awesome. I am sick of people calling her fat…she has a great body!

  • Tands

    You all are idiots…that’s a diet coke! It has no calories due to artificial sweeteners. It doesn’t make you “fat.”

  • someone


    she is perfect
    you’re probably a fat ass sitting on your computer
    she doesent need to lose any weight
    you go to the gym.


  • WHAT

    How is she fat? She’s skinny! You guys are messed up.

  • sammm

    yeahhh… because i’m sure that everyone here is just the ideal image of a picture perfect dream body, right?
    none of you here have a ‘good body’ i can almost guarantee that, but
    god damn it, get over how much she weighs! you’re not perfect! neither am i!
    but in a way, she is still better than us, none of us know her personally,
    but she’s still more successful and probably richer than any of us here!
    stop talking shit about her, and her weight!
    look at yourself!

    anyways, she looks so casually cute (:

  • xo

    I have only one thing to say…FAT!!!!

  • Ben

    Sounds like a fun time to me, but that’s a whole bunch of Crystal! Although I guess she can afford it now can’t she.

  • NickJaylover

    Omg she is not fat! shut up already. She’s always working out. Imiss seeing all her cute outfits cause she’s always in gym clothes. Anyways u all here are the fatties. Just sitting talking crap about others. Hilary if it reading, don’t listen to all the jelous haters!

  • letitbe

    Awwww…………….Jared’s got a crush!!!
    Cuz why the heck else should he be taking this girl’s pix
    She’s lame and hasn’t done anything in years!!

  • lucy

    she’s a beautiful girl… and SHE’S NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stylus

    She isn’t fat, she’s just PREGNANT. Yeah, so there. The truth is out now. Plus, she figured what’s the point of being stick-thin when she’s with someone she doesn’t like. The fat look deflects any affection from Mike. You see? She’s smart.

  • Lalique

    @Tands: YES, it does. The bubbles in the soda are bad for weight control, as are the artificial sweeteners in it.

    Having said that… I don’t think Hillary Duff is fat. She’s not skin-and-bones. SHE IS NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that last “shout” was for the other posters who’ve been calling her “fat”.

  • bill

    its a baggy top, how is she fat, love u hils

  • Tands

    @Lalique: Wow, you’re a smart one aren’t you! The “bubbles” in soft drinks are from the carbonated water. That is CO2 gas + water. It’s most definitely not good for you as it is carbonic acid, but it doesn’t make you gain weight. As for the artificial sweeteners, they don’t make you gain weight either. They aren’t good for you, but they don’t cause weight gain. The weight gain associated with diet beverages is that people tend to overeat when they drink diet sodas because they think they’re saving calories with their drink, so they can eat more elsewhere. HOWEVER, that has nothing to do with the drink directly. No everyone follows that patter. :rollseyes:

  • Nahla

    Love her <3 Damn, people calling her “fat” need to get your eyes checked. Or maybe look at yourself in a damn mirror but you might be scared. I think shallow people are the fugliest thing on this planet……. She is not fat. And besides, WHATEVER, we’ll all die ! Why is it so important to be super sexy while being alive if we’ll all end up dead under the ground HA.

  • Migue

    Oh si Hilary se ve lindisima, en HDM tenemos las imagenes sin tagg y hay mas, pasence a verlas :D

  • the life

    Hilary goes out to eat.
    Goes to the gym.
    Goes out to eat.
    Goes to the gym.

  • Ali

    Soda is bad simply because of the sodium in it, but Hilary isn’t fat… she looks healthy. She’s most likely in her weight target for her height and age, she’s just not stick thin. She doesn’t need to be. She’s also probably enjoying some time off from the diet craze and is working out to stay in shape. I’m sure when she has to film a new movie she’ll drop a few pounds but in the meantime – you should lay off her. You can’t stay on a strict diet everyday of your life – you’ll go nuts.

  • offtheproperty

    beautiful girl and extremely athletic, graceful and light on her feet. they don’t all have to be all boney (thank goodness!)

  • mertz

    okay so i will start off with the disclaimers: yes i like hilary duff, yes i am a nerd, no i do not own anything by hilary duff, yes i support her being involved with good causes, yes i love hockey and i like mike but not the sens, and yes i watched a lot of lizzie maguire although i hated it a lot…she wasn’t even my favourite characte in the show. what else. i can’t remember but before the people come at me i’ma say WHAT IS SHE WEARING…if you check the katie holmes in australia thread you’ll see i said same thing…and same thing for scarjo, but just cause i wanted to know the designer of her dress (jared’s recent post). is it cold in california. a white showl right…seriously? lol and those pants look not well made. oh well i don’t have her money though. smh. bags good, hair’s good, shade good…gosh. maybe she’s wearing a tankini and needs to cover up for warmth.

    why do we always get a lot of duff posts on this website. i’ve been asking this since day one. why? i mean i get she’s doing the gossip girl arc and all but you already posted that…lol. look at me talking. hahah i’m usually found in the constant aj, bp thread. scratch that point about hduff being posted on this website. meh. i’m not going into the whole weight thing. i saw the one thread jared had about her exercising or something and she looks the same. her dress down is whack though.

  • estrella

    OMG! Okay she isn’t fat. Just because one time she decides to wear looser clothes everyone says she is fat or pregnant! Just leave her alone. And she has done something in years! She has new songs and she has been working on shows. If you haven’t noticed then that is your fault. Leave hilary alone and stop calling her fat when she isn’t. She is always working out too and I guess you people have nothing better to do but critize her instead of looking at yourselves first.

  • mertz

    the life @ 07/24/2009 at 9:41 pm Hilary goes out to eat.
    Goes to the gym.
    Goes out to eat.
    Goes to the gym.
    lol. hahaha applause for this. but doesn’t she have a gg arc coming up…doesn’t she have a new show, a new movie, a new clothing line, a new perfume, w/e, etc…jeez. smh. why do we always get duff postings.

  • Miguel Karam

    Hilary! Please stop drinking soda!!! We love you!

  • Leesha

    She looks great, she’s not fat AT ALL! Just because she isn’t just skin and bones like the others! When celebrities are skinny we criticise them and when they are a normal, perfect size we criticize them, so what is the normal size? Everyone should stop having high expectations and just accept that it’s good that Hilary’s a normal weight now after her weight problem she had earlier where people were saying that she SHOULD put weight on. Well now that she has put weight on people are still complaining! She looks gorgeous! xxx

  • elaine

    wow shes so beautiful !!!!!!!!!

  • bella

    hilary duff is very hot

  • wannabe

    Wide ass fat legs and double chin.
    Get a fork let’s all join in.

  • Scruffy puffy


  • Ashleywynn

    she is not fat! she’s just not a twig like all the other stars are. she’s healthy.
    as if its not hard enough being not a size -4, u guys gotta be mean about it. jeez. get a life, really.

  • christina

    if you think she is fat then you must be anorexic. she is so far from fat .

  • suppress your appetite