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LeAnn Rimes & Dean Sheremet Separate

LeAnn Rimes & Dean Sheremet Separate

Not surprisingly, LeAnn Rimes and husband Dean Sheremet have announced their separation.

Le and Dean have been separated for quite some time now, but they’re continuing to try and work through their relationship,” a Rimes pal tells People.

The expected news comes four months after reports surfaced that LeAnn and her former made-for-TV movie costar Eddie Cibrian were allegedly having an affair. Earlier this week, Eddie‘s wife Brandi Glenn dumped him.

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  • nikomilinko
  • jj

    oh no!!!! i didn’t see this coming. what a big surprise

  • Jon Gosselin is a ho

    who cares, she’s so 1990′s anyway… and her husband is a twink…so I’m sure he’ll find boyfriend soon.

  • betty

    no surprise

  • louisa

    They haven’t announced their seperation a source did. Of all of the tabloids People is the most reliable but they are starting to go in the Star, US route. If they were seperated, LeAnn would have released a statement.

  • YOU/ME

    I always thought her husband was gay anyway, but I hate to think LeAnn may be a homewrecker. Anyway, I still like Eddie :)

  • Rhonda

    We were lied to again? Hollywood for being such a “creative” group, they are really quite predictable.

  • karenina


  • Vanessa Williams

    Guess the rumors are true, that’s sad.

  • Iggles

    Not surprised! It’s no secret that her husband is gay. Now she’s free to be with Eddie.

  • mertz

    lol. jj i raise you your sarcasm lol and say bnoring to this story. lol. OF COURSE THEY ARE SEPARATED…that dude does not like girls…hmm sorry to say it but i think it’s true. glad they seperated. those two are both losers for cheating on their others, eddie and leann. numnuts. both of them.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    hahahaha.. all these people are stupid.

  • bottomsUP

    SHe is such the Wh0re. I hope eddie catches a disease from her that she caught from her gay husband because he slammed one too many azzholes. Eddie seems to be such a pus anyway. His wife can do alot better. She seemed to be the one who wore the balls in the family anyway. I still can’t get over that nasty video of LeeAnn picking her nose while her husband paid for gas at a gas station. It was soo frigging gross. She even pulled it out and looked at it before she flicked it on the floor. She’s so nasty looking a horse in the face. Eddie’s an IDIOT to screw her when he had such a beautiful wife at home. LeeAnn is pure GROSSNESS. Now they are together and the danger is gone. I predict it won’t last because all the excitement has been let out of the bag so to speak..he’ll realize what a terrible mistake he made. ALSO, I heard LeeAnn had bad acne on her ass. They had to use makeup to cover some of it up when she filmed scenes with her in skimpy underwear. GROSS!

  • Stardust

    Leave Leann alone, she has more talent than anyone of you. Bunch of sick hypocrites, you lot are.

  • boohoo Brangelina

    having talent does not give her the right to destroy another’s family…eddie’s wife is sticking up for herself….the husband does look gay

  • TR

    I’d like to see Dean dirty bottom for Eddie. That would be HOT!

  • pat

    Team LeAnn!!! Eddie is HOTT!

  • out-of-date has-beens

    LeAnn hasn’t been relevant since the 90′s and Eddie’s a D-List actor who does Lifetime movies and they both need publicity. Sad what people will do to get attention.

  • out-of-date has-beens

    LeAnn hasn’t been relevant since the 90′s and Eddie’s a D-List actor who does Lifetime movies and they both need publicity. Sad what people will do to get attention.

  • Irish Girl

    Is there no dignity with home-wreckers anymore? She did this in a very public way – “Angie! Your skills are needed!”

  • Oh fcuk

    Who is gonna do her hair & makeup NOW? And be her stylist?

  • Rhonda

    Just like Tori Spelling and now they have their own show! See a trend, reward for bad behavior!

  • Dance Teacher

    Maybe now she’ll finally lose her virginity!

  • curious

    Leann and Angie have something in common now!

  • Shyen

    @Rhonda: ha! i agree. Can’t stand Tori Spelling for cheating on her husband with her costar or whoever her husband now is.
    Now i have no respect for Leeann or Eddie!! They could’ve waited tll the split to be seen together. I think Eddie is in a stage right now and will soon leave Leeann in the cold. But her husband is gay anyway so it made him look as a better person leaving the marriage through Leeann’s infidelity than him coming out of the closet.

  • lil

    What a b*tch! Dude looks gay though.

  • british bit

    She’s giving up a lot for this man who won’t respect her anymore than he did his first wife. Do these people never get embarassed. They just blaze a trail of distruction no matter who gets hurt. Ultimatley it will be themselves though. Karma.

  • emanuela

    Oh please! her husbund was gay, I don´t blame her for cheating, she is to young to have no sex life, romance etc.

  • http://aol Patti

    Are you at all surprised.?If you get married that young, the honeymoon eventually ends sooner than later. At least there are no kids involved.

  • http://aol Patti

    @Jon Gosselin is a ho: That is funny that you pose as Jon Gosselin.

  • leah

    wow, what an awful thing of leann to do. i can say i’m officially not a fan anymore…she is a bitch and her true colors are starting to show!

  • trashy

    emanuela @ 07/24/2009 at 11:07 pm Oh please! her husbund was gay, I don´t blame her for cheating, she is to young to have no sex life, romance etc.

    Does that excuse her for being a homewrecker? She HAD to of known her husband is gay – if she didn’t, she was blind and stupid. Regardless, that doesn’t give her the right to ruin ANOTHER person’s marriage just because hers was a mistake. If she thinks she’s got a winner with Eddie, she better remember the saying: If he’ll cheat for you, he’ll cheat on you.

  • lynda

    That didn’t take long. Not long after BC dumps EC, LR follows suit with stories about her separation. LR definately has the “I can’t make the married man leave his wife, so I’ll make his wife leave him” syndrome. When she said that everything was not black and white she was takign a swipe at his wife. LR and EC in public being “lovey dovey” in 3, 2, 1. So is LR going to play the victim when EC dumps her for another woman or when she learns that he hasn’t gotten over his wife?

  • celebrityhater

    File this story & these two boring f u c k s under: Who gives a shite?

  • gdam

    wow. GD she’s ugly what does he see in that fugly skank

  • mertz

    lol. i can’t agree more with celebhater.

    females need to read this.


  • Who Cares

    What? No…

  • Autumn

    What a suprise. What a fugly homewrecking twat!

  • Alid misli

    she suck big time, I mean common, playing, flirting and accepting it with someone husband, worst who have kids she must be the dumb, breathtaking selfish bitch.

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    How can they say that they are working on their relationship??? There is NOTHING to work on. I already see them divorcing, and she’ll end up w/Eddie Cibrian and live happily ever after?????

  • goopy

    Even though she has the money, he shouldn’t have to live a life trying to work it out with a cheater. She broke the vows just because a guy gave her some attention. That Cibrean is creepy eyes any way. They both have creepy eyes. Barf.

  • Not likely

    Doubt she and Eddie are going to be “happily ever after.” These cheating scenarios rarely work out in the long run. It will be hard for either of them to really trust the other one now. A relationship built on shifting sand IMO.

  • stacey

    they should stay married

  • Scruffy puffy


  • cain

    the biggest surprise of my life. duhhhh

  • mailey

    ahaha, she totally had an affair!! yahhh leann! heh her husband is so gay anyways!

  • remember da truth

    Oh god, the “homewrecker” term from the 1950′s when women thought if another woman spent time with their husbands they would run off and be with that new woman……

    Leanne Rimes doesn’t have to issue a statement to appease you people who think that a relationship is perfectly happy until another person comes along. MOST relationships end when someone finally finds another to leave to, but the relationship has been dead and the people go through the motions for a long time.,

    This woman and her husband married when they were still kids. Of COURSE it was going to end as they grew up. Eddie Cibrian’s relationship was obviously over or he wouldn’t have been interested in someone else.

    It blows my mind how hypocritical and naive the vast majority of Americans are.

  • twpumpkin


  • lynda

    But EC relationship DIDN’T END AND HE DIDN’T LEAVE HIS WIFE, he was still a very married man when LR jumped into bed with him and continued to sleep with him knowing full well that he wasn’t leaving his wife. It appears that LR couldn’t make EC leave his wife, so she set out to try to make his wife leave him.

    LR makes this everyone’s business by playing this out in the publics eye, so she can’t whine when things don’t work her way. It wasn’t a coincidence that she issued her “I was separated all along” statement immediately after EC wife dumped him. That was a big ***** to EC wife. So no, she is not innocent.

    People cheat because they are cowards and selfish, not because they are unhappy or having problems with their marriages. Adultery isn’t about love or romance, it’s telling his mistress, his wife, and children how little he loves and respects them as a person.

  • suppress your appetite

    She is pretty