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Get Your "I'm Dating Jon" T-Shirts!!!

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Hilarious, if I do say so myself.

In response to Jon Gosselin‘s latest two girlfriends, is offering “No Kate, I’M Dating Jon” t-shirts (in men’s and women’s sizes and we ship worldwide!).

Within the span of two days, two women have declared their love for the father-of-eight — aspiring designer Hailey Glassman and former Star mag editor Kate Major. What a player!

Pick up your limited edition “No Kate, I’M Dating Jon” tees at the Just Jared store NOW NOW NOW before they sell out!!!

Besides, wouldn’t you want a Just Jared shirt over an Ed Hardy one?

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  • anon

    LMAO! Jared, this is genius.

  • Saudia

    this is gross.. lmao this family is a joke. Poor children.. I hope all 8 kids grow up healthy and safe .. that’s all.

  • Rhonda

    Just Jared,

    How about, YES JON,


    Wasn’t that cute, I starred myself!!!!

  • mertz

    lol jared. right on the money.

  • Sally Mae

    The Just Jared shirts are much nicer than those fugly Ed Hardy stuff.

  • ihavenolife

    LOL!! Too funny!!

  • Josie

    Yes he the loser and the laughing stock of this country, lol. He is such a dumbass that listening to his loser friends or his mother will make everything alright. This dipstick got involved with a bi-sexual woman, then goes after a girl with history of getting drunk and falling off the stairs after getting so wasted that she blacked out is totally MATURE for a father of eight. Everybody is laughing their asses off, whether it be the fans or the hate site. Way to drag your own family down ALL BY YOURSELF. Way to go you selfish IDIOT!

  • Carl

    Sorry Jared but I wouldnt wear anything like this because there are children involved and I couldnt live with the idea of heir children looking at these shirts…
    Jared I really don’t think it’s funny and it makes me think that you are just trying to make money out of this…without thinking of their children…
    Sure why would you need to care about their children when the parents themselves don’t….well because you are not one of those fools!

  • BCD

    why would i buy this lame tshirts???? hehe

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    I heard Kate signed on to do a remake of The Bodyguard? is this true? LOL

  • angel

    First of all, don’t be pointing the finger at Jared – point the finger at the parents. They are the ones that are making these kids miserable. If the parents aren’t going to pull themselves off of the show, then they deserve this – they are dragging their kids along for the ride. Shame on them! I can only imagine what these kids will hear when they start school in a few weeks.

  • Idiot man

    This situation illustrates the real reason anyone in Hollywood has a relationship – fame and money. Because without it all the Brad Pitts’ etc would just be another Jon Gosselin. I mean, he did not have anyone prior to being famous except his wife of eight, most women don’t want to date men with one kid let along eight!

    I think it’s sad that famous men don’t see this. The dating situation in Hollywood is totally depraved, shallow and unnatural. I mean, even the hottest of men who are not famous only get a bout a dozen or so women who are into them in their entire lives!

    Someone like Jon would only get a few, someone like Brad Pitt, in his heyday, only like twenty at the most. But, sprinkle in some fame and money and all of the sudden the gold digger starlets and non-starlets alike come crawling out of the wood work. LOL

  • me

    Hahaha…that’s great!

  • Harry


  • Domino

    Why would anyone like a cheater? Pretty sick.

  • ashleigh

    Kate’s hair looks like crap lately. She needs a make-over. I love Jon and I want a t-shirt. It must be kind of weird for Jon to be dating another woman named Kate. Every time Jon says her name he must think of the mean bitch x-wife.

  • marisa


  • Rachel

    funnyyyy jared!
    honestly jon gosselin is such a player, what a bastard.
    what must his kids thnk of him?

  • JC

    You are right!
    I’m sick of people believing on everything they watch on tv!
    Even though it’s called a reality show it’s scripted!
    We will never know what happens when the cameras are not on!
    It’s the same as The Hills…all the drama and all the fights are scripted…fake friends, fake parties, fake everything…
    it’s just rich kids using their real names in a fake show!
    Although this was a real family with kids, most of the stuff they did or said were scripted…we shouldn’t judge them because we don’t know what really happens….
    and I also think this tshirt idea is so lame!

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    i’m sure someone will find these cool. lol..

  • Ina

    That’s hilariuos Jared, you rule!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol they’re pretty funny jared
    and i agree, this is much much better than some ugly ass ed hardy t-shirts

  • louisa

    Funny but tacky.


    The only way that t-shirt would be funny is if it was worn by a gay guy.

  • Catchy


  • Jaye

    Oh, my!

  • jon&kate&kate on a date

    Kate loves her freebies and the UPS store. She can wear one while she’s sitting on her plastic chair in the front yard. Send her enough and she can sell them with her autograph.

  • Babyzmama

    Poor Kate. I feel so sorry for her.

  • Care

    Jared you rock my socks.. This is right on!… He’s such a douchebag man whore wannabe!

  • Blue light Special

    Oprah called and she wants it in pink.

  • sammy

    I like it. It’s funny.

  • Oh fcuk

    No one wants to admit they dated Jon.

  • Michael Lohan

    I will take one in extra large. Thanks.

  • Leanne

    To be honest, he not only is not good looking but very, very unatrractive in my opinion here in the french/canadian part of the country. The only reason he is barely in the topic of discussion is that he donated somekind of gene that have produced these beutiful children. If not for this fact he not only will be known but not even a discussion whatsoever! But unfortanetly, he is still here. A loser of a man, father, husband, and baisically a loser with no directions nor what is needed to remedy this situation. But knowing this loser I honestly don’t believe this is possible for this ultimate loser of a lifetime.

  • Albin bainbridge

    The one thing, and the only thing, that I like about Jon Gosselin in the spotlight is that he proves that “all mixed people are beautiful” stereotype is dead wrong. Remember: most mixed race people are average and an unlucky few end up looking like Jon Gosselin.


    I feel very sorry for Kate! Jon – Keep enjoying your 15 minutes of fame. You have it all at the expense of deserting your 8 children to move to NY. Kat – you are better off without this little boy in man’s clothing. Better make a shirt that says “Jon who?” as when “fame” ends I am sure his little flings will too.

  • Disgusted

    Wow how mature and to think you all are adults who find humor in a father abandoning his wife and children. Yeah that’s HILARIOUS!!

  • Rose

    I would not be the least surpised if Jon is gay/bi-sexual either…

  • Scruffy puffy


  • jello

    @Josie: I agree with you josie, he is a total dumbass. The only women that are dating him are losers and thrash, a drunk, druggie and bi-sexual. No normal decent women would want anything to do with him. These other ones are just dating him for his money that he is blowing by the minute on stupidity. How about the loser new friend of his “Lohan”. He is no better than Jon plus he is old enough to be Jon’s father give or take a couple yrs.
    Kate had to be the way she was sometimes, you could see this moron thinks life is all play and he couldn’t play with having eight kids. He had to act mature and be a father. In most of his pictures he looks like he is in another world with that stupid expression he has. Jon is a real follower he has no backbone whatsoever. I bet if his father was alive today he would not of done what he did to Kate and those poor little kids. Wasn’t his mother divorced also or did she just marry real fast after Jon’s father died. It one way or another. His family is really strange to be standing by him. Kate might feel scared right now but in the end she is better off without him. That’s not saying I have always agreed with Kate 100% but then again look what she was dealing with in private that no one really knew.

  • tig

    I think Tim Gunn’s comment is hilarious– This shirt would be MUCH funnier if it was worn by a gay guy. The problem is that all the gay guys I know have better taste than to even joke about dating Jon!

  • mary

    @anon: Hey I have a 30 year old single daughter…should I get her one?

  • http://england lily

    this is so lame, who would where this,lol. kinda sick on quite a few levels.

  • Chris

    @Josie: Totally agree with Josie’s post; He IS a stupid dumbass!

  • tammy

    @Rhonda: ya what cuz she been seen traveling all around with men not thats jons job her job is to be a good mom under bad circumstances ill pray for you when your judgement day comes

  • stacey

    He’s a lucky man

  • me

    @TIM GUNN: true. . . lol

  • ladywriter

    Love you, Jared, but this is just tacky, not funny at all and an insult to eight innocent children caught in this crossfire.

  • Scruffy puffy


  • Becky

    Worried about the kids? Quit watching the show. Ratings go down and it’s cancelled. THEN the kids could get as close to a normal life as possible and the parents quit making hundreds of thousands of dollars off them! Jon and Kate are benefiting from martial affair(s) and the children are paying for it. Quit watching the show! Get the cameras out of the house. Unfortunately, cameras will always be on the streets following all the Gosselins.

    PS….wouldn’t it be great if the IRS audited them!?!?! They are living a very grand lifestyle….