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Rupert Everett to Michael Jackson: You're Sick!

Rupert Everett to Michael Jackson: You're Sick!
  • Rupert Everett rips into Michael Jackson.
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  • “Are you kidding me?” — Kristen Stewart laughed when asked during a Comic-Con panel discussion about an off-screen romance with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.
  • Universal Studios confirms it received a formal email from Buckingham Palace requesting a private screening of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Bruno.
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  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    “We’re living in very strange times. We have Michael Jackson, a black man who has gone white, and we have President Barack Obama, who is a half white man gone black. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch.”
    what-the-fcukidiocy. i’d punch him in the fcuking mouth if i could.

  • mertz

    who is rupert everett?

    lol infamously cool…if that is a quote from him i would also join in the schooling of whoever said that. sheesh. i can’t believe people are that dumb.

    oh why was i going to comment here, lol, about the palace and bruno. the queen!!!!! lol wants to see bruno? huh? she likes ali g. lol. man thanks jared. too funny.

  • mertz

    but maybe not as funny as barb walters talking about bruno. that was kinda epic.

  • http://JustJared GOOD LORD

    @ i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    I will ignore the MJ comment cuz I know ur ass know he had a disease. I hope ur ass never gets it. But ur comment on Obama is ironic. White Americans needs Black History as well as Black PPL. Your know it was ur ppl who made that rule. As long as a white man or woman had a kid with a BLACK PERSON, they were disowned by their white family. If no one told u, would u have ever guessed Obama was half white. NO. He looks like a regular Black MAN. Again read a history book. calling a child from a product of a white and a black couple is nothing new. It was from SLAVERY. DUMBASS!!!!

  • mertz

    lol good lord stop jumping ship and freaking read what people post. jesus.

  • Rhonda

    Have always been a fan of Michaels music, after he died, I “wanted” to go buy cd’s. Relized I have most of them!

    After seeing video of Michael with his hair on fire and a precious u-tube of him playing chess with then 3 year old Prince, I have to wonder if the world terribly misjudged him.

    How painful it must of been, being badly burned, having lupis, vitliego (sp) accused of being pervert (but of course, millions of dollars made it all better) and your family is the Jacksons

    My heart hurts for Michael and his children. The Jackson’s (all of them) look like total money grubbers. I wish those kids had a loving mommy to love them. I think people just look at them with dollar signs in their eyes. I can’t help it, it makes me cry!

  • mertz

    here’s what is posted via the uk mirror article, via the towel road link jared posted.

    “Michael Jackson | News | Rupert Everett
    « News: Whitney Houston, American Apparel, Hugh Dancy, Serbia | Main | Towleroad Guide to the Tube #512 »

    Rupert Everett Rips Michael Jackson: ‘He Was a Freak’
    The never-at-a-loss-for-words Rupert Everett has commented on Michael Jackson’s death to the UK Mirror:

    “I think it was fortuitous that he died…He was supposed to be doing 50 concerts in London. It wouldn’t have mattered how good or bad he was. He wouldn’t have managed to do all of them and the press would have destroyed him. He was a freak. He looked like a character from Shrek. He was a black to white minstrel. He was crucified by that court case when he was accused of child molestation – that killed him. He personified the pain and anxiety of a black man in a slave country. We all watched as he changed from black to white. He was living performance art. You cannot divide the music from the person. I think his life – and death – is a great lesson. I think we are going to see the end of celebrity as we know it. Show business is not an honest profession. It’s like the last days of Versailles. I do wonder how much more bullsh*t people can take about celebrities. We’re living in very strange times. We have Michael Jackson, a black man who has gone white, and we have President Barack Obama, who is a half white man gone black. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch.”

  • mertz

    and here’s the site with the original story. lol they got a lot of comments for the mirror. i bet if this is on huffo post it will get more comments. i’ll check later if people are tweeting this. lol. another one of those days. people always gotta be making dumb comments.

  • mertz

    ‘He personified the pain and anxiety of a black man in a slave country.

    Read more:

    lol. i like that when i copy stuff from the mirror site it comes with the story link. who is this rupert everwhatever dude. do i have to google him? hmmm.

  • mertz

    lol rhonda. i don’t think you’re being serious. w/e. atleast you didn’t go and make those comments this dude did. what the hell does he know about living in a slave country. is he ethnic? and what’s his background? he lives in england? as a white person…lol, and he’s so hard up right. give me a freaking break. what is he a scotsman or an irishman and the brits lol break his back? who the hell is this dude and why do people care what he says.

  • Autumn M

    Rupert is the sick freak! He looks gross anyway. How nasty of him to say. I guess he is looking for publicity. No one gives a crap about you Rupert! You’ll never achieve even 1/10th of what MJ did in his musical life and as a humanitarian. Rupert is a nobody and has been. He’s basically known for being Madonna’s gay buddy and being the token gay in a Julia Roberts movie. Rupert is already forgotten whereas MJ will be remembered years and years from now. What a sad, little bitter aging Queen he is!

    Love ya MJ!

  • Autumn M

    I just saw what he said about Obama now and what an idiot! Obama is half white yes, but he clearly looks black and identifies as such. No one is saying that Obama shoul ignore his white side, but he looks more black than anything. I bet if we hadn’t read about his racial makeup most people would think Obama was just black! I myself thought he was just a light skinned black man, never would hav guessed he was half black. Obama isn’t trying to be fully black you idiot Rupert, that’s what he and society sees him as. Rupert is in NO place to be talking about race relations anyway. What the hell does he know?!

  • mertz

    lol autumn m thanks for the 411…i see it’s not worth my effort googling this dude to know who he is. man. people nowadays always shooting off at the hip. it’s okay for him to have an opinion. lol. just like obama saying the police dude did a stupid thing and the policeman saying hahaha obama shouldn’t bother about “local issues” and that professor skip gates saying he was arrested cause he’s black. people see the same thing from all sorts of perspectives…i mean i’m not saying this richard dude said something i would disagree with, but then he goes on talking about colour like he knows how it is to be of another colour. he needs to shut the hell up and go live somewhere where he’s the only one of colour and different, then he can start talking the way he is about race relations and all that. geez. stfu b*tch.

  • Rhonda


    WTF, why don’t you think I’m serious? Because I don’t like the Obama’s?

    personitied the pain and anxiety of a black man. Are you just repeating or do you really think like that?

    I don’t “have” to like or dislike someone by the color of their skin.

    Michael was a truly talented person, unlike some of the so-called talent we have to choose from today. On the other hand, I can say the Obama’s are total frauds. People are beginning to understand the terrible mistake they made in the hope of racial harmony!

  • Rhonda


    your racism is showing!

  • blah

    Ive lost al respect for this loser. If he had issues with MJ he should have told him to his face while he was alive. Only a coward would wait until someone dies before throwing stones at someone.

    As far as the Obama comment, he needs to shut the .. up.. Obama doesnt act black or white, he acts like the president.

  • mertz

    lol. no because the whole thing i read sounded phoney. hahaha. wth. what does this have to do with your not liking the obama’s.

    lol what did i say that was racist?

    hahaha you don’t have to be of a different ethnicity to try and realize how it is for others, but this rupert dude is saying all kinds of stupid/his terminology is all kinds of stupid even if he’s trying to make several valid points. that’s where i’m coming from with all of this. like maybe if he was more articulate then maybe this could fly over, but i’m glad he said what he did especially if the reporter didn’t change up what he said, and i’m glad he said it. it’s what he thinks. so be it. but the dude is not keeping it 100%. and i don’t know nothing about him. if i did i would probably be coming at this another way that what i already posted.

    like i said before i haven’t figured you out rhonda. autmn m lol even if i don’t agree with her i can usually tell when she’s posting. you i can’t tell when you’re being real or sarcastic, kinda like people who don’t know to take me seriously or not. i was actually going to write to your going out to buy mj records comment that i made a deal with my bros that when my dad dies i get all his mj vynils from 20 years ago…but i rethought that cause i thought your comment was sarcastic.

  • Rhonda


    Acts like a president,? says I wasn’t there, I don’t know the details, but the cops are stupid, that sounds like a president to you?

    he supposedly went to law school, according to the story thats told, wouldn’t the presidential/lawyer answer been , No comment!

    by the way< Obama called the cop to half-ass apolgize to him!

    Obama’s numbers are dropping like a rock, so out he comes with the “race card” loser, loser!

  • T

    Who the f&ck is Rupert Everet?????

  • Rhonda


    MJ on vinyl, you are a lucky girl. I was being serious about MJ.

    Its painful seeing those kids tossed to the wolves, when they were raised by a loving, doting father.

    Love seeing the personal pictures and videos of Michael and the children but realize those “personal” moments are being sold by the family for profit!

  • mertz

    lol. and if i am wrong then sorry :)

  • adrianna

    hum ok when your gonna die mr evrett i’m going to try really hard to not say ” i think it’s fortunate he died”… remember rupert KARMA IS A BITCH don’t talk like that about dead people and let the guy rest in peace !!!

    Rupert is just a famewhore PERIOD, no one cares about him and mj have more fans than you will EVER have in your entire life !!! he’s just jealous because even with all the rumors about mj he is still loved by millions of people!! and NO ONE cares about rupert !!!!!!!

  • mertz

    lol that jackson family is messed up, and i’m speaking from experience. seriously. i’ll be glad if they go to rebbie or janet, but not her majesty lalocatoya…or maybe to randy. i don’t know. sometimes you think they’re sane then half the time they prove you wrong. am glad they’re not going to joe jackson though. i don’t hate the dude. you know they have a documentary about him that’s being shopped around right now. lol. joe jackson as a real person. hahah people would lose their cool.

    Rhonda @ 07/24/2009 at 4:20 pm @blah:

    Acts like a president,? says I wasn’t there, I don’t know the details, but the cops are stupid, that sounds like a president to you?

    he supposedly went to law school, according to the story thats told, wouldn’t the presidential/lawyer answer been , No comment!

    by the way< Obama called the cop to half-ass apolgize to him!

    Obama’s numbers are dropping like a rock, so out he comes with the “race card” loser, loser!
    hahah i don’t think obama’s language was on the up and up but everyone knows that she’s friends with skip gates, and also that skip gates and that officer are both in the wrong. jeez. it’s like i did everything i was trained to do, according to the manual, we never trained for these situations have become the standard cop defence. i’m not surprised that skip gates was belligerent/offensive but are you kidding me. why is this even making freaking news. and then the dude is like the president shouldn’t stick his nose in local news. shut up buddy. i’m not american, i don’t live in the us, and even i know what happened. shut up like racial profiling isn’t an issue and it’s not a “localised” issue. meh. they were both wrong. the president was wrong with his choice of language. i can say well he’s only human lol but yeah he wasn’t right. i would have said stupid too, but like my dad said yesterday maybe he should have used another term. lol. like idiotic. hahha not.

    let’s go back to this idiot rupert what’s his face.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    @GOOD LORD: not to bright are you? ahahahahahaha i quoted, dipshiit! hahahaha..

  • Amanda

    Well maybe nobody knows who he is because he is insensitive and classless and nobody cares to know who he is.

  • gold baybay

    God, this Rupert guy is going to get killed by the media. Just wait and see. He was truly stupid to say something like that. He’s talking about a guy who died almost a month ago, what, is that how long it took him to write his rant? Some people you just don’t mess with, people like Michael Jackson who has so many fans it’s unbelievable. This guy is going down, and I’m going to watch, laughing.

  • lakers fan in boston

    jennifer connelly looks way way hot
    i seriously forget how hot she use 2 be, shame tho, she got really skinny but it looks like she’s gaining back some weight
    she reminds me of a talented megan fox with hairy eyebrows =p
    ughh, it’s camerons face
    cute lil outfit tho, i gotta admit she does have style

  • Rhonda

    this is the same racist cop that gave Reggie Lewis CPR! see what happens when Obama goes off the telepromter! The POTUS is using the race card because his approval numbers are dropping into mid 40′s!

  • Rhonda

    Can’t even remember what awful movie this Rupert guy was in! Its just a way of getting his name in the news.

  • kris

    Rupert Everett – You must obviously be extremely miserable to down a deceased man, recently deceased at that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you don’t have to broadcast it to the world. Michael Jackson was a father, a son, a brother, an uncle and loved by many, many people all over the world. His family, friends and fans deserve to grieve in peace. If it were your family member you just buried, you would deserve the same respect. Michael Jackson was a person, created from the same God you were created – you really show no class – God bless you b/c I believe you need him more than you know.

  • mertz

    police officer=idiot

    skip gates=idiot

    and obama is stupid for using that term stupid

    lol and rhonda he called to apologize to the officer. meh. i heard his half assed reasoning trying to make this all right. meh.

  • mertz

    and as we all know mj was no angel, even though he tried to be. he was human. this dude is speaking like he was in mj’s head, his shoes…is he for real…he’s famous? ugh. and i can’t remember what julia roberts movie he was in either. i keep thinking my best friend’s wedding maybe but i don’t know if i’m right. lol. atleast potus (just figured out what that meant. i always see it on twitter as a trending topic or w/e. meh. twitter must be the greatest waste of time platform ever) didn’t call buddy racist. i think skip gates is a little het up though. hahah it’s nice to see. i like him saying he’ll now give a fcuk about racial profiling. man. he should just try driving a nice car or something and try to see if the popo 49 flag his a$$ down. everyone so sensitive and idignant nowadays. i guess lol racism isn’t dead though. don’t think it’ll ever be. not on this earth though. people will always see colour. multiracial people should hurry up already and conquer the world ;P

  • Limeybrimey

    Rupert looks ill I think he has AIDS or something. He’s not a good actor either, Inspector Gadget? Give me a break. I hope he’s not sick all the same.

  • mrs. crabapple

    Oh Rupert you aging old queen you, you are such a bitch!

  • Rhonda

    racial profiling? The police officer was responding to a “citizen” calling 911 call about a Breaking and Entering in Progress! Most people would have “thanked” the neighbor for watching the house and the police for responding so quickly. Not a professor, who teaches “race” and who is a pal of Obama and the gov! Obama’s is not Mr Kool anymore, so we all must be racist!

  • suzi

    Jared, it is very disturbing that a person like you support a site with all the perverts, and pedophiles targeting innocent children. Are you so evil and wicked like those morons?

  • Jaye

    Does this man talk just to hear himself? “He personified the pain and anxiety of a black man in a slave country?” At one time or another there were slaves in captivity in every country in the world, what’s his point? Jackson’s pain and anxiety was that he was unhappy with himself. I don’t what Rupert was thinking, but he’s just rambling; I didn’t know he was in that much need of attention. .

  • mertz

    lol. just heard an interview on the radio with philip martin former npr race relations pundit, and just to be clear he knows skip gates, and anyone know skip gates had a throat infection lol, i don’t believe either side though because i think both of them let their male egos get in the way. anyways so mr. martin goes on to talk about how he’s also african american but he lives in cambridge and the same thing happend where he forgot his keys and needed to get into his house, and went through the back door and broke into his own house and a neighbor called the popo that there was a break-n-entering happening…and he said when the police asked him who he is he showed id, and that ended the matter, and he also said that was his reaction, that anyone can react the way they want…but that lol his white friends probably wouldn’t have to put up with bullsh*t like that and that his white friends would probably agree with that statement. he also said he’s used to stuff like that happening because he comes from detroit, lol and we all know how the popo roll in motorcity. man. and he said he knows some of the cambridge police and they professional, most of them nice, lol but he’d be lying if he was saying everything was passa passa (alright) between the police and the african american community in that area…and i don’t know many poor people, uneducated, untoward people living in that part of cambridge…but you know how nosy neighbours are about everything. apparently most breaking and enterings is mostly made by males and they usually breaking into their own places because they about to go and lay into their partners/wives, so police take calls about b&e very seriously. i’m just saying though that the dude could have left well things alone after he was shown id and let things be…but naw…and professor gates probably got real indignant, but for real who the heck wouldn’t white, black, asian, latino, otherwise. that’s called a stupid situation (lol see i said same thing potus said) and it could have been dealt with on both sides DIFFERENTLY. it really didn’t need to go down like that. lol.

    also the rule in our neighbouhood is not to call/talk to the police. we do not get along with the police at all…and some bad stuff has happened around here, but what can you do…i mean i called lol the plice about a fire that happened here recently and i felt bad about it. i know that neighbour doesn’t give a fcuk and probably won’t thank me those a$$hole crooks…but i did anyways. if i was in skip gates position lol i would find that neighbour and tell them the hell off not thank them. sheesh. hahhaa. that’s how you know where my mind is. i’m nice but not that nice. and i don’t contribute to stupid situations. those men needed to be men and handle that whole situation on a different level. meh. dead issue.

  • mertz

    i think it’s been decided this rupert dude is an idiot. lol. i hope he keeps talking. he’ll dig himself a nice hole for himself.

  • North

    Obama is an IDIOT! This jerk needs to just STFU and read what his writers tell him to say, because when he goes and out thinks for himself he always shows his TRUE COLORS and comes off sounding like the complete IDIOT he is. Ummm, Ummm, iiiiiitttt, itittt , aaahhh,,,, hold onnn. Ummmm…
    Gezzzz,. I’ve never heard a president talk as IGNORANT an OBAMA.

    I think its funny that people are realizing the HUGE MISTAKE they made when they elected him. PEREZ HILTON even said today that OBAMA is at all all time LOW and the Hollywood actors who promoted him so are feeling like they have egg on their face. I’m so glad that Liberal America is realizing they don’t know SH*T when it comes to what’s best for America. Obama and his horse faced wife are more interested in celebrities, taking their girls to the Jonas Brother’s concerts, and photo shoots than they are about fixing America’s problems..and that’s really sad!

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Isn’t Rupert a former boyfriend of Julia Robert’s from way-back ? He was in a movie with her once, but then I heard he found out he was bi-sexual. Who knows for sure. LOL.LOL.
    TARA REID, is STILL the hippiest and dippiest mess of woman I have ever seen. I really like that little LUV handle spilling out and over her hippy-do shorts. Of course, if when you drink like a frigging manatee you are bound to gain a ton or two.
    Katie Holmes dance pictures do not look bad in still form, but when she actually DID the dance, it was not anything great. Her singing was better, which means her voice lessons have paid off. I hope these movies will pay off for her.

  • Here hERE

    Obama is a half white trying to claim total blackness. If you consider that he was raised in an all white family, and went to almost an ALL white school…Michelle was the FIRST black girl he EVER dated..he had 3 serious girl friends before he met her and they were all white…considering that the ONLY black person in his life was his father…and he didn’t even remember meeting him until he was 11…that’s pretty sad. He NEVER had any black influences, but now he’s acting like he’s lived his whole life struggling as a BLACK MAN….WHAT A F*CKING JOKE!!!! He’s only black by DNA…he’s just using the fact that he is half black to get black votes and liberal votes…and guess what..IT WORKED. He knows NOTHING about being a leader and fixing problems in America. He only knows how to do things that other people TELL HIM TO DO. WHen it’s up to him on his own, he fumbles and FAILS. We would have been better off if McCain would have won..I truly believe that.

  • Mind Mines

    Maybe Sonia Sotomayor will run in about four years and see how far she will get.

  • whortensia

    Good for Rupert for having the guts to cut through all the nonsense about the probable child molester/hero/god/idol with footsies of clay and looks of a bizarre freak.

  • whortensia

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l: Well I am sure your fists are better than your brain.

  • mertz

    oh shut up about this dude being black or white. the guy doesn’t look white enough to be white or black enough to be black. he looks more black than he looks white. who the hell cares. his problem with his own identity is not my problem. it’s his problem. i have my own identity issues i need to deal with. and lol keep saying because he grew up white just cause he lived with his moms and his grammy’s. HE GREW UP AS AN OTHER. someone who doesn’t fit. i never knew hawaiians were all white, or black for that matter, or all asian, or w/e. if you don’t look like the people around you of course you’re going to think you’re different, so stop looking at this all from one way. the dude for all intensive purposes identifies as black and white and i bet he has certain tendancies/go to’s behaviours in the way he acts towards white people and black people. i’m sure he faced that problem as a kid and that growing up gave him even more perspectives. w/e. i didn’t bother reading the rest because people be getting all indignant. lol. obama isn’t white or black. HE’S OTHER. just like i’m other, just like you’re other…more him though cause he’s actually mixed and he’s not one race so of course his life story is different, his perspectives are different. i have a friend who is black, irish, chinese, scotish, british, east indian, etc…like she’s soooooo mixed she doesn’t even know what she is…where she stands, who she should overall identify with, etc…and she actually looks black and lived her life identifying herself as black. now her perspective although native to her, and my perspective in believing her belief that she is black is disingeous because she’s not black. she is and she isn’t. she’s black and so much more. she’s OTHER…but it’s hard for people to realize that, and it’s hard for her because then that means she has to recognize that. everyone has identity issues, white, black, latino, asian, w/e. your president (lol cause he’s not mine) is no different. also the police officer was an idiot, skip gates was an idiot, and obama was stupid for saying stupid and not clearifying what he meant in that moment, but oh well. it happens. people make mistakes, and yeah he made one. i wouldn’t fault his terms because what he said is not completely wrong and i would have said the same thing, but i am not the president. THE POLICE OFFICER IS AN IDIOT, SKIP GATES IS AN IDIOT, OBAMA IS STUPID FOR SAYING STUPID. there. i covered everyone involved. now who cares that buddy has a cane, is old, came from his long flight from china, is sick, is a professor…i don’t care. skip gates was indignant. and now this officer lol same thing as skip gates having weak skin that he couldn’t even be reasonable, this officer is so offended that he’s going to arrest dude for disorderly conduct, lol cause that old man lol beat your young strong a$$ up with his cane or his fists. you angry cause he calls you racist and disses your mama. please. get off your chain. and obama i already covered him. everyone who said buddy didn’t need to say nothing is correct in this matter, but i’m actually glad everyone is talking because as it plays out it’ll show who truly thinks rationally, uses their brain, and is human. i mean it. people make mistakes and all those people made mistakes. everyone trying to take the police’s side lol, everyone taking gates side lol, everyone taking potus side lol. hahahahaaaaaaaaaa and i’ll keep laughing. idiotic all around. everyone has prejudice…and i have yet to meet the most PERFECT person in the world who lives his/her life outside all those limits. this MOFO RUPERT EVERETT IS A MOTHER F’N IDIOT.

  • mertz

    lol the whUre is back. anyways i was just switching channels eating dinner and came up on access hollywood and joan rivers is saying micheal jackson was a stupid fcuk, and then went on to follow that by saying because he used so many drugs and isolated himself/became friends with/lived with doctors and she called him stupid (like elvis she said, whom she also knew), then went on to follow that by her example of meeting crazy mj overseas while shopping (crazy because he was wearing a ski cap) and she put her hands up like there was a robbery (lol. i could take that so many places as well as her calling him crazy, pot calling kettle, but i’m not) and then she says she also knew mj when he was black though. lol. and the interviewer looks like joan rivers stepped into some sh*t, then goes on to say come on she’s a comedienne…and you know what i have other problems with joan rivers and her anti-semetic comments, but i didn’t have a problem with her comments…i mean i could have problems with it but i choose not to. i mean she doesn’t go and try to psychoanalyse mj’s racial or personal pain. i’m not saying this dude what’s his face, rupert, can’t be empathetic…but what the hell is he really talking about. is he black. has he changed himself into white. what identity problems has this guy gone though. is he gay or something…so is that his perspective and is that where he’s coming from. am i that close minded that i can’t understand his comments. man. i want to understand him. like i said i think he has some valid points in the whole interview but that his uhm use of words is flawed…lol just like obama’s skip gates the officer, lol nice tie in.

  • mertz

    and ET was no better. jeez. it’s so freaken dumb. i like news…but i feel so dirty. like this whole can this dude who’s calling mj his dad really be his dad and they showed a video (how do they get these personal videos) for the story next week with this kid kissing mj’s kids when they were babies and it was cute, seemed a little weird but not sinister, and i was just so shocked that this was on tv i couldn’t change the channel. i don’t watch those shows enough to know if this is what they talk about all the time, in that way, what they do, how those shows are, but i swear it was shocking. it makes me want to cry…lol, not for mj or his kids or his family, but just the fact that who puts this sh*t out there…like personal family videos. man i can’t believe i have a conscious. they probably good $$ for that video anyways…and they are doing their job. i guess it’s alright you know. all in the name of information. it’s so weird. meh.

  • mertz

    oh and i forgot to take this comment about perez to tax. lol. glad i remembered. please. rolling my freaking eyes.

    ” PEREZ HILTON even said today that OBAMA is at all all time LOW and the Hollywood actors who promoted him so are feeling like they have egg on their face.”

    perez hilton restated what is being stated EVERYWHERE because two public polls one conducted by rasmussen on his leadership was lol low and that more than 50% don’t like what’s going on with healthcare debacle and the other with gallup who keep everything passa passa is basically saying the same thing that rasmussen is saying but differently, and you know what so freaken what. i’m surprised hahhaa he didn’t have bush low approval rating day one on the job…and i’m not even pulling out a race card. i’m still surprised he won. also i like here here’s use of lol the conservatives know so much more what’s better for america because liberals are too stupid reasoning. and another lol barack is pretending to suffer like a black man. hahahaaaaaaa. racism exists and it’s worse for multiracial people cause they don’t fit anywhere and when they pretend they do it’s not true and when people pretend to accept them it’s not true. i saw those pictures of him in school and i laughed cause he stuck out, and you know what like i said before, he’s not white enough to be white, he’s not black enough to be black, he’s not asian enough to be hawaiian. he is other. just like you, just like me. hahaha. just because you feel like he self identifies with one race more than the other (which looks to be true but i wouldn’t know because he hasn’t come to definates about himself except to recognize that he’s white and black) and just believing that one perspective isn’t right. that’s my point. here’s the polling. and about the polling it was debunked by dude from time and also a prominent conservative/independent person and they both agreed that the polling isn’t as accurate as it could be because it’s not taken from the right places, so let’s here it. the whole thing is all too funny. who cares. i’ll give it a year, same i gave bush, clinton, etc…and then next year i’ll start going in. you guys like many others are still broke. jeez. it’s like the world is ending for america because china’s going to become the new 1. lol. it already happened…and america was just a conduit, set it all in motion all by it’s actions. it’s alright. i look forward to the international currency changing from the dollar to the rand or something else…hopefully not euro’s but that would ultimately be smarter, changing international currency to pound would be smartes lol but it would definately create real polar disparancies than the dollar does currently. gotta love inflation, deflation.

    rupert everett=fail.

  • DC.

    F*** Rupert. Whoever the hell he is.