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Solange Shaves Her Head

Solange Shaves Her Head

Solange Knowles shows off her newly shaved head while picking up her son Daniel, aka Julez, from school in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 23).

The 23-year-old younger sister of Beyonce Knowles took to her Twitter to defend her newly shorn look. Solange said, “Listen, if I wanted to make a statement, I would have twitpic’d (uploaded pictures). I was simply taking my son to school. Stupid paps took pic. I’ve had my hair cut like this for two weeks. I was NOT inspired by anyone but myself. I have done this twice in my llife. I was 16. I was 18. Did not care about your opinion then. Don’t care now. Don’t need your attention. I am #3 trending topic [on Twitter] before IRAN and some of you can’t even locate it on a map. It’s sad. I just wanted to be free from the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair. I’m not mad at all of you that have made your opinions know and have sent negative energy my way. I expected this of you.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Solange’s brave new do — HOT or NOT?

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  • sooo

    totally not!

  • vool

    she seems like such an ANGRY person

  • Hmmm

    How shallow that this is even a topic of discussion..there are people that lose their hair or shave their head because they have cancer (no reference whatsoever to Solange) so should they feel like freaks? Shame shame shame! Solange looks does not define anyone..are there not more important things to concern yourself with in life than dissing someone’s hair??

  • haha

    Wow, she is a fucking bitch… No wonder why no one likes her, and no one fucking said anything about your hair, because cunt you arent imporant…. she is the typical (not want to be mean) black person. Always think that everything is about them, well bitch it isnt. stop trying to get famous and get people to care.. attention whore!

  • YOU/ME

    I don’t care what she looks like….I like her style and her music. She is a very creative person and that is all that matters in my book. I will add however, that Solange looks beautiful with and without long hair!!

  • M

    hey vool (the tool) maybe you would be ANGRY if your privacy was invaded while you were taking your son to school? What an idiot you are

  • Saudia

    I don’t really care if she shaves her head .. Solange can do whatever she wishes. It’s her life and the media just makes a big deal out of nothing.

  • Trev

    @#3 No she just doesnt give a F**** what u Think which is why when she does thing which is considered for attention she points out that she didnt do it for anyone but her.

    To her u commenting on whether she wants attention or is crying for help is EXPECTED!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Haha, you are a typical ignorant racist with s serious inferiority should be truly ashamed of yourself (as if you even know the concept of that lol)

  • Not impressed by JA

    After reading what she wrote on Twitter, she got my respect. It’s her head and she has guts. She can do whatever she wants. Besides it’s not THAT bad. It’s just that people are not used to see her with it.
    Go Solo. Do your thang !

  • Lucas

    well i never thought she was that hot to begin with. frankly i don’t see it about her sister either. but I get where she’s coming from with the twitter thing. i have seen some comments trying to bash her, make something out of it that it is not. it’s summer in LA and it’s hot. if I looked decent with a bald head i’d probably shave mine too, got to be more comfortable. and lord knows I’d save on hair products.

  • Mirdeb

    “Did not care about your opinion then. Don’t care now. Don’t need your attention.”… But, I’m sure Ms. Knowles would like us to buy her ablum right?

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    fcuking idiot. you bishes are going crazy with the hair cutting shiit.

  • http://twitter Alexis

    who cares about her. she’s not a good actress and she damn well is not a good singer. she needs to leave the acting and snging to her older sister. she needs to STOP being a copy-cat. she wants to be known seperate from her sister than don’t follow in her foot-steps. they weren’t ment for her!! she could fall of the side of the earth and nobody would notice. also she needs to stop being an angry bitch toward everyone.

  • tom

    It’s not your hair, Solange, that makes people not like her… It’s your rude attitude. You think you’re above everyone.

  • Forever Kenny

    They took pieces of what she said. She did not only say this, Where are the other details??

  • evalynn

    she holds too much anger
    if she didn’t care then she wouldn’t write such a long message telling people she didn’t care

  • Precious


    How in the WORLD is that not suppose to be mean???

    Look who’s racist…..

  • not me

    She looks gorgeous. It is always nice to see a woman who is not afraid to try new looks. This is a winner.

  • SF

    One word to explain the new hairdo;


  • Irish Girl

    “I don’t want your attention, but now that we’re on the topic, I am royally pissed that no-one noticed my hair for TWO WEEKS. If Beyonce did this the world would stop spinning!”

  • Irish Girl

    @SF: lol

  • Susan

    She shouldn’t be explaining herself if she didn’t care about everyone’s opinions. Obviously she does. Anyway, atleast hair grows back.

  • Pooh

    Lol @ Irish Girl that shit is funny!

  • Halli

    Well, she looks good becuase she’s got a good shaped head for that hair cut. Hair is just hair. Its so silly to even make it an issue.

  • missp

    her flat ironed hair looks cute…… not sure what she is going to have to do for her hair to grow out! yuck

  • Anita

    Why did she shaves her head???

  • mimi

    i understand the stress of having to take care of one’s hair if he or she is african american.

  • kriis

    she’s not cute enough to pull off such short hair. just because rihanna looks good in any style doesn’t mean you will : ) she doesn’t give good face.

  • megan

    solange is very ugly and she sounds so rude

  • Lara

    Must be hard to have such a beautiful and successful sister like Beyoncé…at least you get that impression if you look at Solange…desperately trying to get attention, even if she denies it…but doesn’t that exactly show that she wants the attention?!?
    I don’t think she looks good with the short hair…but then I don’t think she looks good with long hair either; she’s just not beautiful imo

  • Gina

    “I am #3 trending topic [on Twitter] before IRAN and some of you can’t even locate it on a map. It’s sad.”

    Girl’s got a point…

  • nikomilinko
  • talia

    GO Solange!!….like her attitude…u go girl!!….how many other girls do u think would’ve had the GUTS to pull this off n i love what she said…the way she STOOD UP for herself..

  • babykiki

    She is ALWAYS angry and negative. She needs a big dose of

  • winnie

    I agree with the black woman and the hair struggle, I am sooooo sick of seeing these nasty weaves, they have to be so hot and itchy too,

    That being said there are more stylish cuts, very attractive short hair styles that look great on black woman’s natural hair, this cut is not, she could have at least shaped it better, too round not cute.

  • LolaSvelt

    Evidently she does care what people think because she wouldn’t defend herself in such an aggressive manner!

  • enoughalready

    Say whatever, but the chick has talent! With hair or no hair..

    It’s sad how we base things on looks instead of the actual person and the talent they are suppose to be representing. Like Rihanna, people base everything on her look knowing good and darn well she has no talent at all and will give her credit for something that 150 people started the day before. Only in this shallow world we call AMERICA!

    Solange you all right with me, continue to let your TALENT shine!

  • *******

    It’s like she said… it’s nobodies business but hers. If she likes it that is all that matters:)

  • Stacy

    I think it looks great, it shows her beautiful facial features!

  • mare

    She is such a hater. one angry girl! She can wear extensions so why would she care? loser

  • http://justjared Jasmine


    Her music is one thing, her personal life (what she does with her head or any other thing about herself), is her business…. If you or anyone else is going to NOT buy Solange’s cd based on a comment she made regarding her personal life, well then, I’m sure Solange can still make it just the same WITHOUT your purchase. Totally two separate things here… and if you can’t conceive this, shame on you…

  • Jen

    it looks horrible on her.. what a bad haircut

  • http://justjared selena


    I disagree. Sometimes you have to REMIND these sick azz people out here that you don’t give a royal f@$k what they think of you. I totally understand exactly where Solange is coming from. People think they can run around here saying whatever they want about you and you just sit back in a corner and not respond back… you da$mn straight these celebs should “come back” from time to time. You can only sit back for so long. I don’t blame Solange for telling you all to kiss her azz and go to hell!!!!!




    I’m not a celebrity and I would say the same things she said. I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think or don’t think. She’s a PERSON and has a right to express her feelings when papps are up her ass all the time. I like the do by the way. Good for her and I applaud her telling people who don’t like it to SHOVE IT!!

    Her anger is directed at those who don’t know her and feel they have the right to talk about her in negative way. She’s not big sis — two different personalities.

    I’m not a fan, but I applaud her for speaking her mind!


    @Irish Girl:

    You make no freakin sense!




  • mertz

    I LOVE HER!!!! GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF ANGEL!!!!! LOL ISN’T IT FUNNY SHE HAS THAT IN HER NAME. she’s such a cutie patootie with pure sass and a thick a$$ spine, totally stronghead female. and that’s what i’m all about. and she’s right you know. she was saying this a couple weeks ago musing on her twitter and getting feedback from people and i knew she would do it then and am not surprised. i mean seriously. i am growing my hair and it is beyond a chore and a half and my mom keeps saying we need to do something with it, and i don’t want to have any chemicals in my hair…to make it grow or otherwise. i’m so tired of HAIR. i like it but i overall hate it alot and i just wish my mom would let me shave my hair. ugh. she’s lucky she can do whatever the hell she wants. good for her. all the haters lol where were they hating when she was a teenager going on her rebellious streek. whatever. her shaving her head is not a big thing. it’s also not news. and lol at whack a$$ people on twitter making that a trending topic or whatever. ISN’T IT FUNNY HOW IRAN GETS NO LIME NOWADAYS. LIKE NO ONE GIVES A FCUK THAT THEY STILL PROTESTING, STRUGGLING DAILY TO GET FREEDOMS THE WEST HAS. man. life’s crazy like that. people are off the chain. i mean i was on another website the other day and i forget what we were discussing…something stupid probably and some dude went OFF about how we weren’t talking about something relevant and that there’s a 23 year old american soldier who’s been captured by the TALIBAN and is probably scared out of his mind trying to figure out if they are going to kill him or not. so you know she’s right and i give her props. she has lots of hutzpa, balls, w/e. she’s got that confidence and GOOD FOR HER.

  • Ilia

    This b**ch is all shades of ugly – please get LOST, and take you canckled sister along with you.