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Gerard Butler on Jennifer Aniston: Embrace The Rumor!

Gerard Butler on Jennifer Aniston: Embrace The Rumor!

Jennifer Aniston laughs while chowing down a salad on the set of her new movie The Bounty in New York city on Friday (July 24).

The 40-year-old actress’s costar Gerard Butler talked to Parade about the rumors of his and Jen‘s reported romantic relationship: “That’s how I live my life. Conan [O' Brien] asked me about Aniston, who is my co-star in the movie I’m making now, and I just said, ‘Yeah, we’re getting married. What the hell.’ Tell a joke, that’s my technique. But, I’m careful to also say that I’m marrying Cameron Diaz and maybe Joan Rivers. I like to tell everyone I’m going to be a busy guy. I learned as a kid how to stay out of trouble: make it funny.”

He continued, “It’s a pretty unfair role. The second someone makes something up, you’re stuck with it. If you deny it, people think, ‘The lady doth protest too much.’ So I’ve discovered you have to embrace the rumor. Take it all the way just to kind of show how ridiculous the whole thing is. Mike, my character, would probably say, ‘Just tell them it’s true.’ So I learned something from him.”

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    It’s really not.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    my eyes. it’s too late in the night for this assault to my senses. yikes!

  • mertz

    wan’t this story already posted?

  • celebrityhater

    Whoever says FIRST is a lame dorky ASSHAT! WTF is that crap anyways? Reminds me of something a kindergartener would say!

    OT: Maniston is a played-out hag, one-trick pony douche. Rachel sucks! No wonder her relationships fizzle within a matter of weeks/months – she’s such a clingy, needy ho.

  • Swansong

    Yay Jared, you are riding on the Gerard Butler/Ugly Truth wave! I love Gerry’s frankness in the Parade interview. I’m glad he’s learning to laugh these stupid rumors off and is just busy making movies! TUT is filling up the theaters this weekend, and audiences are being Butlerlized!

    I’m so glad that despite scathing reviews from critics, the audiences are enjoying the movie for what it is! Entertainment!

  • mertz

    lol # 2

  • Odd Proportion

    Her chin is longer than her forehead.

  • ladams

    OMG, The arm pitt team is up late tonight. Shouldn’t you guys be out collecting Gucci bags for refugees? Jennifer looks great even in baggy jeans. Notice how feminine her hands are not like “MAN” hands. Gerry has a great sence of humor. I bet they have a good time on the set.

  • mertz

    lol # 5 as much as i like gerard, i am not going to see that movie until it comes out on dvd because i can’t stand shit on everything heigl and lol there was a better romcom that already came out and i think it was with sandra bullock and ryan reynolds. i want to see this movie though but i can’t. ugh. i’ll wait for dvd’s to come out and rent it or wait for it to come out on tv.

    celebrityhater @ 07/25/2009 at 2:30 am Whoever says FIRST is a lame dorky ASSHAT!
    lol. that’s been happening on this website for a LONG time. lol. same with other sites too. yes it is like kindergarten. i like it though, but then i like a lot of crap lol like this film ;P

  • mertz

    who brought up the gucci in this thread? is anyone talking about that? shouldn’t that be left in the aj thread. oh well. it’s already been started. have fun posting!

  • mertz

    this film=the ugly truth. lol.

  • Short legs

    Her legs are short when she doesn’t wear high heels.


    i love jenny and i dont think people should care if she should get married or not!!

  • Jenny

    Jen’s a strong girl. She doesn’t need a man or kids in her life.

  • cook

    Girl is homely….

  • Kait

    Is this in the upcoming edition of Parade? With V. Hud on the cover.

    And ugh, Jen and Gerard would make a cute couple. Not even going to try and hide that. But whatever they do is fine by me.

  • mertz

    i found the thread where you posted the quote and why the story looks familiar. i probably read it somewhere else.

  • tanya

    i like what she’s wearing…alotttt….she looks cute here :)

  • mimilala

    Not really feeling the jeans..but wow, she has great arms! Makes me want to hit the weights more!

  • mertz

    yeah i want to like the jeans but i don’t think i can. i like her scarf though.

    i saw this on lainey earlier but i’m just getting around to reading the article and i think everyone should read it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WANT TO HAVE KIDS. IT’S OKAY. LOL
    good piece. lol. lainey’s gonna get it. hahaha i doubt she cares. i’m going to post this in the aj thread and maybe some people there will read it. lol. actually if only i could post it in all the threads about females. i don’t find it weird that people have kids at all just like i don’t find it weird that people don’t have kids. everyone’s different. meh. i know it’s supposedly natural to want to reproduce…just like it’s supposedly natural to be homephobic, lol, but i don’t buy it. do whatever you want. seems to work for jon gosselin who is spineless as hell but boning 3 women, and works for george clooney and dicaprio and so many others. anyone notice i listed dudes. lol. i don’t know many women who sleep around but i’m sure they do it too. it’s just less acceptable.

  • emily

    today is matt leblanc birthday on friend

  • Roy

    Jen looks awesome in here she can look even better if she goes blonder. She can also look a little more pink on her cheeks.

  • mertz

    yesterday was jlo’s bday or something. lol.

    matt leblanc aka joey/joseph? meh. happy b day.

    i was thinkingn about posting the article in the cameron diaz thread because she is also a part of the barren coven (optionally) although she likes kids, but doesn’t want to have some, yet anyways…and then i got to the cameron diaz part in the article. i’ll post this in her thread. for all you ANISTON fans there’s an aniston part in the article too, along with jen garner, angelina jolie, tori (hag) spelling, lol, and many others. lainey’s a b8tch and she’s one of many voices, but she’s not totally wrong or right. women should be left to make their own decisions. i wonder who stands behind this let’s pit women against women fest hating on each other because some choose to be barren and some choose to have children. it’s all too dumb.

  • WTF?

    Is JJ re-posting old stories now with different (boring) pics? Lame.

  • nikomilinko
  • michelle

    I love Gerard’s sense of humor, seems like he’s the one getting the last laugh.

  • So Sweet

    She is a stunning beauty!

  • just me

    @So Sweet:

    what “stunning beauty”??? she looks like a transgendered person!!

  • K.G.

    I see the Jolie fans are trolling again.

  • So Sweet

    @just me:

    You keep your opinion inside you. Yes Jennifer is a true beauty. I need not to explain more than this. Now don’t bother replying me.

  • So Sweet


    You’re right. They have no life. I really feel pity for them, they are so fake just like their idol. Well you can’t expect more from fans of a whore.

  • Shrek

    I don’t think for one moment they’re a couple, but who knows what the future might bring.

    One thing for sure, I bet he’s already given her the benefit of his salami! And why not. He’s hot and single. She’s hot and single. They’ve been together on a lot of dinner dates that haven’t been reported in the press, and many times to their hotel rooms. Gerry, I do believe you protest way too much!!! Bang ‘em and leave ‘em Gerry!

  • fat thighs

    Yeah eat your salad fat cow. Your thighs are becoming as fat as they were pre yoga. You certainly got to work hard to get that superficially maintained hot body so that your stupid fat fans can rave about your homeliness tunrned second rate hotness.

    Too bad you can’t trade face and buy a hot one.

  • Dating NOT

    Gerard like them exotic looking and young.
    He dates mainly Blacks, Asians and brunettes. I never saw him dating a blondie, let alone an aging one

  • liverwurst

    Nice toned arms, she’s alway adorable.

  • La sigh.

    Love her jeans…anyone know anything about them?

  • La sigh.

    @Odd Proportion: Angie’s forehead (fivehead really) is longer than Jen’s chin so STFU : )

  • breathinliveout

    Still trying to duplicate her hair color but my stylist just can’t quite get it!! I just love her hair. I goggled images of Jennifer Aniston and you won’t beleive just how many hiarstyles she’s had over the years. Loons alway say she has the same but it varies by color and length, layers etc. Guess they need glasses as well as medication, LOL.

  • there’sone thing i can say …

    i love te way gerard sakes the rumors – u have to have a good strong character to be seen with jennifer because of the jolie pitt fans and he’s done a great job at staying true – brad yr life is not that wonderful after all hey. lol

  • Besane

    @Jenny: So if you have children, women are NOT strong!? I beg to differ. Grow up. Wait, you are an Aniston fan. You DON’T grow up. My bad.

  • breezy

    If I saw Jen in this outfit and Angie in her recent black drab coming through the airport jeez I think I’d look twice at Jen she is just sexy, Chin bashers, is that all you got? How about Angie’s chin implant..?

  • ellie’

    Jared thanks again. Your great posting Jen again.. Even dress down
    just love the way she looks. Can’t wait to see Jennifer on the big screen I love her movies every single one.. You go Girl!!!

  • ellie’

    My dear sweet Jade..
    OT Just wanted to know how your doing? Hope all is well.. Just thinking about you…
    Take care………ellie

  • won ton

    @fat thighs: She has the sexiest Body I”ve seen in a while and far from fat, MEOW!!!!

  • Trump

    She looks hot here, just enough skin showing , she is such a power house men are intimidated by her independence not pregnant all the time with her insecurities like Angelina Not a huge fan but judge them as I see them.. She made 1 million dollars an episode on the last season of friends, she’s definitely in control..

  • roberta

    Jen is hot Angie is not, I’m a refugee can I have a Gucci bag?

  • celebrityhater

    Mangelina y Chinifer perdedor skanks son a la vez que les gusta chupar alce bolas. No puedo soportar la vista de cualquiera de ellos trols!

  • fat cow

    won ton @ 07/25/2009 at 8:32 am @fat thighs: She has the sexiest Body I”ve seen in a while and far from fat, MEOW!!!!
    You must live among fug and fat then. I feel sorry for you having that low standard of beauty : a petite, short legged, stocky woman with a tendency to build up muscles a la Madonna with one of the nastiest manliest face around and the neck of a body builder.

  • Bitchslap

    @ fat cow: BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fat cow

    She looks hot here, just enough skin showing , she is such a power house men are intimidated by her independence not pregnant all the time with her insecurities like Angelina
    Yeah, she is so secure that she had to beg Mayer to take her back for another round of golden shower after her admitted that he doesn’t care about her.
    She is so secure thats he had to publicly ask for help to land a decent man. She is so secure that she admitted crying over a single gray hair. She is so secure that she resort to bleaching her hair, doing yoga daily just to maintain her natural fat body.
    She is so secure that has soon as she met Brad she bnaged him and moved with him two days later.

    She is so secure that as soon as she landed Brad in a suspected manner, she shed tons of pounds, let her hair grow and went platinum blond…to emulate Gwyneth. She is so secure that she has to talk about her ex husband even when in the sack with another man.
    Aniston is all but secure. That’s why men dump her in a scary turn over becaus of her tons of insecurities.