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Kate Gosselin: Play-Doh Heart Attack

Kate Gosselin: Play-Doh Heart Attack

Kate Gosselin sticks Play-Doh hearts all over her face and chest as she plays games with her eight kids at their home on Saturday (July 25) in Reading, Penn.

The twins and sextuplets also presented Mama G with a plate of Play-Doh food that they had created and Kate pretended to eat it. Gobble, gobble!

At one point, Leah and Alexis started crying and Kate comforted them separately with a flurry of hugs.

Don’t forget to pick up your “No Kate, I’M dating Jon” t-shirts!!!!!!

10+ pictures inside of Play-Doh heart attack victim Kate Gosselin

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kate gosselin play doh heart 01
kate gosselin play doh heart 02
kate gosselin play doh heart 03
kate gosselin play doh heart 04
kate gosselin play doh heart 05
kate gosselin play doh heart 06
kate gosselin play doh heart 07
kate gosselin play doh heart 08
kate gosselin play doh heart 09
kate gosselin play doh heart 10

Credit: Winslow/Meinelt; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • belle

    She lives on like 70 acres and they always play where the paps are–why is that?? Can’t they play in the back yard for some privacy??? I do give credit to Kate for standing up to being a mom and not a sleeze like their ex-father.

  • teri

    Hang in there Kate………..your kids will remember times like this where they had fun.

  • Anakin

    *Breaking News* – Jon Gosselin is to be the next guy on “The Bachelor”, once his divorce is finalized
    The preceding statement is entirely false, PSYCH!

  • emma

    i like her for being here for her kids.

  • Vicki


  • marisa

    good mom

  • megan

    i’m team kate the whole way…is that their cousin ben with them?

  • karenina

    team kate

  • michelle

    at their home>>>>> what the hell why are there paparazzi at th house this is sad and ridiculous

  • Skye

    This from the woman who yelled at Jon for playing play-doh with his kids!! Said he was being juvenile and was suppose to supervise and act mature. What a fricking hypocrite!!

  • the kids are cute

    i’m team Kate too, that Jon Gosselin guy is so messed up in the head, it’s not even funny..

  • Jon Gosselin is a ho

    she hates the paps but yet she continually props herself in her front driveway daily for photo ops when they clearly have ALL THAT LAND behind the house? fame hungry b*tch. Just wait until your kids end up in padded cells when they’re older (Mady is already there)

  • team kate

    Even if kate made it seem like she’s a bitch, (well she is) it was also jon’s fault for not saying anything. Kate is a good mom, she loves her kids unconditionally and as for Jon? His actions are all about how he would feel. Having two girlfriends at once? What would your kids think…

  • ashley

    Kate, you are such a fun and exciting mom to those precious kids of yours!! HANG IN THERE AND CONTINUE WITH ALL YOUR GOOD WORK!! :)

  • Good grief

    Kate doesn’t constantly prop herself out in the front yard.

    Whenever they step outside their picture gets taken. The woman can’t even step foot outside her door without being accused and criticized.

  • angel35

    at least kate is busy with her kids,en not screwing every weed
    smoking teen,in site as jon does.

    her priority is with the kids,she is a mom,
    she is not perfect,but that is nobody.
    kate you doing a good job.

  • Jane & james

    all of a sudden..she’s mom of the year?? But the kids do look a little happier..

  • Jessie

    I just love how she pretends to enjoy her kids company just like pretends/acts nicey-nice now around them for the TLC cameras. This is all an act. For the viewers and for the paps. She always does this right in her front yard for the photogs to capture. She even looks right at the paps and smiles! Only a stupid fool would actually believe she’s enjoying her kids company.

  • sabrina

    Ugh! This woman! She always dresses so trashy!! Boobs popping out and short dresses for the whole world to see up! Whatta great mom & role model for her (always sad looking) girls. Proves you can’t buy class.

  • jojo

    where was her priority when she was out with “her body guard”..promating her books…who was taking care of the kids then?

  • georgie

    think we need a few more pictures of her boobs?????

  • got a grudge?

    The wedding ring is back on along with the baby doll dresses that showcases the cleavage for the paps. Have you seen the pictures that show her crotch with it all hanging out (last week, looking sad in black dress on the steps)? If she wants to show off for the men paps, then she should wear spanks under her dresses.
    This is all a show for the cameras, I hope the kids don’t realize it yet.
    How does Kate keep up with her housework, laundry, cooking, cleaning, writing books and play-doh with the kids so much? She is always, always out in the yard.
    Both parents ought to be forced to attend counseling by the judge.

  • jana

    #1…that was my comment! the backyard is huge, and they have a pool that never gets used. Why always in the front yard, on the pavement. And do her boobs always have to be hanging out..
    Isn’t it funny…now that jon is getting bad press, she seems to be sticking at home and hanging out with the kids 24-7…for all you haters…Its a fact…for the past year, she’s been globe-trotting promoting her books and doing executive crap with TLC and the show. There were nannies, cooks and Jon. End of story.
    I bet her lawyer is telling her to stay close to home, don’t make jon look like a schmuck.
    Yes, Jon is a schmuck..and one more thing…I’m convinced Kate is calling all the shots with his kids. NO you can’t see them…and then it looks like he’s the one choosing another girl over the kids. I’m here to tell you, it gets exhausting to keep trying over and over to see the kids when the other parent makes it impossible. And she’s a freakin’ control mongor.
    Jon is still a major loser

  • Gina

    She should take some of her childrens’ money and buy a bra to hold in her new bewbies.

  • Good grief

    Enough with the crotch and boobs pictures. Can’t you just take the pics without being that much of sleaze?

  • Flo

    Kate sits center stage with the kids so the press can see that she actually did spend some time with her kids. Jon was always there with them, he was a better mother to the kids than she ever could be, she is a cold caulculating self-centered shrew.

  • my9cats

    What an outstanding example of Christian womanhood.
    Modest, kind, yada yada.
    The churches they KONned must feel like fools.

  • Payson

    SHE GOT OUT OF HER CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just one pic BUT THAT”S SOMETHING!!!! YOU GO KHATE!!

  • Payson

    Maybe she could lean-over a bit more.

  • my9cats

    OMT. When did Radaronline go on Kate’s payroll?
    And who writes that crap?

  • my9cats

    Oooops! My bad….. I meant Just Jarad, not Radaronline, although Radar is just as bad and my previous comment (#30) holds true for both.

  • snoopy

    Wait, didn’t she criticize Jon for playing with the kids with play-doh? Oh it’s funny what she’ll do for the PAPS and to TRY to improve her image! haha!
    Buy a bra Kate, and a new PR Firm – you need it!

  • snoopy

    Wait, didn’t she criticize Jon for playing with the kids with play-doh? Oh it’s funny what she’ll do for the PAPS and to TRY to improve her image! haha!
    Buy a bra Kate, and a new PR Firm – you need it!

  • lisa

    Does this woman ever get (off her butt) and out of that white chair!?

  • kindel

    i bet mom of the year (NOT) won’t be hitting anymore kids out in public. haha. ms. loving mother – please!!!

    does she ever leave her front yard and out of the view of the papz?

  • Sally Mae

    Kate take some of those big bucks that you have made off of your children to purchase a good bra.

  • marisa

    again with the moaning from people about WHERE Kate chooses to sit on HER PROPERTY? you people need to learn a new song. Where are you sitting? In front of your computer watching her live a better life than yours?

    She should sit right in front of the paps every single day until they realize there’s nothing to see and go away. It’s up to THEM to stop taking her picture, but they’re not going to, because people keep responding to her picture being out there. They want to take pictures of Kate living her life and of the kids playing, blame them, and blame yourselves, but don’t blame Kate for not running away and hiding. She has no reason to run and hide.

    And everyday she is photographed with her kids is just another day she can say she was there for them, while Jon-boy whoops it up with his latest golddigger and the felon of the week he chooses to hang out with.

    Kate and the kids look fine. I hope they’re having a great summer together, and I hope the kids don’t miss their dad, but if they do, it’s HIS fault.

  • Name that itune

    The Hollywood Gosselins invited everyone into their lives.
    The paps got their public back.
    They have a big bank account from the baby factory revolution
    Kids sing along Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to home work we go.
    The no-fault divorce papers are filed.
    The tups are starting school a year late.
    Looks like the nannies took another break.
    Scoreboard is flashing who did what, when, where, how, and why.
    Superstition is one did all when the other did someone else.
    Now their separated and ain’t got no say over the other.
    Judge don’t care get it settled out not in my courtroom, sign here.

  • kate

    Does Kate ever leave the front yard?

  • kate’s big sister


    You go girl tell them them there peoples what opinion they may have in the land of free speech, specially if it different than yours.

  • Kathryn

    I love how Kate hates the paps but spends all her ‘quality’ time there right in front of them in her front yard with her kids. She smiles and poses for the rag mags photographers. Doesn’t this house have sides of the house and a backyard? Trees to block photogs? But why should she care about protecting these kids, she’s done nothing but exploit them from the start. Pig.

  • juls


  • sabby

    Does this dooouche ever leave her white chair or audience of photographers in her frontyard? she loves this stuff!

  • my9cats


    Ummmm…you’re in front of your computer looking at the same website.
    How is this different?

    Yes it’s her yard and she can sit wherever she wants, BUT if I were crying for privacy the last place I would park my butt is in the driveway in total view of the paps. With 23 acres I am sure there is someplace she could sit and the kids could play without being on display like zoo animals. Kate creates her own problems. Or should I say publicity.

  • Twin Mom

    Go Kate! As for playing out front and not hiding out somewhere on the property, in one photo, one of the older girls is rollerblading, maybe it is the only area on their property with pavement for the childen to skate, ride bikes, etc.

  • marisa


    I remember Jon encouraging the boys to beat each other up. I remember him sitting on his fat ass playing with his new phone and ignoring his kids while he set it up (oblivious to what was going on around him) while Kate interviewed nannies.

    I remember Jon complaining about having to fill their cups again – like one drink a day should be enough for 3 year olds. I remember him telling Leah that she lost her cup and it’s her fault, and now she won’t have a drink for the rest of the day.

    I remember Jon calling Joel a girl because he was afraid of the water. I remember him yelling at the kids and telling the 4 year old boys to be “men” when they didn’t want to take a walk in the woods.

    I remember Jon violently ripping the twig out of Alexis’ hand because one of the kids started crying that she touched them, and breaking it in two while she looked on in terror.

    Jon is a two minute daddy. He feels great playing with the kids for two minutes, and then he wants to walk away and do something grown up. And now he has walked away, and who’s there? Their mom.

  • Sam

    LOL at her trying to portray being a good mom. That’s all it is, an act.

    And only Kate could make those high-end FREE clothes look TRASHY.

  • Sharon

    She is “acting” like a good Mom. We all know she’s not. Look how trashy she looks. Dirty feet, fallin out of her dress…She’s even looking down at her own boobs in the 8th picture. She really has some issues.

  • marisa


    The difference is I’m not jealous or angry or complaining about them. The difference is I walk away from my computer. The difference is I’m happy for Kate and the kids and the fun they seem to be having together.

    That’s the difference. I didn’t think I’d have to point that out, so there’s another difference between me and a lot of you. You need things spelled out for you to the tiniest degree.

  • selina

    Isn’t it funny Kate is the only person in the public eye who willingly and happily parades her kids in front of the paps and cameras? What other high-profile (ugh!) person does this? You never see celebrity-kids playing in the front yard. Because those parents PROTECT their kids and shield them as much as possible when they are in their home environment. Not our Katie Irene! Boy! She sells her kids out to the highest bidder (or weirdo) everytime! Everyday! Every frickin’ chance she gets! Karma biottch, Karma! And get your fatttasssss off that chair!! GEEZ!