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Megan Fox Makes Comic-Con Crazy

Megan Fox Makes Comic-Con Crazy

Megan Fox is joined by costars Josh Brolin and Michael Fassbender for a Jonah Hex panel discussion at Comic-Con 2009 held at the San Diego Convention Center on Friday (July 24) in San Diego, Calif.

“I’m Jonah’s love interest, but it’s not very conventional,” Megan says of her role as Leila in Jonah Hex, out June 2010. “She’s a prostitute that he’s been coming to for years. They have a special relationship — he doesn’t want to get to close to her because everyone that he loves dies and she doesn’t really understand that concept.”

FYI: Megan is wearing Gucci‘s Fall/Winter 09-10 “Exit 30″ black match blue micro jacquard silk lurex boxy spencer jacket.

15+ pictures inside of Comic-con crazed Megan Fox

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Credit: Richie Buxo; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • Naysayer

    Megan Fox playing a prostitute…LOL

    Is this art imitating life or vice versa?

    At least she’s doing what she does best.

  • Verónica

    #1, you’re an idiot.

    Cant wait to see this film. Look & sounds like a big hit.

  • Smartie

    HAHAHA LMAO #1 well said. I hate this ho……. Angelina WANNABE

  • sheryll

    I don’t think they really went “crazy” for her. Now come on! They’ll go crazy for anyone who shows up. Let’s not make her out to seem more than what she really is.

  • Liza

    She looks very pretty in these new pictures. Her makeup’s not TOO heavy this time.

  • for

    boring girl

  • cristina

    ugly wannabe hoe

  • dundies


  • lala

    she doesn’t even look like a human being anymore, she used to be so pretty, blech!

  • WHAT

    she looks like an alien. I’m sorry but I don’t find her that gorgeous.

  • not a fan, but…

    i really like that dark lipstick she was wearing in the pics from yesterday… I cant stand Megan Fox, but I thought she looked pretty yesterday. That lipstick color looked real good on her.

  • Katie

    lol some of you guys are mean

  • Noticias de famosos

    Megan is up in the soup … Now if you have a paper with a little
    dialogue and content .. Because in Transformers (the movie that I love) it
    not make a good body to show more …

  • Haylie

    some of you guys are just nasty. I think she looks beautiful! very dark and sultry look.

  • christine

    this might be interesting altho i dunno what its about… seems a little applealing so far. Josh brolin is a good actor. i’m glad he’s getting roles. megan fox obviously relies on her looks to get her roles. but it should be interesting to see them together. hopefully megan will bring something more to this and not act like another BIMBO. but i cant help but think she is NO INDIVIDUAL and copies others. let’s say… anglina jolie? i know ppl hate comparing those two, but it just seems like Fox is not showing anything new. of course there r many women who r like angelina before angelina ever came out. just curious to see if Megan can bring something more intelligent…. in anything she does.

  • karenina

    @Naysayer: well said

  • Catchy

    need Garrett Hedlund and TRON Legacy!!

  • God

    Stupid haters, urgh.

  • Beth

    get over it everyone, i really dont see how shes SO like angelina jolie.
    Dark hair and tattoos and likes sex, weeeeelll thats alot of people. I have dark hair and tattoos:S am i trying to be angelina, no.
    Shes very pretty, and especially WITHOUT makeup.
    If your just going to comment rude things, why bother. immature.

  • Sara

    She is a very beautiful woman. She really is much prettier
    than Angelina ever was. Now there isn’t even a contest,
    she’s 10 x better

  • blah

    she’s cute, but very fake looking. Also she has no talent but then agaIn most in hollywood dont

  • angie’s old nose

    Reminds me of Angielina at this age.

  • mmsic

    @Sara: I think you should say,she is 10x better than Rachel Green who can’t act.

  • mdrrr

    she looks like a hooker sooooooooo overrated, used to think she’s pretty but after seeing many pics of her she kinda fugly and overrated

  • liz

    she is soooooo stupid…

  • Sarah

    Its hilarious that some of you say shes a wannabe Angie. Megan and Angie dont see the resemblance, so for you to say she is a wannabe is only reflecting light on the fact that YOU PERSONALLY, find them similar.

  • Helen

    I love her outfit
    the makeup is a little over done but she still looks beautiful

  • here’s my take

    I do think Megan was umm let’s say coached to mimic some of Angelina’s style and poses. However, she looks nothing like Angelina because Angelina has a very unique look about her that makes her different from anyone else in the crowd. Angelina’s beauty is almost exotic, especially in her younger days. Megan fox is a bottled dark haired white girl with blue eyes, spray on tan, possible boob job and lots of make up. There is nothing unique, interesting or exotic about her looks. Check her out on the show Hope & Faith you can see all the cosmetic surgery this girl has undergone to try and look hot. Dye her hair back to it’s original dirty dark blond, stop the tanning and take off the ton of makeup and she will look just like any other blond, blue-eyed white girl out there.

    Angelina can go without makeup (like she just did this week in Iraq), wear a torn dress, messed up hair and she will still out shine almost every woman in the room because her beauty is unique, natural and very different from anyone else.

    Angelina is naturally sexy and she never has had to flaunt it to show it. She has sex appeal automatically and she is very comfortable in her own skin. If there was a time she wasn’t confident in who she was, she seemed to have never shown it.

    Megan is coached to be sexy and it shows. A few open mouth photos do not make a woman sexy it makes her look like a sex blowup doll.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn megan
    who lied 2 u and said that jacket looks nice?
    doesnt even match ur outfit
    minus the jacket she does look great much better than the previous post
    loving the jeans on her

  • Hamming

    She doesn’t look good as usual in that jacket. By the way, I really wanna watch Transformer 2. Anyone hear watched it? Is it worth to pay for?

  • pop

    she’s beautiful and irreverent l love that…wish her the best

  • mickey

    She is pretty but she wears WAAAAAAAY too much make up. It makes her so much older than she is.

  • mimilala

    She looks great here..

  • stacey

    looking good!

  • Paty

    A lot make up no so much brain

  • Irish Girl

    The 18th picture – the close up – wow. You have to be some kind of beautiful to look that good close-up and high res. picture.

  • um

    she’s another Lindsay Lohan

  • rrr

    i’m getting sick of seeing her pictures everyday. she’s so overrated.

  • Scruffy puffy

    EVERYONE hates this useless BIMBO HOEEEEL. Please don’t quote this imbecile anymore, she is such a loser!!!!

  • angsh

    Phew!!! Where do I get a prostitute like Megan Fox?This is art stretching imagination too much….and inflicting mental agony on viewers !!

  • mailey

    she looks so much prettier without a ton of makeup on like in these pics. luv meggie, but jenn-conn’s green eyes are prettier..

  • sophs

    shes pretty, i used to like her alot, but i dont really agree with some things she has been said lately, but i still think shes gorgeous, and i love her make up here! =)

  • vanilla

    she isn’t so pretty at all…
    in transformers she looked better

  • Lucy

    I love her outfit and make-up. She was gorgeous!

  • Megan did her lips, breasts, Her all teeth recently which has changing a jaw and smile a little bit, nose, eyes and the worst part is she is doing massive punctual collagen lips injections once in while which ultimately won’t be good with the constant lips yo, yo will have permant damage in the long term. Sometimes her lips go totally under control like in here, which can’t be good in the long run when talking about smoothness and muscle elasticity of the lips :
    Other times when she loses weight and don’t do collagen, her thinnely cut square face and inner trait gives those manly vibes. It’s not soft, round or feminine, hence she needs lots of bouncy hair extensions to soften the whole thing. Whenever she has a slick hairstyle, the harshness, the very long and wide forehead (compare to the narrow chin) makes her very average looking and destructurized, like her head has a reverse pear shape instead of a more balance shape like an apple. She is all RAVEN bouncy hair and collagen, when it’ not there, her face is just too harsh and manly looking. Cut her hair short or put her in blond and there is no sexyness anymore.
    Plus there are rumors about her eye color which are contact lences and her hair that are most of the time extensions.
    As for her skin, it’s the worst of any actresses out there : full of deep acne cars and craters. No dermabraision would turn this skin smooth, fresh and young. That’s why she puts lots of foundation to smoothen and even it out but her skin au naturel looks craterish, wounded and as leatherly as the one of a very mature woman who has sun damaged..

  • Humiliated at the Comic con

    mdrrr @ 07/25/2009 at 5:48 pm she looks like a hooker sooooooooo overrated, used to think she’s pretty but after seeing many pics of her she kinda fugly and overrated
    Lol so true !
    That’s how she is perceived. Her fans keeps on raving about her, how she is hotter and better than X and Y but the truth is she only received the kind of love and reverence that any p*rn star get : desired in a ho*kerish way but never respected like any decent actress is.
    At that Comic con a fan of hers asked if she wanted to be part of a celebrity s*x tape before being booed. Not even starlets like Alba were publicly insulted and treated this way by her own fans.
    Still, that tells a lot about how she is perceived by some of her own fans : trashy and ho*kerih a la Kim Kardashian. Most of them are just a bunch of immature men who just don’t even respect her. They just use her pictures to *rgasm. That’s why Michael Bay has made her wash her car. Michael Bay who also directed Angelina Jolie who was younger in that Meatloaf video. You can bet she was treated more respectfully than Megan was.
    She oozes p*rn, easyness on her goodies and is treated like such. No comparison should be set with Angie or other actresses whatsoever. She is just in her wrong path. She should just stay in her natural n*de GQ starlet niche.
    Besides, when she is not shooting herself with collagen to get those plump lips, she looks more like a mix between Nancy Kerrigan, ex skater figure and Carmen Electra. She is the ‘Baywatch’ type and would fit perfectly in a sequel ‘Baywatch, return of the bimbos’ especially after those new breast implants she got recently

  • bella

    She looks stunning here. The outfit is horrible. But you cannot win with Megan she either is dressed nice and has way too much makeup. Or the makeup is just right and she is dressed terrible.

  • Lara

    very sweet :)

  • Lainey

    @here’s my take: Megan fox is naturally dark haired. Its Angie who is a naturally blonde. Angies mom dyed her hair dark as a kid(coming from Ange herself) and she liked it so much shes kept the look. They are both white girls with blue eyes. What does their race have to do with it?

    Megan did not get her boobs done, only her nose and lip injections.

    Angie has done a lot of work to her face- including completely changing her nose, a chin implant, and slanting of the eyes which she didnt need at all. Ang whoever syas megan has a big forehead is crazy because angie has a huge one. Who cares, its a friggen forehead.

  • suppress your appetite

    Wow she looks great!