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Rihanna & Katy Perry: Philippe Festive

Rihanna & Katy Perry: Philippe Festive

Rihanna and her BFF, fellow singer Katy Perry, grab dinner together at upscale Chinese restaurant Philippe Chow on the Upper East Side of New York City on Friday night (July 24).

Katy has a concert on Tuesday in the city at Hammerstein Ballroom. Pop punk band Cobra Starship is opening the show, which is completely sold out!

Today, Katy is performing with Brooklyn band Boy Crisis at Agganis Arena in Boston, Mass. Tomorrow, Katy performs with Canadian bands The New Cities and Stereos at Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Canada.

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73 Responses to “Rihanna & Katy Perry: Philippe Festive”

  1. 1
    Meream Says:

    It’s cute that their styles are completely different. :D

  2. 2
    gemini Says:

    Does Rihanna ever work?

  3. 3
    yay Says:

    They are so cool and have the best sense of fashion. Rihanna looks gorgeous as always :D

  4. 4
    Mavis Says:

    They should be best friends because neither one of them can sing worth a damn.

  5. 5
    etro Says:

    That is not a very flattering hairstyle.
    Rihanna looks like a blockhead.
    Katy is pretty.

  6. 6
    pook Says:

    Love Katy Perry though she’s not the best singer.

  7. 7
    yoda Says:

    They’re trading lip sync techniques.

  8. 8
    Onyx Says:

    Way too much makeup on Rihanna. She looks like a ***** clown.

  9. 9
    lovely Says:

    Yes, their styles are quite different. I give Katy credit for going more natural and not seeming to care if her hair is a little messy, whereas Rihanna always looks overdone and tarted up.

  10. 10
    wrx Says:

    pretty sure stereos is from alberta, not ohio.

  11. 11
    Tasha Says:

    You would never know Rihanna’s a 21 year old woman looking at these photos. She is making herself look so old for her age.

  12. 12
    asdf Says:

    @ Rihanna – Jimmy Neutron wore it better!

  13. 13
    lala Says:

    rihanna’s nose looks collapsed?
    does anyone notice? like she had it done and the top collapsed. thats why it looks so strange from profile.

    she is really pretty but if that would be fixed then she would be even prettier.

  14. 14
    rabbit Says:

    Designers need to stop giving Rihanna all these free but ugly clothes that she tries to wear all at once.

  15. 15
    TC Says:

    Her nose does look a little different. Maybe she has a sinus infection?
    I don’t think she’s pretty but she does have nice eyes.

  16. 16
    Jen Says:

    bad dressers and singers

  17. 17
    wexx Says:

    Katy looks good. Rihanna’s cute but the hair is really getting out of hand.

  18. 18
    becca Says:

    Sorry, but Rihanna is neither pretty or fierce anymore. She’s like a lowrent Grace Jones and just looks silly.

  19. 19
    Swag Says:

    That lady looks like a dude!

  20. 20
    fusion Says:

    I give her credit for shaving her head but Rihanna’s just not pretty enough to rock a mohawk.
    Katy looks the same as always. Time to mix it up a little.

  21. 21
    haiti Says:

    I really like Katy. She seems so nice. Rihanna is lucky to have her as a friend!

  22. 22
    Michelle Says:

    yeah it’s cool .. pls follow me on twitter or add me on myspace .. xoxo =P

  23. 23
    Shar Says:

    Rihanna looks like a woodpecker.
    What a mess!

  24. 24
    G-UNIT Says:


  25. 25
    tiger Says:

    Come on RiRi, fire your stylist. You look like a pelican.

  26. 26
    katie Says:

    I know for a fact that Stereos is from Edmonton, not Ohio.

  27. 27
    Dan Says:

    Stereos are not from OHIO. They are from Canada.

  28. 28
    Emily gellis Says:

    Photo 8 of 949|Photos of MePreviousNext

  29. 29
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    @gemini: you live in a cave? have you been sleeping for the past few years..

  30. 30
    wft Says:



  31. 31
    city Says:

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l: Show us the photos of her working — going to and from the studio or actually promoting her music. All I could find was her attending a premiere of a film she didn’t star in and exiting a club.

  32. 32
    mertz Says:

    gosh stop being stupid. lol. she is recording a new album and she has been going to and from studios and there have been pictures and yes she’s also been partying and chilling. jeez. what’s you point about her working. so what if she isn’t working. she’s still has more money than you will ever have. anyways she’s recording new album…did you know chris is also recording a new album…did you know jay z is recording a new album. lol. did yo know kanye is working on a new album. hahahaa. i cosign what infamously cool said and i hardly ever agree with that person.

  33. 33
    Sassy Says:

    @mertz what money rihanna has without covergirl she ain’t got **** And please do you know personally Celebrity worshiper.She needs to stop walking around doing nothing.Brezzy #7 on itunes glad.All those people who claim his career over eat your words.Not even rihanna could have destroy it.

  34. 34
    Jude87 Says:

    The level of censorship on this site is crazy. Let’s see if this one goes through.
    ITA with 31 – where are the pictures? We get pics of her doing everything else so if she were really recording, there should have been some images by now. Rihanna doesn’t seem to work anymore, She just parties and shops.

  35. 35
    Eyda Says:

    love beautiful talented katy, hate untalented wannabe rihanna, cant understand how katy can like her…

  36. 36
    blah Says:

    Katy Pery is cute and has some form of talent, rianna on the other hand is ugly and talentless.

  37. 37
    mdrrr Says:

    hate both of’em and does that talentless ho rihoena ever work!!!!!! officially the most useless celebrity in the world

  38. 38
    mertz Says:

    gosh i can’t believe people are this stupid. RIHANNA IS WORKING. lol. i didn’t even bring up covergril or chris brown. jesus. stop being fcuken stupid and fcuken read stuff for a freaking change. lol. she is recording, rerecording, doing post production for her new record. YES SHE IS PARTYING, YES SHE IS GOING OUT. how dumb can you guys be. solange is recording for her new record, kid sister melissa is recording/done mixing her record, jay-z has his record finished but doing post production on his record, drake is recording new music and also writing for rihanna, kanye is also recording some material. THERE ARE A BUNCH OF PEOPLE WHO WORK IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY CURRENTLY RECORDING MUSIC AND JUST BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE NOT WORKING DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE NOT. so stop whatever agenda you are on and fcuken maybe go on some music sites and try to get some information if you don’t have another means of getting information. jesus. i was also complaining about how much this girl does nothing, but i also know that lol she’s working on a new album and even i’m not that stupid to not know that especially when producers and song writers open their big mouths and drop information.

    WHEN THE FCUK DID THIS TURN INTO A CHRIS BROWN THREAD. WHO SAID HIS CAREER IS OVER. what the hell are you saying? really. actually scratch that. just stop for a minute and think before clicking submit. sheesh.

  39. 39
    Bitch Says:

    @mertz Show me a pic of her in a studio.Learn how to write English properly please.U freaking blogging *****.

  40. 40
    girl Says:

    Rihanna needs to do something other than walking the streets doing nothing..
    @mertz Are you yelling?Sorry but your writing is poor and reading your comment means you are not Educated.For the record before calling someone dump don’t write dumpiness.

  41. 41
    stacey Says:

    I luv katy perry!

  42. 42
    varsity Says:

    Lol @ this girl having more $$ than we’ll ever have. Lose more $$ is probably the more likely case. Show us the bank statements. Some think because a ***** is a celeb, they have money. But no, it usually is not true, especially in cases like Rihanna’s where the label was smart enough to draw up a contract where she foots most of the bill. You would be surprised at how broke these celebrities really are and how they only look “rich” because they rely on free stuff from designers and rent expensive-looking homes and cars. That is why Rihanna does not make the Forbes list like Jay-Z and Beyonce.

  43. 43
    bold Says:

    @mertz If Rihanna is so rich how comes she never makes a Forbes list.Her stans are crazy delusional people.

  44. 44
    NYCDiva Says:

    They hang out together cuz they’re BOTH LAMES! Katy & Rihanna sound like wounded puppies in the forest being tortured by goats.

  45. 45
    mertz Says:

    lol bold. hahahaa stans eh. geez. i see i can recognize someone using broke language too.

    google has rihanna new album at 14 plus million results

    check the archives of this site and you’ll find a couple of pics along with blurbs saying she’s working on a new album.

    i don’t get you guys. she’s a freaking artist. she’s not on tour, she’s not promoting, she’s doing whatever tune ups she has to do for her record before it comes out. she does actually have a job. just because she’s not doing it lol while meeting katy freaking perry doesn’t mean she is not working on her record. i mean if you hate her that much you should know atleast that.

    and thanks for the response girl. i know all that you wrote in your response. lol and i still like calling people dumb. i mean i already know that about me so it’s nothing new. hahaha but the people who just hate and don’t see nothing else, those people have more problems than my inability to spell or construct proper sentences. but thanks for pointing all that out.

    lol and if you had the money she had you wouldn’t be posting on this site now would you. stop fronting like this girl doesn’t have a good record deal and isn’t selling records. sheesh. she does have money and she burns it just as fast.

  46. 46
    mertz Says:

    listen to jay z talk about his blue print 3 album. i don’t understand you people acting like records come from thin air or something with no effort at all.

    rihanna already had an album, a good number of records for the company to package and release this year, but oh no. after what happened lol they went back to the table and couldn’t release those same tracks. she’s reworking her entire album, new songs, working old song, getting people from all over to write her new music, and the funny thing is even if you don’t see pictures of her in the studio, like i said previously, people in the industry don’t know how to keep their mouths shut. i am surprised her old tunes haven’t leaked all the way out already. shows you they have a tight team around her lol cause they aren’t even leaking anything to gage reaction and see what works and what doesnt. jeez.

    although jay-z’s record is done, has been done he is still recording, rerecording, doing post production. why do you think rihanna has been flying out to london. there’s going to be a couple surprise producers on her record. i hope they keep everything under wraps until whenver they feel like setting everything in motion. last month aubrey was in london and let drop that he was writing for rihanna and they’re going to test out the song to see if it makes the cut for her new record. he’s not the only one. she is working. i mean she has to be cause she has to release a new record. she cannot go n a long hiatus or whatever. she doesn’t have that luxury…especially with everyone knowing that they already had something to release…if they don’t release something by next year i guarantee you there will be definate rihanna new music leaks and none of that hoax gaga stuff from earlier this year. lol.

  47. 47
    greenfan Says:

    As a previous poster said, show us the bank accounts. Not that long ago Rihanna was rumored to be bankrupt not to mention, it’s pretty much known in the industry that her contract with DJ is not the best.

  48. 48
    e Says:

    This chick is not an artist. She’s a thinly veiled marketing creation. Even frog face Gaga can sing better than Rihanna and has more original videos.

  49. 49
    mertz Says:

    lol. what the hell comment is that show you the bank account. ahahaaaa. if rihanna is broke then the world is ending. ahahahaa and she’s not even throwing her money all into her shows or tours like how lady gaga and so many others have to do. jeez. she has a good deal. she’s not poor by any means and she’s lol wealthier and worth more than those stupid gosselins. i don’t have to show you guys anything actually because i recognize people who have agendas for no reasons and i think some of you are it. you’re online. you should be smart enough to do a little research yourself. it’s not that hard. it’s called using your brain. if you wanted to stalk her enough you could find out a lot of **** about rihanna worse then what’s been put online/leaked hahaha but i like to sit on my a$$ as much as the next person and post dumb comments. lol @ gaga singing better than rihanna…vocally? really? you kinda have a point but not really. stefani definately has a good voice and she can stretch her range, but she chooses not to and she chooses to make herself into a dimension that suits her moniker. lol. but she can sing. i think though that tone wyse rihanna probably has the better voice…and lol i don’t mean with all that nasal sh*t. if we were comparing rihanna from when she was 16 to gaga now i would give the win to stefani, but not currently. lol. yeah she has better records now than rihanna but she’s to new to most people. people are only cluing in to her. her ear and talent for music is better than rihanna’s definately. her performance is better. (she’s not the best dancer but laurie ann is doing a great job with her) and she’s actually more of an artist, albeit more contrived, than rihanna is. if rihanna hadn’t already a leg up in the industry and her and stefani broke out the same time i think gaga would definately beat rihanna. they should lol try to manufacture some beef and release records on the same day or something and we’ll see who’s fans stan the best.

  50. 50
    Scruffy puffy Says:


  51. 51
    Quest Says:

    @mertz: Dude, get a life. You are obsessed with Rihanna. Stop trying to force your opinion as fact. Unless you have access to her personal finances, you have no insight into her wealth or the Gosselin’s. You can only speculate just like everyone else so stop talking like this girl is rich when there is no supporting evidence.

  52. 52
    Q Says:

    @mertz: Dude, get a life. You are obsessed with Rihanna. Stop trying to force your opinion as fact. Unless you have access to her personal finances, you have no insight into her wealth or the Gosselin’s. You can only speculate just like everyone else so stop talking like this girl is rich when there is no supporting evidence.

  53. 53
    Quest Says:

    Something is wrong with the filter on this website. Nothing over a paragraph is going through.

  54. 54
    martin Says:

    Her “work” is looking for photo-ops.
    The stylist must be on vacation this week.

  55. 55
    mertz Says:

    lol. you don’t have to listen to me. it’s just sad that you’re on the internet and you basically don’t know how to use it to find information but you like to live your life in a bubble and specualte on sh*t or even draw conclusions that best suits you. rihanna is by no means broke. get over yourself and stop believing/spreading lies.

  56. 56
    jj fan Says:

    ^No, what’s is sad is that losers like you sit on this site all day long writing rambling posts and not saying much of anything. I’ve seen you under the Jolie and Aniston topics. You must be unemployed to be able to spend so much time arguing over silly

  57. 57
    Wind Says:

    # 55 – Are you Rihanna? Then you have no idea if she’s broke or not. And if the information disputing this was easily available, you would have shared it by now. When she starts making the Forbes lists, perhaps ppl will believe she’s rich.

  58. 58
    MissToreeBaby Says:

    I’m cosigning on this-that’s apart of the economic crisis in this country. So many people, ESP CELEBS, LIVING OFF CREDIT!

    Let’s face it, Rihanna having not been a “silver spoon baby”, probably would not pay $5000 for a LV bag or $1500 for a pair of jeans outta her hard earned CASH. CREDIT IS MOFO!

  59. 59
    sammy Says:

    @mertz you are a calebrity worshipper get a life.As a fan of rihanna she needs to sit down somewhere.

  60. 60
    baje Says:

    Why is mertz spending some much time talking about rihanna.Ho sit down

  61. 61
    DANN Says:

    I really don’t like new’s rihanna hairstyle i think the last was better than this, but she’s always at the top and very personal,so if she feels good with it i’ts ok,and katty always nice!

  62. 62
    mertz Says:

    you guys are so dumb. it’s not worth conversing with people who are blinded by their agenda’s. that’s too stupid and convoluted to think rihanna is broke. lol. she will be if she continues to do what she does, but lol she doesn’t even control her own finances. that shows how stupid you are if you didn’t even know that.

  63. 63
    mertz Says:

    lol. and jj fan i’ve seen lots of jj fans posting on this website. which one are you again?

    yeah i’m a celebrity worshiper lol…what are you doing on this website. sure i worship all the celebrities jared posts about. please. use your freaking heads sometimes.

    i mean for all you know i could hate rihanna and then where would you be. i don’t like when people spread lies just because they hate someone and they think it’s befitting. get off your freaking chain if you think this girl isn’t working, hasn’t been working, won’t be working on her new album. i mean i am by no means a rihanna fanboy even if i know people who know her very well, lol, but you wouldn’t know that either. shut the f up and you’re telling me to get a life, why don’t you follow your own advice.

  64. 64
    BIGZ Says:



  65. 65
    mertz Says:

    ahahahaaaaaa all caps!!!!! that was fun. good to see someone is losing their cool. stop being dumb. hahaha what’s it to you if i live on this website. hhahahaaaaaaaaaaa. and of course i don’t have a life. hahahaaaaa and of coure you went for the fat joke when i actually weigh as much as those stupid F’rs on this website who do coke to stay thin but they are celebs so that’s okay. shut the hell up. so what if she lives a shallow life. what is it to you. seriously. why are you being a player hater. hahah and you must be female because no male would go and talk **** online like this with no backing. you’re telling me to get a life. take your own advice you fcuken sanctimonous pos. i was trying to say that this girl does have a job and that she does work even if it looks like she isn’t. but then again you don’t need to believe me because it seems like all you people have a pretty good idea of what the industry is and how it works because apparently all artists are **** and never work. jeez. this girl has been getting papp’d for years for no reason just because she is who she is and i’m tired of seeing pics of her around for no freaking reason, because if i really wanted to watch a fashion show on the street i would go to and not come here, but you guys are right she does need to get a job. obviously. but shut the hell up and stop being disingenous. stop spreading lies. and stop being fcuken haters.

    how is recording a trak here and there NOT WORKING. you don’t make any sense…lol, even more than i don’t make sense you idiot. like the fact that she’s working on her record isn’t working or the fact that she’s not working/doing whatever you think working is (which to me is working 24 hour shifts seven days a week. yeah i know what work is douche) doesn’t measure up to your standards it means she’s not working. AHAHAHAAA. how fcuken convoluted is that sh*t. i mean if you’re really going to make that argument then you could say that for a lot of supposed “celebrities” and not just rihanna. think outside your narrow bubble. obviously. shoot. why did i even enter this conversation. i mean i’m not even a rihanna stan. her voice sucks. but what can i do. probably pissed me off that there were so many sh*teous commments in this thread for no reason at all except that some people have onbiously lost their patience and decided to come online and leave some douches on this thread. fcuk. get bent. i mean when you’re an artist then come at me again about how she’s not working. geez. you don’t know sh*t about sh*t. you think i don’t know sh*t about sh*t then fine, but i’m extending that curtesy to you. same thing ya’ll are saying i said same about britney spears but i say the same about lindsey lohan, rihanna, rachel bilson and so many others but i don’t talk lies and i don’t spread crap. i may be lacking morals but ya’ll just showing how you’re mindless bots. end rant. that was fun to type. hahahha gotta love this site.

  66. 66
    mertz Says:

    Quest @ 07/26/2009 at 12:56 am Something is wrong with the filter on this website. Nothing over a paragraph is going through.
    yeah the site does this during the morning. it’s not the filter though because that usually goes lax during the morning and all sorts of cursing are allowed.

  67. 67
    Quest Says:

    @mertz: You think everyone who posts in all caps is angry? That’s a little 1999. You also need to put down the crack pipe. Apparently, you’ve gotten your lies mixed up. I’ve seen your posts. You are a Rihanna fan and even claimed to know her and be affiliated with Def Jam in previous posts. You’re the one who has an agenda and apparently an Internet addiction because you just can’t let it go and keep coming back here trying to force your opinion as fact. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind. They have their opinion and you have yours.
    I’ll give you credit though. At least you admitted her voice sucks.

  68. 68
    mertz Says:

    yeah her voice does suck. lol. i am a rihanna fan because i know people she knows and only know her minimly a long time before she got signed. i did help spread those lies because my friends who work with her and are industry tipped me off about what was going down and lol it wasn’t hard to go to a couple blogs and encourage some of these lies and i didn’t get paid for it. lol. why would i get paid for it. yeah and caps=angry/emphasis but all caps definately means angry, crazy, too excited…and if i’m the only one who keeps coming back then why are you here. lol. i actually know quite a few of the people in the “celeb” world and it helps to have friends who are industry. so what. you grow up around certain people or you go to school with certain people and you work with certain people. lol. and thanks for the advice, but i still don’t like people spreading lies/propoganda and i saw some of that in that thread. isn’t that ironic. i will lie for a couple of my friends but i won’t allow that for others. lol. whatever quest et al. i don’t have anything against you. lol. why would i. yeah you can hate on her yeah you can hate her…people keep saying she’s dating drake she’s back with chris when neither is true. so w/e. people can keep believing everything they read.

  69. 69
    H. Says:

    I don’t care if this ***** is broke, that’s no excuse for being such a ****** dresser. This chick needs to stop recycling her outfits and sneaking around with Chris Brown. She’s not fooling anyone.

  70. 70
    RYAN Says:


  71. 71
    suppress your appetite Says:

    hot & hot

  72. 72
    2cute4u Says:

    rihanna and katy both look beautiful and ppl who are hating on them are just jealous cause they know they wish they were rihanna or katy perry so stop hatin ! lovee thier music .

  73. 73
    Terri Says:

    Are people here on crack? Get a life. You don’t know these people and you certainly don’t know their finances.

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