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Hilary Duff: Femme for DKNY Jeans Ad!

Hilary Duff: Femme for DKNY Jeans Ad!

Check out the first advertisement for the Hilary Duff-designed fashion line, Femme for DKNY Jeans.

“One of the hardest things is to come up with a name,” said the 21-year-old. “But I think Femme works really well and explains the line perfectly as feminine but tough all at the same time. It’s aggressive, but in a good way.”

Items to be sold include sweater tunics with removable cowl scarves, tees with detachable and printed necklaces, charmeuse cozies that layer like scarves, skinny jeans with adjustable belt loops for thin or wide belts. The line will hit stores in a few months.

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  • beeswax

    She looks great as always!

  • Juliet

    OMG! That’s not Hilary. Too MUCH PHOTOSHOP. That’s more like Blake Lively :)

  • sophs

    they made her look sooo thinn, jeezz, shes so natural pretty, that wasnt needed that much photoshop, i still love her ^^

  • Misshalfway

    Yikes!! photo-shop is definitely Hilary’s friend….
    I agree with you Juliet, that’s more like Blake… :D

  • amber

    she wishes she’s that skinny. again, not is wrong with being fat

  • Annie

    she looks taller than she is
    but still looks great!

  • jen

    she’s gorgeous as her!!!

  • MM

    it’s obvious that it’s photoshopped ALOT.
    she looks taller and slimmer

  • UrbanCowboy

    I wonder how long those heels are?

  • Lily

    i thought it was ashley tisdale blonde again lol

  • christine

    She looks hot! I’d defintely buy her new line of clothes. Absolutely.
    RE: Photoshopping….
    Besides, people of below average height, tend to lose weight and gain weight showing the gaining weight part more easily. Even if they lose weight it’s hard to show it because of height. You can still look a little heavier, even if you’re around 110lbs or less and 5’2″ because width shows more and there’s NOT much to spread the fat around. AND women bloat easily and hormones and everything.
    Imagine having the height of an 11 year old with the body of a 30 year old. It is a struggle when they’re judged visually and they r at their skinniest healthily. And you wonder why there’s ppl like Marykate Olsen who’s anorexic! You’re damned if you’re skinny… you’re damned if your healthy!

  • kenlee

    this photo is actually shot months ago when she was kinda skinny…but now she’s fat again ..-_____- too bad..

  • christine

    How come no one says anything about Dita Von Teese who is voluptuous? She’s heavier than Hillary. Even being a little taller, you can see she is the same thickness as Hillary for her height.

  • amy

    I don’t really think it’s Hilary’s decision to make whether or not they are going to photoshop a picture of her. If the people behind DKNY think she is too curvey they just make her taller and thinner, and she can’t say much about it. They want to sell clothes, and they want us to think that we can look like models if we wear their clothes. They just don’t have a clue that we don’t want to be anorectic, and that we think Hilary is beautiful as she is…

  • Nahla

    She looks thin here O_o I think she’s very beautiful all the time! I love her <3 Her line seems cool

  • Jennie

    LMAO Photoshop at it’s best . Isn’t funny that no matter how hard she tries not even THAT much Photoshop can’t make her half as pretty as Lindsay … Haha I bet her boyfriend tells her she’s perfect. They told her to loose weight for Gossip Girl , I’m sure she couldn’t fit into any of the cloth. The people at DKNY should have hired someone who can actually fit into their clothes.

  • *******

    Love the outfit Hilary is wearing for the ad. I’d definitely buy:)

  • roosta

    Doesnt even look like her! at ALL

  • grx

    oh no too much photoshop… but she looks good

  • Noticias de famosos

    Or the photos were made long ago or to have moved with photoshop …

  • M.T


  • Brink

    Photoshop Smotoshop. You have to have something special to begin with; they can not work miracles in the lab. Hilary was cute as a kid and has grown into an attractive young woman.

  • Jen

    she’s gorgeous and always has been. I don’t know what is wrong with people who are calling her fat but she is far from that

  • lara

    whoa! she looks thin there. :-))

  • Saudia

    oh my .. too much photoshop!! I thought DKNY was all about being a woman .. geez

  • funkey

    Glad DNKY chose her and not Rachel Bilson again Hillary knows how to design and Skinny Jeans are in. I’m sure her line will be a huge sucess..

  • lala

    yeah, that is not her

  • e

    um either these photos were shot 3 years ago. or they are severely photoshopped!!! Hill’s current pictures resemble Kelly Clarkson. Why do advertisers and the people behind the company think that the consumers are so dumb. How embarrassing for Donna Karan. This reflects on her. The line is going to tank. Hillary does not even resemble this ad.

  • Linds


  • Amy

    Why they felt that this beautiful girl should be photoshoped is beyond me. When they pull out this kind of stuff in ads I’m totally turned off no matter how good the product might be.

  • kate

    How in the world does Hillary Duff get a job designing for Donna Karan? Who is she in the fashion world? What design background does she have? Who cares about her taste in clothes and why would DKNY think anyone out here would buy it because Hillary Duff is associated? I swear I don’t get modern celebrity.

  • roxy

    Bad choice…I don’t like her..

  • dalith

    she looks very thin, did they take the pictures more than a year ago?

  • amanda

    I can understand why they want her to be with Penn in gossip girl now by this picture

  • Paulo


  • Lucas

    Fashion Designer, actress, singer … Hilary Duff is very talented

  • Paranel

    She does not look this thin or tall . She is chunky and chubby. nothing wrong with that , why photo shop it ?

  • nat

    Too photoshop, For those of you who call Hillary fat, you definitely have body problems because she is everything but.

  • Magali

    I love her!

  • Irish Girl

    hahaha…. thanks jj… I needed a laugh.

  • bella

    At first I thought it was Blake Lively. It does not even look like Hilary. She is a pretty girl, but the photoshopping is ridiculous.

  • Matt

    Wow did she ever get photoshopped to death. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Photoshop, as it’s standard practice for all of these things….but when the person starts having a completely different look than she really does, it’s just lame. Especially when the person isn’t just some random model people arent familiar with, but a celebrity people know well. We’ve all seen candid pics and even pics and such of Hilary….she’s cute, but pretty thickset and has a large-boned body, and suddenly here she’s this impossibly thin and leggy creature? Yeah, right. Changing her beyond recognition does not help her cause because it’s too blatant.

  • go sox

    I think what I’m annoyed at is, they didn’t NEED to photoshop her. She looks healthy and beautiful the way she is. Why did they have to????

  • Lola

    Waaaay too much photoshop on this ad! It’s freaky! She is trim but with curves, this ad makes her look like a stick figure! Not an attractive ad, she’s almost not recognizable.

  • Oh fcuk

    Fat times can go away with the magic of Photoshop. Short wide HilsDuffiityPuffity wished she looks like the fakity fake mirage that is this picture. I think it’s Gisele’s body and then they just erased the fat from Hilary’s face and pasted it on top. Dats what it looks like. Even fat azz Barfareli is no wheres near loooking like this fakity thingy. It is the unicorn known as Gisele.

  • Brandy

    I seriously thought this was Blake Lively! Hilary’s body is not even close to being that long she’s 5’1″!!!

  • http://? b12345

    I’d just like to say, I was in this shoot , it was just outside the new topshop the day it opened around the back, anyway, she really was that skinny, infact, she looked even smaller in real life, I was quite surprised! But I don’t think they’ve used photoshop as much as you think

  • Zoey


    Who are you kidding? Hillary is pretty, but she has a chubby figure. These photos are obviously photoshopped into submission by the same person who does Kelly Clarkson’s stuff.

  • http://? b12345

    Alright, whatever, but it’s true, she must’ve been eating rabbit food for a week or something cos she was skiiiinny!

  • Brandy

    I think they used Mariah Carey’s re-toucher. lol