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Kate Gosselin Tries To Keep Up

Kate Gosselin Tries To Keep Up

Super mom Kate Gosselin does her part to help save the environment, taking out all of the recyclables while her kids play in the yard on Sunday afternoon (July 26) in Reading, Penn.

Other pictures include the 34-year-old reality TV mom taking her children to a park the day before. Kate was seen helping Alexis on the monkey bars and pushing Hannah and Leah on the swing set.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin trying to keep up…

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kate gosselin try to keep up 01
kate gosselin try to keep up 02
kate gosselin try to keep up 03
kate gosselin try to keep up 04
kate gosselin try to keep up 05
kate gosselin try to keep up 06
kate gosselin try to keep up 07
kate gosselin try to keep up 08
kate gosselin try to keep up 09
kate gosselin try to keep up 10

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  • YUK

    What a skank

  • Kate Gosselin

    Look people, boxes from all of my freebees. Aren’t I great to recycle?

  • WOW

    Big Legs . Jon definitely has upgraded

  • Kelly

    I can see the cottage cheese thighs through her tights

  • where’s the house boy?

    It’s called physical labor lazybonescamartist

  • eden

    @Kate Gosselin: puahahaha so true.

  • Just Me

    wow you are all so mean…besides do I detect a little jealousy? i think shes better off with out Jon…and Jon moved up??? to what a junkie with issues?? yea so much better…lol

  • me

    She is hardly ever pictured playing with any of the boy children. . . why is that

  • me too

    @Just Me: I agree with u Jon’s a looser with a looser girlfriend.

  • mailey

    i actually semi-like kate. i mean, yah, she’s a crazy control-freak, but nobody’s perfect lol she is very environment-conscious and makes sure her children eat well. it’s disgusting how americans feed their kids fast food and microwaved crap. that’s why we’re obese!
    if i were her with 8 kids, id take advntage of the tv perks too. who wouldn’t? who would deny their kids a chance to go to hawaii and so on? and she’d never ever be able to send any of them to college if it wasnt for the show! so you just have to take the bad with the good. that’s also what MARRIAGE is about.
    it’s not her fault her husband bailed, is undedicated, disloyal, and is a spineless piece of trash. she is better off without him. she and the kids deserve better.

  • get over it…

    @Just Me: i totally agree. Everyone who commented so far except for us is jealous because she is getting pad for taking care of her children. instead of being jealous just be happy for her. she was handed a great opportunity and took advantage of it. cant we all be so lucky. and JON downgraded to an ugly druggie and. hes a fat douchebag anyway.

  • Laurie

    you can rag on kate all you want but she’s the one taking care of 8 kids by herself and were is Jon screwing around with with drugged out bimbo
    shame on him he’s a father of 8 with no job he doesn’t give 2 shits about anyone but himself. he’s disgusting!!!!

  • cc

    she got handed an opportunity to sell her kids souls, and she took it. she’s reaping what she sows now, and i don’t think it will end. money isn’t everything. those kids are paying a heavy price for what their parents did to them, and will for the rest of their lives. that’s not called jealousy or bitterness or wishing her haters had that lifestyle, it’s called reality. a far reality than what she portrays for the TLC cameras and the paps everyday.

  • anthony

    She is doing great from the looks of it, she deserves better then some idiot who can’t think for himself. And she is a mother of 8 people..she looks great!

  • maria

    laurie, she’s doing what every other single mom does, so? what’s your point? jon and her have set up some weird type of visitation. he’s there when he’s supposed to be and she’s not and vice-versa. so what? she gets paid to watch her kids. plus she has nannys. big whoop. she’s no mother of the year by any means. this is all for the cameras and cameramen. she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  • christina

    yeah you people should be happy for her. she is doing the best she can. at least she isn’t on welfare and cannot take care of her kids. she got the short end of the stick with her ex husband. she maybe a little controlling but she wants to make sure her kids learn good manners, habits and are not spoiled brats. i think Kate looks nice for a mom with 8 children. she may have had work done but at least she has kept it off and isnt an over weight person like Jon. Jon should be ashamed of himself. He did her wrong. All marriages are not perfect but when you say your vows it is meant for life. not because you want to have a mid life crisis and run out on your wife and kids. she does take care of them while he is jet setting around with bimbos all day. where are the pictures of him being with his kids? he is a loser.

  • Tina

    Make these Gosselins go away send the kids to Jody’s soon.

  • eli

    I never really liked her but now i feel sorry for her
    Shes got 8 kids holy F***, I dont know how i would handle all that
    so whatever
    I cant image how expensive colleg for those kids will be esp since they all be going AT THE SAME TIME hope theyre smart for some scholarships

  • jell us ov jon

    all yuze Jon haters are Jell Us of the sex he’s a gettin cause woman ciant control men

  • Sienna


    I couldn’t have agreed more..

  • Selina

    I done agrees wit you jell us ov jon….. take dat!

  • Marieme

    I’m not going to say anything bad about her again. At least the woman is at home being a mother to her kids while her a**hole ex-husband is out being a total famewh*re and wh*re period. Must be nice to have 8 kids and just walk out on them.

  • lisa

    Look at the wide bright smiles on Jon in every picture and then look at the dumpy PO’d face of Kate . That says it all . Winner? Jon by a Knock out. hehheheeeee

  • payless

    A picture says a thousand words. The children are clearly having a good time with their MOTHER. Their father on the otherhand, is having a good time with Michael Lohan. When is the last time you saw Jon Gosselin even try to look happy in thepresence of his children. Quit being so mean to Kate, at least she’s trying.

  • adnil

    i think kate looks fab freaking tastic for all the running around she has to do with those kids. watched the show once and the organization that is needed to keep that gong show on the go would send anyone spinny. no wonder she put the screws to jon. merci

  • payless

    Uh I think that’s a pretty nice smile on Kate’s face in the last two pictues. A mother who clearly loves her children, and a father who clearly loves himself.

  • Lucy

    All of the Kate haters are just jealous. If you hate her so much and disagree with everything she does then don’t read about it. She is a lot better of person then that piece of **** husband of hers. Her and the kids are both better off without him in the picture. The children look happy and so does she. So just leave them the hell alone!!!!

  • Uncle sam

    Oh did the lawyers make rules that rotating spouse has to the parent duties and household duties at the kids studio and not leave the house a mess. Tisk tisk such a pouting face the nannies don’t do trash and windows. LOL

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Everyone had said a few Gosselin posts ago, that Kate’s behavior was an act prompted by her attorney to look happy every time she was around the children in public. That she was to show more open affection such as hugs and kiss the children more often, plus take them to fun activities, and keep the paparzzi off herself and her pampering.
    Supposedly, this came from an insider from her attorney’s office building, NOT from her attorneys office itself.
    That way, it would make Jon look careless and unconcerned for the welfare of his children.
    So, who and what are we to believe at this point ?????
    As @ PAYLESS said, ” Jon clearly loves himself.” Now that he is ” hanging ” with celebrities and buying expensive dud’s for his so-called ” hip ” figure, ( GAG ) to wear in the Big Apple, the children have no choice but to continue with the show. Jon’s mortgage payment alone is over $ 3,500 a month. ( I read that on X-17 online ).
    Plus he has that fancy 2 seater sports car that he has to park in a garage, that is extra, plus his maintence fee’s. I would love to see all 8 children crammed in that car or on the back of his Harley.
    In other words, when he has them for days, how does he transport them around ? Is he THAT selfish? YES, I guess he is. Maybe he could rent a small U-Haul, and hook it up to his sports car, and pull the kids around in that. You know they DO have some that have a sun roof.
    Maybe his new BFF, Michael ( dipwad ) Lohan, can counsel Jon douche bag into becoming a minister ( of whatever ) just like himself. LOL.LOL. Now, THAT would be an interesting twist in the soap opera of The Gosselin Disaster Show.

  • steph

    you said it perfect.. thank you

  • anne


    #17 Send them to Jodi’s soon? You must be crazy! That woman used those kids too. Her and Kate’s lousy brother paid off their mortgage by selling those videos they made for RadarOnline. She doesn’t deserve to have those kids much less ever see them again. I hear the Kreider family is pissed at what they did and aren’t speaking to them anymore. I say good for the Kreiders!

  • whatever

    use to think that she was a real b. Still think that she cares way to much about money and should have stop the show.


    after seeing the tool/douche bag Jon running around, Kate seems to be coming into her own.

    Maybe she made mistakes along the way, despite still doing the TLC show, she is really trying to help the children get through this whole thing.

  • nicollleee

    i honestly don’t understand how people think the show will end up ruining the kids life. their not child actors, it’s not like they are working like some people think. if you have every actually seen the show, cameras pretty much just capture the kids playing around, having fun, fighting with each other at times. so unlike some people think, i think they’ve had a great child hood, and yes I agree Kate is a control freak and did treat Jon wrong at times, but that doesn’t mean she it a bad mother. I think she’s a great one who truly loves her kids & at the end of the day just wants whats best for them in the long run like any other mother famous or not.

  • lola


    Would you prefer it if she didn’t have any legs at all? She’s a woman who looks as good as she can look. Why do women put other women down for their looks? She’s not perfect, nobody is. I would bet that the people who make fun of her “cottage cheese thighs” don’t look any better than Kate does but that doesn’t stop them from putting a woman down because she’s not an anorexic.


  • mertz

    remindes me of when i have to do blue bin drop offs.

    i like her under armour magenta hat. they look like they’re doing alright.

  • Jan

    That is why she is WORKING, writing books, doing speaking engagements and being on TV. Kate has been supporting this family all along. Jon was the 9th kid. Let him play in the sand with his wild women and Lohan. TLC should FIRE JON. He had TLC submit that both he and Kate would not interview and comment anymore and he’s even sleeping with Star Mag reporter and commenting. He also SOLD US Weekly and People an interview of his most recent LIES:

  • Shakirakitten

    Kate is a good mother and lord knows, you have to be organized to deal with 8 children and thank goodness, she is. Too bad for her that she had such a lowlife for a father. I wish better luck next time for her.

  • Amy

    Kate looks great. Probably better than those saying that she doesn’t. You try having twins and then sextuplets.

  • Dee

    Are the boys missing? Did Jon eat them with that BIG belly of his?

  • Rhonda

    she looks totally useless in the work department! She is very good at supervising from her chair!

  • Rhonda

    she actually smiles, Wow! is that a first?

  • bbsak

    it’s too bad her public relations firm had to be the one to suggest she take the kids to a park and be photographed and she couldn’t have ever done anything like this before with them. I hope people don’t fall for her fake actions and actually believe she’s interested in and enjoying her time with the kids. She’s already said that she prefers her life on the road to being at home w/the kids. Ugh. She’s a user and a manipulator.

  • bbsak

    She’s an environmentally conscious person? Give me a break. People concerned with the enviromnent do not use hundreds of paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery daily just to feed their family. Give me a break.

  • not a J or K fan

    Isn’t it kind of creepy to be taking pictures of little girl’s underware while she plays on a playground???

    You guys are getting kind of sick, please take down the picture of the girl tup with her panties showing.

    Do your paparazi job, but when you get shots of panties–DELETE them you sick freaks!!!!

  • Jan

    @not a J or K fan: That is the knit short pants that come with the dress so little girls can play in the parks etc. If you look closely you will notice it matches her dress. Her underwear is under the shorts.

  • coverupKate

    Kate’s only interested in showing her underwear and new boobs. YAWN. She’s fugly inside and out and those kids may be happy for a short period but I’ll wait for their tell all books to know the truth of living with a wicked witch for a mom and idiot boy for a dad.

  • Emily

    mailey and me to: I don’t value your opinions seeing that you cant spell. Its bold to call anyone a “looser” to whom you’ve never met. Mailey, Kate doesnt always feed her kids healthy food. Ive seen them (Mady) with McDonalds cups and (the tups) eating pizza. Most of it probably got cut. And using 50 paper plates a day? How is that enviro. friendly? Kate didnt even care about the solar panels and just said “well the Earth is going to end anyways…” and was just wanting her electric bill to be less.

    Me: You dont see Kate playing with any of her male children is because she doesnt like males. She always refers to them as “icky boys.” Didnt you notice she went on all the girls special days but not the boys? Thats just rude and sends a wrong message as a Mother.

  • Save8in09

    @mailey: She uses 1500 paperplates a month and fills up her SUV every other day. Keep drinking the koolaid, fool.

  • Save8in09

    @cc: But they went to Hawaii!! Isn’t that all that matters?

  • Beverly

    @christina: manners?? ha ha, Kate teaching manners. That’s almost as good as Michael Lohan teaching Jon how to be a father. They both suck.