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Rachel Bilson: Birthday Balloons For Dad!

Rachel Bilson: Birthday Balloons For Dad!

Rachel Bilson buys a bunch of birthday balloons for her father Danny Bilson in Los Angeles on Saturday (July 25).

The 27-year-old actress had a hard time putting the balloons into the trunk of her Prius, so she wound up stuffing them in the backseat.

Mr. Bilson, who turned 52, wrote the movie The Rocketeer (1991), the videogame James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (2003), the television series The Sentinel (1996) and The Flash (1990) and recent issues of the comic book, The Flash. Mr. Bilson also directed and produced The Sentinel and The Flash.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s birthday balloons for dad…

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rachel bilson birthday balloons 01
rachel bilson birthday balloons 02
rachel bilson birthday balloons 03
rachel bilson birthday balloons 04
rachel bilson birthday balloons 05
rachel bilson birthday balloons 06
rachel bilson birthday balloons 07
rachel bilson birthday balloons 08
rachel bilson birthday balloons 09
rachel bilson birthday balloons 10
rachel bilson birthday balloons 11
rachel bilson birthday balloons 12
rachel bilson birthday balloons 13
rachel bilson birthday balloons 14
rachel bilson birthday balloons 15

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  • Nancy

    Her style is simple but chic.

    That’s sweet of her to get balloons! I feel like the older people get, the more they underestimate the happiness and fun that balloons can provide… hahaha.

  • FM

    so sweet

  • d9

    She really tried getting these into her trunk?

  • Halli

    Her name should be Rachel Buyscrap because all she does is shop.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    She is one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood today, but those pants are so ugly and unflattering.
    The skinny jeans is the worst thing women ever did to themselves.

  • dddjjj333

    It’s sad how her and Mischa have gone in completely different directions…. Rachel is very beautiful and classy and Mischa is always out partying and drugged up. Very sad.

  • voice of reason

    Looks like a normal everyday person doing something special for her Dad, I like what she is wearing not right up your nose, just jeans and a nice top to show up in front of Dad.

  • sharon

    I noticed that lately her clothes have been dark and a little skimpy ,especially that one dress(tunic) if it was any shorter you could have seen her butt.

  • Whatever

    @YES!: I think the balloons are a bit childish but I’m sure she bought him something else. She’s only buying balloons so I don’t see why she should dress up and while the jeans aren’t the best fit, (she should buy those ones that make you look as though you’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, can’t remember what they’re called but, no matter what you weigh, they look real good on), they’re better than some of the ugly stuff she’s been wearing. At least they cover up her thighs so that’s a big bonus in their favour.

  • justMyviewpoint

    Her dad must be talenyted and creative but his daughter RB is really nothing special (not a good actress, not an original designer….a good future wife?……….well seeing her fiance sad face, I guess not).

    RB might be good friend though.

  • cutie

    she is adorable. :-)

  • http://justjared ?

    Where in the world is Hayden? lololololololololol

  • Tasha

    Cute outfit.

  • Liz

    I really like her top.
    Anyone know the designer?

  • @?

    Where in the world is Thurmen? lololololol cute doggie has disappeared too…….

  • @d9

    @d9: Course she did……’s so dumb she couldn’t tell which way the evelator was going if you gave her two guesses. If her brains were chocolate, there wouldn’t be enough to fill an M&M

  • Bart

    @d9: Dumber than a box of rocks

  • ?

    @Liz: Any store’ll sell similar tops, it’s like a really basic design and i’m sure if you try any local clothing outlet you’ll find more or less the same type. They got some really nice ones at for very affordable prices, take a look, you might find something you like there.

  • tim

    Father is so talented and the daughter could not even get into a good college, hell, she could not even finish Community college. Still ugly short legs, pale skin and red hair.

  • Autumn

    Not this girl again! She has sunglasses on and looks the same in every post.

  • shurly

    Do we really have to see pictures of her EVERY DAY ??? Is she that big of a star ?? Enough already… Is it a slow day Jared ?

  • UrbanCowboy

    I think she would look better in a Fiesta.

  • @tim

    Are you color blind………just asking coz her hair is def brown. Red hair with brown eyes would be a very rare color combo but you’re right about the rest.

  • Bart

    If she were any more stupid she’d have to be watered twice a week

  • tim

    her hair overall looks redish bc of red highlights.

  • tim

    talentless, stupid, ugly midget.

  • Lucy

    She’s really cute and sweet! Rachel is a lovely and this was a kind and adorable act.

  • Bart

    Some drink from the fountain of knowledge but she only gargled

  • @lucy

    The act of a child like brain, gotta feel sympathy for the squeeze, he’s the guy living with it. You lie with a dog etc……..

  • me

    This is for no. 6 and others Rachel has not did anything different with her life since she left the O.C. Mischa has a tv show and a movie that came out.Rachel has nothing going for herself but the men that she date and give her something all the time.Need to stop talking about how pretty she look all the time.You have to have brains too.rachel have totally mess up her life and the men she has dated.So what kind of direction that is? Good to know that she’s doing that for her dad maybe he can get her another movie to be in.

  • tim

    Retarded, deformed midget. What an ugly toad.

  • Bart

    She’s proof that evolution can go in reverse

  • Saudia

    love her .. great outfit!

  • funkey

    I guess that blew someone’s theory that she got married over the weekend. Ya not happening. Hillary Duff’s DNKY line looks so much more appealing then RB ever did. What outfit this woman wears the same crap styles that are nothing special her hair is never well kept and she just looks bad 99% of the time. Plus any fool would not try to put balloons in a truck in LA good chance it was terribly hot. Guess HC’s LaCoste bought her the car that or she is trying to imitate the other celebs out there who own Prius Hybrid cars. Again Copycating.

  • ?

    “where is hayden”

    she doesnt remember which basement she has him chained up in

  • ?

    rb, youre an adult now, you have hips, stop wearing kids jeans

    this girl is so irrelevent, why is she featrured shopping everyday? worthless pos she is

  • @funkey

    Not so surprising……….she doesnt have the IQ needed to be original. Imitation maybe the sincerest form of flattery but it’s also the sign of an essentially empty airhead.

  • funkey


    For those that thinks the gift of balloons for dad were so sweet, now if Lindsey Lohan did the same thing would everyone say “Oh what a sweet thing she did for her dad” I think not. I don’t think people care too much anymore if she is seen with Hayden or not to me they are better away from each other then together.

  • @Saudia

    What outfit exactly. It’s a pair of scrunched-around-the-crotch-area, too tight jeans and a random animal print top purchased from some bargain bin, hardly a fashion high point. Jeez

  • Bart

    Like a pair of kid’s scissors, bright and colorful, but not too sharp

  • @ me #30

    Mischa Barton is in the psyciatric ward of a hospital, ordered there under care for depression and suicide watch, and you think she has her life together more than Rachel does? Having a tv series has not made Mischa happy, I hope she gets well soon. You may not like Rachel, but she is much more together than Mischa, she is engaged to a a rich guy with celebrity status (or they would not garner so much attention here), and is living her life without the problems Mischa has had (arrested for DUI, severe depression). Whether you like her or not, she is in better shape right now than poor Mischa.

  • anonymous

    what’s wrong about her getting balloons for her dad? geez get a life

  • funkey

    I think both Mischa and Rachel haven’t done a damn thing that is considered celebrity potential. Yes Barton is in a ward but, at least she is getting help. Bilson hangs with a man who drinks and does indulge in recreational activities. This chic isn’t the brightest crayon in the box my guess it’s been her time with Baron that screwed her brain cells.

    @ anonymous

    Nothing is wrong with balloons but, would you give her the same attention and say how cute if it wasn’t Bilson who did this for her dad I think not.

  • Irish Girl

    @@d9: haha busted replying to your own comment.
    I guess we know who’s doing the multi-comments on Angelina and Jennifer’s posts.

  • omg

    Wow, another post of Rachel . . .today she buys balloons. . .can’t wait to see what she buys tomorrow!!!! Why Jared? She has done nothing as of late to get press. She can hardly be called an actress, as she has not been anything. She is pretty girl, if she was some ugly washed up celeb, I doubt anyone would give a s***.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Right on funky! Natalie Portman has a Prius and was first to have it. Rachel wants to be Natalie Portman so bad she cannot stand it! Dream on midget! Natalie is 1-2 inches taller and has a fabulous figure, brains and talent also. Something dimwit will never have!

    Buying ballons for a 50 something year old man. I would say a little childish and silly. What did they rent Sponge Bob Square Pant’s to see after his birthday party after he blew out all his candles on his birthday cake? See. Rachel is like a child and thinks like a child. Does not live reality. All she knows how to do is shop. Horrors if she ever bears children! No meaning fof the word responsibility!

    She should give up wearing the skinny jeans. Makes her ass look humongous! I agree with Sharon. Rachel is dressing a bit trampy lately. She looks like a 12 year old boy trying to come accross as a hooker. What a total DIMWIT! Moving on…

  • tonie

    Guess her contract with John Shinn and Baur-Griffen ran out because none of the pics in the last week have come from him. Maybe he was assigned to cover working actors.

    The balloons were a nice gesture but a little childish to me. No Hayden again? You would think he would have made the effort to show up for her dad’s b-day. Maybe he did and because they didn’t do the gift giving in a parking lot we don’t know.

    Her outfit is better than what she has been wearing lately. Her hair is awful and needs a cut and color.

  • Whatever

    Prolly he got fed up being papped every time the bottle midget ramps her card & is hiding at her digs, or his. Poor guy cant scratch an itch w/o paps present when she is on the hog in HW.

  • IDK

    What is it with this stupid girl and why are there pics of her on JJ every effing day? She is so non-noteworthy on her own that every time her picture gets shown its to promote someone’s product, push her personal life and loser untalented husband or advertise her family. In this case its her dad and were getting his resume on JJ. Gee is he looking for work too? How revolting is this? You can fail at every professional thing you do be just average looking but if you’re related to half of Hollywood you can make a phone call and have papparazzi take pictures of you doing nothing.

  • Whatever

    The short-ass sloth got a major good scam going is why for sure she has no job, no rep, no way near any acting skill yet she has got money to throw all ways & then some. could use that trick if you knows where to get it from.