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Sarah Palin: The Farewell Speech

Sarah Palin: The Farewell Speech

Sarah Palin officially steps down as governor of Alaska as she issues a farewell speech on Sunday (July 26) in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Right before Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell was sworn in as governor, the 45-year-old former Republican VP candidate said she was resigning “to chart a new course to advance the state”

Palin continued, “Now people who know me, they know how much I love this state … I feel it is my duty to avoid the unproductive, typical, politics-as-usual, lame-duck session in one’s last year in office. With this decision, now I will be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right and for the truth. And I have never felt you need a title to do that… I promised to steadfastly and doggedly guard the interests of this state as that grizzly guards her cubs…and I will keep that vow wherever that road may lead.”

“Our new governor has a very nice family too,” Palin added. “So leave his kids alone!”

Sarah Palin: The Farewell Speech
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  • camillus

    Good she is gone, Alaska will be better. Maybe she will fade a way and we can hope she doesn’t run.

  • Jan

    Good for Sarah!!! She cares more about her state and her family than politics as usual. Sarah now a private citizen and can SPEAK UP without having to be politically correct.

  • asugirl

    I think its for the best. My uncle lives in alaska and he says she was a great governor. But the media was tearing her family apart. and it was awfully mean. If anyone ripped into the obama family they would be ridiculed by everyone! so everyone needs to layoff and give her family space.

  • Tazina

    Unfortunately she doesn’t plan to go away. She has no chance at a Presidential run anyway as she has proven herself to be a quitter, leaving 18 months before her term as Governor is over. She must have $tar$ in her eyes.

  • Dianne

    She was truly a great governor.

  • pat

    luv her! go Sarah, Texans 4 Republicans!

  • sooo

    FAME WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Licht

    The resignation ceremony itself was dignified yet highly emotional.


  • Crystal

    Unfortunately the negative media attention that Palin complains so much about is a direct consequence of wanting to give the government more allowance to police people’s personal and moral decisions so they are inline with her conservative agenda and yet her family is a MESS. It’s all too hypocritical. If you cannot maintain your own household, who are you to anyone else how to maintain his?

    She is going to the private sector to make money because her political career is over. If she cannot handle the scrutiny of being governor of Alaska, then how will she handle the GLOBAL scrutiny that the president is under?

  • Brandy

    Yay!!! Good riddance!!

  • NativeNYker

    Good riddance. The good folks of Alaska will prosper.

    The scarey part is that she isnt gone for good.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Crystal

    @Dianne: PS. A GREAT governor would not abandon her constituents. That’s what a coward does.

  • djn

    Former Gov. Palin is a political superstar. She is now free to soar and she is going to be a major player in politics now for many years to come. The Democrats know this, which is why they have tried to destroy her…they fear her. There is a reason for that…All her critics will soon be eating their words.

  • mertz

    heard it on the radio a couple hours ago. good that’s over with. when’s her book coming out?

  • bishop

    she will be vindicated
    her time will come

    Obummer ‘s popularity is now sinking FAST

  • usa


  • nadya

    Good luck to her its not really Goodbye

  • robjr

    She blames the media cuz she could not answer katie courics questions and. Although she is a very ambitious just take care of stupid little trig show bristol to clean her mouth since she always looks like she has hamburger breath, and for ur hillbilly husband to not pull a dick cheney hunting accident, as for sarah continue keeping an eye on russia since u can see it from your house. Oh and to the sarah palin followers I can truly say r u freekin kidding me. fall in line sheep!

  • JES


  • Rhonda

    Thought her speech was terrific. Whether she becomes the nominee or not, she will fire up the conservative base like no other.

    Real American story, girl who actually worked her way through college, beauty pageant included, no affirmative action needed. No rich relative, regular citizen who wasn’t part of the club. Wants to make a difference and does! Plain talk, tell it like it is.

    Sarah is FREE to roam, first speech August 8 at the Ronald Reagan Library!

  • Pat

    YESS! ditto the Good riddence. I hope she get lost and don’t show up no where.

  • fame who*e

    this woman needs to go away- she is as crooked as a day is long summertime in Alaska. She is looking for fame and I can’t stand her! May a moose shoot her!

  • huey

    Rambling Rose was not making any sense again.

  • not me

    Now she can gaze at Russia from her home and perhaps advise the republican candidate on foreign policy!!

  • Rhonda

    @not me:

    if you had a ounce of education you would know Alaska is vital to national security. Palin actually works closely with military. Decision to resign came after visiting troops in Iraq. Laugh all you want, Sarah doesn’t need labor unions and race mongers on buses to draw a crowd. People don’t have to get on a bus and be “paid” to go see Sarah.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    loser. hahahaha..

  • cry no more

    we wil not miss u the world is better without u

  • Brink

    I hate to see Sarah Palin step down although I understand why. Sean Parnell will be an excellent fit as he steps in as Alaska’s governor on Sunday. I feel he will push many of Sarah Palin’s higher profile initiatives, like the natural gas pipeline, and I believe they share the same core values.

    Last July Sarah’s approval rating among the American people was 53% and I feel it is still in that ball park.

    Good luck to you Sarah you will get my vote!

  • Jan

    1. TINA FAYE SAID , “I see Russia from my house.” NOT SARAH PALIN.
    2.She did a great job as governor of our state.
    3. She resigns for our state as the ethics charges all proven FALSE and invalid was keeping her and her staff busy and she could no longer be effective . She does not want to waste our states money and time. She truly loves Alaska
    4.If she is so worthless, why do you get so angry about her?

  • Tricynical

    @Mike Licht: When most people fail at their jobs, they slink away in shame. It is hilarious that Sarah should put on a big production, complete with brass band and color guard, to proclaim her inadequacy to the world!
    She’s too dumb to realize what a loser she is. Remember William Hung? ‘Nough said

  • Maeryn

    Listen guys. The shit is about to hit the fan in America. America is SO messed up and ruined you guys have no flipping idea. Sarah Palin knows what is going on, so she quit as Govenor to be freer to REALLY fight for the good of her people, and country. Stop harassing her you sheeple and WAKE UP!

    see movie –> “Loose Change”

  • larry

    Obama sucksssssssss!

  • Crystal

    @Jan: You are why I weep for the future.

  • Suzy

    Perhaps on a bigger level Sarah can help expose some of the lying garbage DC is feeding us. I hope so, for the good of this great country.

  • Greg

    She a whiner and a quitter.


  • bimbosarah

    goodbye bimbo!

    Don’t even bother to run for any govt type job in the future.

    You will just make more of a fool of yourself

  • Blaire

    I have zero trust in her now

  • Chris


    Yeah, let Sarah’s bus stop at all the trailer parks to pick up the riff-raff under-educated loons who worship her and scream profanities. Classy!

  • Jordan

    She’s an IDIOT. Will never move beyond being a public-speaker for conservatards. Her political career is OVER. She couldn’t even finish as Governor, she QUIT. End of story. We don’t need this bum

  • Blaire

    Sarah Palin is a crook and is being investigated constantly and has proven to be an ethical failure. No wonder she quit. She’s too weak. Go be a mom to that kid of yours.

  • Jake

    Katie Couric DESTROYED this lightweight. Proof enough that she can’t handle being Barack Obama’s assistant. Forget the Presidency. Its not gonna happen.

  • Martha’s vinyard

    Go away Sarah. She looks like a transexual.

  • Paige

    What a loser. Her approval ratings in Alaska plummeted. No one cares except closeted conservative lesbians who love her.

  • Rhonda

    Obama was incoherent at his last news conference which cost the networks 7 million dollars so he could butt into a local arrest in Cambridge Ma. His buddy “the rev wright of Harvard” got arrested cause a neighbor thought he and a cab driver were breaking into his house (which is owned by Harvard) and called 911, instead of thanking the police and the citizen for giving a damn, he throws a temper tantrum cause nobody knew who he was. Don’t you know who I am, I’m a friend of Obama’s. Obama sure has some loser friends.

    See what happens when Obama doesn’t use a telepromter. He just can’t tell the truth, he’s gonna nationalize health care by killing of granma and granpa and baby trigs.

  • Rhonda


    Obama’s approval rating is down to 48 after six months!

  • Tad

    F*ck off Sarah

  • Halli

    Ughhh… go away Sarah. Who puts on this huge production of having a good-bye BBQ and a farewell speech after QUITTING HER JOB!
    My God, this woman is an egomaniac. When they lost the election in November, she wanted to speak before John McCain. Jon McCain told her to take a hike and didn’t let her speak, as he should. No loser VP choice ever makes a concession speech. This woman is as delusional as her followers. Bye Sarah.

  • robjr

    @Jan: thku crystal, not angry at all jan. But if she would have been vp, my jaw would still be dropped I live in new mexico you can see mexico from new mexico its only 50 miles away, marsha marsha marsha. I love the los angeles lakers now if I were counted on to be the 2nd best player on the team with the most minutes we would not make the playoffs. There’s one of your favorite basketball analogies just like palin Passin the ball while bristol says heall yeah

  • robjr

    @Jan: thku crystal, not angry at all jan. But if she would have been vp, my jaw would still be dropped I live in new mexico you can see mexico from new mexico its only 50 miles away, marsha marsha marsha. I love the los angeles lakers now if I were counted on to be the 2nd best player on the team with the most minutes we would not make the playoffs. There’s one of your favorite basketball analogies just like palin Passin the ball while bristol says heall yeah

  • Uptown

    This is a great day for America. We need to weed out all of the loser like her who, according to her in the debate last year, “Wave the White Flag.”

    She blames the media for everything. Oh please,take a page from Obama, ignore DUMB RUMORS. Have you ever heard Obama acknowledging the stupid citizenship rumors. Never. Why give power to ignorance?

    Like all Neocons, she wanted to paint the media as left leaning while nesting her eggs with the most biased news channel, FAUX News.

    Fact is, she is more concerned about making money and moving to the main land. She could care less about Alaska. Her popularity has dropped significantly in the state and national. But hey, I hate polls. They are always up and down.

    My advice to her; Get an education and learn proper grammar.