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Christian Bale: Holy Start Date, Batman Fans!

Christian Bale: Holy Start Date, Batman Fans!

Christian Bale looks to have lost even more weight for his role as boxer/trainer/drug addict Dicky Eklund in the new movie, The Fighter, on Monday (July 27) in Boston, Mass.

Over the weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con convention, Gary Oldman, aka Commissioner Gordon, let it slip that Christian would be throwing the rubber Batsuit on again next year to begin shooting the sequel to the blockbuster hit The Dark Knight.

“We start shooting next year,” Gary spilled . “Which means the movie won’t come out for another two years. But you didn’t hear it from me!”

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  • Wendy

    Man he sure went for the full on hard core transformation.

  • cece

    jeez how can he do that to himself. That takes alot of dedication to your work

  • nat

    I really don’t like him after the incident in which he went all psycho with the sound guy, but I must admit that he is a great actor.
    What he is doing to his health with losing all this way for his parts is not good.

  • Katie

    dooode how low can he go
    he’s soooo freaking skinny now. I love him in batman!!

  • Mary

    He needs to get back to his sexy buff self> I want my sexy Bale back!

  • kAT

    go back to be hott.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    aww.. only a week late jared. too bad as soon as you posted this new its after gary oldman recanted his statement. oldman basically told ‘ain’t it cool news’ that he had diarrhea mouth and warner brothers whopped his ass over it. lmaooo.. he said it could be 2 or 3 years before people hear anything about a new batman project.
    props for trying.

  • Maria

    He’s such a good actor. I love him for that.

  • Brandy

    He’s such a amazing actor. I applaud him for taking his roles so seriously, and always being so dedicated. He’s lost weight for a role before, and he’s being monitored by doctors. He’s pretty slim in these pictures, but he doesn’t look like he has taken it too far. He just looks really small.

  • NIck

    Gary Oldman said his words were misinterpreted.. that’s not true he just said that it could start filming next year, or the year after that

  • Chelsea

    He looks vary sickly! It’s frightening…

  • Nahla

    Very scary…………. This takes a hell lot of dedication to your work as someone pointed it out……Great actor but I never thought he is that sexy normally

  • mdrrr

    creepy, he doesn’t look good

  • scary

    The health consequence of suddenly gaining or suddenly losing a lot of weight is bad. he is a serious actor what can i say.

  • pr person

    he tries too hard but he’s not a good actor and he is killing himself

  • che

    he lost way way more weight for the machinest this is nothig. I am sure hes doing it with the supervision of docs just as he did for the other rol. great actor so dedicated

  • rrs

    The hair and makeup for this movie are doing a great job. Yes, Bale did lose some weight, but a lot of the illusion of him looking so bad is the changed hair (skull cap or real hair shaved I don’t know), bad skin tone due to makeup and oversized clothes that make him apear even thinner. He seems to kind of have his characters posture as well-he doesn’t usually walk like that in candid pictures.

  • mouche

    Dedication or obsession ?! Obviously Bale thinks that it is worthwhile to basically starve himself for a movie…

  • HA!

    He looks like hell.

  • groundpilot

    He ain’t hot and he’s a druggie.

  • !

    he’s doing this just for a role?
    not worth it.

  • nikomilinko
  • blah

    He needs to hurry up and finish this movie so he can eat something. He looks sick and drugged out. This is not a good look for him

  • chili Pepper

    This is unhealthy and not a good example to set for up and coming actors. The risk to health is not worth it, I don’t care how good you want to appear to be.

  • wed mother

    He’s in costume and makeup… relax.

  • Thurman

    From the skinny guy in machinist to the “muscleman” in Batman etc and now back to that skinny outfit. How safe can that be to your body?
    Safe or not, thats true commitment.

  • Sexy

    I cant believe he only came 37th in the 100 Greatest Sex Symbols on Channel 4 (UK) . Disgusted since hes waaaaaaaay sexier than Beyonce, Scarlett Johannson and Brangelina except for Lara Croft who were all top 10. Those people need to up their taste. I’m BISEXUAL and I still have better taste. It’s gotta be Christian Bale in the TOP 3! with Bruce Lee (as its ‘of all time’ and Bruce Wayne (since cartoon characters are allowed its “‘sex symbol’”)
    But well done to him for even being acknowledged . WOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Saudia

    oh man Christian what are you doing!! How does he expect to put on all that muscle again for Batman .. he looks horrible and very very sick.. the things these actors do.. ugh this is not good for his health

  • maritza

    Losing weight so fast like that just can’t be healthy! He is really dedicated.

  • Anna

    I love his work, he is so committed and passionate with his work. But really, I do worry about the weight loss, too afraid he might take it too far. Lets hope he won’t go too far like the Machinist…

    Please go back to your sexy hunky-ness in Batman/Bruce Wayne. You look so much better like that – that includes the hair!!

  • Bastardus Grull

    Holy Shiz! THAT’S Christian Bale? I had no idea otherwise I wouldn’t have thrown a fist full of change at his face had I known.

  • Coren

    He’s a weirdo.

  • Coren

    Dedicated isn’t the word I would use, more like irresponsible. Actors shouldn’t be expected to put themselves in a position to damage their health just for a role. What I’m saying is an actor who chooses not to jeopardize their health is no less dedicated to their craft.

  • Paddisonluvr

    CAN’T WAIT for the third Batman! Well, we get Iron Man 2 first . . . I like Bale as Batman, despite what everyone says about his low voice. He does a great job.

  • marshall

    he’s a tool

  • janaina

    the drug ends with his life,rational human being and we have to respect, love, sex and healthy adventure.happy life.

  • tp

    poor bale…..seems he doesn’t have any vigor…hope the hotman come back

  • me

    if miley cyrus is batgirl. i’m boycotting this movie.

  • cari

    Gary Oldman was talking Tongue-in-Cheek when he quipped to a fan at Comic Con.

    Nothing is official until THE NOLAN speaks.

  • jako

    Put him in Rom-Com pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Want to see him in relax mood……

  • gg

    hey does anyone know what part of Boston they are filming i would love to check it out!

  • cat

    THE BEST !!

  • leto

    Seriously, food and him are f…… done professionally…and personally.

  • ashley


    Exactly,totally agree with ya.

  • Gloria

    He is just a guy doing his job, I don’t see anything to talk about…you are talking mostly bullshit!

  • Gloria

    People you all that are talking about how Bale is weighless and unhealthy… I’m sure Christian would appreciate a lot your interest and concern about his health!LOL! Come on leave the guy alone!

  • leto

    hey GLORIA a vow of silence?forget about it! and i have no concern about his health, as a grown up he knows what he is doing,right???

  • Gloria


  • sarah

    He’s such a great sctor and even his skiinny looks
    still sexy and so cute!!

  • Liset Lee

    I hope theres another Batman!(?!) NIce one Gary ! Can’t wait!