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Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Have Sex Every Five Pages

Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Have Sex Every Five Pages

Drew Barrymore and her on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Long shoot new scenes for their upcoming movie Going the Distance in Long Island, New York on Monday (July 27).

In this scene, the couple has a heart-to-heart talk before things get heated. Very heated.

“[Drew and Justin] get it on so much it’s crazy,” producer Adam Shankman tells “They have sex every five pages in this movie, which is about a couple attempting to have a long distance relationship.”

10+ pics inside of Drew and Justin making out in public off-set in NYCearlier this month…

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167 Responses to “Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Have Sex Every Five Pages”

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  1. 51
    J Says:

    Most of the time you were very cruel and actually had the nerve to still expect me to take the weight of the world on for you.

    You went out and did that. You didn’t need to but you did and even when people were dying you kept on. There would have been no weight to take if it wasn’t for your mistakes and then refusal to do anything useful to fix it. How many thousands of chances did you have to just walk? That’s all you would have fu@king had to do.

    You’re a smart woman for c#rist’s sake. That’s why I don’t accept the utter stupidity as being by accident or in anyway unavoidable.

    Reminds me of MJ’s second go around with the child molestation stuff. All he had to do was stop sleeping in the bed with them.

    It’s just like that.

  2. 52
    J Says:

    Our love’s in jeopardy, baby?

    When wasn’t it? There is no love anymore as far as I’m concerned.

    And true enough it isn’t easy being alone, but you left me alone all this time, so what would be different except I’d be free of wanting you or hoping that you’d change that. Sounds like it might even free me up to find someone who actually wanted to be with me, not just use me.

  3. 53
    J Says:

    I don’t need more than one like you do…she doesn’t have to be famous…just somebody to love. I’ll do all the things for her that you never did for me and that’s a lot.

    I’ve also learned not to make the same mistakes with someone else. The first would be trusting them with too much personal before I really knew who they were. Nobody wants to hear that shi+. You should save it for the therapist if you need to talk about it.

    If I got to know and really trust them over time I might but certainly not before I did. I just try to show her a good time and be kind to her and that wouldn’t be hard, b/c I wouldn’t constantly feel watched, judged and like I needed to defend myself against attacks from someone who claimed to love me.

  4. 54
    J Says:

    The nice thing about being with someone you’re poor and don’t have a public audience they’d be worried about (and I mean the people you consider family who you went out of your way to screw over using my name), is you know if they were with you, chances are it would be for the right reasons and they’d know too.

  5. 55
    J Says:

    Kiss my as@.

  6. 56
    J Says:

    You were nothing but a nightmare for me. I’m glad it’s finally over.

  7. 57
    J Says:

    You’re really desperately clutching at straws over there aren’t you?
    You’ve already done the bit where you go off holding my heart hostage making a show of yourself. What would you do to top that if you didn’t have my heart anymore and I finally move on with a career and a woman and don’t give a fu@k anymore?

    It amazes me how you could manage all this time to be lying right through your teeth and being so nasty and cruel while you did it, but then I think it would be more than you could admit even to yourself that your family never needed to get hurt and it was mostly your own doing.
    I think you’re in incredible denial and just took for granted I’d come save your butt no matter what you did to me.

  8. 58
    J Says:

    You did plenty of damage to me and them and somehow though it’s me that it’s blamed on. Very convenient if you’re looking after your own as@ and reputation. I think that’s mostly what this has been about.

  9. 59
    J Says:

    Just stay the hell away from me.

    You should have a bloody hazard warning tattooed on your forehead.

  10. 60
    J Says:

    I used to try to laugh at it, b/c otherwise you’d have been so unbearable I wouldn’t have been able to stop crying.

    You’re so lame – such a phoney and so transparent it’s not even funny.

  11. 61
    J Says:

    I see right through YOU.

  12. 62
    J Says:

    You two really do belong together.
    Isn’t it great when two people are so in love? :)

  13. 63
    J Says:

    Face like a frozen shoe pack and homely as you please.

  14. 64
    J Says:

    Don’t worry though I’m sure it won’t hurt his image though
    - the sunshine will still leak out his ass just fine

    It won’t hurt your image either – which is the thing you care more about than anything else.

  15. 65
    Cryptichill Says:


  16. 66
    J Says:

    It is true.

    It’s a good thing he works out b/c the face wouldn’t be cutting it for much.

  17. 67
    J Says:

    You better keep fit homely boy. :)

  18. 68
    J Says:

    Don’t worry though…
    I’m sure so long as you keep trailing after her, she’ll stick with you, until she finds someone she’s actually in love with again and is done with you.

  19. 69
    J Says:

    The pair of you have no reason in the world to be so pathetic but you totally are.

  20. 70
    J Says:

    Any crap you try to send my way..back at you and I could care less.

  21. 71
    J Says:

    This is just your usual M.O.

  22. 72
    J Says:

    Drew doing business as usual.

  23. 73
    J Says:

    Nothing you say or do is going to change this now.

    Say or do whatever you want…makes no difference to me.

  24. 74
    J Says:

    You’re a two face aren’t you? The one you show everybody else including him, b/c you need him for the moment…v. different from the one you showed me.

    Maybe a result of growing up in Hollywood and never living anywhere else. Survival I suspect, but you aren’t the sweetie you pretend to be.

    Not even remotely.

  25. 75
    J Says:

    You’ve gotten very good at playing it though…you’re an expert.

    You ought to give lessons.

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