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Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Have Sex Every Five Pages

Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Have Sex Every Five Pages

Drew Barrymore and her on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Long shoot new scenes for their upcoming movie Going the Distance in Long Island, New York on Monday (July 27).

In this scene, the couple has a heart-to-heart talk before things get heated. Very heated.

“[Drew and Justin] get it on so much it’s crazy,” producer Adam Shankman tells “They have sex every five pages in this movie, which is about a couple attempting to have a long distance relationship.”

10+ pics inside of Drew and Justin making out in public off-set in NYCearlier this month…

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drew barrymore justin long sex 02
drew barrymore justin long sex 03
drew barrymore justin long sex 04
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  • J

    You are starting to fade from my memory already.


  • J

    I seriously hope he does give you herpes, then you’ll really remember ‘your love’ for life.

  • J

    The pair of you are so lame.

    I don’t want you Drew…so ‘Goodbye My Lover’ by James Blunt and sad sac is completely unecessary. I can’t say any of the things in that song are true, b/c we’d have had to have been together at some point and weren’t.

    If it’s meant to be from his perspective…

    This reminds me of last year when you dumped him.
    I certainly never wanted you to then and I don’t now either.

    You’re both retards and totally belong with each other…you can go off and share a hanky together. I’m sure you already do that. Go do that some more and eventually, maybe there will be no more tears. Oh…tear. :(

    When you’re not giggling there’s tears sometimes behind closed doors, which is not the vibe you want to take onto that set.

    That and you were still hoping to use me.

  • J

    That’s the real reason for the tears. That’s why I have no sympathy. You could have made the choice for something better and I’m not talking about being with me. Just something better for everyone.

    Wasn’t your priority and you took me for granted that you could use me as your punching bag and I’d still come for you.

    Why did you think you could? Just ’cause you got away with it for so long?

  • J

    Ha. Got you on that one.

    I always know when you’re trying to shove ‘your love’ down somebody’s throat…you’re selling something.

    Wouldn’t it have been better if you were frigging going off with him anyway to have me on your side rather than nuts and trying to mess with and upset you? I’ve seen your face. You have been upset by this and you didn’t frigging have to be, but you wouldn’t leave it alone.

    Even now you’re not. WTF is wrong with you?

  • J

    It wasn’t but a couple of months ago, I actually found a way to try to like the git. We were never going to be friends, but it would have been a lot better than this!

  • J

    Are you really trying to seduce me with sex?

    It didn’t work before. What makes you think it would now?

    A kiss on the cheek would have gone farther…but I don’t even want that now.

  • J

    All I wanted was something honest and real from you…not staged outings with friends and forced smiles for the camera…or made up stories about pet rabbits.

    Honesty – even if it was unpleasant, would have been better than phoney baloney and crap.

    I’m not willing to discuss it…whatever I do with myself it won’t be show biz and you and I won’t know each other.

    So bye!

  • J

    I know why some men become cold-blooded bast@rds.
    It’s b/c of women like you.

  • J

    At least if someone tells you how they really feel or where they’re really coming from…you know what their deal is and you can work with that.

    You know what you can expect with them.

    If you’re phoney now…God.

    Were you always? No idea…and I don’t care. I think you might have meant it when you said you loved me once. I think you love everyone, but maybe for a time you loved me just a bit more than some git you’d pass on the street.

    Don’t feel it now though. Not from my heart or yours.

  • J

    WHITNEY HOUSTON The Greatest Love Of All is learning to love yourself…I’m sure it is…but that and anything else of mine is none of your business.

    I wanted to know you earlier, but I don’t now and I want your fingers out of my pies and get your emotional hooks outa me too. They’re not welcome. :)

    Go away with your hooks and slings.

  • J

    Delta Dawn? Really?

    You’ve got someone who wants to marry you Delta…you could have had both of us but you were to overbearing and bossy. Nobody diggs that. Not unless something v. good is there to compensate.

    I suspect you get bossy when you think something isn’t in your control, yeah? Well if you don’t think someone rearraging their life for you has something to do with your influence, think again. I would have done it more and better had you messed out of it.

    No Deltas or Dawns necessary.

  • J

    Did you feel something just then or was it just me?

    How to take that feeling and do something useful and positive.

    No idea.

  • J

    Nah…look what’s right above it.

    I’m seriously disturbed and have no idea how not to be let alone do whatever you’d want. It’s just not in me anymore.

  • J

    It felt like a tenderness. That’s what it felt like to me.

  • suppress your appetite


  • mel;anie

    i lov u so moch