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Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Have Sex Every Five Pages

Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Have Sex Every Five Pages

Drew Barrymore and her on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Long shoot new scenes for their upcoming movie Going the Distance in Long Island, New York on Monday (July 27).

In this scene, the couple has a heart-to-heart talk before things get heated. Very heated.

“[Drew and Justin] get it on so much it’s crazy,” producer Adam Shankman tells “They have sex every five pages in this movie, which is about a couple attempting to have a long distance relationship.”

10+ pics inside of Drew and Justin making out in public off-set in NYCearlier this month…

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Unless of course, you’re just looking for a hop, which should be more fun than this.

Lady Killer my bum.

You’re just trying to suck me in again. Not gonna happen.
I see you coming. I know what you do. Nice try though. :)

And my heart is only cold to you…it was mainly only cold to you, b/c you were trying to put me in an unbearable situation. You weren’t my friend and I wasn’t yours. Look I’m not going to bother re-hashing what you know is true anyway. No point now.

What do you want lady? Is it a reasonable thing? Is it something you feel you should have the right to demand of someone you never bothered to speak to? Really?

I think you haven’t been even remotely reasonable about much.

OMG Justin is so cute I love them.. cute couple ;)

Justin those pants r kinda tight buddy lol

Look, in the imaginary scenario where you were my wife….we got that imaginary divorce.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor got married twice….
I doubt it was better for them the second time around. You’d have to ask her, b/c he’s no longer with us and this is completely bloody unreal.

But…RB and ET …coincidence? I think not. :)

Isabelle? Is that what you’re calling yourself these days?

But you’re right Isabelle, or whatever your name is…those pants he had on were very tight…so tight they looked like they were riding up his jumper even without the suspenders.

He definitely looked uncomfortable in the hat too.

You must have been trying to dress him again. :)

And you’re delusional too if you think I want to make up with you, or go anywhere near you.

Keep on dressing him though, you have to be able to play with your boytoys…guess for this one that equates to an awkward version of a Ken doll.

He wears lifts too, I bet. LOL :)

Drew…you know you were never there.

Go on now…get lost.

Stalking, gawking at me and running around making dumb movies doesn’t equate ‘being there for me’.

You certainly were nowhere to be found when I needed you. That much is certain….and other than that it was all talk, nonsense and you expected too bloody much and then made it freaking impossible. I’m not laughing anymore. I’m just fed up and pissed.

You’re not something I want in my life so just fu@k off you as#hole.

I don’t know what you’re like with other people, but I’m assuming you manage not to be a twat to them.

You want I should come over there?

Not in a band but just to crush his testicles?

Would that suit you darling? Leave me the FU@K ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll put it to you this way…

If the fu@k ever comes near me he’s got a date with a flat set of testicles. I’m picturing doing it even now.

Take the very unsubtle hint I’m droping. What’s ironic is, there would have been a clean slate in that place for me if you’d never done anything. I’d take that over an infamous reputation and dubious connections anyday if I actually did want to make my living there and I don’t anymore – In large part b/c of you, so give it a fu@king rest.

Well at least you got them to play my old favorite ‘Run To You’…that never gets old. Mouldy cheese on crackers. :)

Oh…Michael Bolton too…you’re pulling out all my old favorites.

“When a Maaaaan Loves a Woman….ho….when a man…when a man loooves a wooman…he’ll sleep out in the rain…if she says that’s the way…it oughta be.”

I guess you’re right and I guess by that definition I don’t b/c I was only willing to sleep in the rain for so long and then got sick of being cold and wet. Where is he sleeping? Not in the rain certainly.

The pair of you really do belong together. You’re such a pair of drips.

I’m going to share something with you that I learned as a lesson from my parents…if you don’t like each other and you’re not friends, you probably shouldn’t get married. If there’s even the remotest signs of abuse, the abuser likely won’t change and will do it again and you shouldn’t even be together at all.

I’m trying REALLY hard to, you just won’t take the hint.

I’m trying really hard to sever the connection, but you won’t take the hint.

As for my career and life direction…let me worry about that.
It’s none of your business anymore.

I know it irk’s you greatly that you can’t control this situation (my life and what I do in it), so you use any dirty tricks you can think of to try to get the upper hand, but it won’t be happening.

btw…Xanadu…you have to be high to see that one, I think.

No sarcasm…I bet it’s giggly great when you’re high.

Drew Barrymore got a bad nose job a couple yrs ago and she does not look good. Used to be pretty- now looks dumb

Is that comment like the hairy-pitted tank top deal?
Just go away, yeah?

OK. Don’t worry, I won’t make a repeat of the feelings I used to have.
They’re dead and gone for good. So no worries there.

Hope he does get you pregnant. That would be nice for both of you.

You actually do mean it when you tell someone you love them, don’t you? It’s just that you fall out of love as quickly as you fall in.

It’s been awhile since you loved me I suspect. I think I drove it out of you…but you decided that you were going to be making this happen come hell or high water and that you knew best.

So you were saying love and marriage and whatever you thought you should say…I think that’s what it was.

There’s none left though. I can feel it’s dead in both of us now.
It’s true isn’t it? It’s alright you know.

All I ever wanted from you was honesty and not to be tortured.
Now you have an incling of what you did to me all these years.
Sincerely, that’s how it felt and at a certain point, I just wanted you to stop and leave me alone. Trouble was, you didn’t recognize you really didn’t know what you were doing and everything you did just made it worse and pushed me away further until every good feeling was dead in me.

Can you appreciate that? Problem is, I just don’t have it in me to participate in any of this anymore whether you were hassling me about him or love or not.

And I do believe in love…just not with you and I suspect the feeling is mutual. You really are with him and I wish you’d just left it be and we might have been able to come up with something that wasn’t so brutal.

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