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Jennifer Garner is a Grapes Girl

Jennifer Garner is a Grapes Girl

Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet, 3, taste test the grapes before buying a bunch at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday afternoon (July 26) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Other pictures include papa Ben Affleck giving a man hug to his driver before taking off at LAX airport.

Pictured below is Jen looking cute while walking around the set of her upcoming film, Valentine’s Day, on July 24 in Burbank.

30+ pictures inside of grapes girl Jennifer Garner

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jennifer garner grapes 01
jennifer garner grapes 02
jennifer garner grapes 03
jennifer garner grapes 04
jennifer garner grapes 05
jennifer garner grapes 06
jennifer garner grapes 07
jennifer garner grapes 08
jennifer garner grapes 09
jennifer garner grapes 10
jennifer garner grapes 11
jennifer garner grapes 12
jennifer garner grapes 13
jennifer garner grapes 14
jennifer garner grapes 15
jennifer garner grapes 16
jennifer garner grapes 17
jennifer garner grapes 18
jennifer garner grapes 19
jennifer garner grapes 20
jennifer garner grapes 21
jennifer garner grapes 22
jennifer garner grapes 23
jennifer garner grapes 24
jennifer garner grapes 25
jennifer garner grapes 26
jennifer garner grapes 27
jennifer garner grapes 28
jennifer garner grapes 29
jennifer garner grapes 30

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  • vera

    first Love me

  • blah

    I hate to say it, but Jennifer Garner just looks like trash

  • Tdani

    I really like Jennifer in that she spends so much time with her little girl—more than i have ever seen any celebrity do. She is a great example to every mom

  • hilary

    her daughters a cutie!

  • Tdani

    You can also see how happy Violet is too as a result of mommy doing things with her

  • amyisablockhead

    how frumpy can u be?

  • Laura

    #2 and #6, you’re the same pathetic person, right? What should you wear the the farmers market? A ball gown? A suit? Mini-skirt and tank? The latest from the Jessica Simpson line? Hooker heels? Jen is beautiful, with or without makeup, with or without fancy clothes. You can’t say that about a lot of other dames in Hollywood.

  • Lalique

    @Laura: You are so right! Well, except for one thing: hooker heels are not proper attire for the farmers market. They should ideally be worn only to the Laundromat.

  • mertz

    love her nail colour. red is back!!!!!! such a fun colour.

    violet is looking cute.

  • Ronda

    I will say this: the only woman who’d wear hooker heels and a miniskirt to a farmers market is Kate Gosselin. That famewhore would flash her goodies to anyone.

    JGarner is classy, I gotta give her props. She spends good time with her girls, and they don’t have to be dressed to the nines to do it.

  • 702baby

    I think it’s great how Jennifer acts like a normal mom…so she doesn’t look like a movie star 24/7, who cares…..she is giving her daughter a normal life and thats what matters…..

  • 702baby

    I totally agree with Ronda, I couldn’t have said it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robbie

    I want more pictures of Violet, there is nothing interesting about Jennifer without Violet.

  • Laura

    So glad I came back to the board! Lalique and Ronda, you made my last ten minutes at work fun! Thanks!

  • not manic monday

    Nice for Ben to fly home for the weekend to hang with the fam. Then back to Boston to work. Hope he got a chance to hang with Matt while in LA.

    Jen looks perfectly dressed for the local farmers market. We have a farmer’s market and if someone showed up dressed to the nines they would be getting very funny looks no matter if a hollywood star or not.

    Another blog site wrote about how Jen tried to shield Violet from the paps while there and sent her inside with a family friend. Good for her. Way to try to include Little Violet in daily errands, but keep her out of the camera lens at the same time.

    Just love the Garner-Afflecks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    not her usual boring self
    she changed her shirt but she still has on her everyday jeans =[
    but at least she’s a good mother and always with her kid
    that is the main reason i respect her

  • Paul

    She is always pimping out her little kid.

  • shamrock

    Sweet family enjoying life! Much happiness and health to them~

    ciao bella*

  • Sally

    Vio is completly adorable! She is a total cutie. Jen is also so lovely. She is an amazing mother, very affective and warm. Ben has a beautiful family. They’re very special.

  • Pippi

    I make no secret about it Jen is my all time favorite celeb. I love her dressed up for work ie red carpet, press conferences or promotional shoot and I also like her when she is dressed down and hanging out with her family. She just seems so wholesome and approachable almost like any ordinary woman you might meet every day. This inspite of her status and popularity, she can be drop dead gorgeous or as silly and fun loving as the girl next door. She seems to be so like that same little country girl that came from West Virginia with a dream to appear on stage. She has never changed. She is my idol. I want to be like her.

  • Sally

    I can’t believe in some nasty comments here about Jen’s life style. Gosh, she is so beautiful and normal. She isn’t affected, she isn’t all dressed up, she is trying to be a regular person when she is not working and give her family all the best things of a regular life. She isn’t worried by the pressure of Hollywood, with all fakes smiles and superficial lives. What they have is true. Some of you here can be very shallow and cruel. It’s a pity.

  • not manic monday

    Paul #17, just wondering what about these photos gives you the impression she is “pimping” Violet?

    Honestly I would like to know?

    Violet is only in a few of these pictures, several near a car that she was getting into.

    I often see on here that Jen if “pimping” her children. Instead of just the comment, what is it that makes you think she is “pimping” Violet?

  • not manic monday

    Paul #17, just wondering what about these photos gives you the impression she is “pimping” Violet?

    Honestly I would like to know?

    Violet is only in a few of these pictures, several near a car that she was getting into.

    I often see on here that Jen if “pimping” her children. Instead of just the comment, what is it that makes you think she is “pimping” Violet?

  • jenna

    Jennifer shouldn’t try to shield violet from the paps because that’s the only thing that’s get her any attention and the only reason people are interested in her is because of her daughter. When JJ posts pictures of Violet with Jennifer there are usually more than 50 comments, but pictures of jennifer on her own like this one only get about 30 comments, that tells you that Violet is the star of the family, more popular than her mother.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, @ ” LAURA–@ RONDA ‘ @ ” TDANI — Jennifer is just an ” awesome mother ,” who loves to spend time with her daughter. What you see is what you get! There is no falsehood with her like there is with Kate Gosselin who will over-dress to go to the dry cleaners and starbucks, just to show off for everyone.
    Like the time Kate left her home to mail letters, and get gas, then returned home for the day, all the time wearing a mini-skirt, tank top with short cami underneath, and Louboutin heels. WHY ??? Sounds like what I would want to wear to visit my local Sam’s Club Gas pump. LOL.
    Violet is such an adorable and obviously happy and healthy child, thanks to her parents.
    @ SALLY– Most people ARE sad and pitiful and shallow. You should read the comments on the Cruise site and what they say about Suri. Hateful comments about a child are uncalled for. As you said so well, ” it’s a pity. “

  • clean

    Shouldn’t they wash that fruit they’re tasting?

  • Lollipop

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ snoozefest most boring and blah woman in Hollywood married to a hottie like Ben. *yawn* She would have been a better match for dull and boring Matt Damon.

  • flo

    I think she is a great hands on mom who has done a wonderful job with Violet, I love it that they do normal stuff like sunday mornings at the local farmets market..

  • Lollipop

    Please excuse my ignorance everybody I just escaped from a mental institution and I am hopelessly in need of attention that’s why I posted that stupid comment above.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Jen- Horsey -Face Garner pimps her kid again.
    Garner is the fakest woman in Hollywood. She should go back to the farm and use her man-hands and huge shoulders for farm work.

  • james


  • Lollipop

    LOL Hah Hah oh nooo don’t excuse my madness…Please don’t LOL. Thank you for responding to my comment! I really mean it. LOL :0) I’ll say it again. Booooooring lady about as blah as blah can be. Everybody knows it. She’s about as exciting as a twig falling from a tree.

  • chariya

    Love her…. very cute celeb family.

  • lauren

    lollipop-i disagree. twigs are more exciting :)

  • stefano

    I make mine the Pippi’s words

  • JENFANX100000

    I love to see pictures of Jen and her family. All the people making those distasteful hatefull comments YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS TO SEE A HAPPY FAMILY. What should Jen wear to the market AN EVENING DRESS WITH GLIITTERS what do you wear to the market or out shopping a suit/evening dress

    If you can not say something good about a person PLEASE SHUT UP

  • Bekky

    What happened to poor Seraphina? Where is she? Jennifer is not popular actress.

  • JENFANX100000

    I love to cee Jen and her family. All the people making hateful comments
    What would you wear to the market a tux/ or evening dress with glitters and high heels I DO NOT THINK SO. At least Jen is natural in her everyday life and if needed she dresses up.

    If you can not go through life making hatefyl comments about other people do not make silly remarks and do not read about celebs you do not like.
    You are just jealous about their lives
    So please SHUT UP

  • Vee

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks pregnant? I’m not ragging on her–I just think she looks like she may be expecting). See picture #5.

  • Lollipop

    Jen is so pretty. So a great actress and excellent mom. Beautiful family. I hope to have a beautiful family like her one day.

  • mom

    oh geez. so boring. did ben fly in for the weekend b/c Matt was in town too?! hahaha. no doubt he loves matt more than jen. i say his priorities = violet, his mom, matt, work and then jen b/c jen’s replaceable like any other hollywood wife.

  • s.i

    @blah: Well, i dont think so pretty. She is a good woman and actress. she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • s.i

    jen is classy, and beautiful and noble. i could picture her in ANY role because she is just so talented! She is great and her kids are cutie pies!!!!!

  • Whoknows

    “how frumpy can u be?”

    Oh come on now,that’s just plain rude. I’m sure her top priority when she is shopping isn’t how she looks. She is shopping for freaking grapes for crying out loud with her daughter. Should she wear top designer clothing everywhere she goes? I’m sure you dress down doing simple things such as that.

  • suppress your appetite

    I love her makeup…