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River Deary is a Brooklyn Baby

River Deary is a Brooklyn Baby

Keri Russell takes her son River Russell, 2, for a stroll in Brooklyn, New York on Monday morning (July 27).

CBS Films studio recently wrapped production on The Untitled Crowley Project, an inspirational drama starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser, and co-starring Keri, directed by Tom Vaughan. The drama is centered on the efforts of John and Aileen Crowley (Fraser and Russell) to find a researcher who might have a cure for their two children’s rare genetic disorder.

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  • Rachel

    Effortless (and beautiful) style!

  • Susan

    The boy needs a haircut. He might be a little cuter then.

  • Dianne

    I thought he was a she at first glance :S

  • nurd

    I hate this kid.
    He’s ugly and he needs to shave his girlie mop

  • kerry and scott aka felicity..

    It would be so much better if Scott Foley played her husband since he
    was her boyfriend in Felicity…

  • Pink for girls

    She is a cute little girl.

    Oh,uh,what ? What did you all just say? She is a boy? O.sorry.
    Well, if he had a haircut and clothes like a boy, that you would be able to tell.

  • Noticias de famosos

    It is a charming child, which carries no indication that long hair is a girl …

  • Reed Richards

    What is wrong with you, #2 and #4?

  • mel

    he´s such a beautiful child.

  • Laurie

    He looks like Kate Hudson’s girlie looking boy.

  • rocky

    Cut the freakin’ kids hair already!!!!!

  • rocky


    HE needs to shave his girlie mop? He’s a 2 years old you jerk!!!

  • no really

    he’s cute but really cut the hair the poor kid can’t see and it looks bad.

  • get him a haircut

    Go, what an ugly baby. The hair doesn’t help.

  • Susan

    To #8….just stating the obvious.

  • Gemma

    You americans are a little weird sometimes, the way you are so strict that boy-babies have to have short hair and girl-babies have to have long hair. It has to be some kind of strict moral thing, coming from the fact that you all are so influenced by christianity and strict doces, etc.

    In Europe nobody really pays any attention to that kind of stuff. There are plenty of little girls with short hair aswell. Its not really important what kind of hair a child has at all, as long as its a happy, healthy kid.

  • ugly h’wood

    Uh, Rocky, when I was two my mom cared enough to cut my hair. Most two year olds have their hair cut or at least a little trimmed up. But I guess the Kate Hudson and Keri Russell types want their kids to be a fashion extension of themselves like a cool bohemian purse or shoe.

  • ali

    He is adorable and looks just like his dad – who is quite handsome. It is awful for people to comment negatively on children. What is the point? What do you prove in saying something nasty about children? Is it to spit on the mother, make her feel ashamed? It has gotten out of hand.

  • Gemma

    Maybe people who commented here have never been to any other country than the USA, or to any other part of the world.

    Im pretty sure Keri Russel has, so she might have a more global and open mindset.

  • sigh

    Oh, snotty Gemma, pleaase go back to Europe and take your idiotic theories with you. Kids hair is cut to keep it out of their eyes, and since boys can’t wear barrettes or headbands, they need it shorter.

  • kiki1011

    Gemma: You Europeans don’t pay much attention to caring for your teeth, either, but that doesn’t make it RIGHT. Learn how to groom yourselves…get a haircut and brush your teeth!

  • extra

    I was an extra in this movie…it looks like a good one and comes out sometime around April 2010.

  • e

    gorgeous boy!! he is downright cool. you can just tell. He’s gonna be somethin to look out for when he grows up.

  • mailey

    the kid has a massive forehead, but he could grow out of that.
    keri’s really successful. good for her.

  • omg

    @nurd: How can you hate this kid? he is a friggin kid. He may not be the cutest kid, but he is child. What is wrong with you!

  • mertz

    i love her!

  • lilme

    I agree with Gemma about not thinking boys need to have short hair and girls need to have long. If the kid is comfy and the parents are too with the look then who cares? People seem to rip on all these boys with long hair like it’s sooo unusual. But you know what? A good portion of the young boys I saw out and about this weekend in the nice summer weather had long hair…at least to their shoulders. It’s been the skater/surfer look forever.

  • Sally

    What a cute kid!

  • coffeeholic

    I like her and her kid. She has a good fashion sense (effortless, but yet oh-so-stylish) and dresses up her kid very well. Her baby looks exactly like his dad! He’s very cute, and has that innocent baby look on his face, I love it.

  • Reed Richards

    I think you mean stating your ignorant opinion, #14.

    Cutting and not cutting hair of all things shows a lack of care, #17?

  • Halli

    He ADORABLE… what’s wrong with you freaks?

  • james

    i think both Keri and her son look beautiful

  • Trish

    Another woman who wanted a daughter.
    It Took getting daughters for Sarah Jessica Parker to finally cut her son James’ hair after 6 years. And Kate Hudson’s son Ryder who has waist length hair is still hoping for a daughter some day so she can also cut her girlie son’s hair.

  • Gemma

    Kiki, its pretty adorable that you claim to know something about European dental care. Did you see that on a TV-show about England? Do you think England is ALL of Europe? Most of Europe have tax payed free dental for half of your life, for starters. We actually have better dental care (as well as health care) than the US.

    If youre gonna diss something then its better to actually read up on the subject first, it makes it less embarassing for you. I never said anything bad about the US, i think your country is pretty awesome actually, i just said you people are a bit quirky. But you just answered with an insult, and you call _me_ snooty.

  • kiki1011

    Gemma, never called you snooty, not sure where that’s coming from. You may want to read up on America a little, too, as you sweepingly state that we think boys should have haircuts because we’re “so influenced by christianity and strict doces, etc.” Huh? Whatever…

  • smelly

    I’ve been to Europe many times, to almost all of the countries, and I have to agree with Kiki. Overall, the teeth are not as well-tended as in the US and there’s a LOT more B.O.! And, yeah, snob Gemma can shove her ignorant comments about America, christianity, etc. and shove them.

  • Tina

    Just because we don’t bleach our teeth every month and just because not everybody wears braces, doesn’t mean we don’t have great dental health :) Americans are stupid, what good does it do that they have white teeth?

    I agree, in Europe it’s completely normal for a boy to have longer hair. Or a girl shorter.

  • suppress your appetite


  • heart

    hey you why jealousy cuz he’s beautiful and cute not ur son haha river deary is sooooooo gorgeous sooooooo beatiful