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Sienna Miller: G.I. Joe Takes Tokyo

Sienna Miller: G.I. Joe Takes Tokyo

Sienna Miller and costar Channing Tatum wear head-to-toe Gucci at the premiere of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra at Lalaport Toyosu on Monday (July 27) in Tokyo, Japan.

Also pictured: producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, director Stephen Sommers and actors Marlon Wayans, Rachel Nichols, and Lee Byung-hun.

Sienna wore Gucci‘s Exit 49 “Ombré spot” pattern silver and iridescent black embroidered spencer jacket and matching trousers with blue/black silk georgette irisé lurex slim shirt and Gucci open-toe platform booties.

Channing wore Gucci‘s “New Manhattan” blue navy herringbone suit.

20+ pictures inside of the G.I. Joe casting taking Toyko…

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Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
Posted to: Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Rachel Nichols, Sienna Miller

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  • Mary

    Nice dress and nice back!

  • NIck

    I’m a moviebuff (as you can see from my name link) – and I honestly don’t know how this movie will turn out. I think it’ll either be a lot of fun or transformers 2 bad. I’m hoping for the former.

  • liz

    this is a premiere or a circus? LOL

  • marissa


  • ignizgt

    Where is Ray Park ?

  • jazz

    What the heck is that montrosity she is wearing?

  • Crystal

    Homewrecking trash!

  • alison

    i love channing tatum!

  • Lollipop

    She looks like a tough broad. Think Tonya Harding…

  • DUrrrr

    Love siennas outfit haha

  • H.

    The ho is looking rough.

  • Meream

    I actually like what she’s wearing. Very superhero-ish. :D

  • twenty-two

    The outfit is probably very expensive, but it’s not very flattering.

  • Amy Grindhouse

    I think Sienna is the only one that could pull off this outfit!

  • Noticias de famosos

    Sure that the film is fantastic, I really want to see it …

  • lol

    channing tatum is so cute

  • vixen

    @Amy Grindhouse: I sort of agree with you. Some of the stuff she wears is rather ugly for couture but she still sort of pulls it off. I wish she’d get a better stylist. She could look really beautiful all the time.

  • john mealey

    Sienna is the new Tonya Harding!!! LOL, bet she’d break Rossetas’ legs if she could…did a good job at breaking her heart and those of the children. She is foul-mouthed white trash…

  • ali

    i think they all look good! channing’s cute and she look stunning

  • bonzo

    Sienna Miller looks STUNNING when she gives it half an effort.

  • chili Pepper

    Rachel looks beautiful! Why is Sienna the one being promoted so heavily? She has to wear platforms to get anywhere near the statuesque Rachel.

  • Jen

    Rachel looks gorgeous, love the dress and the dark hair suits her. Love Marlon. Sienna looks like a clown, could that outfit be any more hideous? and that little face of hers, shes annoying, reminds of a Chihuahua for some reason. Love Channing but I don’t know how he will turn out as GI Joe, he didnt seem that impressive in the trailer for the film.

  • summer

    sienna looks hott!

  • lakers fan in boston

    just when i thought u had redeemed urself in the last premiere sienna =[
    horrible outfit, it looks like she’s in the 70s
    i like her hair but since she wore this ugly shiz, i cant barely even see it
    maybe next premiere she will wear something nice
    she’s just trying 2 hard lately

  • sfrench

    @chili Pepper:




    Can’t wait to see the movie!!

  • Anakin

    Rachel Nichols again is just stunning, Sienna just get out of the way!

  • Lila

    Rachel looks beautiful. Sienna’s suit is ugly but on her, it looks fierce.

  • Anonymous

    GI promo should just drop Sienna and focus on the stunning Rachel who has no heavy baggage..
    Sienna looks like a disco ball and if her intent was to mimic the cobra snakeskin, she is downright creepy. She looks hard and haggard.

  • Too

    I agree, even mentioning Sienna is in this movie brings it down. She’s a crap actress, a homwrecking ho, and an idiot with NO taste!!

  • Nonny

    someone needs to tell Evil Kineval That Sienna stole his motorcycle outfit

  • Too

    I mean seriously WTF is up with the Reynolds Wrap?

  • Toledo

    Sienna looks like Jiffy Pop woman

  • clown

    Sienna needs to borrow TomKat’s UFO and get the heck out of here.

    Oh, and take Getty with her too along with Katie also….

  • c

    SM seems to think that she can make people feel sorry for her by spreading lies about the married man’s wife. What exacty did RG do to SM to deserve so much hatred? This woman has kept a very low profile and is busy taking care of her kids, yet there are some SM fans whom seem to think that RG owes SM something. Why? If the married man was as in love with SM like she keeps trying to portray, he would have divorced his wife by now. Maybe this is why they blame RG, they can’t face the fact that the only obstacle standing in the way of SM “great romance” with the married man is the married man himself.

  • dede

    Why didn’t they cast a hotter chick as The Baroness? Sienna Miller isn’t sexy enough to be The Baroness. She doesn’t have any curves. Maybe the hotter actresses turned down the role. How will this movie fare considering there are no major stars in it? Could end up being a dud like The Watchmen.

  • dede

    Dewan watch out. Sienna loves married men.

  • kelly

    Sienna looks ridiculous. Who the hell dresses her? That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen her wear. The trousers don’t flatter her at all.

  • um

    The one girl I’ve never heard of is looking like a “please look at me!” actress and Sienna who I expect something from is looking very “see, I’m cutting edge with my out there clothes and no makeup”.. very disappointing!

  • j

    sienna looks fantastic

  • lauren

    that rachel thing is boring.

  • Hollyb

    Sienna is clearly chaneling her inner Liberace here! People say she is a fashion icon but she is looking more and more like a fashion victim, despite protesting that she doesn’t want fashion icon status. This suit shrieks “look at meeeee! It’s all about meeee!”. It’s just bling overload from head to toe. I do like her hair though.

    I too fail to understand why Sienna is being promoted so heavily. Anyone would think she was the only female star in this movie! Rachel is gorgeous in that dress yet there is no desperate publicity around her. I read somewhere that Sienna and Channing were supposed to be in the same outfits but thank goodness he went the sensible route otherwise the two of them would have looked comical together! His suit is fantastic. Really well cut and fits him perfectly. But in that ill-fitting Bacofoil outfit paired with those oversized shoes, Sienna is the real turkey in these photos.

  • Dee

    But Sienna looks HOTTT in the movie AND she does an excellent job ~IMO~

  • Dee

    @Hollyb: When you see the movie you will see that Sienna’s role is much more significant than Rachels, and I also think (in the movie) she looks 100x’s hotter!!!

  • swen

    forget the cast, I love how the Japanese promoted the movie with 13 leather clad babes

  • Hollyb

    @Dee: I have a feeling that it was written that way, deliberately. But my point is she isn’t the STAR of the movie so why is she being given so much publicity? It has truly been OTT considering she is only part of an ensemble cast! Even Channing Tatum didn’t get as much publicity and doesn’t he share equal amounts of airtime? It all seems more than a bit desperate to me. And no, I do not agree that she looks 100x hotter than Rachel. At least everything you see of Rachel is natural. Sienna’s costume added fake butt, fake boobs – fake everything. In real life she is as flat as a pancake, saggy and scrawny as all hell. How can that be considered hot?

  • blacklotus69

    Sienna you are so awsomeeeeeeeeeee!

  • suppress your appetite

    beautiful and intelligent