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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Reunite?

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Reunite?

Sophia Bush and her One Tree Hill costar Austin Nichols may have rekindled their romance.

The twosome was spotted catching a connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday (July 26) and took pictures with fans who spotted them together.

Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, met through mutual friend Jake Gyllenhaal in mid-2005 and reportedly started dating in early 2006. Since 2008, Austin has appeared in a recurring role as Julian Baker on OTH.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols reuniting — YAY or NAY?

UPDATE: Apologies, image removed!

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150 Responses to “Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Reunite?”

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  1. 126
    wallee Says:

    sorry i dont really know some people say in january and other say in april

  2. 127
    ashley Says:

    i don’t even think sophia and james were a couple i’ve never heard ether of them say anything about each other and hollywood is full of rumors so i only believe what sophia says not what i read about. oh chad did say they were together but he’s just a jealous ex husband so who knows if it’s true

  3. 128
    lucky Says:

    Chad has the biggest mouth and always saying things that is not his business. He needs to focus on his relationship and marry that Kenzie so he can cheat on her more. Honestly, if James/Sophia is dating 4real Chad kinda ruin it for them when he spill the beans. Considering Sophia/James are very private about their personal life. Why do you think he did that (Always a motive behind anything this douche say or do)

  4. 129
    brittany Says:

    yeah i agree chad shouldn’t of done that but maybe he didn’t mean to. i think it’s smart of sophia to keep her personal life private but still people make up rumors. people should stop saying she dates her co-stars she’s just hangs out with them. sophia is so awesome and sweet and she said she was a long term relationship kind of person. i’ll the rumors about austin and james are stupid and only dumb people belive them

  5. 130
    sweeto Says:

    A friend of mine is superclose with Austin and I can assure you, these two are not dating, however they are very close FRIENDS…but definetely not dating.

    Austin is as single as one can be right now…

  6. 131
    Amy Says:

    He’s now a regular cast member for season 7. Also, the pic on the beach from Season 7 was pretty steamy. Good chemistry at least.

  7. 132
    :) Says:

    YAY :D

  8. 133
    aleksandra Says:

    YAY ;)

  9. 134
    AMELIA Says:

    I really reckon that this is crap. They could be just friends she remained real close friends with one of her Stay Alive co-stars though they dated. She has dated Chad and James but i reckon James and Sophia are just best friends. I reckon what would be real awesome Robert Buckley and Sophia Bush.

  10. 135
    Haya Says:

    YAY!! although we need picture to prove it!

  11. 136
    WOW Says:


  12. 137
    Brooke Says:

    as long as James Lafferty is single… im fine!!

  13. 138
    John Says:

    I noticed she was crying at LAX airport.

  14. 139
    dAISY Says:

    Saw them at LAX this week-end, they were VERY MUCH together

  15. 140
    Lynn Says:

    dee dee, James has been out of the picture for several months. That’s been “over” for a while now.

    Brandy, you are correct. They DID “break up” a while ago.

  16. 141
    Jamie Ann Says:

    I can clear up a lot of these rumors. It’s up to you what to believe, but this is what I know.

    1.) I personally know for a fact that James and Sophia have been “over” since late January. It was never even serious to begin with.

    2.) The reason some people say James and Sophia never dated is because of the fact that they technically didn’t. They were involved, yes. But, they were NOT dating in the traditional sense of the word. Again, I personally know this for a fact.

    3.) I won’t comment on the status of James and Sophia’s friendship now, since it will just turn into a huge debate. But, it’s not the same.

    4.) James IS single. Ever since filming started, he’s been going out every weekend with his boys and partying up a storm. Sophia and Austin have been attached at the hip going everywhere together.

    5.) LIke I just stated above, Sophia has been attached to Austin’s hip, since she came back into town and filming started. I’m not saying that means they are dating, but they go EVERYWHERE together. Just like she and James did, when they were “together.” Again, I am NOT saying this means Sophia and Austin are actually dating. Just clarifying that.

    6.) It IS true that Sophia and Austin both went to USC, and had a lot of the same friends. So, they’ve known each other and been close friends since way before he joined the OTH cast.

    7.) I do not like Chad, so let me put that out there right now. He does say a lot of things that are none of his business, but I can’t fault him for outing James and Sophia back in October. I don’t want to get into the details, because I’m not looking to start a fight, but he did have his reasons. So, I understand why he did it.

    8.) Sophia and Robert have become fast friends, but nothing more than that at this point. They get along great.

    Again, you have the right to believe whatever you want. This is what I personally know first-hand, but you are free to draw your own conclusions about it. I’m not here to argue about it, so I won’t get into a big huge fight over what I know directly. Just came across the post, saw some of the comments, and thought I could help answer some of the questions people have here.

  17. 142
    noelle Says:


    except that bethany is married ;)
    even though i totally agree Joy & James have great chem.! :)

  18. 143
    noelle Says:


    except that bethany is married ;)
    even though i totally agree Joy & James have great chem.! :)

  19. 144
    wallee Says:

    dAISY: What did you saw at the LAX airport ?, thanks!!!!

  20. 145
    simirah Says:

    I love her & shes not z-list at all .

  21. 146
    b24 Says:

    ^Jamie Ann, I agree with everything you say. I spend time on and off in Wilmington so I know what you’re talking about.
    I don’t like Chad either, and I don’t know why he outed them, you say he had his reasons, but I still don’t think he should have said anything after what he did to Sophia when they were together. It’s none of his business who she dates, even if it’s in front of him, personally I think he did out of jealousy.
    As for Austin and Sophia, i think they are together, and if they are that’s great for them they seem to get along really well. I wish them the best because from my experiences with them, they’re both very nice people. I’ve met many celebs and no one is more down-to-earth and REAL than Sophia Bush I have to say. She’s got a very kind heart and deserves nothing but happiness. And if she is dating Austin, she’s one very lucky girl!

  22. 147
    suppress your appetite Says:

    She looks amazing!

  23. 148
    SPAZZER Says:

    do not want. i dislike him. a lot. er, what was the picture before?

  24. 149
    Tash Says:


  25. 150
    Tash Says:


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