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Tom Cruise: Giorgio Baldi Boys Night Out

Tom Cruise: Giorgio Baldi Boys Night Out

Tom Cruise gets in some father-son bonding time with Connor, 14, at Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi on Sunday (July 26) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Connor wore his support for David Beckham by wearing a Los Angeles Galaxy jersey. (Connor cheered Becks on during a soccer match on July 19.)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Katie Holmes and her pint-size costar Bailee Madison were seen on the set of their new movie, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, in Melbourne, Australia.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise‘s boys night out at Giorgio Baldi…

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  • hag

    tommy kitty kat and katie robo bride have broken up!! they are just waiting for a convienient time to announce the break up. after katie’s new movie premier or after the red carpet. No, after suri’s birthday.. no after Conner turns 15 or Isabellas, prom.. NO after suri is weaned or potty-trained……..

  • ASHI j J




  • mae

    EWWWW. he is definately ummmm. how do I say it???? -time he came out of the closet and live his life and be happy. They are never together………….

  • honop

    What a difference hair makes. She doesn’t look 40+ anymore. She’s needs hair.

  • bye bye hot tom

    I hate to have to admit this but here it goes. Tom Cruise has lost the “it: factor. I want to watch Top gun and Cocktail in honor of Tom’s long forgotten hotness ~~cries~~

    on a side note I was gonna ask why Tom is always away from Katie but they both look happy so… they don’t mind being apart.

  • bye bye hot tom

    If Tom came out as a Gay man I think is career will be cool again. same for Nicole Kidman.

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Tom go home to your pregnant wife and child!

    Katie is way to pretty to be left at home without her husband!

  • jim bo

    tom looks very gay. what’s up with the rug on his head? He needs to add a little gray to it so it will look real. Almost 50 and no gray hair….he looks silly.

  • jim bo

    Homely looks happier in Australia. Maybe she’ll stay there permanently. That would be nice. Gone and forgotten.

    I’m still laughin about her “dancing” on SYTYCD.

  • Annie

    Tom must of thought “Quick! We need a photo op so people quit talking about how bad Kates performance was!”

    And can he look any more gay?

  • teehee

    TOM is starting to look like Bruno! Just look at photo #10.

    Photo #2 is priceless. Whatta face!!!

  • Karon

    I wonder who takes care of Baby Suri while they are off being self-indulgent.

  • Chili Pepper

    Isn’t every night “boys night out” for Tom?

  • lol

    omg!!! i have to agree, he is starting to look like bruno!!!

  • Wendy

    Tom looks great, love the haircut, and Connor is so handsome, love his LAG jersey.Katie has some truly ugly outfits in that movie, damn!But her face is stunning, loved her dance performance so much.

  • Katie is just a doll!!!

    Sickening Comments! Just stick to your Hero Worshipping of the Pitts!
    See Katie Holmes on tv dancing? WHOA!!! talk about a lovely, sexy woman! She’s adorable..and sorry, better body then rail super thin you know who. Katie was fantastic! I love this woman. And he’s not gay, you fools, too bad you think only your Heros B&A walk on water, then, you’d like this couple too…a great beautiful looking couple, with the most adorable little daughter..keep your mean comments to yourselves! Jealous, Jealous, period.
    Wendy #17….right on..her dance performance was great..and she sure does have a ‘stunning’ face..with the most cutest side smile!! Love that on her. But to the posters who live to hate everyone but B&A, they will find something to ‘how bad’ she looks in this movie…Note..A DAMN MOVIE!!! She’s the best..glad she has a career going.

  • Roxanne

    Tom is definitely embracing his inner gayness in these photo. Everyone in the buz knows his fondness for men so why not just come out and give up the fraud already. Katie’s performance on SYTYCD sucked a$$

  • lanlan8452

    Tom is sooooooooo handsome

  • whortensia

    love the midget’s shoe lifts

  • lennie

    Is it OK to have a crush on Connor? Is he old enough? Tom is not so bad either.

  • emma#2

    totally with you #18 LOVED katies performance on sytycd, it was an amazing tribute to judy garland, she was hot, beautiful with the most beautiful hazel eyes and great pins, love her hair longer , didn’t care too much for the shorter length. when she came out of the car wearing the fur coat, she looked like a true movie star , when movie stars used to look classy. can’t wait for extra man or the del torro movie. katie holmes is a class act!!

  • To Katie is just a doll

    I assume you are the same poster that insists on bringing up either the Jolie Pitts or Kidman on each thread. Why do thick headed brainless posters like you insist if you dislike Holmes or Cruise you must love the JP’s or Kidman?
    Did it ever occur to you that many of us think Tom is an idiot? He belongs to a cult. He has short man’s syndrome. He is trying to stay young. Now I do feel sorry for him. It must be terribly hard to be 48 and crave the idolization and power he once had and to know it is waning–he is obviously trying everything to regain his status in both power and status. It ain’t gonna happen. I think most of us on this thread that are anti-tom could respect him far more if he said I’m 48 years old and I’m no longer 28 and at the top of the most handsome, most talented, most powerful, most sexy lists. He looks ridiculous these days with some bad plastic surgery and trying to look young and buff.
    Katie on the other hand has a limited amount of talent and range. It is hard to respect her as an actress since most of the parts she has gotten since her marriage is due to her being Mrs. Tom Cruise rather than based on her talent and skill (which is severely limited).
    At least Brad, Angie, Nicole and a host of others have paid their dues. Katie has not. It must be horribly hard for legit actors to see her being given plum rolls based on being Mrs. Tom Cruise. Yes, Hollywood operates this way–but it still irks those that have the talent, skill, and charisma and who have to work hard for each role they audition for and get.
    It is my understanding (and I’m sure Reed Rickets will correct me if I’m wrong) that Katie didn’t even auditon for this role in this film. ONly very few A listers don’t have to audition. Katie is only an A lister by association. If she didn’t audition–then this part was bought for her. There is no way she would have been in the top three if she had auditioned. There are too many highly skilled actresses out there that she doesn’t hold a candle to.

  • christine

    Look at Connor tryin to look all celebrity-like. “Yea, man, I’m a star. Dude, don’t take my pic. That’s why I wore these huge shades… Gotta look fine for the ladies…. not you coc-a-papz.
    Cockroach papz everywhere. Gotta call my dad’s scientology peepz and get me anothr shot… of the “holy Hubbard water”

  • Reed Richards

    When they were seen together alot, you just accused him of controlling her and never letting her out of his sight, #1.

    Brilliant, #2.

    Read my comment to #1, #4. (He does look really gay in that tight shirt though.)

    Self-indulgent, #14? God, you’re dumb…

    You don’t know him so why do you keep accusing him of so many things that you would know nothing about, #24.

    Talent isn’t the only reason why people are cast for something. Fame is a big deal to. Holmes likely auditioned for this movie and was chosen for her talent as well her fame which could bring in money at the box office. This excuse that there are more talented actors out there is pointless. There are better actors than her as well as worse actors than her. So many different factors go into casting. Not only that, your judgment of her talent is your opinion only anyway.

  • mailey

    tom has been spending alot of time with connor the last year it seems. that’s really nice.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Katie is a gold digger who has a pretend marriage, like a business deal.
    She thought marrying Tom will make her a Nicole Kidman, but marrying for money and fame will not buy you talent and beauty.

  • so gay and her fug wifey

  • sydney

    So gorgeous, both Tom and Kaite! Jealous haters need to get over themselves.

  • to reed richards

    Katie Holmes = no talent
    Katie Holmes= married for money and fame
    Katie Holmes = has been

  • dido

    he is really gorgeous and ı can’ t believe he is 46, he looks 30

  • Suri in FULL DIAPERS at 4!!!

    maybe katie could take on a new pet project, potty training her big girl. lazy women! who could stand the smell? so disgusting. poor suri.

  • helen

    Tom is so handsome!

  • myma

    Looks like Tom got more work done on his face and dyed his hair a lighter brown this time. He’s trying too hard to look younger. He looks ridiculous in that tight t shirt with that ridiculous grin on his pulled too tight face.

    Face it Cruiser, it’s all over for your career. Your heyday has come and gone thanks to you acting like a complete a** over the past few years. No one cares about you anymore. Having surgery and dying your hair won’t help. Neither will your marriage if there’s anything left of that. You’ll be onto your 4th marriage soon enough. Maybe you should stick to producing behind the scenes.

  • Cork

    Tiny looks sooooo GAY!!!!!! Can his clothes get any tighter? Bright white tennies, and weird odd hair…thought I was looking at Wil from Will and Grace. How gay! And of course fugly is just bumbling around at her B movie set after making an idiot out of herself on SYTUCD. Her performance sucked!!!!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    look at tommy girl trying 2 act all tough, tight shirt and pants, i almost forgot his kicks, lmao
    him and katie r both made for each other
    1 looks like she’s 50, the other is actually 50

  • tina

    I bet Connor and Isabella are glad Homely is on the other side of the world. Homely probably demands all the attention and treats Tom’s kids like CRAP!

  • n

    hot couple

  • lurker

    great family,great career and they do good to society
    as for trolls they are useless and miserable

  • tlc

    God bless them

  • dolphins

    All American Hollywood royalty but they are so normal
    and down to earth.

  • beautiful family pics in U.S. and Australia

    i miss Tom and Katie on the bigscreen

  • medic

    Suri has a unique beauty because of Tom and Katie<3

  • spooky

    Katie was amazing in SYTYCD!!!!

  • anonymous

    Happy sighting for them. The few trolls are in love with this two and their family. They cant live without them.

  • rachel

    I like them and they are amazing actors and pretty for sure. Not a big fan but I dont want to be living the lives of haters who’s just always angry,bitter and depress.

  • annie

    Scientoligst out in full force again……

  • gina


  • iron chef

    Im sure they miss each other but its nice when they do things on their own too. Cant wait for their movies.

    Im proud of Katie doing SYTYCD and Dizzy Feet Foundation.
    She gave the show great ratings.