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Avril Lavigne Goes Acoustic For New Album

Avril Lavigne Goes Acoustic For New Album

Avril Lavigne‘s upcoming fourth album will be taking a completely different approach to her music.

“A lot of the songs are mainly the acoustic and my vocal,” the 24-year-old Canadian singer told Billboard. “It’s a lot different from anything I’ve done before. It’s not a pop-rock record. This is more about emotion and feeling.”

Avril also tells EW, “This record, I just really, really wanted to sing. We started recording each song, some of them, just with acoustic guitar and the vocal and building it from there. It’s stripped down. I love performing that way, so I really felt like it was time to make a record like that. To just make it all about the vocal and the performance, and the vibe, and the emotion.”

Avril‘s still-untitled album is set for a November 17th release.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Avril’s new album — YAY or NAY?

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  • me

    sorry, but I feel she has had her 15 minutes.
    She is a good song writter, that is about it.

  • larissa de melo


  • punch line

    her perfumes smells like vomit and hair extension glue! go screw yourself- narcissist!

  • elisaaaLjj


  • Dan

    “This record, I just really, really wanted to sing”
    and what was she doing before?
    but I’m not gonna lie, I love her singing voice

  • Holly

    i am excited 4 her album, it’ll be a change 2 see her not doing punk-pop-rock stuff

  • daniel

    Yeah!! Avril is back!!!!!! Her new album will be amazing!! And all Avril haters can suck it! Cuz Avril rooocks!!!

  • notafan

    I heard her sing live once and couldn’t change the channel fast enough. I’m not all that psyched for it.

  • adrianna

    OMG that photo scared me

  • nikomilinko

    hayyyyyy la amoooooooooooooooo

    ya quiero el cd.!!!!!!

    quieor que llegue a la argentina cunato antes!!!



  • marissa

    yea she is old news. I like her when she was in her angst days. now she is a party girl who club every night. boring

  • Jo

    yaaaay !

  • luanna

    i reeeeeally don’t like her!

  • dali

    never liked her and she had her 15 minutes of fame, sorry but she’s over

  • Claudia

    she sold out so bad.

  • Kat

    That sounds like a total rip off of Lights , the music is almost the same as her February Air song

  • kris

    I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!!!
    i love acoustic sets and i’m excited to hear her just go back to her
    normal emotional songs that actually mean something.
    her last album she for sure sold out .. i mean girlfriend was a big
    hit .. But nothing compared to the meaningful songs she was singing before.. and @Kat: I agree. black star does sort of remind me of lights.

  • jamie

    @Claudia: she never did anything original or independently to allow herself to become a sell out.

  • Rose

    Yay, ive waited for so long for a new album from Avril. My fav rock chick <3

  • Sare

    I’m excited! It’s rare that pop singers actually write they’re material. @19 if she wasn’t original, then why is every young girl compared to her? kelly clarkson, miley cyrus, taylor swift etc. she set a benchmark. @12 Avril doesn’t party all the time, it’s when she does party that it gets media coverage, it gets blown out of proportion.

  • pAO

    YYYYYYYyaaaaaaaayyyyy!! Im so excited!!! In august cames out the first single!!!..

  • TiffanyyO

    I was a big fan when she came out with her first album, loved her second album even more …then came the third .i was no longer a fan …so to hear shes gonig back to the way she used to be when it comes to her music really makes me happy, i cant wait to hear more of it .

  • oceane

    Looks blah blah to me. CHEAP!!

  • oceane

    Looks blah blah to me. CHEAP!!

  • mailey

    she looks stupid in the commercial and even worse in this picture. she looks scary.

  • really

    she almost looks like a adult in that pic I wonder if she still spits on people

  • ashley

    Big Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!
    really cant wait
    u should post more about her

  • cowboy up

    She reminds me of my wife….so sexy and beautiful and artistic. Makes me melt looking at her lovely face. I love the acoustic guitar soooo much!!! Playing instraments is a very healing and soul stirring activity. Listening to a band is fun. The way the music pounds through your body is a little disconcerting though. That is why I like acoustic.

  • Kj

    Oh yeah i’m excited :D is the home of Avril Lavigne fans come join!

  • faith

    is she trying to be a punk version of tinkerbell

  • cain

    she can’t sing. that would be terrible idea being acoustic. do you want britney do a acoustic, hell no!! so avril can’t pull it off either!!

  • meh

    Don’t give a sh!t. She should just go away.

  • Laura, France

    Avril Lavigne was amazing, now she’s a poor stupid chick.

  • Louise

    Cheesiest ad ever! She has lost the minimal street cred she had by foraying into this shameless money-making celebrity-milking endeavor. Sorry, but it’s true!

  • Robert

    @cain: Are you tone deaf? She is really fantastic when she does acoutics. You should watch her concert at the Roxy Theatre in LA.

  • TrinajeanMariee#1avrilfan.

    I Am Soo Very Very Excited About Her New Album! I Know All Her Songs && Love Em All! This Album Will Kick Ass && I Will Buy It As Soon As It Comes Out! =D

    X X X

  • qboy

    she is always copying christina aguilera, now the whole red lipstick thing etc etc … i love you avril
    cant wait for the album

  • Den D rocker

    I can’t wait!!! I’ve been waiting so long for this and it’s finnily here!! It took me about half a year to learn all her songs from all albums let go, under my skin, and The best damn thing. my fav album is let go, it’s so punk rock. I love avril!!!!!!!! Rock on!!!

  • 647flurry

    i liked her first 2cd’s but i hated her 3rd one
    i hope that this one is going to be better =]

  • Adam Sherako

    Love her acoustic stuff.. always reminds me of the Sundays..

  • Cloud

    I love avril and can’t wait for the cd AND the perfume to come out.
    I don’t care what anyone says, Avril is the best, She ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avril4ever

    qe beiia sos te amoo

  • Scot

    Avril certainly has talent, but her last album pretty much sucked. It’s as if she didn’t know which direction to take once she outgrew the angsty-teen thing. Well, here’s hoping her latest effort is worth a listen.

    But what the hell is with that picture? Is she trying to look like Gwen Stefani? Avril, you’re a beautiful girl. Get all that crap off your face!

  • Jamie Cunningham

    Biggest Fan Here!!!!!!!!
    SO excited 4 the new album :D
    can not wait!
    i’ll get it 4 my bday in november :D
    i love ALL of avrils songs
    i dont think she sold out , just tried new fun things ; which i loved
    LOVE the song from her commercial
    so good :D
    she is one of those artists i’ll never get bored of
    i just hope she mixes it up with some rock aswell ;)
    GO AVRIL !!!!!!!!

    check out my cover of her songs :D

  • Marie

    i have a bad feeling about her new album. i mean avril sounds best pop/punk/ rock/ and i have listened to songs that were never realesed that were mellow and kinda country and they arn’t that good. I say her best bet would be to make another under my skin like album.

  • AvrilFAns,,!!!

    ohhh…. mY Godsssssss,,,, iTs rEaLY iDoL aVriL…? ohh… no she’s so much pretty and so cute her… haaaaaaaaallerr i believed this tooo much.. ;like her face than miley… c0z don’t lyk miley so much… then Taylor swift and Avril Lavigne is like a twin…!!! just see in youtube in You belong to me see taylor swift in her official video guyssss… love you avril… mwaaaaaaaaaahhh..!!

  • Girla

    that’s amazing i love avril she is so beautiful

  • suppress your appetite

    I should have.

  • Dr dude

    i’m reeeeeeally excited, is gonna be better than any record of her. and i know that, i belivie in her self .