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Black Power Ranger Arrested For DUI

Black Power Ranger Arrested For DUI

Former Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger Walter Jones, aka Black Ranger Zack Taylor, was arrested for DUI on Sundat night (Juyl 26) in Huntsville, Alabama.

TMZ reports Alabama State Troopers in Huntsville cuffed Jones, 38, and booked him into a local jail before Jones eventually met bail and was released.

Via Wiki: Walter was written out of the Power Ranger series midway through the second season, apparently due to disagreements over wages and fee, and was replaced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

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  • Danielle

    Its MORPHIN TIME!! *gimme a bottle of tequila* lmao!

  • joanne

    haha i used to watch that as a kid!

  • marissa

    whythe title have to be “Black Power Ranger”

    seriously, racist undertones are taken seriously to jared.

    It should have said ” Former Power ranger star arrested for DUI” we obviously know he played the black one. you didnt have to point it out Jared

  • ????

    Um..Marissa…that’s because he WAS the “Black” power ranger? …If it were the chick who played Trini, she would have been the “Yellow” Power ranger. Or the guy who played “Tommy” would have been the “Green” and “White” Power ranger…Or even Amy Jo Johnson as the “Pink” Power Ranger. You should direct your anger towards the creators of the Power Rangers…not Jared. Obviously the Power Rangers was some messed up ish.

  • joanne

    Go Go Power Rangers! You Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!! What ever happened to the others. I know the Yellow power ranger, Trini died in a car accident. RIP

  • jerry

    hahaha so racist! lol

  • petra

    u should have just titled it “N.I.G.G.E.R Power Ranger Arrested For DUI”

  • VNY

    Lmao – I think you should change the title, Jared. I don’t think it was written in a racist way though…just might be interpreted in the wrong way by people.

  • gg

    Wow you people are ridiculous. He played the black power ranger and that’s why he wrote it. He just happens to be black too. Stop being so sensitive.

  • Posh

    When I first read the title I laughed, it’s funny, I dont think its racist at all, out of all the power rangers he was the black one,
    #7 petra, thats just ignorant.

  • bonzo

    duh, we can see that he’s black. that’s like saying “male black power ranger”…. more information than necessary unless you’re a nitwit or prejudiced.

  • Ali

    I love how none of you are even talking about he was arrested for the DUI. Anywayyyyyyyyyy he looks very young for almost 40, good for him. He should definitely lay off the booze though if he’s going to be driving.

  • me

    How ironic that the black power ranger is actually black.
    He still looks exactly the same…he hasn’t aged at all.

  • Josh F

    hahaha, wow he got arrest about an hour from my house… awesome.

  • marissa


    my point exactly. e obvously know he played the black one. didnt have to point it out Jared

  • Josh

    @marissa: They call him the “Black” power ranger because he actually played the black color power ranger! So is anything the show was racist not JJ.

  • Jason

    Guys, i work in that police department. The cop who arrested him was shady, we’re actually investigating him right now. Mr. Jones passed ALL the sobriety tests and still was locked up. I guess a shady cop or not it still got out and an innocent man is getting treated like shit for it

  • lakers fan in boston

    i love it when ppl get so emotional
    omg he put black power ranger, dumbass he said he played that ranger
    i loved power rangers, they use 2 be so cool 2 me when i was 5

  • me


    Lmao! Exactly! I love this!

  • marissa

    @lakers fan in boston:

    stupid is as stupid does

  • Gogopowerrangers

    Yeah this show was really racist, the 1st yellow ranger was asian, a coincidence? *eyes rolling*

  • sarahi

    this guy was one of the orginial power rangers and he still looks exactly the same.

  • Charlie Johnson

    Jared, you racist bastard!

  • Ally

    Walter PASSED all of the sobriety tests. He wasn’t drunk at all, he was innocent. I hope the cop that arrested him gets his due.

  • Rich N’ SMOOTH

    Walter got caught drunk as a skunk after pulling out of a gay bar called OZ. He had a car full of drag queens, and himself was wearing a hot miniskirt and pumps. Seems to have been morphing from a spear chunkin power ranger to a sissy boy on the down low.

  • harry beans

    The show wasn’t racist, it just described people accurately. The Black Ranger was Black, the Yellow Ranger was Asian, the Red Ranger was a Red Ass, the Blue Ranger had blue balls, and the Pink Ranger had a pink twat.

  • Morphious

    damn that fool is old!!!

  • Noel HARDY

    Statement issued by the chairman of PersaCon, the Japanese Anime Convention to which Walter Jones was a guest”

    “Ok since it’s post con, and since someone at the Huntsville Police Department was out to make a quick buck, we can post this.

    Sunday morning around 4 am, after leaving a gas station (where he’d stop to ask for directions), Walter was pulled over. The reason was written as “failure to dim headlights”. I’m sure we all know with the current “taking back our highways” thing that they seem to be pulling people over for anything nowadays. Walter had not had any alcohol except for one beer late in the afternoon on saturday. The cop demanded for Walter to get out of his car, tried to pin a DUI on him. He forced a very competent and alert (obviously not drunk) Walter to perform the various field sobriety tests. For those that don’t know, those tests consist of testing your balance, awareness, and even a breathalyzer (which checks how much alcohol is in your system).

    Walter passed all of those tests with flying colors, and yet he was still handcuffed. He was not explained anything outside of that he was being arrested for DUI. Needless to say it was bogus. I will not state my personal opinion on this cop’s motive for the arrest. However I will say that it is completely wrong, and the arresting officer is being looked into for this incident.

    Walter was held at jail longer than he was supposed to. An innocent man was kept in an overcrowded jail which SHOULD be filled with Huntsville’s ACTUAL criminals who are still walking our streets this very second.

    We are all saddened that Walter had to go through this, however he did the bail and got out. Then he was recommended to a wonderful lawyer who will be proving the actuality of this incident.

    Walter is an innocent man, a responsible adult, and a good friend. I hope you will all continue to respect him and I hope that you will not allow a shady cop to ruin your memories of a fun weekend.

    Now to address the issue of why we said Walter had “food poisoning” at Closing Ceremonies. The staff was prepared to tell the truth about the terrible injustice brought upon one of our beloved guests. However when I saw people filing in the closing ceremonies, i saw lots of very young kids. Whether you think I was right or wrong for this, I do not care; but I felt it was better to not state to small children such an incident. For young kids it is really hard to understand this kind of situation (especially when we’re all brought up thinking cops only get bad guys and protect innocent people). The situation was too much to explain and we would have rather kept young children from thinking their hero was a “bad guy”. I hope you will all respect PersaCon’s decision to do so.

    Everything is getting worked out for Walter, however, the internet is a powerful tool and it seems this story has spread like wildfire. What I would like to ask all of you is please repost this story/share the truth with anyone who may doubt Walter. He’s a good friend and was a great guest at PersaCon. We are continuing to support him in this troubling situation and we hope you will too.

    Lauren Cullen and the PersaCon Staff”

  • Ken

    @Posh: You’re retarded, how is that ignorant, tell me that. Is Petra unaware that the ranger was black? Is Petra unaware that the actor was black? Did Petra comment without reading the story? Is the n-word somehow not applicable to this specific black person? No. You’re the ignorant one for using the word when you clearly have no idea wtf it means.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    damn. he was my favorite for awhile, until the green ranger came. fcuked up.

  • behati

    I use to watch it as a kid, I love pink, yellow and blue ranger I didn’t know trini died already , that’s so sad

  • Ryan

    The cop was really Goldar in disguise!!! It’s all part of Rita Repulsa’s plot to take over the world!!!

  • i hate people

    @Charlie Johnson: @jerry:
    he’s the Black Power Ranger.
    Not the African-American Power Ranger.
    Not the Pink Power Ranger.
    He wore a black suit.
    His helmet was black.
    They called him the BLACK POWER RANGER.
    Black is a color NOT A RACE.

  • casey

    @marissa: YOURE AN IDIOT!! he played the black ranger dumbo. the color black refers to his power rangers character not his race. self-righteous fool.

    i would stay to insult you more but i gotta go now, its morphin time!

  • omggg

    @petra bitch go suck a coke racist asshole

  • Chase

    Haha, I love how everyone takes this black power ranger thing the wrong way. WHO CARES! Was the yellow ranger yellow because she was asian? Was the red ranger red because he was a redneck? Geez, get over it!

  • Rox

    I hate nigs

  • space patrol Alpha

    It’s the Mastodon Ranger!

  • Cali

    the reason he was the black power was not because the makers were racist it was because they wanted the show to be racial friendly and in the japanese version the black ranger was best friends with the red and thats what they were triing to do it just came across as racist

  • suppress your appetite


  • http://celebuzz daniel

    eat a dick pectra if you aint black don’t use that word

  • ThatGuy

    @marissa: Are you retarded? Yeah, he’s black, but he was also the black ranger. There’s nothing racist about that. Do me a favor, fall down some stairs.

  • raven12516

    HA! It’s either Thuy Trang (Trini) driving off a cliff, or we got this guy DUI’ing!

  • hah

    this is all i have to say:

  • dan

    blackpowerranger drinking and driving his meganasword . go go drunk power rangers . p.s on megasword forgot it called

  • dan

    think writer of this is drunk. messed spelled sunday isnot sundat haha