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Christian Bale is Dicky Eklund

Christian Bale is Dicky Eklund

Christian Bale continues to go above and beyond the call of duty for his portrayal of Dicky Eklund in The Fighter on Tuesday (July 28) in Boston, Mass.

The 35-year-old method actor shot scenes with costar Mark Wahlberg.

Bale has said about film, “It’s a true story of two incredibly gifted boxers who were half brothers. The one, Dicky Ecklund, who fought Sugar Ray Leonard at a very young age, when he was twenty one, was an incredible natural talent. He lived a very hard life. Then he came to train his brother, Irish Mickey Ward, to the world title.”

10+ pictures inside of Christian Bale as Dicky Eklund…

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christian bale dicky eklund 01
christian bale dicky eklund 02
christian bale dicky eklund 03
christian bale dicky eklund 04
christian bale dicky eklund 05
christian bale dicky eklund 06
christian bale dicky eklund 07
christian bale dicky eklund 08
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  • olivia

    this is beyond scary! he takes method acting to another level wow. kudos to him i hope his performance is superb in this movie.

  • ethansays

    OMG….Christian. Nooooo. Okay, I mean…I know it’s for a role but WHOA. How are you going to bounce back from THAT? lol

  • Katie

    OMFG i cant get over how skinny he got. Even though it for a role but oh wow that’s just too extreme

  • ha

    I wonder if it all will be worth it with Marky MArky staring in this. I like marky mark but his last two performances were nothing to write home about. “The Happening” and that action movie showed how horrible is acting can be. hope he doesn’t disappoint Bale.

  • Ali

    this looks like madness. not worth the cost to the body.

  • mari

    I dont believe look terrible :(

  • kris

    oh god. that’s horrible.
    but i mean props to h im for taking his acting so seriously..

  • 0two

    Wow!! I hope he can bounce back quickly. He is a completely different person!

  • me

    That’s so unhealthy! He’s going to give himself HEART FAILURE if he keeps doing this to himself.

  • =)=)=)

    omg !!!!! what happend 2 u ???? =o0o

  • plum

    it’s crazy as he looks alike Dicky Ecklund on the first picture.
    He’s a totally different person!

  • rpatzfan

    eww ,what happened to him ?

  • ouch

    Method actor or not.. He looks horrible.. I don’t want to go to a movie and see this.. plus mark W. is not my cup of tea..

    He is messing up his body big time.. YUCK.. i will pass on this one

  • vmars111

    I know it’s just for a movie role, but HOLY CRAP!

    He kind of looks like an already scary looking Jeff Conaway circa Celebrity Rehab.

  • hello

    WTFFF he looks like a hobo. i wouldn’t think twice about throwing change at him if i ever saw him on the street

  • mimilala

    Holy crap! I hope he’s taking care of his body…

  • Frida

    Oh my god, he looks so scary! Hope he knows what he’s doing, but then again he bounced back from The machinist so…

  • nyob

    Holy crap!

  • jaye

    He never looked better. Let’s hope he’s not too weak from starving himself to yell and curse at anyone who steps in his way. I’d hate to think the old Christian has changed.

  • lol

    i just hope he would finally get an oscar nod for this movie because it’s the main reason why he accepted this role

  • ;)

    Does not even look like him?
    He really gets in to character, but how healthy is it??

  • Amanda (From Brazil)

    OMG! he looks so old! poor guy

  • bella

    He cant act and he’s a jerk.

  • GG


    Lol shut up stupid bitch he obviously can act, what do you think your little Rob Pattinson can act? Fail. Anyway everyone stop freaking out, he’s doing it for his role, he’s a method actor, gets hardcore into character, he can’t be the same buff, gorgeous guy that would be boring. This is why I love him.

  • nikomilinko
  • wildcats

    he kind of looks scary here haha still love him thought

  • Jenna

    Kudos to Christian. He completely transforms himself in every film. That’s what his true fans love about him. He’s extremely dedicated to his craft. I bet he rocks in this picture.

  • jdub

    this better be a DAMN GOOD movie for him to have to look that nasty for his character!!!

  • carrie

    @lol: i don’t believe.
    He yet made the same thing for “rescue dawn ” or “the machinist” and he never nominated for anything while he was very very good. He ‘s less desperate the poor kate Winslet who lost 5 or 6 time Oscar before wining!
    but it’s true he looks alike really Dickly Ecklund on the first photo:it’s incredible

  • alice

    just when you thought he couldn’t look any worse he looks shittier more than before.

    he’s cracking me up though.

    it’s weird that his face shows the weight loss, but the body not so.

  • tp

    ewwwww…………he is sick and old!

  • angienbrad

    So ugly and he is desperate for attention and the Oscar

  • maffer

    lol, oh you…

    ok, seriously; he is clearly NOT starving himself, he has lost weight but he’s no where near anorexic, if you cared to look at the rest of the pictures, you’d see that in fact, he *does* have muscle.Oh, and it’s getting very annoying that these pictures keep getting posted not because of the movie, but for everyone to notice christian’s “extreme” weight loss and then jump into the lamest conlusions concerning his acting, health and even his personality. Please people, just let the man do his job.

  • wendy

    I want what he is taking, I need to lose a coupla pounds… :)

  • doodoo

    this isn’t being filmed in Boston, it’s being filmed in Lowell MA… 2 different cities!!!

  • Justin
  • mertz

    He keeps doing this and its not good for the heart unless you want to shorten your life. I suppose I will try to look drugged up and anorexic because it makes you a stellar actor. Yeah Right.

  • Angel

    Although he’s not as skinny as he was in the machinist, it shows that he’s really dedicated to his roles. I hope he can stay healthy.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l


  • katkat

    Woah! Christian Bale is a very dedicated actor! Hopefully he bounces back to his looks!

  • Peach

    He’s not that thin – look at his arms and legs. He still has muscle .

    The makeup department has done a great job making him look older, thin and like a crack addict.

  • liz

    I hate Christian, he is so arrogant and stupid. UGLY

  • ME

    I personally do not like him and think that he is no that great of an actor and that hes arrogant however we all gotta give him prop because when it comes to dedication hes number 1!!!

  • meh


  • meh

    he looks like a psycho hillbilly

  • Lalique

    With all due respect and admiration for the great actors who’ve portrayed boxers (Robert De Niro, Hillary Swank come to mind), I just can’t watch boxing movies. Boxing makes me want to vomit. So this is another boxing movie I will not be watching.

  • Mia

    It is crazy, but thats what makes CB a great actor Does anyone remember when he prepared/was acting for “The Machinist”? He was even skinnier than that.

  • Blueyes

    I work with actors and Bale is a dedicated actor and isn’t afraid to take on roles that aren’t the stereo typical Hollywood beef cake. But if you think for one moment that he’s not spoken to a nutritionist or an MD about losing and putting on so much weight then you need your head examined. He has a wife and daughter to think about and he is not about to put his life in danger for a role I don’t care how much of a method actor he is.
    Most of the this look is from makeup and the over sized wardrobe they have him in as well as the way he’s standing. He’s hunching his shoulders too make himself look even more frail. Its apart of acting.

    Check out this story it was written by the man who worked with Eklund on the America Under Cover HBO special he did. Its a great read and may give you some insight into how Bale prepares for a role of this magnitude.

  • outallnite

    Does this guy look horrific or is it just a bad get up?!

  • missme

    He is disgusting.