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Ellen Pompeo is Baby Bumpin'

Ellen Pompeo is Baby Bumpin'

Ellen Pompeo bares her baby bump on on the set of Grey’s Anatomy on Monday (July 27) in Los Angeles.

Also spotted on set: costars Justin Chambers and Katherine Heigl (wearing a scarf since her character Izzie is going through chemo).

Heigl‘s costar in The Ugly Truth, Gerard Butler, tells Parade magazine that his hands wander when doing a love scene. The 39-year-old Scottish stud said, “One time I was supposed to play with Katherine‘s hair and I kept forgetting my lines. I was so nervous that I grabbed her breast. Afterwards, all I could do is say, ‘I’m sorry.’ ” Uh-huh. Sure, Gerry!

15+ pictures inside of baby bumpin’ Ellen Pompeo

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ellen pompeo baby bump 01
ellen pompeo baby bump 02
ellen pompeo baby bump 03
ellen pompeo baby bump 04
ellen pompeo baby bump 05
ellen pompeo baby bump 06
ellen pompeo baby bump 07
ellen pompeo baby bump 08
ellen pompeo baby bump 09
ellen pompeo baby bump 10
ellen pompeo baby bump 11
ellen pompeo baby bump 12
ellen pompeo baby bump 13
ellen pompeo baby bump 14
ellen pompeo baby bump 15

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  • life

    She’s so cute! I love PD too!

  • Rachel

    I believe they are filming George’s funeral scene(s).

  • Mads

    Oh they were totally filming the funeral. I cannot believe we have to wait 2 months!! I’m going crazy!!!!!

  • Lu

    george funeral scene….?

  • jess

    <3333 Justin!

    You need more Justin on here Jared! ;) TY for the pix!

  • kar

    shes so cute,,,, adore her.

    cant stand bitch heigl

  • kiki

    couldn’t she afford to buy maternity short pants? instead of wearing her old pants unzipped all the way with underpants showing underneath?

  • drol

    but how does her shorts stay up?

  • ceciliaa

    JJ, you forgot Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh, they were also on the set.
    Btw, Ellen looks cute as always!

  • tom

    Ellen, you make enough money to buy maternity shorts.
    Please spend the $20 !!

  • Realme2008

    Lmao, I love how you turn a post that’s supposed to be about Ellen’s baby bump into a thread about “The Ugly Truth”. This is so obviously the funeral scene!!!

  • nikomilinko

    she needs new clothes

  • Vicki

    get maternity clothes you fat slut

  • Delilah

    You do know they sell proper maternity shorts!

  • Kev

    Funeral will be sad to watch. Ellen P looks sleazy walking around with her pants open like that. No class.

  • Miranda

    God, you people are so harsh! Ellen looks fabulous, and so what if her shorts are undone. Leave her alone. She doesn’t have to go around looking perfect all the time.

    Get an effing life and quit slagging her off!

  • -_-

    Cause thats real attractive. Why can’t these pregnant stars just wear maternity clothes?! damn. They have cute ones now!

  • Marissa

    What trash walking around with her pants falling off. Go buy a pair you can button.

  • Karev

    Seriously? Look fabulous with her undies waving hello from unzipped shorts? This is a matter of taste and decency, not just of being a sleaze. She makes enough money to spend $30 on a decent pair of maternity shorts! KH does look fabulous on the other hand. EP is ANYTHING BUT that in this photo. Very unclassy.

  • Miranda

    Unclassy? Damn. Who the feck cares what she wears.

    She doesn’t ask to be papped at every freakin moment in her life. Why should she dress up just to please you lot? I’d like to see how you all look most of the time!

  • Heigl and Walsh are cows

    Heigl and Walsh fans should eat the shit of those W.H.O.R.E.S.
    Shut up, morons!

  • Heigl and Walsh are cows

    Heigl and Walsh fans should eat the s.h.i.t. of those w.h.o.r.e.s.

    Shut up, morons!

  • McDreaming

    WoW… I love seeing how Humble and Down to Earth Ellen is. I do not understand why people tend to criticize what she wears. So what she is showing her undies… at least she is wearing some. You know it is sad to see that people feel they have the right to tell someone else what they should be doing rather than say “Oh Wow… I bet she did not think that would happen” cuz I bet you money she had no clue her shirt exposed her unzipped shorts. Next time Ellen wear a thong… cuz even you could pull it off. You are AWESOME and never let anyone tell you different.

  • anti DIVA

    Heigl who? OHHHH!!!!! The arrogant DIVA! When is she classy? OHHHH… When she open her BIG mouth for to bash every person. Of course, she’s a lady. A great role model.. Sarcasm. Heigl is an IDIOT!

  • Mat

    I love those pictures. thanks Jared. they look gret.
    Ellen is sooo adorable. I love how she’s laughing in those photos.

    and the baby bumo showing… too cute hehe .

  • SARA

    I love those pictrues. thank you jj.
    keep them coming.
    I found it funny and cute how Ellens tummy is showing.. how she laughs about it when she realizes the wind blew her shirt away. lol :)

    and that picture of her atanding waiting for the “action” tooo adorable.

  • TJ

    Oh they all look great. sad scene :(
    but Ellen and katherine chatting and stuff is cute. Justin is hot.
    How adorable and cute is mom to be Ellen??? :) SHE IS GORGEOUS.


  • Lalique

    @Miranda: You’re right – Ellen doesn’t have to look perfect all the time. She’s gorgeous, naturally beautiful.

    I’m all for letting your baby bump show, and for not covering your pregnancy.

    However… Seriously, unzipped pants!? I don’t care if it’s Ellen Pompeo or my next door neighbor. People don’t need to leave their house all dolled up and made up, but zipped pants – yeah, that’s a must.

  • mystique

    She is cute pregnant, but she should buy a pair of shorts that fit. You know if that was someone in a poor neighborhood, you would make a comment. No excuses either buy some shorts or where a long tight shirt to cover it. Where is the fashion patrol when you need one.

  • Lara

    It’s a funny picture…. poor Ellen. hahahaha :)
    but I love it. and she looks sooooo cute and adorable.
    PLus she was heading for the chaging rooms or trailers to change so it doesn’t really matter.
    but I love her in those pictures… lol :D

  • Karl

    Justin is beautiful. and Ellen is just plain lovely and adorable.
    pregnancy fits her well.

  • sarah

    Ellen Pompeo is a beautiful and classy woman. I can’t see the problem with her unzipped pants. She’s a genuine woman and I’m glad for it. I do not like the Hollywood’s Barbie as someone else

  • marcie

    Ellen is gorgeous.
    hope to get a Ellen Patrick photo soon as well.

  • Alex

    Lovely Ellen. i love her baby bumo it’s toooo cute and she’s just beautiful. Katherine is looking good. i like her dress. I love how friends they are in real life.

  • Lana

    I love Ellen

    More Ellen please JJ

    All her pictures are fantastic.

    She looks amazing with a lovely baby bump.

    I wonder how they will hide it.

  • MAX

    I love Ellen. she is adorable always. and even more now.

  • Liz

    I love Ellen and she looks great! But agree with the others about her shorts. It’s not like she doesn’t have the money.

  • Tina

    Ew, no one wants to see her belly…zip up your pants!

  • Loveellen

    Whatever about the shorts. She is wearing a long shirt over them. Get a grip folks. She is pregnant.

    And as always she looks terrific.

  • pixels

    Agree Lalique, zip up the pants. No need for makeup and so on but zipping up your pants should be done.

  • Sam

    #21 and #22 Ellen fans yet again show their immaturity. What does Katherine Heigl or Kate Walsh have to do with this post LOL.

    Are Ellen fans really that jealous that they trash Ellen’s co-stars when someone dare say something negative about her ? Who said the negative comments were from KH or KW fans ? Get a life.

    Ellen has haters. All stars do. Take the criticism. Ellen does (frequently)

  • kel

    Justin Chambers looks fabulous. They all do but I agree Ellen really shouldn’t walk around like that, its kind of trashy. Its going to be so sad to watch but I can’t wait for my favorite show to return in the fall.

  • Karev

    @Sarah this is not about being a Barbie but about having some decency and some freaking taste. Unzipped pants are not relaxed, they are distasteful and unclassy. No excuse for that, pregnant or not.

    Also, at the JJ moderators for comments…. the above line of “oh I love Ellen she’s so pretty” is the result of shippers on the ABC board spamming this. And they are so pathetic that they even post a thread to do so saying “support Ellen on JJ”. Because heaven forbid that they don’t spam whatever contains EP, it’s four people posting over and over everywhere. EP is distasteful in that photo and there’s no excuse, being pregnant is not an excuse for showing your undies and having unzipped pants. But since it is not allowed to normal people who aren’t obssessed with her to tell the truth and say she is distasteful, let’s go spam yet ANOTHER internet place where there’s talk of EP. Learn to suck it up and stop spamming everything, we aren’t all that stupid not to understand what you’re up to. Especially since you write it up in threads on a board and all of a sudden a row of “yaaaayy Ellen” posts appear. Pathetic.

  • AA

    She comes from trash, is married to trash, hangs out with trash.

    Walking around with your underwear showing. Trash.

  • EM

    Sadly money can’t buy class. As shown here.

  • Karev

    You are absolutely and totally right. Class cannot be bought and this is clear evidence of it.

  • Marie

    Well said Karev (post 43)

    Ellen seems a sweet girl but her rabid fans really give her a bad name.

    I can only assume they are insecure teenies who have not learnt that in life people are entitled to their own opinions, and they do not have to agree with your own.

  • Ann

    LOVE THE PICTURES. thanks jj. Ellen is absolutely adorable.

  • Ana

    Give the woman a break. We all have fashion faux pas. It doesn’t has to do with class or money or anything. She’s almost 7 months pregnant and working really hard. I don’t understand why people have to be so rude at her for a minor mistake. Let her be. She doesn’t have to be so perfectly dressed up for everyone.

    I still want to see a nice PD pic with his suit. The man is hot! :)

  • lee

    People you really making a huge deal out of nothing
    so she left them unzipped.. so WHAT??? She has a long shirt over them and is heading to the changing rooms on the set… cut her some slack.. like you are all TOO PERFECT. jeeez. I wonder what the people will say when a picture of any of you appears in public.. trust me you will be crucified. So cut her some slack. I found nothing wrong with the pic, knowing shes on the set of her show, and heading to change and is pregnant and who knows what her situation is and why shes wearing those like that… she was laughing when she realized the wind blew her shirt wide open, it means she was covering it up for a reason. So just chill and comment on what you like and enjoy … it’s better for your health.. trust me.