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Holly Letchworth: Nick Lachey's New Girlfriend?

Holly Letchworth: Nick Lachey's New Girlfriend?

Nick Lachey‘s new “mystery blonde” is former University of Lousiana student Holly Letchworth.

The two were spotted leaving Stanley’s Restaurant And Bar on Sunday night in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Radar is reporting that Holly‘s ex is another famous celeb, singer Jesse McCartney!

A source reveals, “Holly is a really beautiful and smart girl and Nick Lachey is a lucky guy. She couldn’t believe all the fuss and text[ed] me after their first date ‘I can’t believe they cannot figure out who I am?’”

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  • kate the so-so

    she is so pretty! funny how she is a jessica simpson look-a-like. i wonder if she dates crazy, weird musicians, too? do you know all the guys jessica simpson has dated? it is the WEIRDEST mix. i just found a list of all of her past relationships, look at it-–and–hookups/celebrityhookups

  • Lola

    She can’t believe they can’t figure out who she is? Duh, it’s because you’re not famous, at all.

  • Jon Gosselin is a ho

    she looks like one of the simpsons LOL

  • Realme2008

    I actually don’t think she looks a thing like Jessica Simpson. Their facial features are very different.

  • facts

    Pass that betch around like a doobie!

  • 0two

    ‘I can’t believe they cannot figure out who I am?’ .. LoL! Mmkay. Are we supposed to know who she is? I have never heard of her. Anyway.. she reminds me of Jessica Simpson. She’s a pretty girl. Nick Lachey sure knows how to move on fast.


    she sounds and looks like a good one nick…hang on to this one!!

  • Katie

    wow he’s moving on really fast eh.

  • lizzie

    Not that pretty, and being so self absorbed makes her less so.

  • ????

    Who is she?

  • You/Me

    LOL, and why would we know who she is??? A grad student, wow, yeah…pretty famous. And she dated Jesse McCartney, that’s not exactly Hollywood royalty,lmao. Ten bucks says she submitted or had a hand in submitting her name and pic to the media. Nick should go back to Vanessa and leave the wannabes alone,lol.

  • jfv

    ‘I can’t believe they cannot figure out who I am?’ lol
    and…you are…..????!!!!!

  • ;)

    @Lola: LOL . . .so true. Another dumb blonde.

  • lakers fan in boston

    its not really worth a whole post
    more like a link on the posts u do with all the links

  • meatloaf

    ugh- another blond bimbo. When is he gonna grow up? lol

  • isabel

    Sounds like a very self-absorbed type of girl. High maintenance too by the look of it. Bet she “leetched” (or is the “Latched”) on to Lachey very quickly. Trashy trollop.

  • S

    “…couldn’t believe all the fuss and text[ed] me after their first date ‘I can’t believe they cannot figure out who I am?’”

    Honey, who ARE you??? If you think you’re some kind of celebrity, then I’ve got two words for you: WAKE UP!!! I mean how conceited can she possibly be, she hasn’t done anything and wants to be known for dating celebrities. That’s simply pathetic. I should note, that my comments are based on what the ‘source’ says, if this is a lie and she never said them then i do apologize. But for now I’ll assume this was said. Sorry :o)

  • Brooklyn

    I think se’s cute. but yeah the part where she couldn’t believe they didn’t know who she was was a bit odd….you’re not famous Holly…

  • melinda

    beautiful jewelry worn by your favorite celebrities… amazing prices

  • melinda

    beautiful jewelry worn by your favorite celebrities… amazing prices

  • Poor Ri ri

    She is pretty. Blond hair, brown eyes just like Jessica, but apparently a lot smarter. I’m just glad Nick came to his senses about Vanessa. I use to like Vanessa until she betrayed Jessica by pretending to be her friend when all she really wanted was Nick.

  • pAM

    I think his last girlfriend was a lot prettier..

  • Lee

    Nick is dating a jessica simpson look a like. This chick has blonde hair and brown eyes like jessica, she resembles her a lot. Nick tipped off the paparazzi he wanted publicity, this was a set up. Nick’s a famewh00re.

  • mailey

    she’s ugly.

  • outburst

    She’s a really cute girl. And if she is a grad student she’s got to be smart to boot. Being educated is really important, glad to see him choose wisely.

  • Hmmm….

    Blonde hair, brown eyes, cute smile. Yep, it’s Jessica Simpson all over again.

  • nyob

    Who the hell is she? Why would people know who she is?

  • Truth

    WHO IS SHE?!?!?!?!?
    Nick,hmmm,hopefully,it is just a date.Nothing more or less.
    One has to date around to see who and what matches you.
    Nick is close in that she finished college and is not famous,but she thinks she is and dated some other D list person,McCartney.

    Nick needs a real life girl,college ed,working professional like a CPA,an,a school teacher,who is not a serial showbiz dater.

    I think this girl might be just to throw the press off he is not,as he said,interested in JS..
    TonyRomo has also found someone new-smart,pretty,loves football.
    He is dating a coach’s daughter.
    Look up dallascowboys daily blog.

  • someone

    jessica is prettier than this chick
    who is she? nobody.
    she’s not famous, i cant believe she can’t believe we dont know who she is. wtf.
    i thought they said she was “smart”… yeah sure sounds like it……
    oh nick…you just HAD to find someone dumber than jessica.. really?
    i didnt think it was possible…

  • http://aol susan

    She is NOT attractive at all. Does not have a pretty face, and way over bleached hair. There is nothing smart or elegant looking about her at all. She seems like some kind of groupie that hangs out a ballparks. Honestly, Nick, surely you can do better.

  • cajunGirl


    Lets see a picture of you!!!!! Sounds like your a bit jealous…………

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    i bet this unknown chick ends up on this site every single day. lol

  • cajunGirl


    Lets see a picture of you and say how pretty you are…………

  • cajunGirl


    Yes she is beautiful……

  • cajunGirl


    So only famous people can date famous people only?????????? Whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t you mind your own business……..

  • outburst

    I think she’s really gorgeous actually! I don’t get dating someone publicly then dating someone privately. Seems like a waste of time and energy. It would be refreshing if celebrities just dated who they wanted and let the chips fall where they may. Doesn’t anyone want to keep it real? What nonsense. Utter nonsense. I would actually be more enamored of a celeb who dated a nobody and was very open about it. A straight shooter. Makes all the nobodies feel they could have a chance, the celebrity isn’t stuck up, and someone is keeping it real. Hey what about THAT kind of PR move? Providing the nobody didn’t mind.

  • CajunGirl

    Is that all you people do is sit here and down other human beings. It’s called JEALOUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see pictures of each one of you that say she is ugly!!!! It’s funny she is the one going on dates with Nick and not you……….haha

  • Hey

    Wow, she is actually really nice. She worked at the Daiquri Shack with one of my best friends’ sister, who also helped her move to Cali. I don’t understand why everyone hates her so much.

  • Hey

    Wow, she is actually really nice. She worked at the Daiquri Shack with one of my best friends’ sister, who also helped her move to Cali. I don’t understand why everyone hates her so much.

  • ash909

    wow i love that everyone buys into all the crap that some random source put on the internet just to make a few bucks. she’s beautiful and i think nick is a lucky guy. its pretty obvious that the person saying all this shit has never hung out with her a day in their life… they got every photo that they posted of her off of her public face book albums.

  • chase07

    she is SMOKIN!!! yall hoes are jealous!!

  • hellooo

    man as someone who is actually holly’s friend… she never said anything about not being able to believe they dont know who she is. its actually the last thing she wanted. and concidering she had been pool-side all day, she looks beautiful. i’d like to see any of you shit talkers throw on a pair of jeans and a tee and go out in public with sunscreen in your hair and look half that good!! this might not be her best pic but she’s still prettier than all the fake hollywood whores who worry about everything other people think of them.

  • bs

    so her and her x broke up well over a year ago and the bar she worked at, daiquiris supreme, burnt down like 4 months after she moved. shows that whoever sent in all of the information on about holly is pretty full of shit.

  • meh

    who gives a sh!t

  • lj

    I think BS is right. I read a blog of a gal saying she met Nick at Teddy’s in the Roosevelt hotel and had two friends with her. Later , she met Jesse McCartney there also, and left with him. They went to his recording studio and spent the night there. Then, she deleted her post. I’m just wondering if that was Holly.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    I can’t stand Nick after the way he treated Jessica and the girl he dated after her.

  • keith

    Way to go holly seems wierd going to school with you now your all Hollywood and stuff haha got to give my props show them what Lafayette girls are made of. And Nick Lachey is still the man!

  • Kaitlynn

    i happen to know her & she would NEVER say anything like that.

  • http://Brian Brian hebert

    Holly is a pretty cool girl. I don’t believe for a second that she meant to be conceited with the comment. She’s actually a very quiet girl. And I think the whore comment is extremely out of line!! Grow up!!!!

  • Laci

    yeah well i happen to know her and she is probably one of the nicest girls you will ever meet so keep runnin yall mouths cuz ur just jealous