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Jessica Simpson Has A New Fancy Love

Jessica Simpson Has A New Fancy Love

Jessica Simpson may have been dumped by Tony Romo but she’s has a new romance in her life, a new frangrance called Fancy Love.

The newly single 29-year-old said in a press release last month, “Romance has never been more important to me so I wanted to celebrate that special feeling with this new fragrance.”

Her first fragrance, Fancy, had nearly $50 million in retail sales in its first year (2008). Wow!

Jessica is also working on a new docu-series, The Price of Beauty.

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37 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Has A New Fancy Love”

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  1. 1
    nikomilinko Says:

    she looks good

  2. 2
    foodfight Says:

    I love this picture of Jessica. Honestly I have not liked some of her past pictures, but this one portrays a very nice image of her. She’s such a pretty girl and this ad does her justice.

  3. 3
    Jon Gosselin is a ho Says:

    what talent does this girl have beyond waxing her crotch?

  4. 4
    Anniston said Says:

    She fails at everything she is such a hapless failure I feel sorry for her. She chases after men and tries to but their love because she is so desperate.

  5. 5
    so stupid Says:

    If I piss in a bottle and put a $80 price tag would everyone buy it???? Because that’s what her fragrance amounts to. The people that buy this are morons and deserve to have Jessica Simpson and her whole worthless self-indulgent family live off of your 40 hr a week paycheck. Nice going world, you just made them all alot richer.

  6. 6
    mailey Says:

    she must’ve had the photoshoot for it when she was thinner. im just sayin.

  7. 7
    outburst Says:

    I like her perfumes. My favorite perfume is white musk by the body shop followed by Romance by Ralph Lauren (love the red rose notes in it). Her’s are my sweet and fruity, so not quite my thing, but still smells really nice. She is a shewd business woman to market herself like she does. Love her purses and shoes as well. Smart girl and really pretty too. AND nice. Which is more than we can say for some other people in Hollywood. She’s just fine with out uh….what was his name again??? Yeah that’s right. Move on girl.

  8. 8
    mailey Says:

    @outburst: I agree. Like 5 people kno wwho Tony Romo is. He’s not even cute! Why does he think he is all that??

  9. 9
    Truth Says:

    She is a nice girl.Self-centered,but nice.Childish,but nice.Her father is a shrewed business man.She signs her name.Her shoes and purses are pretty.She and her mom meet with the designers and pick,choose,make request,etc.JS does not design like Ralph Lauren, or StellaMcCartney.
    She has earned tons of money from endorsements and her line JS Collection. She is worth at least $75million easy.
    Her father is great with putting her in press.Everything she does is for pr… CM cd,datingTony Romo,divorcing Nick, etc. Her father has put her in some sucky movies.She needs better management for her entertainment career and keep her dad as her JSCollection manager.
    She needs acting and singing lessons,.She should,at 29,enjoy beauty, enjoy her youth,fame and fortune.Date around.
    Personally,I would not spend my money on her perfume or any celeb-Beyonce,Paris,Britney,etc.

  10. 10
    outburst Says:

    I’m sure she has connections if she wants better managment. There are some enormously talented business people and PR people she has befriended. So….maybe she should think about that. Good for her for making the most of her success. She’s got some very intelligent friends she should turn to for good career advice.

  11. 11
    outburst Says:

    @mailey: I know exactly who he is but I just think it was a real crap thing to do dumping her before her b-day. Then again it was excellent PR wise. Smart like a fox. It’a all about PR ya know. Selling it to the devil…

  12. 12
    Truth Says:

    Also,her career was mixed and bank rolled the last two years on Tony Romo,her future husband,etc.
    Read her description on why her perfume is called FancyLove.
    Outburstand mailey, how does TR think he is all that?
    How so?JS ended her marriage right beforeThansgiving.What difference was it going to be if he had ended it the day after.
    All he did was bang your girl for about 2yrs.and did not want to marry her.She wanted to marry him,so they ended it.
    Big deal!! Paris Hitlon has ended like two relationships sinceJS was dating TRomo. You don’t see her all over the news moaning. Maybe TRomo did not want to dress like a Barbiedoll,Ken and do a child’sbirthday party. JessicaSimspon thinks she is big ****.

  13. 13
    Sally Says:

    Beautiful ad.

  14. 14
    outburst Says:

    @Truth: I didn’t say he thinks he is all that. I don’t have an opinon of him one way or another to be honest. I just think anyone dumping another before a big day like that seems like a PR stunt. Either that or they are gunning for the person really bad. Perhaps they argued over the theme and she got pushy. I didn’t know she dumped Nic before Thanksgiving. That’s crappy as well. Personally I would just get through the b-days and the holidays…unless I was pulling a PR stunt. I really think it’s sad how everything in hollywood is about “branding” and publicity. I’m willing to bet half the people branding themselves are actually nothing like their brand. Perhaps even opposite of it. It’s a funny game and I bet some of them really sit around and have a good laugh about it all. I guess that is the game you play that IS the profession. Unless you are like a Johnny Depp and just want to be an artist or be into your craft and nothing else. When you believe all the hype I guess that is when you become a “sheeple”.

  15. 15
    nyob Says:

    I don’t know anything about this perfume, except that the name sucks. “Fancy” – reminds me of that horrible reba macintyre song.

  16. 16
    sweetheart loves being free Says:

    @nyob: Yeah. It’s sort of a trashtastic name. Back-country hookerish. I picuture someone with a bedazzled character sweatshirt and rotten teeth wanting to get it for the Saturday night barn hoe-down. Who thought this was a good idea?

  17. 17
    Andy Says:

    Die Jessica :P

  18. 18
    blah Says:

    Hopefully it smells better than her last fragrence. Jessica Simpson sucks as a performer, desiger,and obviously she cant even suck Romo´s d.. correctly becasue he dumped her too.

  19. 19
    outburst Says:

    @blah: Well, she’s richer than me so she must be doing something right. As for Tony…eh…he’s just a swinging d**K, I’m sure she’ll replace him in no time flat.

  20. 20
    **Jamie** Says:

    I ACTUALLY LIKE JESSICA SIMPSON. I really like her, ever since her Newly Wed days. She is so real on her show and she is very beautiful.

    Her handbags are one of the nicest celebrity handbags I have seen. Wearable, understated, on trend and good quality.

    She is getting so much craap lately from the media so i hope everything works out for her.

    Tony Romo is a jerrk! No one actually cared about him until he started dating jessica, and now he gets is security guards to make sure jessica never comes near the premises…thats immature!

  21. 21
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    this poor bish has no shame. lmbaoooo.. she loves to fail.

  22. 22
    outburst Says:

    @**Jamie**: I like her too. But I call it like I see it. And I think she’s beautiful, the ad is beautiful, and the perfume may even smell beautiful. But I think she could have done better on the name. Nothing wrong with being honest as long as you’re fair about it.

  23. 23
    meatloaf Says:

    Don’t care for Jessica Bimbo…..

    but, like the perfume bottle.

    Wonder what the perfume smells like?

  24. 24
    anonymous Says:

    How does she get to market her stuffs? For once I saw them and really no taste at all, very cheapy like her. But she must have gained fans from her tv show & PR w/ John Mayer and Tony Romo did good for her. May not have turned out good but put her in the news. Think the break-up was intentionally done so people talk abt her as it seems like she is dying out. Saw her video singing the anthem…..terrible……….what do people see in her? Well, she is blonde & has Pam Anderson appeal to men………………………..don’t really know her so just commenting . Never even heard of her till the John (who I never heard of also) & Jen thing appeared & a mag brought her up for juicy gossip I guess………………….that’s hollywood.

  25. 25
    best kept secret....not Says:

    @anonymous: John Mayer is one of the shrewedest and most intelligent people in Hollywood. People dont’ realize how he’s literally made other people’s careers behind the scenes. Smart guy with his hands in many pots. Knows how to brand and market everyone including himself. Best kept secret is he’s really a very nice guy.

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